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  1. I don't know if it would be officially approved, but I guess it could be made pretty stable when it's properly built in in a structure. Thank you very much for making it clear to me! I have been hurting my head over it.
  2. I'm very late with this, but... the columns are available in tan! They come in the set Bulldozer Break-in. May I ask how you have build those windows? I try to reverse engineer them, but I can't figure out an elegant solution. I guess it's build of translucent bricks and the side require grey jumper plates with a 1x8 tan tile on it, but I'm very curious to see how it looks from the backside.
  3. I have to say I'm not that much into costumed minifigures, so I didn't have high hopes, but I was very curious to see what funny designs they would come up with. After seeing the images I'm pretty disappointed. There is not a single minifigure I really want. Only the elephant with tutu and mouse (!) and perhaps the cowboy costume make me smile. Overall the minifigure faces look very nice, but not worth the steep price of a CMF bag, the accessories and parts in this series that are usable in other settings are minimal and the specificity of so many new moulds takes away the charm of LEGO for me. Who needs a moulded balloon if you could have a brick-built LEGO balloon?
  4. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    The Downtown Diner designer video makes me There is almost nothing said about the product. Just after a picture of Cafe Corner (with hotel sign!) is showed he states there hasn't been a hotel in the modular line. Then we hear Downtown Diner was ment to house a car dealer because it's always fun to include cars in the modular street, while I've read a lot of modular collectors think otherwise. It just makes me feel like they assigned the 2018 modular design to someone who isn't interested in the modular line at all! He even states several times a designer should build projects he doesn't like to be a real designer. I guess abandoning the tradition of the classic faces is in line with the lack of connectedness to the modular line. Nevertheless he managed to finish a nice cheerful building. I especially like they didn't cram multiple buildings onto one baseplate. The diner room breathes space. I'm looking forward to building and displaying Downtown Diner!
  5. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The white dots in the eyes of the baby had drawn my attention before when I opened 'Fun at the Park' and especially when I assembled my avatar family (with my newborn son ). It was the main reason why I went for faces with expressions, while I normally go for classic faces like they always came with the modulars, the line I try (!) to limit my LEGO hobby to. I haven't built my copy of Assembly Square yet, but the white dots were something I had found striking on the pictures and even a bit out of place. I just thought TLC hadn't the will to print another face for the baby just for this set. We could have seen the change in faces comming! After all I'm glad with the modern faces, it's just a pity they didn't come sooner as there is now a discrepancy between the figures.
  6. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    You brought up some very interesting insights! In Europe there is a increasing immigration going on. Political correctness is very present and I guess LEGO will try to keep themselfes as long as possible out of the debate by hiding behind the yellow minifigures, but I guess there will come a day they'll make the shift. With the introduction of skin-colored minifigures they have crossed a border. Most of us AFOLs have nostalgic feelings about the yellow faces, but the younger audience grows up with both flesh and yellow. I wouldn't be suprised the more realistic one is more appealing and will finally become the new standard, also due to the succes of the licensed themes.
  7. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Interesting to see a first review. It's nice to read it was a fun build! It confirms the car is the least interesting in this set, but based on its looks I guess it's better than the black one that came with Palace Cinema. However I can't agree with the next lines: The licensed sets are always way too expensive and should never become a standard to compare. One could call everything cheap compared to those! The price of Downtown Diner over here is € 169,99, while Palace Cinema costs € 139,99.
  8. Thank you! Let's hope they are working on a new designer program (" We have decided to pursue other digital experiences.").
  9. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That was my first idea too, but even the not licensed Friends line has flesh colored mini-dolls. Since we just saw change is eventual, I fear there's no certainty in continuity. I only collect yellow minifigures, but I notice I get used very fast to the more realistic colors. When I see a yellow minifigure next to them the yellow one feels a bit off. They don't mix very well. The licensed minifigures form an ever-larger group and gets more detailed, especially with even specific licensed LEGO movies and sets being released, while on the other hand the traditional Collectable Minifigure Figure line becomes less frequent. It's getting difficult to decide what and in which ammount I should bother collecting. I hope I won't be forced to replace a carefully collected mass of yellow minifigures.
  10. Has there been an official statement about LDD? I think it's weird LEGO doesn't update and improve LDD, as it could encourage people buying more LEGO parts to build their digital creations!
  11. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It felt like a huge earthquake now even the minifigures from the modular sets have modern expressions. I'll get used to it soon, but it made me wonder: Does anyone think we'll once see yellow minifigures in all lines be replaced by flesh-toned minifigures?
  12. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    Every year I think it would be hard for LEGO to suprise me with their newest modular, but they did it again! With it's cheerful colors, polished exterior and nice interior details Downtown Diner pleases me very much! The brick yellow plated facade could perhaps seem like a boring brick wall, but I think it's very clever how they did it. It's also nice to see they avoided the line between two floors this time, introducing an other technique and making it different than other modulars. Furthermore the brick yellow makes the colorful diner and jukebox shaped 'tower' shine in contrast. On its own the building looks very good. I'm curious to see how it looks next to the other modulars. Difficulty will be combining the open side with a modular that isn’t too different in style and has a nice sidewall. I guess it fits best next to Detective Office because of its architectural style. Nevertheless I have a feeling this one takes a leap in style towards more modern. The change from classic minifigure faces into modern faces strengthens the feeling the modular line could be on a turning point. It makes me wonder what direction the modular line is heading to. I’ve read some members here weren’t, unlike me, convinced by the leaked picture and became only enthousiast after the official release, but I don’t think think the external impression is enhanced by the later revealed left and back side. That lamp on the left looks too much like the drainpipe and I'm not really fond of the black exterior staircase either, but I'm incredibly glad they did it this way instead of making the building on the first floor (the gym) a passageway to the second floor (recording studios), like in Detective’s Office or Assembly Square. Furthermore I don’t understand the need for new flower parts. The previous design wouldn’t have made a notable difference. A part of the charm of LEGO to me is the aspecificity of parts, that makes it possible to make so much different creations with a limited amount of different parts. I’m glad to see tiles with a stud on the sidewalk as I don’t like modding my modulars, but adding studded tiles is something I’ve been considering for a long time for sake of display. I think I’m going for Downtown Diner as fast as I can, looking forward to build and display it! Meanwhile I catch myself that I’m already looking forward to the next modular. The shops we’ve had make a fun modular street, but I hope we'll once eventually get a truly grand modular building again.
  13. [MOC] Butcher, market gardener and lawyer office

    Interesting to see you started with the ground floor of the side building of Market Street! I think you made it so much more valuable and much nicer to see! The earth blue looks great next to the brick yellow and the gold elements you threw in finish it nicely! The interiors are well done! Would it be possible to add more steps to the stairs?
  14. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    With faces printed with emotions there is the problem the minifigures are stuck in that one phase of the story. I hope it will be neutral or happy faces, or just for sake of tradition, that the picture wasn't the final version and classic faces will be included. It surprises me the official announcement didn't come today to minimise damage. It's a bit goofy LEGO was top secret about the next modular set and didn't give us a single hint, just to get it all spoiled by that leaked picture. It was much more fun last year with Assembly Square!
  15. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The tiles must have been mounted onto bracket parts, which help hide the borders between the floors. Forum member koalayummies did it recently in his MOC Town Bed and Breakfast. I like the pink color of the car, but I don't like the design and width of this car and the car that came with Palace Cinema. They look oversized to the modular buildings. Probably it's a problem caused by the size of the modulars themselves. The modulars are designed to be as much as possible building on a single 32x32 baseplate. They represent big buildings, but the space inside doesn't match with what's to expect from the facade. Minifigures don't have a lot of space in the modulars. It's about the scale, but I personally prefer smaller cars next to my modulars. I thought of classic and modern faces not going so well together, but I'm finally over that fase. Now I just hope LEGO won't ever change the yellow skinned minifigures in regular and modular sets into flesh-tones!