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  1. RedHoodPug

    [MOC] Hogwarts Castle: The Clock Tower

    This is a really good blend of build and vignettes. Great work.
  2. @Whovastron they are going to throw time, effort and money at rejuvenated and new products because they have the most to lose. Established themes essentially just need to continue; a little lazy, but they are known to sell. A lot of inaccuracies can be attributed to concept art that the film companies release to toy companies to get the ball rolling. A printed toy like Lego is a lot harder to change than painted ones. It is a forum for discussion, and I do my best to respect the opinions of others unless I deem it a disrespectful opinion. But if you want to affect change then here is not place to get heard. Every time someone says a figure is trash or garbage or terrible, they are disrespectful of those who really like said figure. It works both ways. There’s not liking a set/figure and then there’s the misplaced vitriol that appears here sometimes. Predominantly it is a product that they want us to buy for our children, but they are very lucky that they have a product that attracts myriad consumers. Children are, as a whole, less likely to complain about accuracy. I don’t agree that it is more acceptable to be expectant than it is grateful. I guess I just don’t bite the hand that feeds. Every set of every theme gets a budget, and that budget is going to be based on the whole company’s projections and existing revenue.
  3. It’s not so much frowning upon as it is suggesting that we should be grateful to get anything at all. I’m not going to purposely leave a gap in my collection just because a figure doesn’t have arm or leg printing, especially if there’s little chance of seeing that character again. We have a right as consumers to complain about the product if we don’t like it, but so many people complain on here rather than to the company responsible. On top of that, Lego had a difficult year in 2016-17, so as reasonable adults we should understand that when companies go through a rough patch sacrifices have to be made. Their own IP is cheaper to work on and produce, so that is going to be the priority (the exception being Star Wars, a property which must have a mystical hold over Lego and it’s fans). Crikey, most of the Comic-Con figures don’t have limb prints, and if they do it’s minimal.
  4. Love the vibrancy in this. It creates a really good atmosphere. Nice work.
  5. GCPD, Iceberg Lounge, Moth Mobile, branching further afield a Toyman robot, Arrow Car, wacky Batsuits that actually came from the comics.
  6. RedHoodPug

    The Lego Batman Movie 2

    This is welcome news. There were loads of villains that never got a look in the first time around, so hopefully this will give them a chance. An expanded DC world would be ideal, but I will sit on that for a while.
  7. It rings true to the plot leak that sprung earlier this year. I know it seems a little too good to be true, maybe it is, but if it’s real then it’s a noice addition to the lineup.
  8. Well a trip to one of our local Tesco stores unveiled the JP, FB, JL, SW and HP double packs, as well as a few singles. Pretty good for our end of the country.
  9. Might well be. My local Toymaster has no Brickheadz at all and they have a really good range of Lego for the size of the town/shop. The nearby Asda only has Hermione, but their toy section looks like it’s been ransacked by an angry mob. Knowing the area it probably has...
  10. @Whovastron my wife can testify that Smyths (at least the Plymouth branch) has the Venkman/Slimer set. That store has a good size Lego section since the demise of TrU, though. Their stock varies from store to store, but I’m not sure of the complexities of their logistics because the HQ is in Ireland. The irony of that particular statement is not lost on me in our current climate.
  11. This looks like it will be epic. The level of external detail is really impressive. Well done
  12. RedHoodPug

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    I find it equally amusing and confusing that people who are actively part of a community that utilises a product for which the possibilities are quite literally endless, are projecting their dislikes of this theme onto children. Children don’t think the same as adults, plus the company is famous for target market testing, so the chances are TLG is happy with what they have put out, otherwise who exactly are they aiming it at? The simple fact that we have an acronym to describe ourselves apart from the target audience tells you a lot about the product, the target market and the company behind it. A lot of children like Lego full stop, regardless of theme. For instance one of my son’s favourite things to do is swap hair, hat or helmet pieces. A vehicle doesn’t have to be badged up as whoever he wants it to be, if he’s happy with the thing then he will use his imagination to pretend whatever he wants.
  13. Blimey, I have hardly ever seen Lego discounted at Thomas Moore. Having said that they have always been spot on helping with the CMF.
  14. Good to see official pictures of the Aquaman set. I know that Batman is the one who gets the build but Aquaman and Orm would be fighting even if Bats wasn’t there. It’s this kind of logic that baffles me when he gets the branding. Shame he didn’t get a specific suit, but it’s a good set overall.
  15. RedHoodPug

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    I really like the blend between the genres, it won’t be to the taste of a lot of AFOLs, but it highlights a key factor in Lego in that there are no boundaries. The space crew names are a nice touch, Duplo Emmett looks trippy, and by the general look of the builds you can see that the designers had a lot of fun. Working on the movie sets must be a blast compared to regular sets because the rules of convention get properly torn up. Love it.