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  1. I have started building the Porsche again using the Pimp up my Porsche instructions by @jb70 that contain all your MODs. What a pleasure puzzling again to find on each image what needs to go where. This is old style Lego technic building! I love it!
  2. I am actually impressed by the quality of the translation! What is the issue? The answers are in English ...
  3. Maybe you can share a picture of the changes you made in the MOD topic ...
  4. @kbalage my compliments for this very interesting and different review. I really enjoyed watching it and admired the professional and slick look of it.
  5. WvG_853

    [MOC] 40 CP1408

    Wow! You really outdid yourself! When I first saw the pictures I thought it was a new creation of @Bricksonwheels ...I would also be interested in the details requested by @Hrw-Amen in his post. My compliments!
  6. Thanks @Rikus for this very illustrative images. It shows as well that the side window is too high or the door too low ... From above the similarity is stunning
  7. Coincidence! I also ordered the missing pieces as well as the printed parts. While waiting for the price of the Chiron to drop, I decided to build the ultimate Porsche. I hope somebody will do the same for the Chiron ...
  8. I can see a Pimp up my Bugatti coming! :-)
  9. As with the Porsche, issues could have been avoided by involving 1-2 two members of the AFOL community in critical pre-release testing.
  10. WvG_853

    Technic Pub

    Also check out the different C models ... there is a thread somewhere. Some are amazing!
  11. What I thought as well. What a shame suspension and a functioning steering wheel are not added more often to smaller official Lego sets ...
  12. Cool! Looking forward to building this!
  13. Great MOC! A reminder that cool playable MOCs do not need to be flashy. HOG steering and functioning steering wheel. I like your attention to detail such as the hidden reserve wheel. I did just not understand what you used for the cilinders ...
  14. I’m certainly not in the hate camp. I’m impressed with the overall resemblance and it packs more functions than expected. I am very much looking forward to building it one day, but I will wait for the price to become “reasonable” on amazon or with Christmas in a super market promotion. It is 400 EUR on the Lego shop ... For me the premium look and feel and corresponding pricing are not necessary. I am interested in the building and technic functions. I would rather have a cheaper model without the fancy box and booklet, but that’s probably my Dutch origins ...
  15. A highly critical review by Held der Steine in German: In brief he considers it highly over priced and flawed in its implementation. He does not consider this a “Technic” model and is not a fan of the recent tendancy of form over function. If you want realistic reproductions of models, why not reintroduce the Model Team series ...