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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Everyone, We have been working on a project for 1.5 years to finally find a solution to the problem that LEGO does not offer: a rechargeable battery for the technical Powered UP HUB. Because LEGO is relatively slow to update its products in this area, we decided to give our unique battery, the “Phondly EnBo PU Battery Pack,” a chance. Over the past 4 months, we’ve developed our prototype to such a level that we thought it was time to introduce and launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for our first production line. The product itself is an integrated solution for 2-cell li-ion batteries, combined with an electronics that provides fast charging via the built-in USB-C connector, power-path management (for stationery models) and consistent output performance throughout the full capacity of the batteries. . The key features are: - lighter than 6 alkaline batteries with holder - constant 9V output voltage - Withstands high power consumption (tested for 5A demand) - power path management, where LEGO creations can be operated while the battery is charging using the power of the connected USB cable - there is a charge indicator LED (lit through the brand logo) - through LEGO or other third-party applications, inform you that the battery is low by turning off the voltage conversion before the batteries are completely discharged. - can be ordered with two types of cover for the old snap-in HUB or the new screw HUB (fully replaceable on the base box) - With the help of you (the sponsors), the appearance of the product will be similar to that of LEGO (better quality injection molded case made of ABS plastic) - the case design allows to tilt the battery out from the HUB We have so far financed the project 100% on our own, but unfortunately we do not have enough capital to finance the production, so we turned to the LEGO community to help us achieve our goal in a kickstarter campaign. As for kickstarter campaigns, you need to know that everything works on an all-or-nothing basis, meaning we only get the money we’ve raised during the campaign if we’ve reached or exceeded our goal. As a supporter of the campaign, if the goal is not met, you will not lose your prepaid money, the amount will not be deducted from your card at the end of the campaign. So if you want to be a part of this story and feel committed enough to help this product get into stores, please help us reach our minimum goal of € 60,000 or more by supporting us on kickstarter while choosing a a reward for yourself that you are happy with. On the other hand, if we don’t achieve our goal, we won’t get paid to continue working on this great product. Our Kickstarter Campaign page is:
  2. Hi guys! I'm thrilled to release MiniZip; the adapter that lets you power your lego creations from a 9 volt battery! I am releasing it on Kickstarter to cover the production costs, and I need your help to do so! You can see the full project here: https://www.kickstar...-lego-creations Here's a video about it: Thank you for your support!
  3. Another smart brick is in the making. Jason Alleman is one of the persons behind this initiative. This time the emphasis is on sound and lights. More info on Kickstarter: PFx Brick More info on:
  4. I saw this on The Brick Fan daily email, about a Kickstarter project looking for funding. It is called 'iBrix' and it's a cool idea to use wireless power to light individual bricks. You put a power pad underneath your base plate and the power is transmitted wirelessly to the individual light bricks. Take a look at the link for how it looks and works. I would definitely be interested in this if it gets developed.
  5. Hello everyone, some days ago i was looking some projects on kickstarter and i found this: It is called "Flexo", and it is thought to add many new ways of building to Lego, it consist in 2 parts, a custom brick with connections, and a tendom-like part which enables movements as flexing, twisting, bending and bouncing: This project could give more awesome functions to normal buildings, which wouldn't be posible or easily achieved with normal bricks, with the Flexo parts you can make small vehicles suspensions, suspended bridges, trampolines, catapults, brick built conveyor belts and many other things. The project has been already launched and will be founded in Kickstarter: https://www.kickstar...building-bricks So, share your thoughts about this project (I posted this topic because i didn't find an already existent one of this project, if it was already posted or this is not the right forum for this project, i ask for the moderators to delete or move this topic to another forum)
  6. [Kickstarter] The Brickster Returns - A Christmas animated short film Greetings members of Eurobricks! I hope that this is allowed and the right place to post this! Each year, I make a Christmas special. The past two years have been based on my criminal character called the Brickster which is inspired by the Lego Island character although changed to fit my story. Regardless, this year I want to make the best Lego Christmas animation and also wanted to share the finished product with everyone! I have greatly increased my quality of animation since my last Christmas special. However, due to my situation, money for all of the sets/products to achieve such a feat is near impossible without help. I felt quite cheap with the thought of begging, however, I eventually came around and made a Kickstarter. I hope people will help to fund and support this film, if the fund is successful, by Christmas day (or eve for backers), I will release the film on here and YouTube. The concept of the film - The villainous Brickster has escaped from prison and to get revenge, he steals the presents from Lego city to sabotage Christmas! He is eventually banished in last year's special with the help of Santa and his allies. This year he will return and form a band of super villains and an army of robots to take over Lego city this Christmas Eve! Who can stop the Brickster and save Christmas? Here is last years Christmas special: And here is an example of a more recent film I've completed to show the increase in quality to expect (and better) from this year's Christmas special. Hopefully this year I will be able to create the best Lego Christmas animated film of the year with the communities help! If anyone is interested in helping fund this year's Christmas special, here is the link: Kickstarter Campaign Edit by Hinckley: Link removed If not, please feel free to share the campaign, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  7. Last year, I backed a Kickstarter project by Crazy Bricks to produce minifigure arms angled differently from official LEGO ones (Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstar...res/description). The project exceeded its funding target and unlocked additional colours, another arm angle, some satyr legs and a new afro hair piece. This is a review of Crazy Bricks' new parts. I used some of the Crazy Bricks parts in four of the minifigures shown below, specifically for the front musketeer's right arm, the devil's legs, the Zulu warrior's hair and the Greek hero's right and left arms. I have more Crazy Bricks parts that I haven't photographed but still considered them as part of the review. 1. Functionality 7/10 The arms don't attach to the torso in the same way that LEGO arms do. Each Crazy Arm is fixed to a piece inside the torso that itself attaches to one of the studs on the top of LEGO legs. You get one internal attachment piece per arm. It's an ingenious design and I'm sure there must be a reason for it, but I can't help but feel that these new arms would have worked just as well if they had used TLG's simpler attachment method. The Crazy Arms are easy to assemble and the articulation rotates perfectly both at the wrist and at the shoulder except the straight-out arm (the musketeer's right arm and the Greek hero's left) which is very stiff. Unlike LEGO satyr legs, Crazy Bricks' - which they call "Digitigrades" - aren't articulated and don't have any printing. 2. Compatibility - arms & hair 7/10, legs 2/10 The Crazy Bricks arms and hair parts sit flush with LEGO minifigures and have perfect clutch. After additional research, I discovered that the satyr legs stress LEGO torsos and can cause small patches of discolouration to or even cracking of the sides of torsos. The arms, hair and legs are sculpted to look like they could be LEGO parts and if you weren't a FOL, you wouldn't guess from their shape that they aren't. But the colours and lustres aren't exact matches. The arms and legs are ever so slightly glassier than LEGO's: shinier with less rich colour, while the afro is a bit more matte. Also, the reddish brown (not pictured) is fractionally lighter than TLG's. In fairness to Crazy Bricks, I have exceptional colour acuity and I can only see the differences in shean and shade in good light. A casual observer wouldn't notice. 3. Material 9/10 The new parts seem to be made of similar ABS to LEGO. My guess is that they will last just as long. 4. Manufacture 6.5/10 The parts are well cast with minimal moulding lines. The only problem is that some of the arms and legs have quite noticeable partition marks where the piece was originally attached to its sprue. 5. Variety 7/10 The angle of arms allows for quite a range of poses from spear-chucking to archery to two-handed-along-the-middle-of-the-body. The range of colours is a bit disappointing though. Yes, many expected colours are there: white, black, reddish brown, dark bley, yellow and dark tan. But it's a shame, there's no blue, red or dark brown. I don't think there are any green ones available though I could be wrong about that. That said, the range of colours allows you to create satyrs in more colours than TLG's reddish brown. 6. Usefulness 10/10 These arms are incredibly useful for anyone wanting to create a realistic archery pose and many other stances. They also break up the monotony of large groupings (crowds, armies etc) of minifigures, making them look more life-like. 7. Originality 10/10 I'm not aware of anyone else injection moulding variously posed minifigure arms. This is one of those ideas that you wonder how we ever lived without. Even the satyr legs are original. At the time they were announced, TLG had not yet revealed that it would be doing goat legs. 8. Service 10/10 Dealing with Crazy Bricks has been a delight. They kept backers of the project up to date with regular bulletins and were happy to comply with special shipping instructions. 9. Value 6/10 I appreciate that designing, testing and producing relatively small quantities of injection moulded pieces is expensive but even so, Crazy Bricks parts aren't cheap compared to other suppliers of third party minifigure parts and accessories. Overall, I'm very pleased I backed this project and was able to obtain these new parts. I have only used some of the Crazy Bricks pieces I ordered but have already planned what I'm going to do with my spares. My only regret is that my budget didn't stretch to ordering more. My guess is that Crazy Bricks will eventually make these parts available for sale through their site. If you didn't catch their Kickstarter project, do yourself a big favour and get them when they do. Questions? Comments? Craziness?
  8. Hello Everyone, right now i've started a Kickstarter Project to bring back the Monorail Straight. If you are intrested, feel free to support us. You have now the chance to get Monorail Straight Tracks for you're projects for an affordable Price. It is also possible to make the Monorail Straight in different colours for you're diorama I hope you are all intrested and support us! This is the chance! Feel free to ask questions... Edit: Don't know why the pictures are not showing!? I can see it in the Editor, but not in the post...
  9. Microduino has launched a LEGO-compatible electronics module project on Kickstarter, dubbed mCookie. With mCookie, it is easy for novices and experts alike to bring their LEGO projects to life! Check it out: link removed
  10. Hi All, As a frequent visitor of Kickstarter I came across the following campaign: Build Upons Light up bricks. https://www.kickstar...light-up-bricks I've seen more posts dealing with adding lights to their builds, and this might be usefull for some people. Perhaps this is not the best subforum to post this message. @Mod: please feel free to move this post to a more suitable place.
  11. Hello Everyone! Lunchbot by littlegreenfroggy, on Flickr Backlunchbot by littlegreenfroggy, on Flickr We are Lunchbox Electronics and we wanted to reach out to the amazing community of LEGO lovers everywhere! We have just launched a kickstarter to hopefully fund our dream into a reality. We are a small start up in Boulder, CO and have created Light Up bricks that will be compatible with LEGO sets! We wanted to get rid of all the pesky wires and make nice elegant bricks that will be able to pass power and ground to then light up our LED bricks! We are trying to spread the word about our kickstarter as much as possible so we can turn prototype into production. Please check out the link to our kickstarter and if you feel inclined we would love it if you could back us! I have attached a photo here of lunchbot our own personal (pretend) lunch vending machine! Complete with light up prototype bricks! We hope for your support in our adventure. Thank you!!
  12. Obviously if you are reading this, then you have a special place in your heart for the making of stop-motion animations with Lego bricks. So would you like to see a documentary about the hobby? Something that would help promote the hobby and provide a lot of great information and entertainment? What would you think of supporting one that is being made by some of the most highly respected members among the brickfilming community? Well, now's your chance. Bricks in Motion - A Documentary about LEGO® Filmmaking Kickstarter page With interviews, exclusive animations, and the guiding hands of the best minds the hobby has to offer, it would be a shame if this documentary failed in the funding. Guaranteed to educate and endear itself to all lovers of Lego stop-motion, as well as those AFOLs who love great models and the telling of fantastic tales, there's nothing that can't be loved about this project. Plus, the perks contain some amazing models and Brickfilm collections that are sure to delight. Would you please consider donating towards this worthy cause? Thank you! -SteampunkDoc/Pritchard Studios
  13. A friend of mine, Ben Jarvis has just launched a Kickstarter project that you might be interested in. It's based around a new set of parts that can convert any minifig legs and torso into a fully-articulated, 3"-tall mecha. The parts will be injection-moulded in the UK, and will be 100% LEGO-compatible. You can pledge as little or as much as you want to fund the project, and at different pledge levels you will get rewards ranging from limited-edition mecha kits to full war-game sets. If the target funding is not reached by the end of the pledge period (one month) you will lose nothing, but if all goes well, you will not only receive your reward next year, but will have helped to launch this exciting new project. Apart from having pledged £12 (for which I hope to receive two mecha kits), I am in no way associated with the Mechabrick project - I just think you might be interested in it. http://www.kickstart...els?ref=kickspy