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  1. Thank you very much for sharing! Your trees are really beautiful!
  2. Wesley D

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It sounds like the modular line is heading a different direction than the old city center I always had in mind. But like you say, we'll have to wait. Anyway I'm interested in the cars that could come with the modular, as I'm unsure of the fitting sizes (4, 5 or 6 side) and styles of vehicles in my modular town.
  3. Wesley D

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    10268 Vestas Wind Turbine will be vailable on the 23rd of November. I wonder if it will be popular at all given the pricing! I don't expect the next modular to be a rerelease of the Green Grocer. I assume the modular line is very popular and I'm sure Lego would please a lot more customers with a completely new modular! I'd prefer to see LEGO make specific parts available again, like the sand green 1x2 brick with groove, for those who don't own the Green Grocer yet and want to build their own.
  4. Wesley D

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Over here Downtown Diner costs already €169,99. I wouldn't mind a more fluctuating part count and price for the modulars, so that the designers could variate a lot in style, size and decorational elements. I'm curious to see what we'll get, but I guess we'll have to wait a couple of months. Last year there weren't any leaks. I hope for another corner building as they are very useful to make multiple small blocks of modular buildings.
  5. Wesley D

    Pop-Up Book - LEGO IDEAS

    Does anyone have an idea when this set will be revealed and released? I'm very curious to see the final version. The original build looks a bit bland to me, but I expect an official designer to pull off something amazing with this stimulating idea! I really hope other fairytale display settings will be included! That's just part of the premise!
  6. Perhaps you could move over some of the smaller creator houses to the other side of your town, next to the fairground sets? I like the waves you made!
  7. Those translucent tiles will make a great effect! I want to do the same and was thinking of rebuilding my Old Fishing Store on a extra layer of brick yellow tiles, so it could make a nice display of waves rolling on the beach. Having the beach a bit higher can indeed help you make the shoreline less straight / more organic. Downside of all the tiling is it will require a lot of parts! Will you place them on the same level of the Ninjago sets (the translucent tiles upon plates upon the baseplates)? I intend to place them directly on the baseplates to reduce costs, but I don't have the Ninjago sets and the extra layer of plates could provide a better impression of depth differences in the water. I think if you would add some paths and extra greenery and fences between the houses, the suburb would look fantastic!
  8. Nice pictures of your very charming city! If I had to put the Ninjago City sets into my town, I'd separate them from the rest with water, like a canal or even a small sea if I had a lot of space. The Ninjago City sets would form an isle surrounded by water at one end of my display that could be seen from the (busy) beach of my town and could be reached with a ferry. On the other and more calm end of the beach I would put the Old Fishing Store. I'm very curious to see your city evolving!
  9. Wesley D

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Here are some pictures I've found that were taken in the LEGO House. It's a wonderful amusement park with a slightly modified official ferris wheel along with other creations like the "star flyer" that can be found on the background of the boxes of the fairground sets.
  10. Wesley D

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I was hoping for another building from the Sea front Village, but I understand them saying it's too soon after the Old Fishing Store. Moreover they are perhaps too similiar like that one, which I consider the best of them all. The Pop-Up book is a nice idea. I'm looking forward how the finished version will look! As an extra, it could turn out as a very welcome parts pack for fans of the castle, pirates en western themes!
  11. Wesley D

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    In fact it charms me they keep it simple. I love it when LEGO uses parts that are multifunctional instead of going for very specific molds that just serve one purpose. I just have the idea they're pushing their limits ever further and they'll eventually will have to go for something even more impressive.
  12. Yesterday I saw multiple boxes displayed in a local toy store. I was tempted to feel the bags, but I won't be buying one of them. While I think the printed faces look among the best, I'm not pleased by the costume theme, I only really like the cute Elephant Girl. It don't think the last waves sell well over here, as the boxes always seem full and I see little interest in them. The price of the blinded bags don't really invite anymore for an impulse purchase.
  13. Wesley D

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    I'm pretty charmed and impressed by the looks of this rollercoaster. I think it looks very complete and is perfectly scaled compared to the minifigures. It definately has to look huge in their eyes! The rollercoaster makes a cheerfull scene, just the way I expect LEGO to look. It feels like the used colors and parts add a nostalgic touch. Could this become the most iconic LEGO set ever? On the other hand I'm less impressed by the video's of the coaster in motion. I like the climbing on the hill, but I guess the descent would have benefited a lot from banked turns. I understand this would require even more effort and costs because of even more specialized coaster tracks, but on the other hand when LEGO goes for an ultimate set like this, why wouldn't they go all the way? Seeing how they are releasing allready so many coaster sets, I wouldn't be too suprised they'll go for banked turns anyway in the future. It would hurt if I would buy this one and they'll release an ever better expert coaster within a few years. A minor remark I have is the reference to the other fairground sets, like they are encouraging us into collecting them all. As much as I like the color scheme and the technical part of the carousel, I think that set is way oversized. They had better made it smaller and thus a cheaper fairground set or they could have included some other fairground elements. I have to make my mind up if I'm going for the coaster, but even if I'm not into collecting all of them, I wonder what the next fairground set will be. I'm curious to see what LEGO will pull off to surpass this rollercoaster!
  14. Wesley D

    [MOC] Science Museum

    I need to say the colors of the letter signs contrast nice to the building. They add a charming touch! So that is the function of the covers / lids on the floor of the wings? I guess they would suffice as fast exits No need for doubts. There are already an elevator and stairs. You've thought about every detail. I think the complex is just perfect as it is! The rendering problem won't be a problem when it's getting build in real bricks
  15. Wesley D

    [MOC] Science Museum

    Fantastic! There are no words to say how impressive this is! Such a huge, unique and apealing structure. It would make a wonderful landmark! The interior is amazing as well, perfectly scaled, very nicely colored and filled nice mini builds. I really like the elevator and how the central column is build around the rocket!