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  1. Just checked, but the Chiron has simple plain doors, no gull-wing or scissor doors ...
  2. I have recently build the two Ferraris 8653 and 8145 from the Racers series. Although I hesitated buying them because of their limited technical functions and missing suspension, I have to admit I like them. They are cool display models. The LaFerrari Aperta seems like an excellent candidate for this years super car model.
  3. I always love your videos! Another fascinating build.
  4. Thanks for sharing! Very inspiring. I have to start searchning the pieces for Lucio’s fire engine!
  5. I do not have the Mack yet, but in my opinion this is a no brainer. Go for the 42043 and you will not regret it. This is a “real” flagship set and a future classic.
  6. 42069 - C MODEL

    Wow! I’m a big fan of C-models, but this actually blows the B-model away! Also the purple of which I’m not a fan on the A-model, works well here. You understand that we will beg you for instructions to be able to build this!
  7. [TC13] bridge

    Indeed very original idea, but also well executed with the black bricks for the road separated by a white line and the blue panels for the water. I like it!
  8. Nico71's Creations

    Un grand merci! :-)
  9. Nico71's Creations

    Your big 2CV is indeed one of my favourite MOCs, but this is a nice surprise! The price for the whole package is indeed decent. I will wait for the MOC to become available on Rebrickable to see how many parts I’m missing for the Black/Red Charleston version. I particularly like the suspension, true to the wobbly nature of the original 2CV! :-)
  10. I will, but I first have to order some parts including the mechanism!
  11. Liebherr LR 11000

    I’m also amazed by the size, the functionality and the eye for detail. Not only of the crane itself, but also of the different Liebherr models that you are lifting. My compliments!
  12. What a great idea! Thanks for the instructions on Rebrickable! Will certainly build one for my office ...
  13. This would really surprise me. McLaren does not have the Wow factor other brands like Porsche and Ferrari have. I bet on a supercar from the Porsche mother company VW: Lamborghini or Audi. Much more chance of attracting not only AFOLs, but also Audi drivers.
  14. I had indeed nog looked at the chair! The scale is of course different, but that gives a good indication. I have decided to rebuild 8416 in the meantime and found this nice Lego Technic forklift comparison: https://thelegocarblog.com/2014/03/04/fork-off/