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    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Chamber of Secrets for $15? Nah. Also, remember the Marvel Brickipedia leaks at the end of 2018? Daredevil set, X-Men Mansion set and the others? I can go to Brickipedia right now and edit 75945 as X-Wing Starfighter.
  2. According to Ninja Whip, Far From Home sets come out April 22nd in the US.
  3. If we get normal variants for all the characters, it could still be a great wave. But if we don't...
  4. Isn't the only option to get it early to steal it?
  5. He is a Lego leaker, not a movie leaker. These are not official names. The article is about elementals, but the 1st paragraph with bold names is about elementals in the comics, not in the movie.
  6. No one has ever confirmed official names for the four elementals. There is a lava elemental - Molten Man or Hellfire, water elemental - Hydro-Man or Hydron, sand/earth elemental - Sandman or Magnum, and wind elemental - Cyclone? or Zephyr. Set names indicate that they are classic Spider-Man villains, so do 3 easter eggs in the trailer (registration plates point out at HM, MM and SM). Back to the sets, I'm really excited about Hydro-Man build and Mysterio, I also really want them to do the Balck and Red suit Justice.
  7. There are only 2 options that I think could work: 1. Fishbowl (from Spongebob's Sandy) 2. Mr. Freeze's helmet (from TLBM)
  8. Captain America, Iron Man, Ant-Man and Black Widow are real. They were all leaked and watermarked by the most reliable leaker. The only one we don't if it's real or not is Thor. Also, it doesn't look like Ant-Man has a unique head, but the picture is not HD so I could be wrong. It looks like the one from A&W set tho.
  9. The release date is April.
  10. A4 sets one month later, FFH sets one month earlier. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
  11. Remember that this year they are much better with keeping A4 leaks under control. FFH sets are coming one month eariler, but I think that they won't reveal the sets at NYTF.
  12. Remember that 76124 was codenamed "War Machine Vehicle".
  13. Quantum Realm Thor has also leaked.
  14. Great info! It's fantastic that they are releasing on May 1st. These sets have much potential, I hope they will be great
  15. They didn't change it because the ONLY different things were two red stripes close to the star. The IW suit got no red stripes, a black star, light brown changed to dark brown and so on.