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  1. Yup, this set also includes Parker Spider-Man and Venom.
  2. Spider-Man Noir comes in 76150 - the set with Spiderjet and Venom mech. Iron Man is not "slightly inspired" by the Avengers Game suit - it is fully based on the design from the game.
  3. Okay, Spider-Man Noir looks amazing. They couldn't do him better. It's just perfect. Hawkeye is cool, I didn't expect anything more. I don't think he's actually based on the Avengers Game (although I could be wrong, we haven't seen his design). I've got this idea. What if, we're just gonna get The Big Three based on new Avengers Game, and the rest minifigures will be comic based? 76140 - Iron Man. 76142 - Thor. 76143 - Captain America. All the other minifigures and the builds wouldn't be based on the Avengers Game, but we still would get the main characters.
  4. Oh my! It's actually based on the new Avengers Game! The question is, are all the other minifigures also based on that game? If so, the whole wave just became a must buy to me. The minifigure itself looks incredible! Definitely one of my favourite Iron Man minifigures of all time. Only little detail I do not like are those two lines on his mask, which make his mouth "puffed".

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Legacy Jay just leaked. It's a remake of the Season 4 (Tournament of Elements) suit - the one with exposed arms and no mask. Regular new Jay face and hair, blue bandana; the suit is normal blue, and it has this new "sharp" and survival look. Really cool.
  6. James Gordon's hair from TLBM sets. It was also used in the Jurassic World Lockwood Mansion set.
  7. "All those wasted slots!" What do you mean? $10 set with 150 pieces wouldn't have 2 minfigs. $20 sets have 3 minifigs, so the one Spidey set has a wasted spot. $30 set with 3 minifigs is another wasted spot. $40 sets have 4 minfigures. $60 set with 4 minifigs and a bigfig sounds all right. 4+ sets have their own rules. That's like 2 wasted spots, but notice that all the sets have amazing ppp ratio.
  8. So I guess the AIM soldier head leaked like a month ago. Not a helmet, kind of disappointing. I like the printing, but a molded helmet would be muuch better.
  9. Thor isn't ginger. It's Obi-Wan's head.
  10. I hope Iron Man looks nice. The Avengers sets sound cool, although I'm not really interested in buying comic Avengers sets. I hope we get a proper Cap with leg printing, Thor has some big potential here. Finally AIM soldiers tho. Price ler piece is amazing, I hope the builds look cool. That wave doesn't disappoint me from what it sounds like... ...but the Spidey wave does. First of all, I hope we get a new suit for the sets and an exclusive suit for the mech. 76147 - it's a 4+ set so I don't expect a lot from the build. Another Vulture? We just got one last wave. That's bad, as we can't expect good wings. 76148 - good ppp ratio, it includes a bike, I hope it looks better than the last one. Actually, another Doc Ock is not that bad, since the last one's arms were awful. Still, I would have preferred a new villain. 76149 - 4+ set, sounds like a playset, I hope it's decent. We didn't get a comic book Mysterio so that's something new. 76150 - that's... that's bad. No one needs a Spider Jet, as well as a new Venom mech. We just got a perfect giant Venom last year! Another Venom minifigure (it could be someone like bigfig Venom or Agent Venom, but knowing Lego, it will be just regular Venom), if it's just Venom, is yet another disappointment. I really hope the 3rd figure is someone we never got. I really hope the sets are better than they sound, but right now, I'm EXTREMELY disappointed. Would you consider Black Cat a villain? I'm dying to get her as a minifig.
  11. That's disappointing, but I hope it's either Black Cat or Daredevil.
  12. The info is concrete... yet it's disappointing - Spider-Man villains this wave are Vulture, Doc Ock, Mysterio, Venom and unknown minifigure (could be a hero. Avengers include Cap, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Panther and 3 AIM soldiers.
  13. Yup, It's confirmed this lighstaber is not the one Ani uses in the set.
  14. I noticed the torso looks a little tattered, nice details. I really hope that Obi-Wan uses the new hair...

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    There are no minifigures listed there, but all the parts are listed, so you can check that using minifigure's parts.