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  1. bobabricks

    Toa of Gunz!

    Looks pretty complex, would you mind sharing the file to see how it's built.
  2. bobabricks

    [MOC] My mini UCS Millennium Falcon

    Great stuff! The flatness of the top really makes it looks much more grand. I was never a fan of the official pizza slice roof.
  3. bobabricks

    [LDD - MOC] Unforeseen consequences

    Very awesome build and the render looks soooo real!
  4. bobabricks

    [MOC] Hover Bike

    It's a custom minifig. Torso is from Galaxy Squad, helmet is from Alien Conquest and the visor is a special colored part (pearl light grey) that ordered from Germany.
  5. bobabricks

    [MOC] The Dao of Star Wars

    I think he is poking around up top trying to find a foot to catch himself a snack, ha ha.
  6. bobabricks

    My gentle modification of T16

    Nice modification, gives the model more strength and detail. I still love how Lego used the hexagonal flag pieces for the windscreen.
  7. bobabricks

    [MOC] Hover Bike

    Thanks, the visor is pearl light gray. Shineeeeey.
  8. bobabricks

    [MOC] Hover Bike

    Thanks for the feedback everybody.
  9. bobabricks

    [MOC] Hover Bike

    It technically wasn't made in trans-clear. It's a special color part, though you can get them off BrickLink. http://www.bricklink...ID=12&itemID=63
  10. bobabricks

    [MOC] Hover Bike

    I think I fixed it...
  11. bobabricks

    [MOC] Hover Bike

    Hmm, that's strange. They are showing up for me. Is anybody else having a problem with seeing the pictures?
  12. bobabricks

    [MOC] Hover Bike

    I was messing around with some parts from an order of special color parts I just got from Germany the other day and I created this little hover bike. It has two main round hover pads to stay afloat and four jets for speed. the doors on the side swing open to let the driver out and there is a back part that comes down to keep him in. That's about it, really, ha ha. I haven't created real back stories for any of my sci-fi models yet and don't really plan to until I get my layout setup.
  13. bobabricks

    [MOC]/[WIP] McDonald's

    I'm starting to work on a Mcdonald's MOC and I just got done finishing the M logo. The red panel in the bottom center would have the sticker from 3438. I was just hoping for some feedback and if there is a better way to make that M. Thanks!
  14. bobabricks

    [MOC] C4 Charity Space Fighter

    I really like the lever bases connected to the flag pieces, haven't seen that technique before. NIce job!