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  1. I will look into that: the parts have indeed a non-matching boundary box. I removed the files from the download links!
  2. A new New Parts version is available for download: 20200803. This update includes 15 new parts, 3 updated parts, 4 parts are now multi-colorable, and 16 decorations have been added for existing parts. To get all the new parts, the easiest thing is to download to .rar file. This included all new parts, all updated parts, all assemblies, all new decorations, and the new decoration mapping file.
  3. Marge's head is too large in the preview window:
  4. Yes indeed. You can add those to Bricksafe as well though.
  5. No problem :) Happy to add them!
  6. You are right. It was previously requested that parts would be split into multiple parts packs. For me it's easier to create 1 pack, 1 GitHub folder, 1 rar file. I am waiting for the latest parts from @jester and @Kuramapika1 to be able to create the new file.
  7. Yes, I will implement such a pack :)
  8. Version β20200716 is now available for download! In this version you will find: 188 updated parts that now have outlines, 13 new parts of which 4 are multi-colorable and 4 decoratable (decorations are included), and 1 updated LDD original part that is now multi-colorable and decoratable (decoration are included). Check it out!
  9. I think it would be best to create a rar file with your custom parts for everybody to download. I think we would like to keep 'official' and custom separated. I will investigate this for you! EDIT: Works for me, see PM. Yes! Big update coming soon (hopefully today). Expect a lot of updated parts and a handful of (béta) new parts!
  10. I will send you the updated Primitives rar file tomorrow. I will look into the problems you have since I don't have any problems with them, nor have I heard anyone else about it...
  11. Yeah, I just noticed the numbers are not correct... I will fix that EDIT: fixed. A fix will be downloadable in the next pack.
  12. I don't know if there's a list, but we use this topic to list the new parts: . Here you can also see if your parts is more complete (if the thumbnail image has outlines or not), if collision are present is listed as a note next to the specific part. Maybe there should come an Open Office Excel sheet which lists the new parts, work in progress parts and wanted parts; only editable by the guys that work on the parts (and myself for adding them to a parts pack). Congrats btw!!
  13. I am mostly a fan of collisions; they are helpful when you are rotating parts against each other. But... they can also cause problems. Angles between parts in official (Expert) sets are often very, very tight and rely on the flex between part connections. These building section will not be possible when you have collisions. But are there a lot them these days? The 2x3 Tiles on the hoods of the 10277 Crocodile Locomotive have this problem. But I can live with those issues in favor of collisions.