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Flexo - Bendable, bouncy, flexible building bricks!

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Hello everyone, some days ago i was looking some projects on kickstarter and i found this:


It is called "Flexo", and it is thought to add many new ways of building to Lego, it consist in 2 parts, a custom brick with connections, and a tendom-like part which enables movements as flexing, twisting, bending and bouncing:

This project could give more awesome functions to normal buildings, which wouldn't be posible or easily achieved with normal bricks, with the Flexo parts you can make small vehicles suspensions, suspended bridges, trampolines, catapults, brick built conveyor belts and many other things.

The project has been already launched and will be founded in Kickstarter: https://www.kickstar...building-bricks

So, share your thoughts about this project

(I posted this topic because i didn't find an already existent one of this project, if it was already posted or this is not the right forum for this project, i ask for the moderators to delete or move this topic to another forum)

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There was an interesting discussion of this on Brickset. Apparently Lego has already considered these kinds of elements. Personally, I don't see them being dynamic enough to have a high enough demand, but let's wait and see what happens.

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1. I have a feeling like many more tried this before.

2. I wonder how it will stand child play and time because stuff like this always starts breaking after year of playing.

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