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    [MOC] British 5th Rate Ship (WIP)

    This is my first proper Ship MOC (and MOC in general), and is very much a WIP. I based (stole) the design for the hull and 1st deck off Bonaparte Napoleon’s French Frigate Minerve. Hide contents The actual ship: Hide contents As for historical accuracy, I stated in the title that it is a 5th rate, and while it does ‘technically’ fall into that category I chose to just go with what I though would look good as opposed to following a actual ship design. I’m not yet sure what I want to do with the aftcastle but will try some things out. Any advice with the sails and rigging would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Sorry I am new to the forum and put this topic in the wrong area. I have since reposted the the article here and would be appreciative if someone could delete this topic (as I can't find a way to do it myself). Many thanks, Magical Chicken
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    Help with 8x4 Pirates Layout for my Son

    That’s not the Black Seas Barracuda... It’s Enlighten’s copy. To be fair it costs 1/10 of the actual price (~£28 compared with ~£270-300, which is ridiculous at this point) and with a few modifications it would look exactly the same from a distance.
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    Imperial Guards: Bluecoat and redcoat uniforms

    I believe that their nationality left ambiguous on purpose. Most western powers during the late 18th century and early 19th century used red or blue uniforms to some extent (with the exceptions of Austria and Russia). As for the flags I believe the Imperial Soldier's flag is based off the merchant flag of France And the Imperial Guard's off the East India Company