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  1. Thanks! Images saved and they will be processed :)
  2. Euhm, not really. There is a Google Sheets files that lists which parts are decorable... And otherwise you need to follow the DecorationMapping.xml. Or, use the 2020NewPreColoredParts pallette in the Mindstorms mode.
  3. If you really, really need it, you can just copy both the *.xml and *.g files, rename them into 328281 or something. And change the number in the *.xml file too, and remove one axle type, and change the other to '7'. Now you have 2 identical parts of which one does connect to pins. If you can't make it work, please let me know, I can send you updated files.
  4. I don't think it's possible due to a bug in LDD. It seems that the 3.2 mm bar connection with the small hole (connection type 21 and 14) does not attach to Technic pins. If I change the connection type to '7' (3.2 mm bar), it does work. Perhaps @polymaker can tell me if I am wrong, or if there is another solution?
  5. My LDraw import scale is 0.08 and my export to obj scale is 0.5. That should do the trick. I added the copyright information and included the part in the coming update. Part is good!
  6. Fixed now; downloadable in the same parts pack correction.
  7. Aah, I have to check my settings then because I only have to scale when exporting.
  8. Import scale just 1 tot 1, export to *.obj at 0.5. In BrickStudio you need to click 'Calculate outlines'.
  9. Added version 20210712: LINK.This version includes 9 updated parts.
  10. Development Version 20210712 Version 20210712 or GitHub [download files separate] and LXF file with new and updated parts Updated original parts • Updated location: 70644 Updated custom parts • Updated collision data: 15068, 30082, 41740, 67759, 72206, 78258 • Updated connections: 72206, 7825
  11. Fixed in the next update. Also the 2x2 dish piece now fits. Should be fixed in the next minor update. Fixed.
  12. The colission data has been updated. But that should not lead to the removal of the part... I will check the collision data when I get home, maybe one side is a tiny bit too wide.
  13. I will look into these bugs. These only appear when using them in specific ways. So these bugs are hard to catch sometimes. For the new Speed Champions wheel, do you mean a bar won't go through? Yeah, sorry, they disappeared a bit from my radar! I will include them!
  14. And I believe the medium legs are already available.