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  1. The Medieval Town Square does it job well to compliment the Lion Knights' Castle in the same style. I like the colors and looks of the Medieval Blacksmith, but it felt oversized to me. The Medieval Town Square has the proportions I wished for. Nevertheless I don't know I will get it. The color scheme is a bit dull for LEGO, but it feels genuine. The leaked image had given us all high expecations, so it's a bit of a letdown to get less minifigures and animals, as it would have made this town square more lively. I understand it pushes the price down, but it's still an expensive set (at least I do consider so). Only a bit more minifigures and animals wouldn't have put the set in a a completely other price range. What really puts me off are some substantial issues: -Why did they even consider such an ugly black box? The build doesn't even look remotely attractive on it. Why didn't they use a retro packaging like they did for the 10305 castle? -What's the use of including a shield painter when there is only one decorated shield in the set? It makes it so obvious they have been cutting corners on this set. -Why have there to be so many stickers? Most of them are unnecessary. I would rather have not seen stickers at all than those on the 1x2 tiles. The give us a beautiful wall tapestry, but of course it's a sticker. Why don't they do some brick built easter eggs instead? It's LEGO! Why don't they plan ahead and make some universal prints that could be used in multiple sets, like shutters, a parchment with unreadable notes and a sign for an inn? I really would have forgiven everything else if they had omitted the stickers. So I don't think it's a bad build, but the set gives me the uncomfortable feeling LEGO is trying to do a cash grab. It makes me even feel so bad that it feels as if this set is not bringing me to the Middle Ages, but towards my LEGO dark ages.
  2. How I hate sets being dependant of stickers. If something has to be visualized, give us some printed pieces, especially in expensive +18 sets, or even better, find some brick-built solutions, it's LEGO!
  3. I'm really sad to see LEGO exploiting nostalgy over and over. It started with some love letters to the classic themes. Galaxy Explorer and Lion Knights' Castle are fantastic sets without compromises. Now it feels like they are just thinking about cashing. The love had to move over for ratio, compromises are made, there is cutting corners everywhere they can. I refuse to encourage them to continue this path. I'd rather have less nostalgic sets, but I'd rather be blown away when we could get one.
  4. Wesley D

    [POLL] Future Pirates Sets

    I completely think it is a fantastic set for play, but it is a fact Eldorado Fortress is advertised as a 18+ set. My problem with the set is they couldn't choose what they wanted this set to be: a play set or a display set, a finished remake of the original fortress or a modular set. The result feels half-hearted to me and I can't feel the skill and the enthousiasm of the designers compared to previous nostalgic sets. I really want to like the set, but I can't. Wouldn't it be ridiculous spending money just because I love the theme? I don't mind a canon near the admiral, but I really dislike how unfinished this looks:
  5. Today I tried my luck scanning QR codes. I got all the minifigures I wanted I'm curious if it was ment to be so easy to determine the contents of the blind boxes. I guess they won't make it so easy the next time. When I was young I never liked Fright Knights, even Dragon Knights looked so not castle to me, but Basil the Bat Lord, uhm, Vampire Knight is an amazing minifigure!
  6. Wesley D

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    It's getting painfully obvious LEGO is aiming for our nostalgia and misusing our fear of missing out. It was fun to see such sets, but not so much anymore when it's getting hard to keep up with them.
  7. It seems we'll get an incredible Friends set ('Reunion Mansion' - 42639) that is nothing less than a modern imagining of Paradisa Poolside Paradise (6416). With minifigures it could have been released as such.
  8. Wesley D

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The Natural History Museum looks amazing! The sober color scheme just adds up to its majestic grandness. At first I thought it could have been a bit taller, but then again I appreciate the modular line always tries to make as much as possible from as little as possible parts. I think it's fantastic they dared to use one and a halve baseplate and so many pieces for a one purpose modular. I thought it was something that could never happen! If it wasn't for the hot dog truck GWP, I would buy it on the first day!
  9. Wesley D

    2023 Majisto GWP

    I agree the modularity of Eldorado Fortress could offer great possibilities for modifications, but designed with the modularity in mind, the fortress on its own has some serious design flaws. I really dislike the interrupted parapet and the open back of the tower. They gave us almost a one on one copy from the original fortress, which was a play set. I like the new set a lot as a play set, but don't think it's outstanding enough to be advertised as a +18 display set. I love the Lion Knights' Castle and Pirates of Barracuda Bay, where the designers showed all their love for the themes. I just don't feel they did the same for the Imperials, for example easter eggs are really missing.
  10. Wesley D

    2023 Majisto GWP

    It's baffling to see how LEGO continues to see easy money in nostalgia! How disappointing it is to see integral rereleases of sets that are 3 decades old, with almost no design input, except for updating out of production parts. Today the building standards have improved immensely, yet we get the same designs from years ago, when flaws could be explained by a limited parts selection. Previous years we've gotten fantastic retro sets, where they took the idea behind the old sets and took it to a new level with the current parts and techniques, but this years Eldorado Fortress and this long awaited workshop are huge letdowns! I'm really turned off by the poor designed dragon knight. I was never a fan of that faction because they look too fictional, but here their dark appearance is completely missing.
  11. Wesley D

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    You're completely right, but unlike you, this is why the set makes me sad. The issue is: as an Icons set it is ment for adults. If it was released as a Creator set or as a new Pirates theme I would have been enthousiastic. There is a lot to like, it's a replica with modern parts and has great play value, but as a 18+ display model it feels unfinished. The exterior has flaws, like the unforgivable interrupted parapets, and the interior could have used more details, like supplies and a treasure. Perhaps it can be modified easily, but that's not what I expect from a high end set. I don't feel this set is made with the same passion and love, present in the other recent tribute sets. It is as they didn't even consider going all the way when designing this set. That is what I fear: that LEGO starts to cut corners as they may have experienced nostalgia sells.
  12. Wesley D

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    I couldn't agree more. Being spoiled with 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay, 10497 Galaxy Explorer and 10305 Lion Knight's Castle, I was extremely excited for a grown up and blown up Eldorado Fortress. Now I just can't help feeling really disappointed with this fortress. The inclusion of the ship is nice, but the fortress doesn't feel polished. My initial dissapointment made place for appreciation for the remake, but the reviews pull me down completely. The Admiral's tower makes me cringe, it's just an open back tower? Undoubtedly the set has great play value and the designers did a great job recreating the original set with contemporary parts, but isn't there more to expect from an 18+ set? I can see myself buying this for the kids, but as an adult oriented set it feels more than flawed. It's like the set is ment for being modified by AFOLs, which may be a compliment for a regular set, but not for an ICONS set. I fear LEGO has discovered nostalgia can make them easy money.
  13. I'm hyped for my first Blacktron set! Collecting minifigures made me craving for the simple, oldschool and nostalgic Blactron minifigure. The Evil Mech, mixing the color palette of Blacktron 1 and 2, learned me really appreciate the look of the menacing Blactron 1. The Galactic Bounty Hunter was looking simply amazing on the box art, but opening the blind bags gave me my biggest LEGO disappointment to date, due to the metallic printing. Despite the huge disgrace the spaceship comes with stickers, it feels like I need a fleet of those hunters. Too bad the Blacktron Cruiser is a GWP. LEGO isn't making it easy for us!
  14. Wesley D

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    What? Even if the rumor is true, more and more I get the feeling how LEGO is using GWP's is getting out of hand. It's getting frustrating. The purchase treshold nowadays is insanely high, the limited availability adds pressure and most of all the GWP's are often sets that I feel are missing in the LEGO catalogue: fine little sets aimed at AFOLs, that could have been affordable if only they were offered to buy. I often feel I would like to buy multiple, but as GWP's that is difficult. This night I went for the Blacktron Cruiser and bought the Jazz Club, but I can't help feeling tricked. If the rumor the Pizza Van is coupled with a modular purchase is true, I will feel really bad.
  15. Wesley D

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    We have seen them before in the Pet Shop brownstone house, but here they are framed better.