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  1. Wesley D

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I did get the original Bookshop and have bought the parts separately for the other rowhouses. I'm sorry I can't say how much it costed me, I didn't keep track of my expenses. It also makes it easier to enjoy it, expensive as LEGO is!
  2. Wesley D

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It looks great (better in real life than on my picture), but I don't think LEGO will release those in different colors. I recommend everyone to start collecting the required parts and build a row of colored townhouses!
  3. Wesley D

    LEGO Retro Theme Vote Winner Release?

    I guess you mean the Fan Vote for LEGO's 90th anniversary? The set is meant to be released next year, as LEGO will celebrate it's 90th anniversary in 2022. I don't expect any news before the launch of the set, since LEGO seems to want to keep the details secret. One of the most popular themes in that vote will get a set. These were the most popular themes: Bionicle, Classic Space, Pirates and Castle. Here is the Fan Vote being discussed on Eurobricks.
  4. Wesley D

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The Daily Bugle building looks quite impressive between the modular buildings. I'm amazed it doesn't even need the whole width of its baseplate to be a substantial tower building! IMHO the contrast in colors and in height makes up for a nice visual effect, which makes the standard modulars really shine. Does anyone plan to add the Daily Bugle to their collection or have you already done so? I am quite interested, but since I'm not into licenced stuff, I would remplace the minifigures and adjust the signage. The biggest challenge however would be to add a working elevator. The lack hereoff and especially the fake elevator doors in the set are a big turn off for me. I suspect it would have been handled differently in a standard modular set. I'm curious if there will be an elevator in a modular anytime soon, since the only one we have seen has been a while ago, in the Town Hall.
  5. Wesley D

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thank you for the notification, I'm going to try to get one tomorrow! I think the 40487 Sailboat Adventure looks great, the original submission hasn't been tweaked much at all. Too bad of the terrifying purchase treshold!
  6. Wesley D

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Those will be fine GWP sets! The sailing ship would make a great summer set. I guess it will come in August. The timing of development would concur with the Vintage Car.
  7. Wesley D

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Has anyone an idea when we can expect the Sailing Ship Adventure that won the contest last summer to become a GWP? I really hope it lasts longer than the Vintage Car in january. Having experienced today's Bricklink fiasco, I already feel stressed out just thinking about trying to get the ship!
  8. Wesley D

    [MOC] Record Store

    It's a bracket piece that's missing! I made you this picture: Record Store Sign on Flickr I hope this helps!
  9. I would have prefered 16 minifigures like in the previous series, even if that would have ment updated reissues and reinterpretations of previous characters, especially since there is only one non licensed series a year. Yet I have discovered an advantage. Having only 12 minifigures makes feeling the blind bags much easier!
  10. Wesley D

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    This set's detailing, colors and setting are great, but as much as I want, I just can't fall in love with this set. I just keep seeing it as oversized to represent a medieval house. I was thinking of modifying it, but in lack of time and creativity to do so, I can't justify spending €169,99. Inevitably I make the comparison with Pirates of Barracuda Bay, that feels like the essence of LEGO Pirates, that I bought right away for only €199,99. The blacksmith would have benefited of being a more humble cottage, a small but important part of a medieval setting, a harbinger of more sets to come!
  11. Wesley D

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I ask myself if there really was a mistake? I could believe they have tried to find out which factions are the most popular ones. Who knows, the construction of a Castle set could have been started already behind the scenes.
  12. Wesley D

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    A castle set is high on my wishing list, but as much as I want to love this blacksmith, I just don't feel it. I still consider the building is too big (with an eventual castle in the future in mind), and I don't really dig the minifigures. Too bad for me, as I think the horse drawn cart adds a lot charm to the set as a whole. PS: the bear carpet is appropiate in castle setting, but I consider it a bit cruel in an official LEGO setting.
  13. Wesley D

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I just ordered the labrador / golden retriever dogs, they are available in tan (73937) and in brown (74038).
  14. Wesley D

    [MOC] The Queen's Gambit

    I wouldn't be that harsh to call it a "fundamental flaw", building a minifigure display requires adaptation anyway. The visual effect is great!
  15. Wesley D

    Ballabreek 2021

    I love your reporters for covering all updated news from Ballabreek! Happy new year!