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Found 3 results

  1. After a hard day, it's good to take a rest in the local tavern, with your friends. Deerhill was a known hunting place, now only the name reminds the locals what was this place. The fields around the small hill are now full of orchids and gardens. The animals already moved away, deeper in the forest, only small rodents give troubles to the local farmers. Three friends having a good time and cold beer together at the Tipsy-Owl tavern. Talking about their trade, the weather and about the women. The Sun almost got behind the horizons, when another band of refugees arrived from Noctornus... Ravaage was stopped long ago, but the country was still in peril, and not everyone was prepared for that. This is why the Avalonian High Council, allows them to take refuge here, while the things turn good. And the new king, De Gothia, won't reject them. Only the locals arguing... - Another band of those... - said Icke, the blacksmith, while he raised his eyebrow. - I can't believe they allowed them to came here. - Relax mate! - David the farmer tried to calm his friend down. - They have their problems, don't give them more. They are escaping from war, it's isn't their fault. - We can't trust them! Nothing good came from Noctornus! - answered Icke, but lowering his voice, when the next traveler passed away near him. - I like the Nocturnian pumpkin pie! - the third man shared his opinion. His name is Tom, and he works as a tailor. - Like I said. - Icke turned to Tom with a cold gaze. - Nothing good came from Noctornus. Who eats pumpkin pie? The Nocturnians are barbarians! - Why you hate these folk? Did any of them harm you? - David tried to calm his friends once more. - Didn't you hear about them? - the two others shook their heads. Icke took a long sip from his drink, and continued his story: - I heard a rumor, about a race of lizardmen, they are shapeshifters! They can take anyone look, and can infiltrate to anywhere. They were spying for Ravaage, they are evil I say! They are kidnaping folks from all over Historica. Drag them to their underground caves, and took their look, and blend in, and continue their life like they are the same person. No one knows, what they want, but they are spying for a new overlord, or just preparing for an invasion. I'm sure some of our rulers are already replaced by them! The two others were listening to their friends' conspiracy theory. - I don't believe in this nonsense, I'm sure they are friendly and don't want any trouble. Right, Tom? - and with that, he patted Tom's shoulder so hard, he dropped his drink. - Oh sorry mate, I spilled your drink. Here let me get you a new one! - offered David. - Ah, don't bother about that. It's already late for me. My... wife and... kids... are waiting for me. - rejecting Davids offers Tom, and with that, he waved goodbye to his friends and went home. Just a minute passed. David and Icke suddenly looked at each other: - When did Tom get married?
  2. militaryfreak

    Freelancer: part 1

    This has been siting on my flickr for awhile, I decided o go ahead and post it. Part 2 has already been built and photographed it just needs to be edited. The sets may be simple, but id prefer not to spend weeks working on each shot. Feedback is welcome, ideas where to take the story, etc. (I hope I get some feedback, or else i may be a little annoyed) An encyclopedia of info is here on my Flickr, pictures of the various races and faction overviews. 25 years ago, an alien race known as the Kurgans came across a major discovery, a massive series of incriminating documents and suspicious connections. When this discovery went public, the truth was revealed, a shadow government did in fact exist in Human space. The Illumination War began, encompassing all of human space. Between the Human Freedom Movement and a shadowy group known as the Illuminati. The war officially ended with an Illuminati defeat in 2731. Solomon Walker and Donnie Torch carried freight and ran blockades for both sides. The year is 2741, a time of great prosperity, great adventure, and great opportunity. Our heroes are spacers, men who make a living doing odd (and often illegal) jobs across the galaxy. They soon team up with Shami Far-Light, an alien with a shady past. The trio will make a horrifying discovery, one that could effect the entire galaxy. and perhaps the Illuminati weren't defeated all those years ago... The comic itself. its pretty short but the next installments will be longer. Part 1
  3. hjmediastudios


    So I've got my new Cuusoo project up. It's a mix of dieselpunk (think Jon Hall's stuff), steampunk, and classic Adventurers themes. I've made sure to include characters that are fairly interesting (with lots of parts that customizers should like)... And if you're the type to be more inclined to create vehicles, you're well covered thus far: That's for sky-fi fans... And this bad boy is for the mecha-lovers out there. If you're interested in supporting, do it now! If not (or even if you're already a rabid fan), comments, criticism, and helpful pointers would be greatly appreciated.