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  1. @polymaker, Do you know if it is possible to add 2 wire marker annotations to a part? I am working on the new LED lights and the middle part should use two wire markers. Maybe a way to cheat it? While writing this I thought of an idea... I can split the centre part in the upper and lower sub-part...
  2. They show where and in which size to place decorations.
  3. UV maps will also be included in the update.
  4. That’s very easy. That link is in every post: Link. This is unfortunately not possible since A) we do not own LDD and its files and B) we cannot alter the installer (legally) at this time.
  5. Yes! Already added. It was on my list as well :) Will upload the files to Github Monday aftenoon
  6. Thanks you!! I'll try that in Blender.
  7. Who knows how to correct this shading/color difference in Blender after separating surfaces?
  8. Unrelated to the problem above, I would like an option to turn stud culling on or off, depending on the connection.
  9. I will add the new files this afternoon. That should fix it.
  10. They are now ready for the next update, but I'll add them to Github tomorrow.
  11. This can just be a square with dimensions 512x512 or 1024x1024. As long as you color within the triangular part. Or use an existing decoration as example. But for others the 2x6 tile was not moved...
  12. Fixed One should be located next to the AT-AT stickers, and the other (exactly the same) in the top left at the adjusted original parts section. Fixed.
  13. Fixed. But remember that those plates can no longer slide across 3673. Check if these files fix it for you?
  14. These are my leg prints, so everything seems to be fine?
  15. You were there since the first updates. Newer versions don't have this part anymore. I believe it was double and faulty, but I am not sure anymore. Anyway: you can delete the files as well. Sorry for the inconvenience. As soon as I can find 3D models, we'll add them :) Same for the new Technic helicopter swash plate parts.