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  1. Great model, great body work. @JamesJT and @JoePsysky any chance in sharing the LDD file?
  2. What to LDD?

    Hi Mahjqa, Start with the Salvager :) Next the Baserunner and after that the Camera vehicle.
  3. Hi don't want to hijack this topic, but at 0:38 it shows some fantastic orange Technic EV3 enabled beasts....any more information on these?
  4. Sorry for the repost. Weird thing I haven't seen this topic pass by while I'm a very regular visitor. @moderator please lock this topic.
  5. Just saw this passing by while looking for something else. Thought I'd share it here!
  6. Hi Sariel, It's a Technic interpretation of a great artist, Joe Cocker! :) Keep up the good work, like your creations and YT videos.
  7. Hi kbalage, Your tests would prove the Buwizz to be only faster when in FAST mode, compared to the 8878. Playing with mine I don't 'sence' this difference that way. I must say the downtweaked Buwizz is slowed down quite a bit compared to the production version. Perhaps the Buwizz team would like to elaborate?
  8. Received mine yesterday afternoon. After coming home from work, installed the app (android) and drove my first model powered by Buwizz! Must say the app still needs work, within the app I have to "start engine" numerous times to connect to the Buwizz. Once connected it works fine during that session.
  9. 42009 vs 8043

    +1 for 8043. Challenging build and great playability.
  10. [MOC] RSW

    Hi Zux, a nice personal challange, and you succeeded very well! You Bricklinked all the blue panels? :)
  11. The Disney Castle 71040 with LED Lights

    Hi kingukulit, Welcome to EB! great mod-ed castle. Perhaps you can enhance this topic by sharing your development tricks and how-to.
  12. Just ordered mine! Like Grum64 said, it makes the car look 'complete'.
  13. Very Original, looking forward to see the video. He must be enjoying the ride! hahahaah
  14. Hi All, This is a fantastic topic! Technically speaking, but also as far as collaboration is concerned. Even though the Akiyuki GBC based on NXT/EV3 are not in scope for this topic, I'd like to let you know that in my little spare time left I'm reverse engineering his S750 robot. I'm currently doing this in LDD and have started this almost three years ago. I've left this alone for a long time, but am determined to finish this and build it for real. I've contacted Akiyuki at the beginning of the project requesting additional or higher resolution pictures and after a while he replied that what's online is what's available. So information is scarce, but it makes reverse engineering even more interesting.