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  1. Pigbrick


    Hi Everybody! Just wanted to share my BlockHead series! Elie the Elephant! Co-Workers and Totoro! Joe! "Art?" Member toutouille has been adding a spin on the series and done more pop culture icons such as Deadpool and Wolverine! You can see them here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=106185
  2. Pigbrick

    MOC : Deadpool and Wolverine Blockhead

    Wolverine is a new one since the last time I saw them! Still cute
  3. Hank Haystack from the LEGO Movie and Astro City Scientist from Ultra Agents are both caricatures of my friends.
  4. Uuuuh, I'm not even sure if we do this anymore... Judging from the reused heads and the names on the figures, I'm guessing this was done a while back (if you think in LEGO production years and not actual years). If we still do this then it's for a select few. Never seen any of the designers have them, we just use regular business cards.
  5. Pigbrick

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    Hahaha! That's great! Thanks
  6. Pigbrick

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    I swear that was an accident After I designed it I noticed that too... I tried hiding that fact by having the sticker placed upside down in the instructions... it looks like it didn't work
  7. Pigbrick

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    I'll be nice enough and say it's non LEGO related. And 8BrickMario, just remember, stickers aren't the only thing I design And that's all I'm giving away (and also, any guess so far has been incorrect)
  8. Pigbrick

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    As a designer I would love to be able to share concept with you guys but I'm afraid that I cannot. Being a business we have a lot of competitors that are searching and finding what makes us so great so I can't show that process because of that. We've had other companies copy or steal our ideas (that's why posting leaks are so bad for us...) If we ever get the chance, a LOT of us would be very happy to share that aspect with you guys. I especially know the graphic designers would love to! I love drawing minifigure concepts! But I'm sorry, I can't share anything like that with you guys. The best I can offer is this link: It's the video of the Graphic Designer who mentored me when I first joined the company. Djordje discusses his work on the minifigures for the Hobbit line. Plus he shows some of the cool concept sketches he drew up for them. Thanks genecyst! But that was Julian who designed those stickers But it's great to hear that! As graphic designers we usually don't hear much about the stickers, it's usually the "There's too many stickers! I didn't apply the stickers for this review, etc, etc..." So it's appreciated to hear that you liked them Hey TCM, my favourite set in this theme would probably be the Hurricane Heist that Fred built. I'm a sucker for big robots and he delivered! Plus, it has one of my favourite minifigures I designed for the theme: Psyclone! If I had control over the theme, what would I make? Good question! Since I'm not a model designer (but I do build, and have built sketch models for Agents) I really can't say... It's goes with the whole "competitor" aspect thing so I really can't discuss that. Sorry. And the license I would like as a theme? Well, to be honest, we pretty much covered everything I've ever wanted We have Spider-Man, Marvel, and Star Wars so I'm pretty happy And the last part I want to add is the "Special Top Secret List of References!"
  9. Pigbrick

    [MOC] War Machine: The Red Dove

    Hi, Just finished building this and taking photos Full Album here: https://www.flickr.c...57646957186579/
  10. Pigbrick

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    Don't think it'll be earth shattering secrets but yes, I can do that Graphic Designers, since they're the ones designing the minifigures, will tend to hide little call outs here and there as well
  11. Pigbrick

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    You're not coming off as pushy, you're fine . The brief we got was that it was suppose to take place 20 years after the victory of Galaxy Squad. As for any connection with the previous Agents, I was always under the assumption that this was a reboot for a new generation of builders. What can I say, kids and model builders love giant robots (I was one of two of the graphic designers on this team, so I did design work for the minifigures and the stickers for Hurricane Heist. The rest of the stickers were designed by the other Graphic Designer, Julian). Can't say that I have but after doing a quick google image search I can see why you asked that Mmm, the Blade Runner inspiration I really can't discuss... not because it's a secret or anything but I really can't remember what inspired the model builder for the design. All I remember is that all the kids loved Chris's (the model builder) design As for references, look more into the sticker sheets and minifigures and less of what the whole theme is. You'll start to see them more
  12. Pigbrick

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    M.A.S.K. holds a special place in a lot of our child-like minds As for names, that's pretty much right. Also, it produces rather cool names Just your top-secret undercover agent (but yes I do )
  13. Pigbrick

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    I like your dedication there Penkid11! Tron was inspiration, but not our sole inspiration, for this. We wanted something classy but set in the future so sleek dark vehicles with a hint of secondary colour was a strong choice and I think it worked here really well. You're spot on about Terabyte's jacket I was more than happy to get that joke through (A fun note: Designers Alex and Tore came up with the initial design of the character but I finalized the style and added Terabyte's motto on the back of the character). Can't say the Max one is correct though. Max just happens to be a cool name If you guys enjoy playing the guessing game I can keep it going or I can list the references if you would like to know right away all the "top secrets" hidden within the designs of line
  14. Pigbrick

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    Okay, here's the ones that have been mentioned that are correct: Solomon Blaze is the same Solomon Blaze from Galaxy Squad There is a Metal Gear reference on the mech from Hurricane Heist We're still missing quite a few but just know not all the references are LEGO related
  15. Pigbrick

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    I can see a few are still missing... Some aren't super obvious though, and one so far has been undetected... I wonder if anyone can find "that" one