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  1. AlexxInc

    Problem with PF L-Motor

    One alternative is Green Gecko Workshop. It is still on the pricey side but there are some YouTube videos showing the performance. If this is still a bit much you could settle for Ali-Express off brand motors, I'm not too sure how their quality and durability is thought. Another option could possibly be to find used lots of LEGO motors on eBay or another online marketplace.
  2. @Murdoch17 I did notice that the pieces were not LEGO, but the creator of this lives in China and I believe that there are less stores available there. Chains such as MouldKing and other leading brands exist there. I have no hate towards those companies, but I like to use LEGO parts as much as possible. Exceptions for me include motor elements, parts not available in specific color, expensive train elements, custom elements, etc. What I am trying to say is that it is okay to use what is available and I give props to BC01POOL if that makes sense. @BC01pool Those other trains in the back ground of one of the images look nice too, such as the QJ locomotive!
  3. Wowie!! This looks amazing, especially those pristine dark red coaches. It looks very realistic great job on this awesome steam locomotive.
  4. It looks really nice. One question though, The battery box and XL motors seem to be off-brand because I do not see a receiver and there is also four connection points. Where can I get a hold of this? As a builder, authentic LEGO brand can sometimes be quite the penny.
  5. AlexxInc

    Problem with PF L-Motor

    You might have been running it through multiple gears over a significant period of time causing the motor to lose it's strength. You may want to buy new motors as @zephyr1934 stated. If this option is too expensive, there are some companies who make replicas/alternative in which can perform better under certain circumstances. I hope this helps you.
  6. AlexxInc

    [MOC] Vanilla Blue

    Oh alright! Thank you for the explanation, and keep up the good work.
  7. Wow this looks great! Some of these characters are easily distinguished, especially Harrison Ford with his favorite hat.
  8. AlexxInc

    [MOC] Vanilla Blue

    I think he means that he did not have any inspiration from other people or techniques, but I am not sure. @Ransom Fern Nice creation! I love how the legs are on the bulkier side but the torso is more slender if that makes sense. I do love the swords aswell.
  9. AlexxInc

    [MOC] Medieval Countryside Layout

    That diorama is insane! The level of detail is on a whole different level. Don't forget about over 50,000 parts! If you average those of 10 cents a piece your looking at $5,000 USD, but of course parts are less expensive, some are more, and some you probably had. Awesome job.
  10. AlexxInc

    TGV Réseau WIP

    Indeed they do!
  11. AlexxInc

    Burlington Northern GP40-2 Complete Model

    Alright, thanks for the info. I have the older versions from 2011.
  12. AlexxInc

    TGV Réseau WIP

    Thank you. That is real cool. Around 1.5 years ago I got your LEGO trains book and I've been using your great information till this day That Thalys is really nice, but if it was constructed in dark red it would look even better. Too bad the color is overly priced.
  13. AlexxInc

    Burlington Northern GP40-2 Complete Model

    I do have a question. What are the differences in V1 and V2.
  14. AlexxInc

    TGV Réseau WIP

    Thank you! I have seen many Thalys in 6 wide (Standard LEGO gauge) but I like 8 knobs wide because you can add a significant amount of detail!
  15. AlexxInc

    TGV Réseau WIP

    I've started creating a new MOC. The TGV Carmillon. My first idea was a Thalys, but due to unavailable parts the idea was scrapped. I have fancied these SNCF train types for some time now and with nothing better to do it seems like a good time to finally build one. This is the bogie creation I have made; as you can see it will be an 8 stud wide model. This means it will be a lot heavier, but with the power of 2 normal powered train bogie's and a x6 AA battery box it should be no problem. The engine is near complete, but will need changes over time