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Found 4 results

  1. The Old Fishing store is great set like it is but after a while some things started bothering me. I felt that this set should full coastal building and not just on shore, it needed water. Second big issue was that the shop dimensions did not feel correct when placed among other modulars. To me it looked like a big warehouse but insides revealed a shop that should take much less space. There isn't any clear way to connect it to other modulars anyway. I also did not like the loose parts inside the store. But the colors, design and overall feeling of 21310 is 10/10! Here's how my modded building looks like It is still a fishing store but I have added storage extension to it's side and a small boat repair area under the house. The entrance to this building from other modulars style buildings is on the right side of the image above. There is a rocky hill behind the house and stairs leading to it's top and that can be used to access another building that would be added to other side of this store. This building is build on top of some rocks but mostly over water. The dock is about 8 brick above the baseplate so I hope that even a bigger ship would look ok if placed in front of this. It is dark in there. Simple rowing boat docked. The water looks awesome as it disappears into darkness. The building has of course removable roofs. The store owner lives in here and the room is totally full of stuff. There are books, maps, weapons, tools and even a cannon! The story here is that the store owner is an old sea captain and he has laid out all his maps of unfound treasures on the table and he is planning to go and look for them. From the first floor there is already visible the warehouse area that at the moment has mostly empty boxes and on the back wall the ramp that could be used to get onboard a docked ship. The upper floor can be removed. Top view of the first floor. It is at least as full of stuff as was the original. Stairs to below the building are on the right side. The right side has freezer for the fish, fishing rods, propellers and other stuff. One full wall can also be removed to make it easier to see and access the first floor. The second floor of the tower is extra compared to the original, there are different flags stored in there. The building is suprisingly sturdy even without one wall and it is not necessary to remove the wall when the whole first floor is removed to reveal areas below the building. Top view of the basement. Top part has on the right the cliffs that could be used to access yet another building. I have plans for a lighthouse. The water level on top part is still empty, I might add a shipwreck in there someday. Middle right side has a small dock and some tools for repairing a boat. Left bottom part underneath the tower has treasure chest. I really enjoyed building this. I had good plans before I started the build and I desided to make the first few iterations of the build as quickly and simple as possible. It was much easier and faster to build this than my previous mod of the detective's office. Next one will be the ninjago docks or the city. Have a look at the other mod I've done Detective's Office mod
  2. "A Home for Anton" is my ReBuild of 21310 LEGO Ideas "Old Fishing Store" His fireplace is built into a rocky crop on a hilltop near the seashore ... Anton stores his fishing gear on his back porch ... Anton sleeps up in his Loft. Awake now, he has a cuppa Tea ... He hangs his favorite fisherman's sweater to dry near the back porch ... Inside, he enjoys his fireplace, while kitty meows for food ... He waits for his smoked fish on the stone grill while enjoying some Lemonade ... Resting on a bench in front of his home, he tells kitty to stop pestering the Seagull. This ReBuild uses only parts from the set 21310 -- if you have time, there's a few more photos in a flickr album, including one with the front wall off, roof up, and side wall open, plus one with the furniture items pulled out of his house. Thanks for visiting!
  3. Spacebrick

    Old Fishing Store Diorama

    Hi everybody, I've just uploaded on my flickr photostream a couple of pictures of my newest digital moc, just an expanded diorama for the gorgeus Old Fishing Store. I publish them also here, hope you like them :) Old FIshing Store Diorama by SpaceBrick, on Flickr Old Fishing Store Diorama by SpaceBrick, on Flickr Old Fishing Store Diorama by SpaceBrick, on Flickr Old Fishing Store Diorama by SpaceBrick, on Flickr Old Fishing Store Diorama by Spacebrick, su Flickr EDIT: pictures fixed
  4. Fenghuang0296

    Ideas Fishing Village

    So, it appears that Ideas builder RobenAnne is determined to start his own Winter Village-esque series of buildings. Starting with the one everyone's seen, 21310 Old Fishing Store, it seems like three new buildings are going to be joining it; the makings of an early nineteenth century beachfront if I ever saw one. We have The Lighthouse, The Dive Shop, and Boat House Diner. Personally, I'm looking forwards to Boat House Diner the most; it will surely be able to take pride of place in my village's docks. What does everyone think? (Couldn't upload images, but they can be found at this link;)