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  1. I am so building that bird... its beautiful
  2. wolf_grrr

    [MOC] Bell V-35

  3. I made a coaxial rotor some time ago.but it had one modified piece. Just superglued and drilled. will post later c:
  4. wolf_grrr

    Stickers in Lego Sets (opinion)!

    Printed decals over stickers anytime. You would get that disgusting residue and gloss look.
  5. wolf_grrr

    How Do You Budget LEGO?

    I dislike buying lego at retail price. Just eats away at funds. I only buy lego in bulk from yard sales, flea markets, and individual sellers at least once every two months. $100 is my limit for every two months.
  6. wolf_grrr

    Coaxial rotor design?

    I'm wolf_grrr here. You can find me on lots of various places. Look for me me
  7. Hello, I am patrick the wolf lover. I will share my ideas with the world.