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  1. ARC2149Nova

    Future Star Wars Sets

    It's been awhile, but I've got some ideas! A Mandalorian Wave (spoilers for Season 2) Also, happened to find two AATs at my local Walmart (well three, but I decided not to be greedy ), and I love my Ahsoka and 332nd minifigs! I would love a Battle Pack of just them and maybe a Night Owl or something. Siege Troopers Battle Pack (Version 5.1, $14.99): Bo-Katan Kryze, 2x 332nd Troopers, ARC Trooper Jesse. (I wanted to put Rex, but I can't do that. ) @Mandalorianknight Holy wow, your Solo wave is just The Duel idea is very clever.
  2. In the vein of @BigGuy4U, I agree it's silly to expect sets for the Clone Wars to be sans clones. I understand not liking the clones (sorta but not really), but you could always sell them off (after all most of us love the clones). Also, we've actually haven't been getting as many clones as we once did.
  3. ARC2149Nova

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Almost every version of Kingpin (sans Netflix) would be a bigfig, so even if we get the classic white suit it'll still be a bigfig. I do think if it's not Kingpin, then Lizard is the next best choice. For a $50 set, I'm really hoping it has a bigger villain. Thinking really hard about it, the set name could be a roundabout hint towards Lizard (the sewers count as a "hidey-hole"), but that's probably more thought than Lego's put into the entire theme. I think there's a silver Armored Spider, who was in the Spider-verse comics event, which is the other side of the coin I mentioned. Like @Guyon2002 said, Silk (real name Cindy Moon) was bitten by the same spider that bit Peter. I think she was hidden away, or something weird like that, before debuting with the Spider-verse event. On that note, I'd really love to see Morlun get a figure (despite how unlikely that would be).
  4. ARC2149Nova

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Well, after the Tumbler, the Bat-Cycle, the Batmobile, the Batwing, maybe TDKR's Bat? Then the Whirly-Bat, or the 1966 Batmobile. Then all three Arkham Batmobiles, the 2 or so Arkham Batwings, the BvS Batmobile and Batwing, I see your point.
  5. ARC2149Nova

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    In his imagination. (Seriously, he's Spider-Man, he doesn't need vehicles) His only real hideout/base is his apartment. (Also for the record, that episode of USM took place in Boston)
  6. ARC2149Nova

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm not huge on the mechs, but they're decent for what they are, I suppose. If we get Classic Cap/Thor, they may be worth a pickup. Ghost Rider's car is interesting, chances are they'll toss in Spider-Man, but the villain is what intrigues me most. Hopefully it's not just a car-based rehash of the 2016 set (with Hobgoblin), and hopefully no symbiotes. Would kill to get a classic Electro, as that would at long last complete the Sinister Six. Spider-Man Hideout hopefully isn't what @Fenghuang0296 thinks it is, and I mean that in the best way possible. I firmly believe that it's actually going to be some sort of villain hideout, (after all, Spidey doesn't have a Bat-Cave, Spiderverse be damned ) which leads me to believe we may see Kingpin and/or Daredevil finally. Throw in another Mysterio, and I think this could be a great set. It's the only one I'm really excited for, provided it's not Spider-Man's hideout. Hopefully none , but I wouldn't mind an Spider-Knight/Armored Spider-Man, or Ashley Barton. Actually, Silk would be the best choice, as she's the only main-universe Spider we haven't gotten yet (including SDCC's Jessica Drew)
  7. ARC2149Nova

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    One set we know of, and it's 4+... I'm not really excited for The Batman sets, was hoping we could rotate another JLA wave in here, but it looks like that'll have to wait. As long as it's not another Bat-Vehicle, I'm down. Don't get me wrong, the 1989 Batmobile is cool, and I'm assuming the Batwing will be great too, just hoping for something a little less... Batty.
  8. ARC2149Nova

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Yes there should, at least to me. I always like a collection of scene-specific figures. I'd prefer BoShek, Elis Helrot, Zutton, and Feltipern, and I do think they should be specific characters, not just representatives. Not really sure how they could pull it off, but another battle pack like the Tatooine one could work. I also personally think the Kenner figures shouldn't have any bearing on the Lego design, just like they don't with Hasbro's modern figures.
  9. Just double-checked, 75298 is the microfighter 2-pack. And even if it was a battle pack, $18? Geez!
  10. "If what you say is true, then you will have gained my trust." Honestly, that sounds like a great idea. The figure selection still worries me, but a decent TIE and X-Wing for such reasonable prices will make up for the seemingly lackluster wave. Imperial Shuttle will only interest me if they include Biker Scouts or Rebel Commandos. The TIE Fighter sounds like it'll look close to the Rebels design (with an over-sized cockpit and stubby wings), so it'll be interesting to see how they pull it off. I for one hope the nose on the X-Wing has the "slip-on" detail (the nose cover looks sorta like a shoe), so if they get that right at least, I think I'm on board. Holding my breath, of course, but I'm a bit more hopeful.
  11. ARC2149Nova

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    Hopefully this can kickstart the thread: Figures I really want to see: Comics Vixen Captain Atom Red Tornado Comics Mera Cassandra Cain Booster Gold Wally West (New Earth Kid Flash or Rebirth Flash) Parasite Black Adam Also, I feel we need to see more Superman sets. Next to Batman, he's the most popular DC hero, followed by Flash and Wonder Woman, and all three of them need more sets. Something with Superman fighting Metallo, Toyman, or even Silver Banshee would be really cool, plus I'm shocked we haven't seen more supporting characters, a la Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Wonder Woman could use the same thing, maybe a re-imagining of the Ares battle set with Giganta instead of Ares, comics Steve Trevor and a Wonder Woman figure (maybe a new version of the 2012 figure), maybe add Circe for good measure. The Flash is really surprising considering his sudden popularity rush, especially since, unlike Green Arrow, he's got a decent list of memorable villains. Weather Wizard, Heatwave, and the Pied Piper could all be used to great effect, heck, through in a Bat-variant (foil suit, etc), and make bank. But what I'd really like to see is a non-Batman related D2C. Hall of Justice is the easiest choice, but a Watchtower satellite or Legion of Doom HQ would be welcome as well. Maybe Belle Reve as a counterpart to Arkham, that way we can get even more unique villains. So many possibilities, if only they'd have the Will to experiment...
  12. With the exception of the potential Mandalorian set, this year is setting up to be the worst LSW year to date. Do we know for sure if the X-Wing, TIE, and Lambda are going to be regular set "scale-downs" or are they likely to be bigger 4+ models? ("5+"?) If these are just scaled back a bit, then there's hope, but even still, the rumored figure selections for the TIE and X-Wing seem very bare minimum to me. Maybe pictures will sway my mind...
  13. Are you counting the RO helmet design/s? Because the Rebel Fleet helmet, the A-Wing Helmet (from Battlefront), and the Endor cap have been around for years. Edit: You must mean the pilot helmet. Sorry.
  14. Not gonna bother reading through all the excitement/complaints, but I just want to say a few things. I love it! It's much larger than I expected, and I think it'll be a better value than Cloud City (based on mass alone) I spot a Givin! And of course Momaw Nadon and a Devaronian. Imperial Spy was not an inclusion I expected, however, I'm glad to get him finally. Now to get hundreds of Sandtroopers to zipline in from out of nowhere! Glad we get the Dewback mold again, as I have a strong distaste for brick-built creatures, but sad to see no Ronto I'm glad this is solely the cantina, with some side elements/buildings, instead of an attempt to make the cantina + docking bay. It feels fuller this way, and I believe will make for an amazing set. And the biggest one: MBS is not dead! Thank the maker! Hopefully this means more MBS-style sets to come, even if it's one every two years (Cloud City was in 2018). Well, correction, no Givin , but that triple-vertical-engine landspeeder that I've been predicting since Day 1! I love this set. I have no space for this set. But I need this set.