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  1. Parazels

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    Is it a yellow B-model of Liebherr? Hahaha!
  2. Parazels

    42128 - American Tow Truck

    The set would be perfect, if it had air tanks! Why did Lego drop the part?
  3. So no more questions? I have a very important question: why do we not have a medium-sized rotating table for cranes and excavators?
  4. Licensed sets were first, which dropped B-models. Later it became a "normal" practice in other sets. Let's ask Lego to get B-models back.
  5. As an exception of the rule! Remember, 30 years ago ALL Lego sets (even $10 sets!) had B-models!
  6. That's why I voted for cancelling those licensed sets at all! With licensed sets we get lots of limits: higher price, no B-model, no extra functions etc!
  7. Voted for PU M-motor; more B-models and less licensed sets.
  8. Parazels

    [MOC] RC car with a neutral gear

    This is how it works
  9. Parazels

    [MOC] RC car with a neutral gear

    It's realistic. But it works better, if you have enough space to accelerate your car. Then it can roll by inertia. My car is a concept. With a buggy motor and more precise steering the results would be more impressive.
  10. Parazels

    [MOC] RC car with a neutral gear

    Thank you, but it didn't work. I added your link...
  11. Parazels

    [MOC] RC car with a neutral gear

    Yes, later on instagram. Can you explain me, how to make a visible YouTube link?
  12. Normally, RC cars can't roll free, when an electric motor is off, due to reduction inside the motor. As a result - no free rolling, no inertia. Sudden starting and stopping. Robotic movement. In my RC car a clutch is automatically enabling/disabling, once the motor is on/off respectively. It's similar to a real life driving, where you can alternate acceleration and free rolling in a neutral gear. 1 PF L-motor for propulsion 1 PF Servo-motor for steering
  13. This is a set for kids, who normally are very impatient. So the slow control scheme is not right for the target audience of the set.
  14. The functions work too slowly. The rear knob should be on the left side of the body frame. So i voted for below average. The set is neither good enough as a toy for children, nor good enough for adults.