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  1. Scale Modeling General Discussion

    I’m not a scale modeler, but I follow the creations here with much interest. I think the introduction of a minimul scale leads to an arbitrary separation of models and above all builders. A forum is a community. Why force someone to post in another forum when his buddies or people whose opinion he values are in this forum? Just because the Forum is called today “Technic, Mindstorms and Model Team forum”? What prevents you from creating a “Scale modeling and Model Team Forum” and a “Technic and Mindstorms Forum”. Just my two cents ...
  2. MOC Silo Truck

    I’m always looking forward to your new MOCs. I have build the 42009 c model with much pleasure. Keep up your great work!
  3. Nico71's Creations

    I’m always looking forward to your new creations and I really appreciate that you always make instructions! I still remember first seeing this car in Auto Motor und Sport when I was a student. A reall classic!
  4. I assume it just means that it is part of the category « New » on their website so that you get to see all new sets when selecting this category.
  5. Land Carrier Khagaan

    Wow, this is an epic creation and video! I particularly love the behind the scenes part that really shows the original ideas, size and features of your build.
  6. A factor that could depreciate the value of recent Technic sets is a change of Power Functions. Suddenly all recent sets, will look old. A bit similar to the studded/studless period. In particular flagship sets and limited editions keep their value and can increase to crazy prices when still sealed. I have for instance decided to give up on obtaining the 41999 because it has just become too expensive for what you get. When you find an extreme good offer of a new set, it could be interesting to buy this set and resell it later. This way you finance other Lego Technic purchases.
  7. Really cool! This is a set Lego should bring out. It will guarantee hours of fun!
  8. Thanks for the great review! The build models, the good pictures and your expertise really make this review stand out. Although primarily a Technic builder, I will consider this book ...
  9. I would go for the Arocs without hesitation. It is a real flagship set and one of the best Lego technic trucks/sets, a real classic. It provides you lots of pieces + PF and pneumatics. Another interesting aspect: there are some excellent C models for this set. What else do you need?
  10. Thanks to this great review I decided last year to buy the 8868. I have just completed building this set. It took me 5 evenings. Until this review I was not convinced by the looks of this set. How wrong I was! This is indeed a real classic and one of the more challenging and satisying Technic builds. So if you get an opportunity to buy/build this set, don't hesitate!
  11. I had the impression flagship sets are normally introduced in the second half of the year. If this is true, I guess the MACK set will be a medium set comparable to the 42052 and 42066 sets. We may be expecting too much from this set ...
  12. After buying the 8010 Unimog set some years ago, @Blakbird and @Sariel made me rediscover my passion for Lego Technic and made me realise that it is not necessary to be ashamed of the fact that I am an adult who likes to build Lego Technic. I cannot think of better Lego Technic ambassadors/evangelists for this exciting project.
  13. Wow! So it is possible to build a "Technic only" truck without relying too much on non-Technic bricks for instance for the grill/nose. Impressive! It would be interesting to have a picture with another well known Lego technic set to better realsie the size of the truck.
  14. I'm also surprised Lego has not introduced a GBC set all these years. This would be a great theme that you can add modules to each year. The catamaran is the set I'm most curious about. It is relevant following this years America's Cup and it has potential for several technical features such as lowering the foils, changing direction of the rudders and sails. Maybe combining multiple sets will allow building a bigger MOC. It would be a great display model.
  15. This is probably heresy here, but I find American trucks rather boring ... Also because we have already had some great sets: 8285 and 5571. The trailer looks interesting ...