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  1. Two weeks ago I was feeling a whole bunch of blind bags, but all knight and nutcacker minifigures were picked already. As if feeling the bags doesn't feel embarrasing enough
  2. Wesley D

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Having read some reviews I feel more mild about the set and it's pricing, with the inclusion of a motor and a specially designed fresnel lens. Nevertheless it stays an expensive set and I really think it's a shame even such expensive premium products come with stickers. I even would have preferred the family portret was printed and the other stickers were ommited. I appreciate the monochrome look of the lighthouse, but the rock it's built on looks literally flat!
  3. Wesley D

    Rava Town

    Amazing! Now you even have more space to keep expanding Rava Town! It must have been an achievement to transfer your whole city!
  4. Wesley D

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Me too! I'm eager to see some better pictures, as the leaked photo leaves me a bit underwhelmed. Personally I was hoping for a more colorful lighthouse, like a red striped one, it would also look more like a LEGO toy. As always the black box doesn't really help make it a flattering display. I'll probably end up getting one to accompany the Old Fishing Store, but it's rumoured to be expensive.
  5. Wesley D

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    You´re right. When designing a random modular there is freedom to use all creativity or adaptation of an inspiring building. Here had to be stayed true to the source, within reasonable budget and incorporating play functions.
  6. I hope you all can enjoy building and playing your castle! I'm out of luck, Wednesday I stood up in the middle of the night to order mine as soon as it was available online, but now I get the message the shipment is delayed, because LEGO are receiving a high volume of orders.
  7. Wesley D

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    How do you all feel about Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum (76218) as a modular building? At first sight I think it's a nice building in style of most of the modular buildings, but when looking closer I think it lacks the refinement the regular sets have. The windows in the upper floor are very simple, and I'm not convinced by the two levels of windows on the middle floor, the scale is off to me. I feel it would take me a lot of changing the build before I would be satisfied enough. I'm not sure I'm skilled and committed enough to handle it and if I'm ready to pay for the parts and minifigures I don't care for.
  8. Wesley D

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Since B&P / PAB has been changed and offers less parts, I feel I have lost a lot of interest. I regularly checked B&P for rare pieces, like minifigure parts or printed tiles, and I couldn't resist buying (too much of) them. Now they aren't listed anymore, I don't have the urge to be such a completionist... and I and especially my wallet are fine with it On the other end I'm also a lot inclined to MOC, since it's has gotten harder to get the required pieces on the LEGO website to build my digital creations. I know there are other sources, but I was used to rely mostly on B&P and PAB. I don't really understand the changes. It has gotten one page, but it still seems it are two different systems. It has gotten more expensive, there are much less different parts offered and the search function works terrible.
  9. Wesley D

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'm really curious when we can expect Ray the Castaway as a GWP. It feels like the contest was ages ago. I had expected the set would to be a summer release, because of the theme. Could it be accompanying the release of LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse?
  10. Wesley D

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    My first Galaxy Explorers were delivered today! These boxes have gotten me excited even more! I'm really looking forward to the build. Designed by Mike Psiaki, it's guaranteed to be amazing! Those alternative builds are wonderful too! I'm quite surprised the cardboard box has punch tabs instead of tape, as I had expected. Opening the boxes without too much damage will be my first mission!
  11. It's funny how opinions differ. I have the feeling the designers spared no efforts and did all they could to make us this fantastic castle! It's all and more than I could imagine. I'm even LEGO really gratefeful for offering us such a fine set! I'll buy multiple sets, at least one for me to display and one for my sons to play with.
  12. Wesley D

    10 years of Brickville, my modular city

    It's great to see your city. I love how cheerful it is, thanks to the colorful nature of the buildings. I wish you a lot of fun enjoying Brickville!
  13. The Lion Knight's Castle is everything and even more and better than I could wish for! It's impressive, it's big, it has a lot of edges, it seems to have a lot of advanced building techniques, it is imposing but also cheerful and it's full of nostalgic references... it's perfect! When it's opened it's a fantastic display piece and turned around it's also playable like a dollhouse. When it's closed, it's a solid castle where all rooms are accessible with stairs and ladders. I only regret a shield with a Maltese cross is missing, but only because all those other emblems from the yellow castle are included. This castle is so great and satisfying, it makes me wonder if I could ever wish for anything more... a set with Black Knights and the Wolfpack perhaps!
  14. Wesley D

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm looking forward to see a picture of this set next to modular buildings. The style would fit, but I don't think it lacks refinement in comparison with the official modular buildings.
  15. What an exciting day! If the castle would be announced today, I wonder if we really would have to wait for August for the release. A sooner release or early VIP-acces seems likely, since announcements and releases follow closely nowadays. I'm looking forward to the classic CMF knight too, even if he comes with a hobby horse! Now I'll get building my Forest Hideout!