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  1. Yes, this is going to be amazing!
  2. Thanks! Let's see if I can find out how it works :P
  3. Is there somebody else that could do this?
  4. Stephan

    [MOC] Calling International Rescue...

    Five... Four... Three... Two... One... Thunderbirds are GO! These set(s) would be an instant buy for me!
  5. Awesome! I'll try it out this evening. Thanks for your calculations!
  6. Hi! I am building 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander in LDD, but am struggling with the leg geometry. Could someone perhaps assist me with it? The Rods won't line up. Link to LDD model
  7. Besides that, Mecabricks offers high quality 3D parts. You are guaranteed that a 3D part is high quality when using Mecabricks.
  8. Is there any progress here?
  9. Add a Technic axle and something that can slide across the axle. Do that for each direction for which you want to move the part. In your case all three (left/right, front/back and up/down). Select the part that slides across the axle and the 1x4 half beam. You can now fine tune the position of the beam.
  10. Stephan

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    That's from the B-model.
  11. There was a Star Wars pod racer set which had transparent beams.
  12. I'm interested where you found the official instructions? I've searched everywhere for them.
  13. Maybe I'll tackle it after I finished the Roller Coaster and NINJAGO City Docks. Do you need it quick? I own the model myself, so I've built it a couple of times.
  14. Yeah, the time that LEGO shared instructions for the 40000xx numbered sets is over I guess. I'll be working on the Roller Coaster, and after that NINJAGO City Docks.