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  1. I am still working on new parts and prints! I am currently building NINJAGO City Gardens and I am adding the new parts and printed non-minifigure parts as well. After I have finished the set, I will create a new parts pack. In the mean time, pre-release parts are available from my Pre-Release Github.
  2. We might be able to add them if the parts are available in LDraw or the Unity MicroGame.
  3. I used the collision data from one of these parts, so the new part is alligned equally :)
  4. I have added it and will add the parts to my Pre-Release Github this afternoon.
  5. These two parts are different parts.
  6. Well, not that easy, but it shouldn't be a problem :)
  7. I have to check this, but I think it was fixed in the last parts pack. If not it will be released in the next pack and is already available in my Pre-Release Github.
  8. Fixed in the newest pack. Or downloadable from my Pre-Release Github.
  9. 43693 is also decoratable.
  10. I compared it with Mecabricks, and the Unity one is better.
  11. Yes, that shouldn't be a problem. We can change the 3D mesh and keep the other data (connection, position and collisions). And if necessary re-position the part. Cool! How would this work for 2x6 tiles? And 3x3 round tiles? In theory? I created some decals in practice, but I would like to mirror that outcome with the theory.