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  1. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    Every year I think it would be hard for LEGO to suprise me with their newest modular, but they did it again! With it's cheerful colors, polished exterior and nice interior details Downtown Diner pleases me very much! The brick yellow plated facade could perhaps seem like a boring brick wall, but I think it's very clever how they did it. It's also nice to see they avoided the line between two floors this time, introducing an other technique and making it different than other modulars. Furthermore the brick yellow makes the colorful diner and jukebox shaped 'tower' shine in contrast. On its own the building looks very good. I'm curious to see how it looks next to the other modulars. Difficulty will be combining the open side with a modular that isn’t too different in style and has a nice sidewall. I guess it fits best next to Detective Office because of its architectural style. Nevertheless I have a feeling this one takes a leap in style towards more modern. The change from classic minifigure faces into modern faces strengthens the feeling the modular line could be on a turning point. It makes me wonder what direction the modular line is heading to. I’ve read some members here weren’t, unlike me, convinced by the leaked picture and became only enthousiast after the official release, but I don’t think think the external impression is enhanced by the later revealed left and back side. That lamp on the left looks too much like the drainpipe and I'm not really fond of the black exterior staircase either, but I'm incredibly glad they did it this way instead of making the building on the first floor (the gym) a passageway to the second floor (recording studios), like in Detective’s Office or Assembly Square. Furthermore I don’t understand the need for new flower parts. The previous design wouldn’t have made a notable difference. A part of the charm of LEGO to me is the aspecificity of parts, that makes it possible to make so much different creations with a limited amount of different parts. I’m glad to see tiles with a stud on the sidewalk as I don’t like modding my modulars, but adding studded tiles is something I’ve been considering for a long time for sake of display. I think I’m going for Downtown Diner as fast as I can, looking forward to build and display it! Meanwhile I catch myself that I’m already looking forward to the next modular. The shops we’ve had make a fun modular street, but I hope we'll once eventually get a truly grand modular building again.
  2. [MOC] Butcher, market gardener and lawyer office

    Interesting to see you started with the ground floor of the side building of Market Street! I think you made it so much more valuable and much nicer to see! The earth blue looks great next to the brick yellow and the gold elements you threw in finish it nicely! The interiors are well done! Would it be possible to add more steps to the stairs?
  3. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    With faces printed with emotions there is the problem the minifigures are stuck in that one phase of the story. I hope it will be neutral or happy faces, or just for sake of tradition, that the picture wasn't the final version and classic faces will be included. It surprises me the official announcement didn't come today to minimise damage. It's a bit goofy LEGO was top secret about the next modular set and didn't give us a single hint, just to get it all spoiled by that leaked picture. It was much more fun last year with Assembly Square!
  4. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The tiles must have been mounted onto bracket parts, which help hide the borders between the floors. Forum member koalayummies did it recently in his MOC Town Bed and Breakfast. I like the pink color of the car, but I don't like the design and width of this car and the car that came with Palace Cinema. They look oversized to the modular buildings. Probably it's a problem caused by the size of the modulars themselves. The modulars are designed to be as much as possible building on a single 32x32 baseplate. They represent big buildings, but the space inside doesn't match with what's to expect from the facade. Minifigures don't have a lot of space in the modulars. It's about the scale, but I personally prefer smaller cars next to my modulars. I thought of classic and modern faces not going so well together, but I'm finally over that fase. Now I just hope LEGO won't ever change the yellow skinned minifigures in regular and modular sets into flesh-tones!
  5. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That was my first thought too! It's probably ment this way to complement the era and style of the diner. I wouldn't be surprised if the second floor houses a recording studio. I didn't know about the color Dark Turquoise. It looks like Bright Bluish Green hasn't been used for a long time. It helps making this modular very cheerful! It's fun to see colors comming back, I hope Sand Red follows sooner or later in a modular building. The change in faces had to happen once to follow the other LEGO lines. The newer ones are nicer and detailed, they are more individualised, but that's also a weakness, as their character is limited to and predistined by the facial expression they have gotten. I love the nostalgic classic faces with their aspecific and always happy look. Even though they are all the same, it feels to me they can represent so many emotions and characters. I hoped LEGO set 10256 to be a big important building for a town, like a school, hospital or train station, but it turned out to be a re-release of the Taj Mahal. After the dissapointement I didn't have high hopes for the new modular. I definately expected something smaller as those mentioned structures would require a footprint much larger than 1 baseplate, so now I'm very happy with this diner because of its details and colors. I'm glad the borderline between two floors has been bypassed this time. It will make a nice variation next to the other modulars. I also like how the tiles represent brickwork! I think they are Brick Yellow, or could they be Cool Yellow?
  6. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Sorry, brick yellow ofcourse! The modern minifigure faces could be a sign of the modular line moving forward. I have the impression this building is a bit more modern too than the former. The organisation of the facade of the building does remind me of the Green Grocer.
  7. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The more I look at it, the more I'm convinced it's real. Its details are perfectly done. I better start getting used to modern minifigure faces in modular sets! What I first thought of being sand yellow bricks are rather tiles used in a SNOT technique. That could explain the lack of border between the modular floors. Nicely done!
  8. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think it is fake because of the use of modern faces, there are no classic ones in the pictures like in the other modular sets.Nevertheless it looks official! It's a nice cheerful and detailed building! It's also a type of building I wanted since I saw the dinner on LEGO Ideas. There's a stair on the left or is it a corner building?
  9. They only make an exception for fishing as we had the Fishing Boat and the Old Fishing Store this year. I don't think LEGO will burn their fingers on an animal related circus set. In the past I wanted a zoo, but I guess a LEGO zoo is getting every year more unlikely. There is ever more criticism on keeping animals in captivity. Even if they made such a theme, it would require a lot of bricks/parts to build fences for huge living spaces for the animals. Small cages and enclosures would harm LEGO's reputation.
  10. I didn't care for their heads, but I could use some of The Simpsons minifigures for their torsos and legs. It was nice they are yellow-skinned too! I miss that in the licensed minifigures.
  11. I surely would buy a re-release of the Emerald Night, but I rather see LEGO go forward with new sets. With new parts and techniques they can offer more and more detail. There are some sets I would like to have, but perhaps LEGO will someday offer similiar sets in an even better state. Maybe we'll get another Haunted House in another monster theme or a new Metroliner in the lines of City or Creator Expert.
  12. Re-release of first modular buildings

    I don't expect re-releases of the oldest modulars. The modulars are evolving, ever more new parts are used to enhance their level of detail and looks. If you want the first ones, just try to build them yourself! I built my version of Café Corner, Market Street and Green Grocer. I had to make some small changes due to parts that aren't available anymore. Now I like them even more than I would if I had bought them new. Rather than re-releasing I think LEGO should some make parts available again that are needed to reconstruct the older modulars. It would be a great help if the 1x2 brick with groove was available again in sand green and the 1x8x2 arch in earth blue for example.
  13. The Piranha mech looks just to cute! I like this mech the most of the whole line. It looks so funny! The big wheels of the rickshaw look funny indeed, but the upper part doesn't work for me. I think the rickshaw looks way to big. This set has all elements for playing some action scenes! Children will surely have a great time with this set. Personally I would have liked the civilian minifigures of this line to have got more neutral or happy faces instead of all the scared faces now. It make a nice box picture, but it limits their possible use in play greatly. It's a shame the face of Lady Iron Dragon is so poorly printed. I simply expect LEGO to offer premium quality. I'm willing to pay the price for quality and I do consciously not choose for alternative or knockoff brands, but something it feels like LEGO could use some competition to be encouraged to keep putting their best foot forward!
  14. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I've read here several times that LEGO announces new sets ever closer to their release due to copying companies. I do not quite understand this. Do these companies offer sets that are based on the exterior of newly announced sets? I guess it isn't possible to reverse engineer a whole set just based on some preliminary pictures. Or do they use espionage when they know of a new upcomming release? Could it harm LEGO to spread some rumours of a new long-awaited set, like the annualy modular, to get us hyped or calm us down? It would interest me a lot to learn the size, the name, the color or the type of building or buildings we are going to get.
  15. Perhaps this interim poll is made to determine the least favorite collectable minifigure?