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  1. Hi Jim, please close it, it distracts and all has been discussed in my opinion.
  2. @jb70 thank you for your prompt reply. No worries about the additional parts. If you like I can help you keep track of the parts needed.
  3. @jb70: I'm building the Bugatti straight from the box following your instructions. They're great, but I did notice some color differences between the original instructions and yours. Nothing to worry about, but it does mean it can't be build just following your steps. One thing I do want to verify with you is step 11 where you insert a black 9 beam, where the original is a grey 13 (step 16 in book 1). So now at the end of bag #1 I have a challange with inserting a black #9 as I only have a grey #13 left. Not sure if this is by design, or it doesn't matter? Edit: And in step 10 you added the extra black 5 beam, that isn't there in the Original as later on the original gearbox ends up on this spot. I assumed your instructions could be followed without needing extra parts. I might have overlooked this message in this thread. Or another options could be; you used all available parts in box 1. As so far I've only opened the #1 bags?
  4. m3eu

    PFx Bricks

    Received mine three weeks ago, without extra import duties. The package was small in size and neatly packed. The quality of the casings - PFxBricks and accessories - are very good for 3d printed objects. The parts have a nice tight fit with true Lego bricks and the connectors require a strong 'click' for the first time to connect. Am impressed! Jason and Michael really did a great job, and the effort they put in shows in the hardware and the software. Have done some tests already and it works like a charm.
  5. m3eu

    What to LDD?

    Hi @mahjqa, thank you for the update and @Tommy Styrvoky thank you for your efforts and sharing.
  6. m3eu

    What to LDD?

    Hi @mahjqa, any update on this?
  7. m3eu

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    There should be a large demand for a custom micro motor as there are a lot of AFOLS requesting LEGO to produce a new one. What are your plans with this? Deliever a complete set or just the housing? Some years ago I bought a custom micro motor from someone on Ebay, he build the motor inside a Lego technic cylinder housing. Works great, but by the time I wanted to another couple of these he wasn't available on Ebay anymore.
  8. Great model, great body work. @JamesJT and @JoePsysky any chance in sharing the LDD file?
  9. m3eu

    What to LDD?

    Hi Mahjqa, Start with the Salvager :) Next the Baserunner and after that the Camera vehicle.
  10. Hi don't want to hijack this topic, but at 0:38 it shows some fantastic orange Technic EV3 enabled beasts....any more information on these?
  11. m3eu

    LEGO Porsche Crashtest

    Sorry for the repost. Weird thing I haven't seen this topic pass by while I'm a very regular visitor. @moderator please lock this topic.
  12. Just saw this passing by while looking for something else. Thought I'd share it here!
  13. m3eu

    Dancing Baby Groot

    Hi Sariel, It's a Technic interpretation of a great artist, Joe Cocker! :) Keep up the good work, like your creations and YT videos.
  14. Hi kbalage, Your tests would prove the Buwizz to be only faster when in FAST mode, compared to the 8878. Playing with mine I don't 'sence' this difference that way. I must say the downtweaked Buwizz is slowed down quite a bit compared to the production version. Perhaps the Buwizz team would like to elaborate?
  15. Received mine yesterday afternoon. After coming home from work, installed the app (android) and drove my first model powered by Buwizz! Must say the app still needs work, within the app I have to "start engine" numerous times to connect to the Buwizz. Once connected it works fine during that session.