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  1. I would have prefered 16 minifigures like in the previous series, even if that would have ment updated reissues and reinterpretations of previous characters, especially since there is only one non licensed series a year. Yet I have discovered an advantage. Having only 12 minifigures makes feeling the blind bags much easier!
  2. Wesley D

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    This set's detailing, colors and setting are great, but as much as I want, I just can't fall in love with this set. I just keep seeing it as oversized to represent a medieval house. I was thinking of modifying it, but in lack of time and creativity to do so, I can't justify spending €169,99. Inevitably I make the comparison with Pirates of Barracuda Bay, that feels like the essence of LEGO Pirates, that I bought right away for only €199,99. The blacksmith would have benefited of being a more humble cottage, a small but important part of a medieval setting, a harbinger of more sets to come!
  3. Wesley D

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I ask myself if there really was a mistake? I could believe they have tried to find out which factions are the most popular ones. Who knows, the construction of a Castle set could have been started already behind the scenes.
  4. Wesley D

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    A castle set is high on my wishing list, but as much as I want to love this blacksmith, I just don't feel it. I still consider the building is too big (with an eventual castle in the future in mind), and I don't really dig the minifigures. Too bad for me, as I think the horse drawn cart adds a lot charm to the set as a whole. PS: the bear carpet is appropiate in castle setting, but I consider it a bit cruel in an official LEGO setting.
  5. Wesley D

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I just ordered the labrador / golden retriever dogs, they are available in tan (73937) and in brown (74038).
  6. Wesley D

    [MOC] The Queen's Gambit

    I wouldn't be that harsh to call it a "fundamental flaw", building a minifigure display requires adaptation anyway. The visual effect is great!
  7. Wesley D

    Ballabreek 2021

    I love your reporters for covering all updated news from Ballabreek! Happy new year!
  8. Wesley D

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    LEGO is trying hard to make the new road system work by adding them in a lot of City sets, but I don't think it is the ultimate solution. While I love the modularity, the roads are too narrow for cars wider than 4 studs.
  9. Wesley D

    REVIEW: 40448 LEGO® IDEAS Vintage Car

    This bothers me too, I preferred the dimensions of the original submission. There the minifigures seem to be sitting a tad lower, what's better looking. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to build the car. I keep finding it amazing squeezing 2 minifigures next to eachother in a 6 stud wide car!
  10. Wesley D

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'm in the same boat as you. To me the blacksmith feels like it's missing liveliness on its own. I think the set requires more activity, it needs to show a story, what isn't visible right now. Perhaps the accompanying minifigures will convince me more. I can't imagine complementary sets will follow, as previous Ideas releases were standalone sets too.
  11. Wesley D

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I know that wasn't a realistic expectation. I wouldn't dare to imagine the indignation among the supporters of the original submission on Ideas, remembering the hassle when Pirates of Barracuda Bay was revealed. On the other hand: the desire for castle sets is extremely high, we would almost support and buy anything LEGO releases that comes close to a proper castle set. The picture of the blacksmith doesn't really affect me. Perhaps more official images will change my mind, but either way: at the pace LEGO releases D2C sets, I guess sooner or later we will get fine sets that will be more appealing to me.
  12. Wesley D

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I don't think I'll be buying this Medieval Blacksmith. Where a lot of fans think the official build differs to much from the original submission, I think it's too alike. I have voted for the blacksmith on Ideas because I really long for a castle set, but I hoped the LEGO designers would change the project fundamentaly. I can understand some think the result is too polished, I think the finishing is fine, but I was hoping for a complete redesign. Just like how the Pirate Bay became Pirates of Barracuda Bay. I still consider the building too big and was rather hoping for a small medieval 'village' of 2 houses and scenery, filled with references to classic castle. The blacksmith how it's leaked feels to me more like a static display model than a playfull set that triggers my imagination. Another LEGO Ideas building, the Old Fishing Store, did both for me and captured my heart right away. I continue looking forward to a castle or a small medieval village in the future!
  13. Wesley D

    [MOC] The Queen's Gambit

    That's one nice setup and fantastic picture! It gets even more impressive when seeing the resemblance with your source material, the original picture of The Queen's Gambit (that I'm really looking forward to see!). The 4x4 chess board looks like a perfect adaptation for our beloved minifigures, but I think white should be on the right! Impressive work!
  14. I'm feeling spoiled. Yesterday the newest modular building and now the collectible minifigures that are revealed, the 2 LEGO highlights I'm looking forward to each year! Only having 12 characters felt odd at first glance, I was searching more of them untill I remembered the reduction. Perhaps it is indeed a clue the designers are running out of ideas, as this series doesn't blow me away at all. I like the stand up paddle boarder and I consider the castaway the star of this series!
  15. Wesley D

    10278 Police Station

    The Police Station looks like an awesome set! Like always I was hyped for the new modular, but this one exceeds my expectations by far! Only thing I really dislike is the black box and the 18+ logo, as it both looks too harsh for a toy that brings me and many LEGO fans so much joy. The architecture is great, the colors are warm, it will look fantastic in any layout. On top of that it's filled with nice fun storytelling details. The escape route is just hilarious! I thought a donut shop next to a police station would be too cliché, but it seems to be combined seamlessly here! On top of that I personally had the feeling my modular collection was missing one essential building, a police station, so it's a fun feeling I don't have any expectations for the future and that everything that follows is a bonus! ... A school or a museum would be welcome too I'm looking forward to new year, I'm buying this wonderfull set as soon as the GWP car from the contest becomes available!