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  1. My Name is Ryan Taggart. I design my modulars using LDD, and source bricks through Bricklink & Brickowl. This is my third completed MOC Modular. The Crane is a redesign of the 2006 set 7905-1 (the tower, controls, and rear end are new - the boom is like the set [hard to improve on] ) It also features a home for the 'portaloo' from Service truck 60073-1 The custom printed elements were done by FAB Bricks UK. For details and for the design and thought process visit me @ MOC Pages. http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/424271 NOW LIVE ON LEGO IDEAS UPDATE - 18th Feb 2016 24 DAYS IN 5000+ SUPPORTERS! THANK YOU EVERYONE I've added more images: hope you like it.
  2. Adventurers Resupply Depot This main part of this model was inspired by set 60068, Crooks Hideout (City - Swamp Police) along with the crane from set 7596, Trash Compacter (Toy Story 3). Here is the front of the building with it's sliding door, cattle skull and downspout. The removable section (and the crane on top of it) attaches to the building via some Technic pins located near the middle of the picture. The crane itself has a ladder so that a mini-figure can get to the crane control room.Here is the front of the building with it's sliding door, cattle skull and downspout. The removable section attaches to the building via the Technic pins located near the bottom of the picture. The rear and right side of the model features rock-work designed to imply the the dock is hooked into an island. I took the chair out of the crane so you can see the controls. The upper floor is actually more like a half floor with a large balcony over looking the warehouse below. This section of the building houses the radio that lets the Adventurers communicate over vast distances. Also up their is a safe full of important paperwork and ammo for the weapons armory located downstairs. On the lower floor we find the weapons armory and space for boxes, steamer trunks, crates, chests and the occasional barrel, all full of needed supplies and re-found treasures going to and fro across the globe. Steam tramp freighter EASTERN This steam ship has been everywhere, from the Dino Island fiasco, to the shores of the Far East, to the mouth of Amazon River. The Eastern is run by Captain Karloff and his first officer / mechanic, Mac McCloud, with help from their four-legged mascot Madame Blue. I have redone the front end of my tramp steamer to be longer and have a sharper profile, plus it now has a inverted-slope windscreen. The ship's roof and upper deck are removable as always, and I have added an anchor to the front of the ship. The vessel's name, the EASTERN,is printed on 1 x 1 tiles on the side of the bow near the anchor. The rear of the ship features the company flag and the smokestack. Here you can see inside the ship's bridge (upper deck) and captain's quarters. (lower level) Steam tugboat GULF STREAM The ship is mostly used for ferrying supplies to and from the Island Hopper seaplane and by helping the tramp steam-ship Eastern into it's dock, but is capable of trips to the mainland in an emergency. I was inspired by my tramp steamer "Eastern" to make a tugboat to help tow the freighter into port. This rather small coastal vessel features a removable roof to get to the controls, and red / green directional lights. The rear of the ship features the smoke stack for the coal powered engine. The inside of the cabin features, a smoke stack, a smaller steering wheel and fine-tuned motor controls. Seaplane ISLAND HOPPER This model was originally set 31064, (Seaplane Adventures), a 2017 official Lego set from the CREATOR line, with some of the ideas from set 5935 (Island Hopper) from the 2000 ADVENTURERS line thrown in for good measure. I also added an updated figure of the pilot (Ms. Pippin Reed) plus a printed map tile. This twin-engine model is a seaplane, which means it can only land on water. No wheels would make for a very rough landing on dry ground! The model has two opening hatches (one for the pilot and one for loading cargo) and removable roof section for access to the cargo compartment. I got the printed 2 x 4 tiles on the rear of the plane from the 2010 Toy Story 3 line set "Western Train Chase". Auto-Gyro LIGHTNING ROD In reality, this model was modified from set 70913 (Scarecrow Fearful Face-off) from the LEGO Batman Movie line. I added the classic two seat Adventurers cockpit piece which is usually used on land vehicles, plus a new set of vintage 2003 landing skids. This model also comes with red and green navigation lights and two independent propeller blades. The good guys: The team from left to right: -Johnny Thunder Australian adventurer extraordinaire and friend to all those in need. Thunder first met Sam Sinister in 1917 when Sinister was in a field hospital for his hand amputation and Johnny was recovering from slight case of shell shock. They have been against each other ever since then. -Jake Raines This young lad is a American student of Dr. Chalres Kilroy's and expert at 5 spoken languages and 3 more written. Also has a knack for defeating ancient booby traps and disarming modern explosives. Although he looks quite happy, Jake is quite a different person in private: he blames himself for Kilroy's end, as he was with Dr. Kilroy when he died. He was showing his star pupil a mysterious scroll that can separate a mind from it's body when he passed. Jake is convinced that Kilroy succeeded in doing so, and thus his body "died" but his mind may have lived on. -Major Quentin Steele Former British Army officer (and Sinister's former commander, whom Sinister still hates today) This Monster Fighter lost his eye in 1912 due to a fight with a certain Werewolf, whom he later tracked down and defeated. He has signed on to Johnny Thunder's team to fill in for the deceased Dr. Charles Kilroy after his unfortunate accident. -Miss Pippin Reed This former lead reporter for Adventurer Times was reporting on a Dr. Kilroy's 1920 discovery of a copy of the Book of the Dead when she met Johnny Thunder at a dig site near Cairo, Egypt. They have all been good friends ever since. Also, Ms. Reed happens to be an better aviator than Johnny, a fact which she takes great pride in. She also operates the Island Hopper seaplane on most expeditions. -Captain Karloff Owner and operator of the "Eastern" tramp steam ship, this captain has an eye for spotting the historical value in something that looks worthless. He always has a bag of cool items he's collected on beaches, sea-side markets, and ports around the globe on his person or nearby on his ship. -Mac McCloud -Mac may be slightly clumsy, but is a genius when it comes to things of a mechanical nature. He keeps things working for the Adventurers team, such as lowering the steam pressure in the old and worn boilers on the tramp steamer "Eastern" and knocking loose engine parts back into place on the sea plane "Island Hopper". -Madame Blue This dog is the unofficial mascot for the Adventurers team. The forces of evil Characters from right to left: - Lord Sam Sinister Brother of Alexis Sinister, and Lord of Sinister Manor. Sam lost his left hand in World War I while in the British Army. He later replaced it with a polished steel hook which is as cold as his heart. - Alexis Sinister The sister of Lord Sam Sinister is completely evil and slightly unhinged while being crack shot with any weapon. She hates Johnny Thunder to an extreme extent after he refused to join Sinister in his diabolical schemes. Last seen on Dino Island escaping to places unknown while the island was sinking. - Senor Palomar This South American crime lord is an associate of the Sinister family. He helped Sinister try and get the Sun Disk from the Amazon jungle, before losing it to Achoo, the ancient guardian of the disk. After that adventure, Palomar has fallen out of favor with Lord Sam Sinister, but he hopes to be in his good graces again soon. -Mister Graves A mysterious man of whom little is known. He sometimes is a ally of Lord Sinister and company, although are also enemies at times too. He is always seen with a gold lapel pin in the shape of a badge and a little black book of which he is almost constantly writing in. What is he writing? None have dared ask. The national military of the Country of OGEL These smiling faces hide a sad fact: these are the brainwashed soldiers of the very powerful leader of the evil land of Ogel: High Lord Vladimir Ogel. He runs the country with an iron will, and his fearsome armed forces move in frighteningly fast ways for the 1920's. Even their commander (by himself on the right) knows nothing of what he is doing: he is just a cog in a ever quickening machine, hell bent on heading the world to Doomsday. EDIT 11/6/16: The revised Island Hopper seaplane's real life pictures have been added to the first post! Comments, Questions & Complaints are always welcome!
  3. Hi, it's been a long time since I posted a model. So here I am with another crane. I know that many people build them, but I really like this subject and I think I'm improving with every model. To begin with, I'm sorry for the quality of the photos - the weather has been bad for about a week and it doesn't seem to change. The axle setup and the outriggers are the same as in 8421. I used these stabilizers, because they don't require much space and work better then the ones I've previously used. Here is the list of functions, also visible on the renders below: -XL Motor geared 1:2.33 for drive. The third axle is driven with a differential and no suspension, so the off-road capabilities are minimal, but it drives well on flat surface -Servo for 6 wheel steering with correct angles -M Motor geared 1:40 for outriggers. They hold the model very well. When the batteries are full, they can lock themselves without any help -M Motor geared 1:168 using 56t turntable. It is equipped with four rollers made of wedge belt wheels, which is a big improvement over my previous cranes. It has no problems rotating with some load -L Motor geared 1:8.33 driving a single linear actuator for luffing. I didn't think it would be enough, but it does its job fine. The bad thing with using a ready-made actuator is the boom angle. It is only about 67 degrees, so it limits the amount of load the crane can lift -L Motor geared 1:24 + 1:2 with pulleys for winch. It is an overkill for this model, but I didn't have any more M Motors and the L has got a lot of attachment points. It could easily lift over 1 kg, but the crane itself limits it -M Motor for extending the boom. The motor is inclined to fit in the boom. It drives the rack via a u-joint and a worm gear. The boom has three sections and is based on the Grove GMK6400's excellent one I only have three IR Receivers, so luffing is controlled through a PF Switch located in the rear of the superstructure, but I forgot to include it on the renders. It is very easy to access and you don't have to hold the remote. I decided to put the battery box in the carrier for aesthetic reasons. I have just bought the rechargeable box, but it was not planned to be in this model. The box is a structural part of the build, but can also be removed by pulling out the connectors with chains. The model is lit up using 8 LifeLites LEDs with their battery just below the PF BB. All of them are in the cab and they give a nice effect. Lack of BB in the superstructure results in a big problem with counterweight. My previous crane had 0.75 kg of counterweight and this has none. It limits the lift capacity by a lot. The crane can lift 800 g on the front with retracted boom, 500 with boom retracted and superstructure slewed by 90 degrees and only about 100 g slewed and fully extended without swaying. The winch has no problems with over 1 kg, but with the values bigger than above the crane just leans over or puts a big stress on the turntable. You could probably lift more before tipping over entirely, but that's not what it's all about. The model has some manual functions. All doors open and the operator's cab can be lifted by hand. It uses a simple scissor lift and a manual lock to extend and tilt at the same time. Also there's a compartment in the rear behing some small rotor blades, which includes a fire extinguisher held by a pin. I had some space left, so I decided to put it there. The crane is equipped with many details, which for me really make the build. I have included all the lights, chains, beacons, exhausts, seats with armrests and headrests or an additional winch on the boom, which only sits on a friction axle pin, but adds to the looks when the crane sits on the shelf. Anyway, here is the gallery with some more pics. I can take more photos if you want. All of the functions work well and reasonably fast. The only slow one is the winch, but it would be harder to gear it up without an impact on the looks. I'm happy with the model and hope you'll like it too. Here is the video: I also have a link-only (don't want it on my main channel) video with some WIP photos. The build is just filled with wires. Apart from the stuff listed above it also has four extension wires. I went with the classic yellow color. For many people it's boring, but it is actually my first yellow Technic MOC. My two previous cranes were white and red because of the lack of parts. It matches the Mercedes star very well I'm happy with this MOC. I also fell in love with the 11 x 5 sloped panels :) Only things to change would be to move the superstructure backwards by a couple of studs and add pendular suspension on the driven axle. I will probably show another MOC this month. Thank you for reading!
  4. Here is my latest creation!! The tracked crane! I recently bought a bucket and 2 l motors so I thought I would build a crane, logically . The crane goes up and down with a LA, and the bucket moves on a LA both connected to separate m motors. The drive is through direct driven l motors on tracks. This is in no way final, and I would like to make instructions for the final model. What do you think? better pics soon.
  5. Hi to everybody! I'm here to present my new Moc. I started building this crane truck about 6 months ago with the main idea of solving the problems related to a failed attempt of a crane for my previous truck. IMG_1608 by Lucio Switch, su Flickr Starting from the cab...despite the undeniable resemblance to the cab of the dump truck (with a bit of the tractor truck), it has slightly different dimensions, and the add of some new details/functions, forced me to revise it completely. In fact, in addition to the "standard" opening doors, this time, as on real trucks, the cab is suspended, while maintaining the tilting function and the working steering wheel and the front grid is openable. Moreover the seats are pneumatically suspended via 2 (1+1) 1x5 pneumatic cylinders. The chassis has the tractions on the 2 last axles, they are driven by 4 XL Motors and uses 2 Servo Motors to steering the first two axles (with different turning radius). The first two axles use independent suspensions. In this case I was inspired by the Mod of the chassis of my Tractor Truck done by Efferman ... that has a perfect shape for a fake v8. On the back there are 2 live axles (with a total of 24 hard shock absorbers). Between the first two axles there are two small pneumatic pumps moved by two L Motors. In addition to that, on the chassis are present 2 Li-Po Battery, 5 Leds for lights and 2 SBricks. Behind the cabin there is the base of the crane, it contains the front stabilizers, extendable via a M motor (connected to one SBrick), 6 pneumatic valves, moved by an M motor each, 4 IR receivers to control the 6 valves motors plus 2 other M motors, one to rotate the crane and one for the winch. The 4 receivers take power from a port of an SBrick. Finally the crane ... well, the classic design of this type of crane with the upper arm offset (as on 8258 for instance) built on this scale, gave me big problems twisting the whole structure ... and a lot of headaches. One day I came across by chance in a truck with a Cormach crane, it presented a unique design that would solve the twist problem. So inspiring to this design, I have developed my crane, which consists of a telescopic upper arm (extension via 2x 1x11 pneumatic cylinders) supported by two side arms moved by 2+1 2x11 pneumatic cylinder each. It isn't able to lift heavy loads, but it works and, considering the masses involved, I'm fine with that. Now some numbers: Length: 86,4cm 108studs Width: 24,8cm 31studs, 28cm 35studs with mirrors Height: 39,2cm 49studs Weight: 8.6 kg Total number of parts: 8000 PF elements: M motor: 9 L Motor: 2 XL Motor: 4 Servo Motor: 2 PF LED: 5 Lipo Battery: 2 ..and a couple of wire extensions Pneumatic Elements: Small pumps: 2 1x5 Cylinder: 2 Medium Cylinder old: 4 Medium Cylinder new: 2 1x11 Cylinder: 2 2x11 Cylinder: 6 Valve: 6 ..and several meters of pipes. For more pictures check my Flickr Album: Crane Truck Flickr Album And this is the video: To conclude, I would say that, in some way it was a new and interesting experience for me. Due to circumstances beyond our control, I was forced to transfer my Lego room in the basement, comfortable although perhaps a bit rustic but not directly connected with my apartment. This, coupled with the fact that my free time has been drastically reduced, has led me to review my usual workflow. So this is my first model built before digitally and then physically. This way allowed me to use better my free time and to select and pick up only the needed parts to build, reducing drastically the mess in the living room. Also part of the work for the BI is already done, I'll done them for sure, but I don't have idea when they will be ready. I'm afraid that it will be a huge job! I hope you like it!
  6. Hi guys, Have a mod'd 42042 (Catweasal MOC) and then added more boom, larger tracks + extra counterweight. Decided to add a few more sheaves to assist the motor boom up with a load on the hook but am having trouble getting the sheaves to distribute the weight evenly across all 12 / 14 sheaves etc. I've made sure all the sheaves have free play in them and are not binding up..... also made sure to reduce the angle of the rope from the motor to the first sheave to 0 degrees so that there is no side pull on the sheaves. I was thinking maybe I need to grease the shaft and side of sheaves to reduce the friction further but now that I think of it, could it possibly be due to flex in the shaft / frame at both ends that loads up the sheaves unevenly? On the other hand when I had the sheave designed 4 wide but 2 rows on both sides (so 8 sheaves wide in theory), I still had the problem with the last few sheaves / ropes having no tension on them... Any ideas????
  7. Hi guys, I hope you won't mind a Technic guy playing with Trains a little. I have created something very ugly, but at the same time quite playable: More info & pics:
  8. My entry for the crane contest will be a Kenworth K100 with X outriggers in 16studs width scale. I doesnt want make a scale model of an existing crane so you and me will be maybe surprised. 100_1584 by Michael Wirth, auf Flickr
  9. Hello, as the new V2 pneumatics has been released I thought would have been nice to use them to create something amazing! I've been making swing arm cranes for more than 15 years and I love pneumatics aswell! So why not! - Scale of the cranes fits the 42043 Arocs, - Special sections designed for these cranes allow to have 4 extensions of the main boom in a 5X5 size boom!!! - They are WIP so although I've built them they need lots of tests to make sure work fine before make instructions! - they refer to real cranes, but obviously there are few compromises here and there! - Routing the hoses it's hard, but will get there don't worry! - There is a third and a fourth crane coming aswell so I'll update this topic time to time! - They will all be full RC cranes! - I'm designing a 8X8 MAN truck to suite the cranes, plus a subframe between cranes and truck as the real ones! (Huge subframes) Pics of the built ones will come soon, at the moment I don-t have all the parts on the right color so they look like a rainbow :tongue: (ordered parts so soon to complete them! There are both pics of the real crane and my LEGO version so you can compare them! Real FASSI F1950: Here my LEGO version: Real Cormach 135000: My LEGO version: The other one I'm working on it's a EFFER 2750: This will come shortly after! Enjoy, TheItalianBrick!
  10. I was always inspired by the multi-functionality of backhoe's, and I always imagined ways to improve upon it and now I finally did. In this MOC I challenged myself to make the most multi-functional vehicle I could, using all the motors and sbricks I had, naturally I ended up buying more motors XD The final build includes 17 LEGO power functions motors (5XL motors, 6L motors and 6M motors), 4 LEGO power functions lights and 1 DIY LEGO laser! It's powered by 4 LEGO PF battery boxes, controlled by 5 SBricks and operated by a 20 channel SBrick profile. The drill/laser arm is operated by 5 channels 1 channel for rotating the arm (PF XL motor) 1 channel for tilting the arm out (PF L motor) 1 channel for extending the forearm (PF M motor) 1 channel for spinning the drill head (PF M motor) 1 channel for activating the DIY LEGO laser (TOPIC HERE) The excavator arm is operated by 4 channels 1 channel for rotating the arm (PF XL motor) 1 channel for tilting the arm out (PF L motor) 1 channel for extending the forearm (PF M motor) 1 channel for moving the bucket (PF M motor) the bulldozer scoop is operated by 2 chanels 1 channel for raising and lowering the scoop (PF M motor) 1 channel for tilting the scoop (PF M motor) The crane is operated by 3 channels 1 channel for rotating (PF M motor) 1 channel for extending the crane (PF L motor) 1 channel for operating the winch (PF L motor) The plow/ trailer hook is operated by 1 channel 1 channel for lowering and raising the plow (PF M motor) The drivetrain is operated by 3 channels 2 channel for driving forwards and backwards (2x PF XL motor) 1 channel for steering (PF XL motor) The lighting is operated by 2 channels 1 channel for headlights 1 channel for rearlights Weight: 4.6KG Length: 62cm With: 32cm Height: 31cm building time: 4 weeks A special thanks goes out to my friend Bas for helping me edit and my amazing girlfriend for her everlasting support.
  11. Hello everyone I build a Towercrane powered by SBrick It's have 3 motors: 2 "L" and 1 "M" - 1 "L" for the rotation of the crane: - 1 "L" for the shuttle: - 1 "M" for the hook A vidéo come soon
  12. I'd like to present the Tower Crane - PF: 3x L-Motor, 2x IR, LiPo - Trolley movement - Hoisting - Turning. The goal of this creation was to make a playable machine with optimal movements speed. The body is made of sections, it may be higher and longer.
  13. Hi there, some of you might like my recent project: By the 42043, Arocs seemed to be a MUST in Lego Technic. Since i criticize a lot of things in the buyable 42043 (too high; stabilizers at the wrong place and not fully motorized...), I decided to build a Thing I consider to be... maybe not better, but different. There are no pneumatics involved; everything is done by machanics and linear actuators. The Arocs-front is differently styled than the 42043. Motorized functions in "driving mode": - Steering (M motor #1); the steering whel in the cabin moves when the truck is steered - Driving (XL motor); the two beacons on the cabin and the beacon on the rear bumper are turning when driving; there is a front PTO for further attachments) - Lifting of rear axle (M Motor #2) (it steers while being dropped; it's locked while being lifted) Motorized functions in "crane mode": - turning of crane (M motor #1) - Elevation of crane boom (XL motor) - Bending of crane boom (M Motor #2) Motorized functions in both modes: - front lights - Stabilizers (at first, they are pushed out; after that, they are lowered (controlled by rubber bands) (M motor #3); the stabilizers' drive is connected to control three driving rings (red) in the center of the truck that change between "driving mode" and "crane mode" (I adopted Pipasseyoyo's principle from his "Recovery truck with crane") - extending crane is possible in both modes, but makes sense in "crane mode", exclusively (M motor #4) Manually controlled functions: - tilting of cabin (easy accessible battery box) - tilting of cargo bay (left or right) - cargo bay's sides can be opened (both left and right) - cabin doors can be opened - seat at the crane boom can be detached It took me 490 hours within 14 month to build it. The stabilizers were the first thing to be built; the other stuff was quite a long process with a lot of re-starts and improvements, espacially the crane, which has quite a bunch of precursors. To avoid malfunctions caused by mal-operations, every function is secured by white 24t gear which will slip in case of too high torque (or another construction with the same effect in case of boom extension), except for driving function. Now I'm very glad with it. After taking the photos, I re-designed the seat and the fake control elements at the crane boom, but I didn't take new photos for this marginal note. Brickshelf link: I appreciate your comments!
  14. Hi to all,i want to show some Moc i've copy on the web, everybody know from where,so i hope you enjoy . For the Faq section: -i know they need maintenance... -some of that don't like curve rail -all of that have motor(s) only the vagon is not motorized
  15. This RTG crane was built to give me a second intermodal option, one not tied to a specific location. In this case, I have it with the current rail yard setup, but it can be used anywhere. As seen in the rail yard pictures, it can load double stack containers, yet is still wide enough for two 6 wide trucks to pass underneath. It's based on the Kalmar RTG crane, but scaled to fit LEGO landscapes better. More information is available here:
  16. Improved 42042 Crawler Crane. Banana Man for scale. It's hard for me to overstate how much I love the Technic Crawler Crane 42042. I've been constantly tinkering with it and making improvements since I got it about 6 months ago. My method is basically to lift heavier and heavier stuff until it falls over or something breaks. Then I rebuild. This is how it got to where you see it today. I don't really care about the tracks or the slewing. I want to lift heavier stuff, higher! So far my mod/improvement list reads like this: Upgraded the block & tackle harness for better mechanical advantage Added a quick-adjust system for efficient rigging changes to the harness, main hoist, and hook Beefed up gantry or A-frame: wider, taller, and much stronger Improved existing back hitch and added a second back hitch Counterweight box Strong, longer boom Paid almost (!)$20 for stupid Technic metal hook Integrated claw storage on gantry XL Motor upgrade Boom foot return damper thing Replaced LEGO string with synthetic cable (from Chin-a) Here it is in action. Read on for a more thorough description and photos of each mod/improvement. Click through on the photos to view them at larger sizes. Block & Tackle The first thing I did was add blocks to the block & tackle system allowing me to really turn up the mechanical advantage the motor has over the load when raising and lowering the boom. This of course comes at the cost of speed, but I'm OK with that. The nice thing about this is I don't have to actually use all the blocks. Quick Adjust Rigging on Harness and Main Hoist You can see my bright red and yellow-handled quick adjust axles with the red and yellow grips on the side of the harness assembly. This makes it easy to slip the rigging in and out of the blocks to fine tune my power/speed balance for the specific load. I also have these at the end of the boom and on the pulley so I can adjust the speed/power tradeoff on the hoist line. I added this quick disconnect system after I'd re-strung the rigging for the hundredth time. I can re-thread the rigging on both the harness and the main hoist line to go from "high gear" with max lift speed to "low gear" for max power in just a minute or two. (I had originally made these with axles that have stoppers on the end, but ended up using regular axles, because I have a ton of them.) A couple of timelapse (YouTube) videos of the quick change. Stronger & Wider Gantry The gantry in the stock model is really weak. It is wholly comprised of 4 Technic lift arms held in place with 6 friction pins. As I added heavier loads this system was quickly outgrown. I was bending lift arms and even popping the entire assembly off the superstructure. So I rebuilt. The new gantry is wider, allowing for more blocks in the harness. It is many times over more rigid and is taller, allowing the harness mount to be further back over the body, which in turn allows the main boom to be drawn up higher to a much steeper final angle. This piece took a long time and has been through the most revisions over the months. I did a lot of research by looking at other LEGO models, other and peoples crane MOCs. Both arms of this gantry are heavily inspired by the gantry on LEGO Crawler Crane 8288 (, which I would love to own a copy of someday (not today). Improved Back Hitch The back hitch (the two black lift arms supporting the gantry) also quickly became insufficient. The anchor it was tied into was bending and getting stress cracks, so I created a stronger attachment system for it elsewhere. I also added a second back hitch that ties directly into the improved counterweight... Counterweight Box One of the challenges with cranes is counterweight. As the amount of load it can lift and move improves, their is a corresponding increase in risk of tipping. The original model cleverly uses the battery box mounted all the way at the back edge of the body. It's literally the furthest element from the tip of the boom. I added a weight box behind it that is open and easily filled with ballast of my choosing. C Batteries work extremely well because of their density and modularity. It has an open design so it's easy to adjust the weight on the fly as needed depending on the load and the angle of the boom. After building it, I added a the second back hitch directly attached to the gantry to remove stress from the body connection of the weight box and from the first front back hitch (heh). When the gantry starts carrying a lot of load, I don't know that the front hitch bears any at all. Stronger, Longer, Better Boom Maybe the most noticeable feature is the length of the new boom. The original is 30 studs long, not counting the butt and tip, with an optional section to extend it to 45 studs. This booms main section is 75 studs long. At this length, it had some really concerning droop/bending at full extension. However, I was also able to easily reconfigure the inner supporting structure to be much stronger since I didn't care about the ability to easily add and remove sections. I also added the outer white panels to help with rigidity as they span the weak links between the blue 15L lift arms that are the main defining component of the boom. The boom tip received an upgrade in the form of a smoother operating block and tackle system (with quick disconnect axle just like the harness) controlling the main hoist. I also added an aviation warning light, obviously the most complex and impressive mod thus far :) Main Hook/Claw Storage I purchased a Technic Large Metal Hook ( for like $15. It's easily the most I've ever paid for a single LEGO piece. Considering the time I've spent on this model, though, I thought it was worth it. It's mounted to the main hoist with the smallest of my quick adjust rigging axles. I can attach the hook directly to something of course, or I can use it to hang the functional claw the system came with. When the claw is not in use, I have a storage peg for it that can be placed on either side of the gantry. I built this after I got tired of it sitting on the bench next to the crane most of the time. Much like the quick adjust rigging system, it's a simple mod that has a high convenience impact when moving this thing around for play, improvements, and storage. More Power (XL Motor upgrade) After removing the clutch gears and incrementally strengthening everything else to lift progressively heavier and heavier loads through probably hundreds of lifts at this point, the 9V Power Functions L Motor (99499) that came with the system finally died (predictably). To LEGO's credit, they're already shipping me another. They didn't even ask if it had been systematically subjected to increasing levels of abuse since purchase. Rather than wait for the replacement to arrive I hooked up an XL I had laying around. It's slower, but has more torque. As you can see it is mounted almost all the way at the front of the body, which is not ideal considering the weight. I may end up routing it further back if I can figure out a way to that looks this good. I did have to git rid of the ladder that was here on the original model, but this is Technic, so whatever. It's not like I'm bouncing minifigs around and doing voices when I play with the thing. Boom Return Damper/Helper If you increase the mechanical advantage of the harness too much, the boom has trouble releasing from very high angles. There just isn't enough weight to pull the cable off the spool on the base. I added this spring mechanism to the butt of the boom to help push it out when there is very little lateral load. I may be swapping these gray Technic springs out soon for the stronger yellow ones as it could be more effective. They will also look better matching the contrasting yellow parts of this assembly against the blue. Rigging Cable Through many rounds of adjusting and rebuilding I replaced the rigging cable several times. As I added to the superstructure more cable length was needed. Going down certain oaths and backtracking also had me replacing the cable with different lengths over and over. LEGO string is expensive, so I ended up buying a small spool of this stuff off Amazon: after seeing it recommended elsewhere on these boards. It works well. It's thicker than LEGO string, so be aware, but it's also stronger and it has a bit of a metallic shine, so it looks more like the steel cable you'd see on the real life inspiration for this model. Conclusion That's about it. The major takeaway is that this thing can now lift 750 grams up off the floor below my bench and place it on the bench right next to it (from up to 80 cm away). Good stuff. I also think I retained most of the good looks of the original set. I'm not done tweaking yet, but I wanted to do this write up and show it off a bit before I break it again, because my next mod is likely going to happen in the gear box, if at all.
  17. Hey everyone--- A look through my other submissions will reveal that I love cranes. Incredible machines… functional, but, at least in my opinion, they can be aesthetic also. Perhaps not in beauty, but in almost a complex, physical, Rube-Goldberg type of way. Last year I completed a large crane, a scaled copy of the Liebherr 1750. This time around I wanted to something bigger, yet smaller at the same time. Encouraged by our "tiny mocs" thread, I had fun looking at other micro builds others have done. Although the crane below is not all that small in an absolute-value kind of way, given that I sought to replicate an immense crane, at least in scale it is. In fact, although I did not plan this, when it was all said and done the model below was very close to scale of official Lego Micro Figures. Not perfect, but close. Introducing my Micro version of the Liebherr 13000. My build is a little different.. Did not replicate all the winches and the engine is seated in a different spot than the real crane. But other than that it is more or less a replica of the crane. Functions and features include: - Modular - Four fully-functioning winches Engine compartment with diesel engine - Manual forward and backward drive - Manual rotating superstructure - Movable cab Not a ton of functions – but at least some for a micro model. Video and pics below: More pics and information at: Higher quality photos here:
  18. Hello everyone, let's me introduce my new MOC: Liebherr HS 895, Speed:1cm/s weight: 5150g max loaded:1.2kg video here:
  19. Here is my entry into the contest a tracked dumper with crane. Based off a Morooka/Terramac style crawler carrier platform. Planned Features - Pneumatic Dump Bed - Pneumatic Crane - Detailed Track System - Detailed Cab/Engine Compartment - Pneumatic Pump driven by M-Motor Build Progress Here are some photos of the undercarriage: The dump platform is based off the MB Arocs, but will be further modded to fit this build. Here is a mock up of the crane, based off MB Arocs/effermanns modded design. This will be changed almost completely since it is too large. The crane and dump section need to be redone since they copy an already built design. I just wanted to see how scale and function would work on the tracks. The track design took me a while to figure out since this is my first creation in Technic. I want it to be somewhat modular to help with installing Pneumatics. More to come...
  20. Hello, This is my first MOC post that I'd like to share. Inspired by my childhood growing up with my Dad's Meccano (Apologies for the swearing there), I felt this was a subject that's not really been covered in Technic - I didn't find any other creations when researching it, so maybe this is something new! Anyway, here is my attempt at a Giant Block Setting Crane, Meccano's (sorry again) figure head model. It's a bit of a colour vomit, but my funds don't stretch to buying new parts of builds like this. I tried as much as possible to colour code sections. It is IR controlled with 2 XL motors driving the tracks, an L motor each for turning the upper structure and the winch drum, and an M motor for the travelling carriage. Tensing in the carriage cable is adjusted manually using two large LAs. The claw is pinched from the Crawler Crane. It all works pretty well, although the worm/24t gearing for the carriage travel is a bit slow compared to the rest of the functions. I've put a few images in this post. More are on brickshelf: Hope you like it. Paul.
  21. Hi eurobrikers, Here is my current project. A Volvo FH truck destinated to be part of a larger play set using the TLG Volvo EW160. The whole model will have a crane truck full RC, a trailer and the EW160 official lego excavator. As always i build this for my son and so i t needs to be really playable set with lots of function fun to play with. Regarding to this the new Volvo EW160 inspired me. So the concept is to have a fully rc truck with manuals function added to it. The toy will have pneumatics, PFS, RC, manuals functions.... so much for a child to enjoy! My goal with it : Truck : 7 motorised functions + RC PF light = 8 channels on standards Rc official system. Propulsion by L motor Direction by servo on first and second axle with reduction . report to the cab Deploying stabilisator by rotation. Able to set up the stabilisator on 180° : M motor Stabilisator up and down: M motor Crane rotation: M motor First section of the crane arm: M motor Second section of the crane arm: M motor All the these functions are realised and integrated into the framme actually. All working very smothly and with corrects speeds. Time for some pictures of the WIP : I have now to face some difficulties and have to answer some question. What is your opinion guys on these points : 1 Color of the rear crane ? actually thinking for black, to fit with the EW160 design or orange? 2 Position of the two PF receivers, actually in trouble with that, no neat solution 3 tilting bed. The EW 160 is equiped to load a bedactually. Cannot imagine not being able to lift it. The problem is Zero place for an additionnal motor into the frame. Thinking to lift it manualy ? Thanks for your feedback on these points.
  22. This is the first module of a large collab build that Isaac and I are building for Brickfair, Virginia. We’ll be posting one new module a week. The warehouse has a full interior and working doors. I would like to claim UoP credits for the following: Landscape Design: snow and ice Hydrology: still water Anthropology: life in Mitgardia The docks of Nordheim are a busy and bustling place during the summer, but once winter arrives and the ice forms, things quiet down considerably. Still, ice fishing is a popular past time, and dock workers still inspect the warehouses to make sure all the goods are where they belong. More pictures on Brickbuilt C&C very much appreciated
  23. For a while now, I'm working on a crawler crane. As discussed elsewhere, progress has stopped and this topic is an attempt to jump start the build again and finish it so it can join my collection. So here it goes: The project started with the launch of the 42042 Crawler crane and was a simple MOD at first, but quickly evolved into two MOCs. It didn't like the proportions of the body and cab of the 42042 and wanted to add some features like expandable or removable tracks. The first LDD sketches looked something like this: As some will probably notice, at this point I was still considering to make its larger brother the Liebherr LR1250 as well as a HS855HD. The LR1200 plan has been dropped, because it was simply a bigger version of the 8288 and brought nothing new. During my research, I found the HS855HD was more interesting, because it's a so-called duty cycle crane, a very versatile machine designed to do repetitive tasks efficiently, for example dragline work, soil compacting, (un)loading bulk materials etc. One of the consequences is the fact it has a free fall function on some of its winches, making it possible to drop the bucket or tool to either save time or to provide impact force (you can see this feature in and ). This seemed a nice function to try to implement in my MOC.After a few trial and errors, I came up with this internal mechanism: (The newest clutch parts are not used yet in this image) The controls are very similar as in the 42042: each winch has one switch with two positions: one for winding up the winch, one for winding it down. It is powered with the L motor of the 42042. My addition is the clutch system (in yellow) for the green and blue winch. Push the lever and the winches are simultaneously disconnected form the rest of the system and will unwind under the weight of the tool attached. Releasing the lever will allow the spring to re-engage the yellow clutches, linking them again to the drive. Meanwhile, I also wanted to capture the looks of this machine. It has linked manual expandable tracks, a tiltable cabine, and a inspection hatch. This is the current state of the tracks and body: At the moment, the bottleneck is the fact that the clutch system has too much back-lash or too much play to fully disconnect. I need to move the spring closer to the lever I think, which is rather challenging due to the compact build. Another issue to be solved is the expandable tracks which seem to snag on the chassis when under load. I would like to make my MOC as versatile as the real machine and design the parts to convert it in a dragline, double hook, clamshell bucket or foundation excavator configuration. To be continued ...
  24. Hi ! Here is my WIP for the TC6 contest. It's a transport truck with a palfinger crane on the back. My model have 4 powered motors. I use a gearbox, so i have 7 functions motorised. - Selection of operating mode (M-motor) Driving : - Drive (XL-motor) - Steer (M-motor) - Outriggers (M-motor) Handling : - UP arm (XL-motor) - Rotate arm (M-motor) - Open arm (M-motor) + fake engine and suspension When the gearbox is in neutral, it is possible to drive in hand with HOG. And small render with LDD. Very far from the quality of Blackbird.
  25. TC8 Folding Crane (not yet finished) I think it's about time to show what I have been secretly working on in the past weeks. It's not done yet, but it's getting there and I feel that this time, things might just work out. As you can see, it's not finished. The biggest question mark right now for me is, where to put the winch that will unfold the jib. There's no room anywhere! :D Of course, I'll be showing the unfolded state later (when everything works). So, what does it do? The carrier has two functions: 1. steering on all axles, driven from a gear on the back. Central axle has half the angle of the other two. 2. outriggers, all connected, driven from a gear on the back. Outriggers are the same system as those in 8460. There's no engine - no room. Slewing the superstructure is the same mechanism as 8421 - manual. The superstructure has two winches. 1. lifting the main boom 2. extending the main boom Both are worm-driven, to prevent backdriving. A third winch has to be fitted somewhere to unfold the jib. This will probably end up somewhere on the boom - there's no space on the supersturcutre to add a third worm-driven winch. Unless, maybe, I sacrifice the paneling. Last jib section has to be put on by hand. The actual crane winch and hook are also still to do. Might be that I make the last jib section a bit shorter to keep things in proportion a bit. Also, the controls for the crane winch might also be simple and close to the function itself. Controlling everything from the base is simply not possible. Sets do this too, so I don't see it as a problem. Building a decently-working folding crane is high on my wish-list for quite some time (think years), so I really hope I can get everything to work this time. I all goes well, I might do instructions (but without the strings). I keep a digital file, which tells me I'm at about 1400 parts right now. Any tips are welcome, especially as to where to put that winch :P