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  1. Custum water tanks for LEGO

    Wow! Congratulations on a great MOC! Cool end of the video with the real fire being extinguished. :-) This tank could also be used in other builds such as @Lucio Switch airport fire engine. I would be interested purchasing one.
  2. Displaying the price without VAT is misleading. The price is not 116 EUR, but 142 EUR.
  3. Cool! I love the funny details, like the golden figure with his stick and the turning eye. :-)
  4. Ropa Maus 5 Sugarbeet Loader

    Nice interview and cool to see your creations next to the real things. Looks like you had lots of visitors!
  5. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    Fabulous! A real masterpiece! You are really one of my favourite builders. You will see if this selling scheme works, but I doubt it very much. I would suggest selling the instructions at a premium price of say 100 EUR instead.
  6. I love it! Lego should offer this as an official set.
  7. Thanks @afol1969 for the great instructions! I have downloaded them and will add this to my to build list ...
  8. I really like your alternative proposal how this set could and should have been. The original set is a display model, this is a real Technic model. I like for instance your solution for the radar. Simple, but indeed another function added. I also like your solution for the windows. Much better than using stickers and the looks remind me of a Dutch trawler. Will you publish the final model on Rebrickable?
  9. Just saw that the local supermarkets are all selling this set for 179 EUR in view of Saint Nicolas/Christmas. In one you get an extra 20% if you have a member card, but I will still not buy it. It will be the only flagship set in recent years I will not buy ...
  10. Ropa Maus 5 Sugarbeet Loader

    Amazing! I still remember your previous Ropa engine. It was one of the first MOCs I saw after coming out of my dark ages and I was flabbergasted by what one can do with Lego Technic. Seeing your new creation, I am again flabbergasted and very much looking forward to the video. This should absolutely appear in the EB Hall of Fame!
  11. [TC12] The Toaster

    Great entry! You have my vote! :-)
  12. Scale Modeling General Discussion

    I’m not a scale modeler, but I follow the creations here with much interest. I think the introduction of a minimul scale leads to an arbitrary separation of models and above all builders. A forum is a community. Why force someone to post in another forum when his buddies or people whose opinion he values are in this forum? Just because the Forum is called today “Technic, Mindstorms and Model Team forum”? What prevents you from creating a “Scale modeling and Model Team Forum” and a “Technic and Mindstorms Forum”. Just my two cents ...
  13. MOC Silo Truck

    I’m always looking forward to your new MOCs. I have build the 42009 c model with much pleasure. Keep up your great work!
  14. Nico71's Creations

    I’m always looking forward to your new creations and I really appreciate that you always make instructions! I still remember first seeing this car in Auto Motor und Sport when I was a student. A reall classic!
  15. I assume it just means that it is part of the category « New » on their website so that you get to see all new sets when selecting this category.