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  1. ArchitectureFan

    Ogre Cave

    Excellent creation - down to the finest details!
  2. ArchitectureFan

    [MOC] Floating Dystopia

    Excellent design. I always think that the blue hut has three eyes...
  3. ArchitectureFan

    The Return of the ... (Chapter 2)

    It was fun working on the cantina together. The story has turned out fine. The queen references are hilarious!
  4. ArchitectureFan

    The Tulip Traders

    This series is a bit weird. I like that
  5. ArchitectureFan

    English 3th rate Agamemnon minifig scale

    Perfect! If you don't want the ship anymore I'll take it!
  6. ArchitectureFan

    [TSotEP] 15 - The Grand Finale (2/2)

    I've been following this storyline from the beginning. It was highly enjoyable and the ending held a few surprises. Go, MiB, go!
  7. ArchitectureFan


    Fantastic build. And I assume, the singer/guitarist is a guy called Brick Sheeran?
  8. ArchitectureFan

    MOC: The lock and Quay

    Sooooooooo beautiful. Interior and exterior are outstanding.
  9. Great action, great waves - I am looking forward to the next episodes.
  10. ArchitectureFan

    [ESL-FB] Pontelli Pet Panic

    Very funny! Or is it dramatic?
  11. ArchitectureFan

    [SR - AMRCA - Doctor Thaum] The hunt for Red Oktober

    The wreck and the underwater foliage are the highlight for me.
  12. ArchitectureFan

    [TSotEP] 8 - Map & Pursuit

    I love that map - more of that, please!
  13. ArchitectureFan

    [ESL-FB] Fun With Flags!

    quite funny!
  14. ArchitectureFan

    Old Fishing Store Diorama

    fine idea, looks good!
  15. ArchitectureFan

    Finders Keepers...

    Excellent! I like the way the treasure chest has sunk in!