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Found 53 results

  1. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Moose Season

    Only the most prime of moose belong on this-here plaque. No substitutes for the best. Antler Inspiration from The Electric Moose, a MOC from last year's Bio-cup competition
  2. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Ooble Gabootle

    A mysterious creature from The Outer Dimension. Can often be found selling wares (that may or may not be stolen, he refuses to answer) in Dreejal Vin... This guy was a fun little experiment with my limited Lego Galidor collection and my first substantial moc in a long time with no CCBS.
  3. - Eons ago, before Gorm's takeover, the Amphibibs made their mark on the Outer Realm. With his powerful force ax and telekinetic powers, Agamemnon struck fear into the hearts of all those who saw him. - I find to be G1 hard to use. I think it paid off this time though, as I feel like this is perhaps my best moc of the year. Let me know what you think!
  4. I recently disassembled a Kek Powerizer (I am a big fan of the audio signals feature and wanted to record noises directly from the speaker) and discovered that there is a leftover sensor inside the toy! First of all, this is a pic of all the electronics inside the toy and how they connect to the back of motherboard. All of the sensors appear to be custom made by LEGO specifically for this toy. Close up of the top left corner. Notice how the tilt sensor section of the board has four soldered contacts for the tilt sensor, but where are the wires? Flip around to the back to see the tilt sensor (a little black cube with dots on top) connected directly onto the board. Unlike the other sensors, this one looks like it was prefabricated Behind another part of the toy there are these four cut wires poking out... Presto! It is another tilt sensor attached to the center of the toy. This tilt sensor is much larger than the one the Kek Powerizer actually uses and (judging by the revision date on the board it) looks like it is custom designed like the other sensors in this toy. I bought this figure second hand and the original owner had no memory of the toy being modified (in such a way that the tilt sensor was replaced second hand) so I think this was done at the factory during the manufacture process. Just something neat to find unused hardware still inside this thing. I don't know what this implies (if anything) about Galidor or LEGO during this time but it sure is interesting!
  5. Gerechtigkeitsliga

    Searching for Galidor 8319 and 8325

    Hi, i am looking for 2 Galidor Sets. 8319 Aquant 8325 Tager MISB or used in good condition.
  6. The Secret Walrus

    [Galidor Category B] Dreejal Vin

    Dreejal Vin by Anthony Wilson, on Flickr A sprawling cyberpunk metropolis, Dreejal Vin is certainly one of the liveliest realms in all of the Outer Dimension. I'm 99% sure I managed to fit a reference to every Dreejal Vin episode from the show so hopefully some of you Galidor fans will have fun finding them. There's some more pictures over on my Flickr, but there's also an Imgur album with a ton of extra photos for people who want to get all detailing.
  7. optimus-convoy

    [Galidor Category B] Nepol

    I thought I'd try doing a Bionicle-based head sculpture of one of the more unique looking Galidor characters, Nepol. There's a couple more pics in the album on Flickr.
  8. The Secret Walrus

    [Galidor Category A] Under the Sea

    Under the Sea by Anthony Wilson, on Flickr A lowly seahorse enjoys some peace and quite below the waves, but it better not get too close to Gorm's sea-mines! Worth noting that the 'mines' aren't photo-shopped in, they're attached to stands made out of Galidor parts that are positioned really close to the camera.
  9. Famous con-artist. Not that he actually cares about that but still a nice achievement