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  1. Brickbashbosh

    General LEGO Star Wars Discussion and Questions

    You're welcome. It certainly will fund a UCS Gunship and leave you a good chunk of change leftover too!
  2. Brickbashbosh

    General LEGO Star Wars Discussion and Questions

    As you say the polybag thing on a magazine was a fake & someone just someone being "funny" On LEGO groups here in UK, Finch is changing hands at ÂĢ380-ÂĢ400 on his own. There are far more of him out of the box than in actual sets as the set was discontinued within a month of him being updated into it and as far as I know was only available in the US. People were able to contact LEGO and obtain him from Customer service for a short period & then just the head & helmet, the only unique parts,until they ran out. So in short yes the figure on its own is selling at those prices & a sealed set with him in would sell for much more. Everyone collects for their own reasons and each person's collection is personal to them. Thankfully for my wallet not something mine though 😅
  3. Brickbashbosh

    General LEGO Star Wars Discussion and Questions

    1. Quick chat with customer service via chat or phone & they'll "refund" the points to your account. No problem. 2. Restocking not so easy to answer. As you'll only get a generic response from Customer Service/ store. For bricks and mortar store a quick phone call to the branch before making the trip is obvious but sometimes overlooked advice. Bad batch Shuttle is still widely available at other retailers but assume you wish to purchase via LEGO to cash in points.
  4. Other than LEGO Zavvi have the "exclusive" for the Cruiser Smyths for the Mando fighter 👍
  5. In the UK at least everything is still available 8hrs later so they seem to have got their stock and production levels sorted. 👍
  6. Depending on the severity of the misprint......worse the "better", there is actually a market. And prices that would probably make your eyes pop out 😅 I'd suggest having a look on some of the Star wars selling pages on Facebook etc 😉
  7. As others have said rarely do they go on sale at LEGO themselves (instore or online) but when they hit 3rd party retailers then yes the more expensive sets go on sale surprisingly regularly. The Falcon & The ISD have both been on sale for ÂĢ100 off at John Lewis, Smyths, and Disney stores multiple times both this year and last. Even amazon join the party every so often and Zavvi have been doing a lot of flash sales on the high end sets too, most recently the Cantina 👍
  8. Brickbashbosh

    Masters on the Universe (wish:)

    Not going to happen unfortunately. Megabloks / Megaconstrux have the rights to this licence. They make a range of sets and don't say it too loud, but the Castle Grayskull is actually quite cool. The figures are absolutely horrid though ðŸĪŠ
  9. Brickbashbosh

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Shazam from DC was a con exclusive for a long time but a figure of him came out last year so there's another example 👍
  10. Brickbashbosh

    Bricker Builds 332nd Clone Trooper Helmet

    That looks awesome! Just about to start the Captain Rex helmet now all my bricklink orders are in. How was the build apart from the annoying backtrack 😉
  11. Brickbashbosh

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    My UCS ISD sits on a shelf that is indeed 45cm wide and the stand fits on it exactly. Obviously the ships hull overhangs the edge of the shelf but its all good
  12. Brickbashbosh

    Imperial Arquitens Class Cruiser

    Fantastic really captures the source material which is impressive at that scale. I love, as do we all the huge high piece count MOCs but they always seem a bit unachievable for someone with a limited supply of bricks / cash. This looks fab for display and or swooshing very impressed ?
  13. Brickbashbosh

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Yes from places like eBay, Bricklink, Facebook, etc. Due to licensing restrictions LEGO themselves are not allowed to sell figures individually but do occasionally release them as promotional items. If you're in Europe they also have a LEGO Star Wars magazine that occasionally includes a Minfigure on the cover.
  14. I know that for some collectors a shiny box is as important to them as the bricks inside. We all collect for different reasons and thats your choice. However you just want to build / have the set on your shelf then the instructions are freely available from LEGO's website there are no unique elements apart from the 40th anniversary sticker and you can source the parts for pretty much the RRP, considerably less if you raid the spare parts bin. Like I said I understand to a degree but I also feel like sometimes we find it easier to bemoan a situation rather than look at the options ?
  15. Shhhhh don't speak with such logic or rational arguments. People may lynch you for being a Vulcan ? Us SW fans have to moan and have conspiracy. Next you'll be saying that ANH was just a rehash of the tried & tested storyline of: Young farm boy meets a wizard and has to rescue the princess from the evil Black Knight in his castle and picks up the usual band of comrades; The Rogue, The muscle & the comedy relief. Shame on you ?