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  1. ArchitectureFan

    The Tulip Traders

    This series is a bit weird. I like that
  2. ArchitectureFan

    English 3th rate Agamemnon minifig scale

    Perfect! If you don't want the ship anymore I'll take it!
  3. ArchitectureFan

    [TSotEP] 15 - The Grand Finale (2/2)

    I've been following this storyline from the beginning. It was highly enjoyable and the ending held a few surprises. Go, MiB, go!
  4. ArchitectureFan


    Fantastic build. And I assume, the singer/guitarist is a guy called Brick Sheeran?
  5. ArchitectureFan

    MOC: The lock and Quay

    Sooooooooo beautiful. Interior and exterior are outstanding.
  6. Great action, great waves - I am looking forward to the next episodes.
  7. ArchitectureFan

    [ESL-FB] Pontelli Pet Panic

    Very funny! Or is it dramatic?
  8. ArchitectureFan

    [SR - AMRCA - Doctor Thaum] The hunt for Red Oktober

    The wreck and the underwater foliage are the highlight for me.
  9. ArchitectureFan

    [TSotEP] 8 - Map & Pursuit

    I love that map - more of that, please!
  10. ArchitectureFan

    [ESL-FB] Fun With Flags!

    quite funny!
  11. ArchitectureFan

    Old Fishing Store Diorama

    fine idea, looks good!
  12. ArchitectureFan

    Finders Keepers...

    Excellent! I like the way the treasure chest has sunk in!
  13. ArchitectureFan

    Don't Blink, Dr. Jones

    Very good! I always found the Weeping Angels to be quite creepy.
  14. ArchitectureFan

    Lady Steamlove's Aerial Journey

    Charming steampunk MOC!
  15. ArchitectureFan

    Simian Space Ship LL 918

    Excellent monkey space ship - I like it