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  1. This is excellent news! Thanks!
  2. WvG_853


    Very impressive build! As always ... Your eye for detail! You even replicated the floor. I guess you have not been able to avoid the two blue pins at the steering column? Although, they are actually one of the few visual clews that this is a Lego model ...
  3. Wow! I actually like the black windows. I think they look cool. Thank you very much for the video and the instructions. I’m normally more interested in Technic building, but am very curious to learn how you achieve these amazing curves and lines.
  4. WvG_853

    MOC: Harley Davidson FullOrbit™

    Very original! I very much like the use of the linear actuators and the different small detail elements. Excellent! With the oversized motor it is more a caricature of a motor cycle, in the positive sense, as it does not even have a chassis. The pastel colour scheme makes the motor cycle look like a wolf in sheep’s clothing!
  5. Amazing! As always ...
  6. WvG_853

    [MOC] Lego 42100 Mini-Replica

    👍🏻 Looks great, but the icing on the cake is that you added all the functions. Very original and very well executed. I had for instance not expected a functioning bucket.
  7. Good and logical idea, unfortunately I cannot see the video, I get the following message: Video unavailable This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
  8. WvG_853

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Amazing! I had guessed right that @Sariel had been asked to build a B-model, but this was not what I had imagined. Cool!
  9. WvG_853

    The Robot Solving Maze

    Wow! Impressive ... Also the effort you put in creating this maze that fits the robot perfectly, the combination of non-Lego wheels with Lego. My compliments! This should be a hit at local Lego demonstrations.
  10. WvG_853

    [MOC] Bulldozer

    Nice bulldozer! I have a weak spot for them. Were you inspired by a real model, or is it your inspiration? Interesting approach to build the XL motors vertically. The rest of the motors are nicely hidden. I in particular like the suspension seat! What I find a bit disturbing when watching the video is that the back ripper vibrates a lot when riding ...
  11. WvG_853

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    For the new ultimate model I expect a Lamborghini as it is part of the VW group just like the Porsche and the Bugatti. A backhoe would be great, but I think it is a shame TLG is not doing more with the agricultural theme. When I see that the Combine Harvester by @eric traxhas 1.7 million views, there seems to be enough interest to justify a flagship combine harvester. Lots of functions, lots of bricks. I have always found them extremely cool! I guess I am not the only one, although I consider graders cool as well. 😜 An even better idea would be to have a special collaboration with Eric for a special edition. They could plan with other well-known Lego MOCers to have such a special model every two years. We have enough candidates around here!
  12. Thanks for your review! Luckily I had started putting money aside for this set when it was first announced. I'm a bit surprised by the size, I had expected it to be bigger. I'm curious to hear why you were able to review this set earlier ... I hope it involves you making the missing B-model. ;-)
  13. Ha ha, you made my day! Very cool! + robustness is impressive
  14. WvG_853

    Control + Liebherr L580 WIP

    Thanks for this info! I did not know this. Based on the reviews of the 42099 I thought you could ONLY use the new motors with the official Lego app. It was actually one of the reasons I decided not to buy this set for the time being. The better ...
  15. WvG_853

    Control + Liebherr L580 WIP

    Curious to see progress. How do you pilot the new motors? I thought the Lego app allows for the time being no MOCs, but only 42099 and 42100.