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  1. Was hesitating long time if I should buy this set because of the flawed design and the crazy price. In the end I succumbed today. Found it for 412,5 EUR in the supermarket as part of a Christmas promo. I hope that someone will come up with a “pimp my Lieberherr” version that will look as it should have looked in the first place!
  2. I have just finished building my first Cada set, the Cada Master telehandler by @eric trax. I’m a big fan of his creations and had bought the original instructions. I just knew I would never get to buy the necessary Lego bricks to build this MOC. So when Cada brought out his set, I hesitated a bit, but bought it in the end. I did not regret it at all. This was one of the more challenging builds in years for me. It is really next level building. I really enjoyed it! The end result looks great! The quality of the bricks is not up to Lego’s standards, in particular the wheels feel cheap, but is still good value for money, in particular when you think of all the electronic components + lights included. The linear actuator in my set was broken. I contacted freakware.de where I bought the set and got a new one for free per post. Very happy with their service! I’m really excited seeing that Cada has established a collaboration with the best MOC-ers out there and look forward to your creations!
  3. Amazing! Thanks for sharing! These huge Lego ships are my favourite scale models. Always am amazed about the talent on Eurobricks …
  4. Hello everybody! Hope you are all doing fine! Haven’t visited Eurobricks in ages, but just had to share my yearly bargain. Just bought the 42131 CAT D11 new for 250 EUR (price was 319 EUR, but received 69 EUR on a fidelity card for future purchases). Used the money I still had on the card from the purchase of the Lamborghini last year. There is this one supermarket in Luxembourg Cora that always has sharp prices for Saint Nicolas + they offer 20% additionally on one item. The action started today. There were only three 42131 left … Really happy because I was reluctant to pay more for this clearly overpriced set. Such a shame! It would have been a bestseller if reasonably priced …
  5. That is also how I discovered your amazing creations and this thread. Wow! Very impressive. I had not realised they were mini figure scale. I’m a big fan of Edwin’s creations and look forward to following your work as well. Keep up your great work!
  6. Cool that you managed to build it as a B-model. You even found the parts to create the Audi sign! This makes it much easier for others to build. To my knowledge there are not many Bugatti B-models. Thanks for sharing and for making instructions!
  7. I had not intended to buy 42125, but seeing this model and reading about your plans, I may have to reconsider ... Keep up your great work! I like the pop-up lights!
  8. Let’s hope it lives up to these classics. Can it not be that the price is explained by the software development for the Control+ system? Maybe Lego sees remote control + fancy software as a way to justify high prices and differentiate itself from Chinese clone brands. Personally I would prefer more pieces and more complex builds than remote control which I try out once and that’s it.
  9. Fascinating as always! Happy new year!
  10. So we will get the missing B-model of the Liebherr that @eric trax has already created?
  11. I’m in awe! Not only an excellent MOC, but also great pictures that create the illusion we are dealing with the real thing. Truly impressive!
  12. Wow! What an amazing MOC! I have a weak spot for the 8110 because it brought me back into Lego Technic. Really impressed by the looks, the compact size and all the features included. Respect! Would love to build this of course ... :-)
  13. I bought the Sian recently and the colour difference on some bricks is really striking. It is in particular visible on the front: I contacted Lego because one brick was missing, but I have not contacted them because of the colour differences.
  14. Very nice! I have a weak spot for Unimogs. The Lego Unimog made me rediscover Lego Technic and realise that adults can also like Lego.
  15. Another medium sized race car ... Maybe a bit better than the 42096. Pff ... Would it not be more exciting for teenage boys to have a working chassis with motor, gears, suspension and to see how things work and move? A build that actually challenges them? I remember I needed help the first time I build the 853. Anyway, I still hope Lego will one day bring out a new chassis only flagship model that will make the new generation of boys dream like I did of the 853 and its successors.