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  1. AlexxInc

    Burlington Northern GP40-2 Complete Model

    Hey there CBQ! I use Flickr now for posting pictures. I was able to see your comment by looking through random forums as a guest and happened to come across my page again. The Rebrickable does not come up because I changed my Rebrickable name to something else "AlexBrickBuilds" which you can find on Flickr or Rebrickable. I'm going to make a new EB account because I need a fresh start and did not exactly introduce myself properly. That's the reason I left this account. I hope I'm explaining everything clearly. If you want to have a more in depth conversation or just communicate, please do so here --> Flickr Kind regards, Alex
  2. Thanks for the explanation! Keep up the good work.
  3. No problem, and why do they have AK 47s? aha
  4. Very good MOC! The minifigs looks astonishing as well!
  5. My first LEGO set was the Octan 3180 Tanker Truck that my dad bought me when I was around 4 years old. About a year later my dad brought this massive 35-40 gallon bin of old LEGO bricks which my dad had as a kid, and it included many old and rare sets from the 70s. I played with LEGO until when I was about 11. After that I entered the video game realm for about 2.5 years and then lost interest in it. I started to go back to LEGO and have enjoyed it ever since and now I am a TFOL, needing less than 4 years to become an AFOL.
  6. AlexxInc


    Nice design! Seems to use 2 wheel set parts. Can they articulate for curves?
  7. AlexxInc

    Octraintober 2021

    This year's Octraintober is my first year participating in this event and what better way to dive in then creating a Model 40! The model can be classified as a critter because it lies on 300 HP. It can easily be controlled by a Circuit Cube Blue Tooth Hub, as normal power functions are obviously to large. Here is how the model looks. I had created this over several iterations, with a couple challenges along the way of course.
  8. AlexxInc

    Burlington Northern GP40-2 Complete Model

    I would love a Buwizz brick, especially Ludicrous 2.0. They are very expensive, but it might be a good investment.
  9. AlexxInc

    [REVIEW] Christmas Sets 40494 and 40498

    Great review on these two sets! Over everything I really like the penguin because it resembles the Rock Hopper species. Happy Halloween
  10. AlexxInc

    Burlington Northern GP40-2 Complete Model

    Thank you Davide! Plans for what model exactly? I already have some on my Rebrickable. See the link below.
  11. AlexxInc

    Self-Unloading Coal Hopper (Falns)

    Thanks for the compliment! No problem about the instructions; if you want you can purchase them for yourself. Thank you very much! Thank you! I do wish I was able to put decals on it using studio part designer, but I'm not sure how to find 2D PNG pictures of logos and what not.
  12. AlexxInc

    [MOC] Raven

    Looks awesome! This is not the first time I saw this picture. I watched a video on YouTube, BrickVault was the channel
  13. AlexxInc

    40' Flat car

    This is my model of a 40' flat car with detachable pipe cargo.Pipes are optional.Dimensions:8 studs W39 studs L (with buffers)9 studs H (with pipe load) If you want to build this model for yourself instructions can be found here. LEGO MOC 40' Flat Bed Car by AlexxInc. | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO
  14. AlexxInc

    W & TR CIE Compartment Coaches

    Those coaches look nice! It fits perfectly in size to the engine.
  15. Hello! I have recently created a self unloading coal hopper. The correct term for this is Falns (as said in Germany I believe). It is created using common parts, allowing a wide variety of color options. The coal can easily be removed, revealing some inside detail (not accurate detail though). Dimensions: 8 studs W 37 studs L (with buffers) 12 studs H If you want to build this model for yourself, instructions can be found here. LEGO MOC Self-Unloading Coal Hopper (Falns) by AlexxInc. | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO