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  1. Yes, could be true. Those files will be re-added in the next update (it's a helmet and the mini doll head).
  2. On a rare occasion I get them from LDraw, but mostly I gather them from other users.
  3. The latest pack includes all "custom" new parts ;)
  4. I think Bionicle/constraction parts are welcome as well :)
  5. Can you make a third colorable surface so that the eyes can be colored differently? This one also needs a bit more work to get the correct multi-colors available.
  6. Added version 20201120: LINK.This version includes 79 new parts, 17 updated parts, and a new version of the 2020NewPreColoredParts palette!
  7. I know. There was a error in the pack. It is resolved now, but more and more new parts came available. The link will be back in half a day. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  8. The outline generation also seems pretty spot on, on first glance (for most parts, not for the Minidoll hair piece).
  9. No, but it's fun to have it :)
  10. Did you manage to make the keychain flexible? Also: is the 16x16 brick with Technic holes (from the Arts line) available?
  11. Yeah I noticed that. But 20795 seems to be the correct number though.
  12. Nice! I added the pupmkin. I will add the others as well. I am now working on the large, new Technic concrete mixer drum.
  13. Cool! They'll be included in the coming update (which is waiting for @Kuramapika1's update for Flex cables.
  14. I think the gear is from a Dacta set of LEGOeducation set.