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  1. ARC2149Nova

    Future Star Wars Sets

    This is my ultimate ESB wave, but with a few rules (No remakes of recent sets, i.e. Yoda's Hut, Slave I, Snowspeeder, but including an upcoming set: AT-AT) AT-AT: Sized like the AT-M6, with P-Tower Turret and DF.9 Turret side builds. Also includes E-Web. General Veers, AT-AT Driver, 2x Snowtroopers, Hoth Rebel Trooper (x2). Millennium Falcon: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, C-3PO, Darth Vader, 2x Snowtroopers. (last OT falcon was in 2010 I think) The Cave Test: Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Yoda, Darth Vader (Luke Skywalker head) Rebel Transport: 4x Hoth Rebel Troopers, Toryn Farr, General Rieekan. Has space for up to 16 minifigures ($199.99 price tag). Snowtrooper Battle Pack: Speeder Bike, E-Web. Snowtrooper Commander, 2x Snowtroopers, Hoth Biker Scout. Rebel Patrol: Ice Cutter (2010 Battle Pack Vehicle), Tauntaun, small trench wall. 3x Hoth Rebel Troopers. Duel on Bespin: $20 Duel Set with the catwalk. Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker. Battle of Bespin: $60 set with the dinning room and some of the hallways. Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, Lieutenant Sheckil, 2x Stormtroopers. UCS Nebulon-B Medical Frigate: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, R2-D2, C-3PO, 2-1B. Comes with micro-scale Falcon. And the piece de resistance: UCS Echo Base ($499.99): Fully enclosed space, with control room, medical bay, hangar bay (with Rogue Leader Snowspeeder), outer trench, 2 P-Towers, 1 DF.9. Tauntaun pen, and Wampa enclosure. Luke Skywalker (Rogue Leader), Dak Ralter, Hobbie Klivian, Kesin Ommis, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R-3PO, R5-M2, 2x Echo Base Personnel (Tan Jackets), 4x Hoth Rebel Troopers (White Uniforms), 2x Tauntauns, Wampa.
  2. Why does IG-11 not at least have some color variance? At a glance, he's no different than IG-88. Some brown on the torso, (a la Battle Droid ranks) would've been appreciated. The interior looks okay, aside from the carbon freezing chamber, there's nothing much to it, but I'm okay with that. And am I the only one who sort of likes the stickered carbonite blocks? It reminds me of the old piece for Han Solo, so kinda nostalgic.
  3. Think of a Sandtrooper, but with more chips in the paint scheme and armor itself, and you have yourself a Remnant Stormtrooper. It's pretty much worn armor.
  4. ARC2149Nova

    Future Star Wars Sets

    My Ideal Clone Wars Sets (Seasons 1-3): Cold Assault Troopers: Captain Rex (Snowtrooper Gear), 3x Clone Snowtroopers (501st). Freeco Speeder build. Desert Assault Troopers: SpecOps Clone Trooper, 3x Desert ARF Troopers. Republic E-Web. Citadel Troopers: 3x 212th Troopers (Phase I), 501st Clone Trooper (Charger) Separatist Shuttle: R2-D2, OOM-10, Anakin Skywalker, Tarkin, Echo, Fives. Trident Assault Craft: Asajj Ventress, 2x Battle Droids, 4x Aqua Droids. CIS Landing Pod: CT-327, Commando Droid Captain, 3x Commando Droids V-19 Starfighter: Hawk, Oddball, Clone Mechanic Republic Y-Wing Bomber: Broadside, Matchstick, Clone Gunner, R2-Y9 Separatist Cannon: TX-20, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Waxer, Boil, 2x Battle Droids, Super Battle Droid. Banking Clan Frigate: Cad Bane, Battle Droid Commander, 2x Battle Droids, Ahsoka Tano (Spacesuit), Captain Rex, Denal. Also includes a Dwarf Spider Droid. Attack on the Coronet: The build consists of Assassin Spider Probes and a crate. Mixer, Redeye, Anakin Skywalker. Battle Droid Escape Pod: 2x Battle Droids, Jesse, Hardcase. Also includes BARC Speeder Cut Lawquane's Farm: Captain Rex, Cut Lawquane, Kix, 2x Commando Droids. Separatist Super Tank: 2x Battle Droids, Luminara Unduli, Draa.
  5. I like the Razorcrest. Could've gone for Kuill over Karga, and a Remnant Trooper over the Scout Trooper (not even remotely different from the Action Battle figure, which is nice, but not really accurate), but overall I'm happy. With today being Saturday, and the biggest day of the fair, I hope we see more stuff revealed. We most likely won't know the May UCS until April, at least not officially, and we might see a couple of Clone Wars sets, since Hasbro and other brands are going for Mandalorian and Clone Wars over ROS (rightfully so, I might add), so maybe the AT-RT/BARC and AAT reveal? With a side of AT-AT to celebrate the 40th anniversary of ESB? Only a few hours to go.
  6. I haven't read most of the other comments, but I wanted to add that while the 3 3/4" line is declining, Hasbro's Star Wars merch isn't slowing down. If anything, it's ramping up. As much as I love Lego, Hasbro clearly understands its fanbase. The Vintage Collection is pumping out new Mandalorian merch, the Black Series is cashing in on fan-favorites from the prequels, they've rereleased previous HTF figures (including Boba Fett, who ironically, is still hard to find). Now yes, Action Figures are very different from brick built toys, and Hasbro likes to monopolize the figure aspect of all it's licenses (Marvel being the next big example), but Lego scrambles to keep their fanbase happy, and fails on a near constant basis. What I mean by that is, for every 5 people who like/love a set (3/5 will buy), there are 5 who dislike it (1/5 will buy), 1 who regrettably buys it for completionist reasons, and 1 who complains on the high price for low value/doesn't buy it. Hasbro, on the other hand, pushes out figure after figure, and while they don't always hit with either the figure itself or (more often) distribution (which is Lego's strong suit), but they hit more than they miss, especially now. Hasbro puts up with Disney, as does Lego, but whereas Lego has to keep producing T-70 after T-70, Hasbro has had enough of getting it's megablocks-kicked from 2014-2017, and past couple of years have been spent recovering from their losses and striking back with product people want. But, that's the nature of the action figure business. It's not an apple-to-apple comparison, but Lego is more in trouble with its Star Wars license (which isn't even true) than Hasbro. However, they are the two best avenues for Star Wars toys. And to me, it's like Harry Potter. "Neither can die while the other lives."
  7. I mean... there is Minions.
  8. I don't know if anyone mentioned it, but GO GO POWER RANGERS! Now for the next 6 series, we need Pink, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green & White! I kid, I kid. But only slightly.
  9. ARC2149Nova

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Something that's been rattling around my head for a minute: Lego Star Wars commercials between 2007-2010 were the best things ever to me, and I kind of wish they did commercials like that now. So I came up with some set ideas that could use this idea: NEW FROM LEGO STAR WARS! The Battle of Endor rages on, and the Rebels need your help! You can build the NEW LEGO Star Wars B-Wing Starfighter! You can man the cockpit, load the spring-loaded shooter, open the wings, and blast off against the Imperial Defenders. The fate of the galaxy is at stake, and YOU control the battle! Part of the NEW LEGO Star Wars collection! B-Wing Starfighter ($79.99): Horton Salm, Nien Nunb, Rebel Mechanic, B-Wing Pilot (Human). TIE Interceptor ($69.99): TIE Fighter Pilot, Moff Jerjerrod, Stormtrooper. Imperial Star Destroyer ($169.99): Admiral Piett, Major Hewex, Imperial Crew, 2x Imperial Navy Trooper, 2x Stormtrooper. Y-Wing Starfighter ($59.99): Orange Markings from ROTJ. Ekelarc Yong, R5-P9, Rebel Commando, Admiral Ackbar.
  10. Hmm, maybe a figure loosely base on previous Licensed CMF properties? Like, another plant person? It would cover Sci-Fi, being green, and being a rehash (Plant Pot suit girl from S18, and Fly Trap from S14). And not original, doesn't exactly equate to "unoriginal", as in lazy. It could be like Poison Ivy, but y'know, second-rate.
  11. Imagine if this was like 2 Battle Packs in one! It kind of makes sense, two $15 vehicles together to make a $30 set? Skirts around the unspoken 2 Battle Packs a year rule, and gives fans a good assortment of clones. It could even come with eight figures. And before anyone says it, yes, that's extremely unlikely, but if you buy two $15 sets with 4 figures a piece, that's 8 figures for $30. Surely someone in Lego can figure that out. @Kit Figsto I agree with pretty much everything you just said. My point, however, was that we shouldn't just expect to get less now that the movies are over. Star Wars is unique in that there's a huge well of sets that Lego can choose from. The Sequels, Rogue One, and Solo tied them down (a bit too much), but I'm sure we'll go back to a nice variety, and a mix of quality and quantity.
  12. I mean, some of us (myself particularly) really loved the clone wars designs, even the minifigs, though mostly the Clone Troopers. I've managed to amass several of the plain white phase I guys and a few of the 501st and 212th figures. I also have a decent amount of Rebels Stormtroopers, since they were quite easy to army build. I'm just saying, it wasn't a complete mistake. The animated style (especially phase II of the clones) really worked, and it's so different from the movies' design that they should be acknowledged. (Phase I alone had the T-visor that was way too wide, compared to AOTC). That said, I know some really hated those figures, but the clones were far from the worst part. Considering the last great lag in Star Wars media produced a lot of great toys (2006-2015, not counting the clone wars cartoon), that's really not a sound conclusion to make. We're actually getting less in times of mass media, than we did when there was no media.
  13. It was, and to a tiny extension, TFA (which I did like), but the other films are mediocre at best (Solo, ROS), and base-breaking at worst (The dreaded Last Jedi). Which leads to poor toy sales. Whether you like the new trilogy or not, Disney shot themselves plenty of times in both feet. This is going to be another bullet, unless as some have mentioned, they strive for quality over quantity. But, let's not kid ourselves, this is Disney we're talking about. You make some good points. Hopefully, we'll go back to the golden age of LSW, where they can let go and not pull any punches.
  14. Sorry, lol. I just mean that he wrote the hint in French, which added flair. So to recap: the poster (a Lady btw) said how they hope for a turtle, Itaria said "I could say that I love when a woman's wish comes true", to which I surmised a turtle's confirmation. Sorry for the confusion.
  15. The poster he's replying to mentioned that they really hope, or wish, that we finally get a semi-realistic turtle. It's a roundabout hint, I'll grant you that, but it's a very strong one. It's certainly not a denial, and given the spice of the hint (French), I'd say my analysis is likely.