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  1. RedHoodPug

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    I was thinking Gotham, something that lives near Killer Croc or a Professor Strange experiment
  2. I think you’re spot on with this, it’s a smart move by Lego as it is a far-out build that is incredibly tempting to AFOLS and a sure fire hit with the kids. The wave is also a really nice tease for anything that follows.
  3. RedHoodPug

    Toy Story 2019

    I wasn’t sure about moulded head Buzz from before but seeing Woody makes me appreciate what was.
  4. See $3 is not a massive difference, but ten times the price for a polybag? You kind of expect that from a retired and rare polybag that’s still hard to find. @SpiderJazz to a very casual Marvel fan those are all just words
  5. I will never understand why people will buy things like this (and they will) at that kind of price, because as soon as it’s commercially available then early purchase bragging rights mean nothing. Have patience, save money.
  6. So you mean these sets would be better if they were different sets? out of context your changes might work, but these are based on a source so probably look right
  7. RedHoodPug

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Loving the look of this theme, innovative and fun. TLG desperately want to get a successful hold on the AR side of things, and hopefully this will go some way to help that. As much as I really like the idea, I would eventually want physical versions of the ghosts, but other than that it’s an exciting move.
  8. RedHoodPug

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    The way this year is going my son’s Christmas is sorted already. As long as it’s true of course
  9. That’s still theorised. They are all white, they all have the Avengers logo on, and they are worn by members of the team. The ‘watch’ purpose is still only a theory as nothing has been confirmed in order to maintain suspense and intrigue. They wear ‘unique’ versions of the suit because they are designed around and compensate for their existing suits. TLG themselves stated that they had made too many bricks. This was as much a fact as a metaphor, as it covers all elements of the company and their production. This includes licensed theme saturation (Superheroes, Mighty Micros and Superhero Girls), misjudged market expansion (Dimensions), themes consisting of mostly large sets (Minecraft), and minifigure over exuberance (dual moulding and limb printing). It takes a long time to steer away from such overconfidence, and Lego are working hard on this, which means that certain things have to give. In a very short time period fans have gone from having occasional arm printing to loads of arm printing to hardly any, and unfortunately despite being AFOLs some can’t handle this change in a mature and dignified way. If you were to berate the company’s penchant for recycling sets and overusing minifigures, like in the case of Batman I would be more inclined to agree, but you have to remember that we are not the key demographic.
  10. So many pages of moaning. A few things struck me going through the last six pages; the suits are team, not QR suits, whether they appear or not. The fact that everyone is wearing them has more to do with them being team suits and the Russos decision to have them than it is Lego being lazy. If they are given concept art to work on, they’re not going to go rogue to suit the AFOLs. Thirdly, everyone complaining about minifigure quality has missed something that has been happening for a while now. Lego do make high quality figures, but reserve them for the top sets like the D2C. A perfect case in point is Batman from TLM2. In the small set with Metalbeard his suit detail is printed. In the vast Apocalypseburg set his details are dual moulded. I know that limits who can get them, but isn’t that the idea of exclusivity?
  11. RedHoodPug

    The LEGO Movie 2 SPOILER thread

    Yeah it must have had some purpose like that. It would have been a toss up between a gag in Apocalypseburg and him not really being seen until the end, or what they went with.
  12. RedHoodPug

    The LEGO Movie 2 SPOILER thread

    That’s true. Ah well, concept art bonuses!
  13. RedHoodPug

    The LEGO Movie 2 SPOILER thread

    Went with my son today, who aptly called it awesome. The big twist was great fun to explain to him! I’m trying to recall when Apocalypseburg Green Lantern shows up. I must have blinked like most of the best characters/designs seemed to be.
  14. A movie Shazam would be fine by me as it would differ enough from the SDCC version enough not to wind anyone up and fit in with the regular characters. If it leads to Black Adam, I will be a very happy puppy.
  15. That may be so, but by deliberately stating that they genuinely believe that to be a real Lego set, they are discrediting themselves as a reliable source. Word spreads quickly that these people appear to be monumentally thick as opposed to the click baiters they are, and fans will be even less inclined to trust them. Either way it’s a really, really stupid move.