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  1. There is little to no information about the programming code used. Akiyuki posted he programmed in C using TOPPERS/EV3RT. Don't have much experience in this field myself, maybe it helps.
  2. Great review!, you certainly added some nice to knows there. Easy question; whats the validity date on the voucher?
  3. @Zerobricks: are you really developing a new product for your BuWizz line? If so when can we expect them to market?
  4. @steph77: do you have instruction for your UH-77 LIBERATOR? Like the model and the well designed technical concept. Great job!
  5. Cool, finally a EV3 creation again that inspires! Good job. Am interested in the code too - especially the ball tracking part.
  6. Very curious about a follow up on your Conrad order. Did you get any order/ shipping confirmation, or perhaps a cancellation? Ofcourse I hope you'll be lucky and receive this set before most people do!
  7. Hi Steph, this is a challanging "little" project, I like it. The only comment I have at this last iteration, is that I'm not font about the front fenders yet. Somehow they come across as flattened on top...I with I could advice a solution, but sorry to say I haven't got one (yet).
  8. Interesting standard, nicely executed!
  9. I like your work, and thank you for the LDD files.
  10. Thx Jim, I'm curious about any updates.
  11. @Snorrowitz The prices I mentioned in my post are including VAT, ex shipping. Shipping is free so now extra charge. I do see my typo now; the Dutch Conrad site sells the set for € 465,00 (incl. VAT) instead of € 365,00 as posted.
  12. It's online again….and it's available for online purchase. Wondering if this is a publishing mistake, anybody placed an order yet? It's also available at the Dutch Conrad site for € 15 more (@ € 465,= incl. VAT) than the German site version. Delivery dates between 30-8 and 31-8.
  13. I'm sorry @Chiaroscuro but could we please get this topic back on track? Perhaps your quickest way of solving your issue is to contact LEGO directly.
  14. I normally agree with you….but in this case I'm still in doubt; the whole control+ thing is not convincing me yet. Lego came way too late to the BT party (I have the known alternatives in my collection), and it's again a system which is not compatible (yet) with existing Lego electronics. Another consideration concern the poor choices Lego made in the past when ending support pre-maturely on either software or hardware for their sets, rendering them useless to the general user group. I might buy the set anyway, because the sum of buying the usefull parts separately makes little difference to buying the set.