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Found 8 results

  1. Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 - you are here. Well, despite the Corries' optimism throughout the "light breeze" they had gone through, by the time it was over everyone was force to admit the obvious fact - they were entirely lost. The good news was that it didn't make much of a difference, because the waters had become so calm and the wind mostly died out, so they were hardly going anywhere anyways, so they had plenty of time to think up a plan and find out where they were. After a while, though, the calm started to weigh down the spirits of the whole crew. They were, in short, in the dumps, the blues, and the doldrums all in one. Suddenly, an eye appeared out of the blue, the dumps, and the doldrums (sorry, just the blue...) Everyone was a bit startled, and the Major jumped up into the rigging and insisted on staying there until the thing was gone. And by the way, if you happen to be wondering about the hole in the sail, that was what happened when Sergeant Salt had fired his pistol through the sail in the excess of his delight in episode nine. But I digress... Colonel Greybeard: Dash me buttons, now what is this?! Have you ever seen anything like it? Before anyone could say anything, though, the sea erupted, with eyes and tentacles everywhere. One of the monster's many tentacles grabbed onto a private's musket. Everything was tense silence for a moment as nobody moved a muscle... (Except for Lieutenant Stick, who had grabbed the boom for dear life as soon as the first tentacle appeared, and didn't make another motion throughout the whole ordeal - except that his teeth were chattering violently the whole time, though he would never admit it afterwards.) Suddenly Ensign Silvers, who had been smiling the whole time, leapt up and took the musket from the private. With a quick and surreptitious movement he swapped the musket for his umbrella in half a split second, and the tentacle, apparently happy with its gains, took the umbrella and returned to the sea. Everyone cheered as the monster returned to the deep, and Colonel Greybeard instantly decided to promote the Ensign to a captain then and there. In the excitement nobody had noticed that the Major's horse had disappeared, but the Major mourned for it for three days afterwards... To be continued... Another build from me for this storyline before I hand it back over the Captain B next week. If the pictures aren't the greatest, well, I was still trying to figure out this camera here I think I've got it fairly mastered by now after a couple other photography sessions, though Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  2. Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 - you are here. But the Corries' hopes for a quick chase and smooth sailing were bound to be overturned - instead they got something which most of them liked even more, a stiff and stormy northeastern gale. The little, overcrowded sloop sped through the water at an incredibly rate, and everyone was in quite capital spirits. Sergeant Salt even put a hole through the sail with his pistol by accident in the excess of his delight. The Marshal (and his horse) stood at the bow of the little boat, taking in the exhilarating and charged sea air as the sloop dashed through the waves. ...And then it started to rain. And rain, and rain. It was a torrential downpour before long, and all the soldiers and officers were drenched, but they were still in good spirits, despite the fact that they had lost sight of the highwayman and the Surprise some time since. Plus, Ensign Silvers found something useful stowed away at the bottom of the boat... To be continued... A last overview: There you have it! My build for this episode of the story, and this one was really a blast - had lots of fun watching it take shape, and was really happy with how it turned out. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  3. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 - here you are. And so all of the Corries had ended up in the water (well, some were still on there way, but they were working on it). Colonel Greybeard, however, was not ready to give up. "I'm not to be duped, troop! Look, I spy a sloop!" And so saying, he swam quickly to the sloop resting beside the quay nearby, and clambered on board, followed by his men. Sergeant Salt and a private leaped off the dock as the Colonel trimmed the sail and started moving after the escaping ship, but just then a horseman behind them bellowed out, "Jolly Molly, Colonel Greybeard, my old fellow, is that you? What is the rush, by good chap, if I may make so bold as to ask, mayhap?" Colonel Greybeard turned and saw his old mate in military school, Marshall Shallmall. "We're after that scoundrel of a highwayman, mate, and I have no doubt we'll catch him soon going at this rate! They've got a head start, men and mice, but 'tis no great shakes!" "Got room for one more old messmate?" inquired the Marshall, and without waiting for an answer, he and his horse leapt bodily over the quay's barrier and into the water, almost smashing poor Lieutenant Stick to powder. "Oh dear," exclaimed the latter - and even the bubbly Sergeant Salt looked a wee bit concerned as the Marshall and his horse clambered on board. From the shore they heard the sloop's owner - also the head of the Eslandolan Furniture and Goods Moving Co.'s branch in Cocovia - calling out, "Wait, wait! My boat!" - but by this time they were well on there way. And besides, Colonel Greybeard had all of Corrington's commandeer laws down pat... In the background a WTC soldier sneaked off with a crate of important goods. ... To be continued... Obviously a variation of my last build for this series, although it's got a good deal of new material in there as well. And before anybody says anything: yep, I do think that red roof does stand out a bit too much Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  4. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 (you are here) As soon as he had heard about the Red Fandago (also known as Flynn Stewart) being found, Colonel Greybeard had gathered a band of his troop with all haste and dashed of to the docks where Sergeant Salt had spotted the highwayman. Well wait a second, allow me to correct that - the first thing he did was find a cab, and then he dashed off with the troop to the docks. But unfortunately, it took so long to find a carriage that in the end not much time was saved anyhow... Be that as it may, they were just tearing up the wharf when Sergeant Salt caught sight of the Red Fandago. "We've got him, Colonel!" he exclaimed - a bit prematurely, as Colonel Greybeard thought. Flynn Stewart was darting down the dock with all haste, carrying the last of his ill-gotten gains with him. Colonel Greybeard spotted a ship's gangplank resting up against the wood, Captain Blofeld waiting for his last crewman at the top of it and ready to depart. "Oh snap! - that chap!" exclaimed the Colonel under his breath. "We must catch this rascal - coach master, faster!" The troop leapt of the carriage and raced to the dock, reaching it just after the gangplank was pulled back and the Surprise began to move. Were they too late? To be continued... A couple last pictures without the carriage: The whole build: Next installment of the storyline - keep your weather eye(s) opened for more soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  5. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 (you are here) Colonel Greybeard's men dashed towards the gangplank while Flynn Stewart was jumping on board the surprise - and the ship had already begun to leave the harbour. All that was left for the brave Corringtonians was to take a running jump too! Splash! "Good Golly, keep your musket dry at all times, Private!" Colonel Greybeard shouted while still at full speed.... ... and they all ended up in the water. ................................................................................................................................................ Meanwhile on board the "Surprise" Captain Blofeld was talking to Lady de Summer, who had discovered a more innocent way of carrying her pistol around: Captain Blofeld offered his captain's quarters to Lady de Summer (hoping that she would decline politely). Lady de Summer: Oh, how kind of you. That is quite appropriate. Captain Blofeld: Hrm. I will use the cabin of my 1st officer then. (1st officer in the background: %ยง'?!&...) Captain Blofeld: I am sure you will find my aquarium quite entertaining, Mylady. It contains two miasese fighting fish. You heard of them? They challenge each other to fight to the death. Lady de Summer: Is this the water-thing you are talking about? Captain Blofeld: Yes, Mylady. That is the exact fish tank. Lady de Summer: Well, it seems one of the miasese fighting fish must have won. Captain Blofeld (blushing, off). To be continued... C&C welcome!
  6. Captain Braunsfeld

    [TSotEP] 4 - Hiring the Crew

    Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 (you are here) Captain Blofeld set out to hire the crew for his ship. Lady de Summer was standing beside his desk at the harbour, trying to oversee what was happening. A large queue had formed. Most of them seemed to be capable seamen. There he was - the Red Fandango - eagerly waiting to sign up for the voyage. He felt a bit uneasy standing there at the harbour for such a long time. The Corrington officials were still after him. But if he left the queue, his chance to be part of the adventure would be gone. So he stayed. And Captain Cookie kept his eye on everything that was happening. Then some strange green dandy approached Lady de Summer: "Mylady?" "Yes?" "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Samuel Abacus, scientist, inventor and well-known dressman. I have something that might be of interest to you." Lady de Summer: "What would that be?" Abacus: "I understand that you are undertaking an underwater expedition." Lady de Summer: "How do you know that?" Abacus: "This is not time to answer this question. I simply know. And I have the equipment you will need." Lady de Summer: "Where?" Abacus: "Just over there in those tiny boxes. I had everything brought here to the harbour." Lady de Summer: "And what do you want?" Abacus: "My share of the treasure, should you find it." ... To be continued ... One more thing: You remember that nice inn from the previous episode? Just after Colonel Greybeard and his men had left, another known character had come in in search of cookies and information: Hang in there for more to come soon!
  7. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 (you are here) In a new ETWC inn recently opened in Quinnsville... (Just one note about this inn - the reason it was such a success, I may as well say at once, was because of two things: one, it served a recently developed fizzling orange-flavored drink which was quite a hit, and two - a very strange thing for Quinnsville - it was a nice place to spend a quiet and peaceful time. With all their customers coming and going all the time nobody knows how they manage to do it, but they do.) Anyways, to return to the point, it was this inn that Colonel Greybeard went to whenever he was stressed or just wanted some of that orange juice. Today he was there with his aide, Lieutenant Stick. Some Corry lawyers (especially Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank and Wrzygrislovsky) had been getting on him again to pick up his chase of the notorious highwayman who had been attacking Corrington's travellers some time ago. Colonel Greybeard had managed to just recently find out that his real name was Flynn Stewart, but he hadn't figured out anything more than that. The Colonel began, Colonel Greybeard: This chap has an uncommon good knack at disappearing, old pal. We will need to recruit another regiment to chase him down, through thick and thin, cloud and fog. Lieutenant Stick: What, Colonel, has old Wrzygrislovsky been getting on you again? Colonel Greybeard: Just so, good chum. But jolly me, he isn't much help at actually helping us find the old chap. Just then Sergeant Salt burst in, confident as usual. Sergeant Salt: Well there, Major - pardon me, Colonel, I mean - I have found him! Colonel Greybeard jumped up. Lieutenant Stick: The Red Fandago? Sergeant Salt: Yes, yes, who else! I saw him on the docks just half an hour agone. Colonel Greybeard: But stop, my chap. You did catch him, right, at any rate, mate? Sergeant Salt: Oh no - that is, not yet. I was sure you would wish to do so yourself, good Colonel, so I dashed off here as fast as I could. Colonel Greybeard: Oh snap, old chap. Burst my buttons. Then let us go, on the double! He grabbed a cookie (oh yes, that was another reason the inn was so popular - they had George's excellent cookies there), and they all dashed out. Colonel Greybeard (muttering): Shiver me timbers, but a bird in the hand's worth two in the bush, or so they say. ... To be continued ... A couple more shots of the inn: A final overview: So yes, I am helping out with Captain B's awesome storyline again - hang in there for more to come soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  8. Captain Braunsfeld

    [TSotEP] 1 - In a Corry Tavern

    In a Corrington tavern in Quinnsville some shady figures are playing a game of cards. The guy in the red clothes might not be unfamiliar to us. We've seen him before, often wearing a mask - not this time. He sure looks moody... .. when suddenly someone was mentioning that Lady de Summer was chartering a ship. He was brightening up. A ship? He thought. A ship is a chance. To get away from this miserable tavern, from the daily winning and losing at the card games. He would start a new life. He would be going out to sea again. "Hey, are you still playing?" the other guy asked, but Flynn Stewart's mind (he was formerly known as the "Red Fandango") was already somewhere else. Meanwhile at the harbour Lady de Winter, unharmed but not unarmed, was talking to a guy that had been recommended to her as a captain. He sure did not seem to look too friendly but he was said to have a fast ship. A ship. To get away from Quinnsville and search for a treasure. The lost treasure of the "8 Provinces". Little did they all know what was lying ahead of them. (larger pictures on flickr, as usual) ................................................................................................................................................................................ So, guys, the second part is finally starting. C&C welcome & have a nice weekend!