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Found 5 results

  1. Previously: The Buccaneer's Dread Sinking of the Shuriken Burglars! Captain Nordau Our mysterious Garveyan smuggler whistled along as his little sloop sliced through the calm sea. It was a fine, cloudless day somewhere near Terraversa, and it so happened that just one day before, the notorious pirate Unrigged Nordau had had the good fortune to sink an Eslandolan ship somewhere in the vicinity... a ship with a chest on board... "Aha! Shiver me timbers, now what's this?" exclaimed our smuggler with a wink to no one in particular (he was the only one there), as he caught sight of a little sand bar sticking up out of the ocean, with a half-sunken object up against it, doubtless driven there by the waves and tide. "I thought so." And shifting course, he made way for the island, leaping out and drawing a pistol from his coat the instant the sloop's keel grated on the sand. He looked around in curiosity and caution. This chap was enough of a pirate, anyways, to know that you should always look twice if there happens to be a skeleton leaning up against the tree beside you. (In this case, however, it was only the remains of a poor marooned Mardierian who had been there long before the chest ever arrived). But, as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Having concluded that the skeleton was merely a coincidence (not to mention its obvious aesthetic necessity - our smuggler was a adept at all the classic pirate stuff and probably knew exactly what was going on; a treasure chest is nothing if there's not a skeleton nearby) and that the confused frog posed no real threat, he carefully hauled the chest up onto the sand, and popped it open. "Capital, capital," he ejaculated, "the very ticket! Now, if that ain't just the thing." He slipped his hand through the treasure, quickly, before snapping the lid shut again and heaving it into the sloop. "1,000 Doubloons," he muttered under his breath... And a couple of fig-less shots: One last overview: A continuation of this story (I've got way too many going at the moment ), explaining how Captain Nordau got a hold of 1000 of my doubloons besides the 6000 from Kai. I'll be licencing this little sloop too and sending it out as a Black Flag (under Unrigged Nordau, of course), and will certainly be continuing this story when I get the time! ... whenever that might be I've also got that duel story with Titus, and the other mysterious Captain guy, and one or two other things up my sleeve that have got to get done, but...! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  2. Garmadon


    Previously: Sinking of the Shuriken Uncle snored deeply, rocking slowly back and forward in his chair. He was in his favorite room, taking his mid-day nap, and everything around was quiet and still, except the draught drifting slowly down the chimney. Suddenly there was a slight movement over in the corner, and something seemed to be moving surreptitiously down the chimney... and, in fact, that was exactly what was happening. Our friend, the Garveyan Smuggler Captain, popped his head out and took a glance around - coast clear. Well, there was Uncle dozing over by the door, but everybody knew that when Uncle was asleep, Uncle was asleep, so that was that. He winked and pulled himself back up a little ways. There was a little secret about that chimney... --------------------------------------------------- Some time later, as the Captain rode away in a little jollyboat on his third trip to the ship with another boat-full of Uncle's treasure (the compartment went some ways in through the wall, you see - and it actually is fairly long and full IRL! ), his mate queried, "Um, so Cap'n, how was it that you found out where ol' Uncle kept all his DBs?" "I be a student of physiognomy, matey," he winked, "and Uncle had the kind of a face of somebody who stashes all his DBs in the chimney." "Ah," was all the mate could return. He was a bit flummoxed with the Captain's power of reading countenances. But the fact was, that the Captain had actually just been poking his nose in to check in on Guy's famous (or infamous, if you happen to be in debt) Uncle, when he'd come across the little door there... but no use telling his mate such a lame story as that! Figless: ------------------------------------------------------------ Hey all! Just a little BoBS build from me, to officially state the fact that I'm stealing 6,000 DBs from Guy's Uncle (woot!) - or to put it more accurately, our mysterious Garveyan Smuggler is. Hopefully there'll be more along this storyline - including what he's planning next - coming soon... (and if you're all trembling in your boots, that's the goal Jk!) Credit for the chair design (ever so slightly modified) goes to SK and LJ's tutorials on Brickbuilt! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  3. The MAESTRO's famous apple cider (produced by Felipe de la Manzana), has always been one of the favourite drinks of many soldiers. The Cider Shop in Breshaun is one of the most popular hot spots in that city. Due to the recent war between Eslandola and Mardier, the apple cider became a forbidden product for Mardierian soldiers. The past three years, La Sombra has been a smuggling paradise. But since the Eslandolan troops recently arrived on the island, the smuggling spots have been taken over by MAESTRO. For the smugglers, not much changed, except for the kinda products they are smuggling. The best fortified smuggling cabin became the temporary headquarter of MAESTRO on La Sombra. The whole smuggling paradise, would become the very popular "Smuggling Bay" where the ships nowadays anchor in front of Trador. These types of canoes are very popular by the smugglers. They are very fast, but still stable and they can transport a lot of goods. Although the job of smuggling can be very dangerous due the pointy rocks around La Sombra, and many smuggler have found their grave in those waters. However, a succesfull smuggling run, results in huge profits, which makes it worth the risk.... The temporary headquarters of MAESTRO on La Sombra, located at Trador ---- Thanks for reading! This will be licenced as a medium commerce (as the canoe itself will not be licenced as a ship)
  4. 170D Nuisance is a small, early 19th century schooner the like favored by smugglers for its shallow draught. With less hull below the water, small ships like these can sail in shallower water and over obstructions that larger ships cannot, opening up a lot more options for ports. In my story her name derived (tongue in cheek) from the local’s perception of the level of threat she poses and the behavior of her crew. In actuality I named her Nuisance because after months on end of struggling to finish her, that’s exactly what she became. The project started, perhaps a year or so ago when I was experimenting with different hull building techniques. Initially she was never meant to be a complete MOC but I just kept adding on until I was at a point I just couldn’t bring myself to give up. The hull is a little more than inspired by SlyOwel’s “Pimp Your IMPT” contest entry. Much of the rigging and some other parts came from the wreck of Raven and the sails are yet another attempt at sail making for the sake of function. Some of the images were taken in front of some fans to fill her sails with wind. Once I had figured out SlyOwel’s technique I started realizing its potential for small hull building and decided to expand on it for an even more realistic shape. From there I began scrounging up cast-off parts from other projects and decided I could afford a schooner. To design her rig I first looked at the schooner Bee, a replica very much of the same style and era of my own Nuisance. I didn’t entirely like her rig with only one topmast, so some of it wound up coming for other inspiration as well. The overall effect is pretty impressive but imperfect. I like her and she’ll serve her purpose well. Purest may grumble at some of her elements but aside from the wooden dowel, which I’ve defended more than one on other MOCs, there’s really nothing involved that not used in Official Lego sets. For the moment I need to concentrate on my other projects so I’ll call this one done and move on. In the future I want to revisit this technique. I’m not sure how necessary the rubber bands and shrouds (2541) actually are. I’m also planning a comic showcasing Nuisance in her role as a smuggler, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it. As always there are a lot more pictures on my photo bucket. Question, comment, etc. welcome. I resolved weeks ago, to get her finished and posted just to do my part and help revive activity around here, so enjoy.
  5. A top and within a spinning asteroid in the system that once housed the peaceful planet of Alderaan, a secret Imperial base receives its newest visitors. The AT-ST sentry once again turns its attention outward, ready at all times for Rebel incursions or hapless miners who inspect its home asteroid too closely. The asteroid base survives its tumultuous environment through the combined effort of a shield generator and reversed tractor beam buried in the rock. The base’s two docking bays are currently full; one holding the new visitors; the other holding their payment, a scrubbed Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. The new visitors are a combination of Imperial officers and smugglers led by ISB officer Goatm An. Using their Nubian light freighter, the crew bypassed Imperial, Rebel, and cartel checkpoints, blockades, and scavengers to make it across countless systems to their current port. Their contact on the base is a somewhat familiar face. After their run in on Bothawui, Goatm soon discovered that his (h)armless friend, Rom Mohc, was a renowned engineer and driving force of the Empire’s Dark Trooper project. The program’s current configuration is housed at this facility and is jealously guarded by aging and deteriorating clone troopers. Those troopers that are left completely rely on the lab and work of Mohc to stay alive; as such, they are mortally bound to the base and his current project. Goatm greets Moch as his crew unloads the supplies. Goatm’s unorthodox crew has been hand-picked for missions such as this because of their unique self-interest. Unlike the countless cadets coming out of the Imperial academy, these men are loyal only to themselves, a quality Goatm can appreciate and exploit. Bay 2 by goatman461, on Flickr Once their business is complete, Mohc shows Goatm his latest prototypes. The first two prototypes are of little interest to Goatm. Droids; mindless automatons designed to follow orders no matter what. But the Phase III prototype has promise. Though too big for any kind of real battle in space, the potential for this beast on land was staggering. Goatm politely logged his compliant about the size and its practicality fighting through the narrow corridors of a Rebel or Imperial cruiser. Mohc agreed and they concluded their business. Thank you for checking out my latest freebuild. C&C are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. I would only like the docking bay judged. Thank you in advance.