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  1. Mechabrick is now over 80% of the way to its £13,000 Kickstarter goal - any pledges over this amount will enable Ben and his team to fund additional Mechabrick products as shown on the Kickstarter page. I'm very excited about this.
  2. Great photos, Ben (I especially like the vehicles and... is that a fried chicken restaurant?)
  3. A friend of mine, Ben Jarvis has just launched a Kickstarter project that you might be interested in. It's based around a new set of parts that can convert any minifig legs and torso into a fully-articulated, 3"-tall mecha. The parts will be injection-moulded in the UK, and will be 100% LEGO-compatible. You can pledge as little or as much as you want to fund the project, and at different pledge levels you will get rewards ranging from limited-edition mecha kits to full war-game sets. If the target funding is not reached by the end of the pledge period (one month) you will lose nothing, but if all goes well, you will not only receive your reward next year, but will have helped to launch this exciting new project. Apart from having pledged £12 (for which I hope to receive two mecha kits), I am in no way associated with the Mechabrick project - I just think you might be interested in it. http://www.kickstart...els?ref=kickspy