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  1. 1: 10 5: 6 8: 4 10: 3 3: 2 6: 1 My compliments to all participants! It was great fun seeing your WIP threads and the final outcomes ...
  2. WvG_853

    My Catfish MOC

    This is so cool! One of my favourite MOCs is the Shark by @Tomik (https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-1165/Tomik/9394-red-shark/#info), but you have brought the fish movement to another level. Great also that you are providing building instructions ...
  3. I loved Lego Technic as a child. My favourite set was the 853. I thought it was so cool that you can see how the internals of a car function. Growing up I lost interest until I had my own children and rediscovered Lego. Just then the Unimog came out. I always had a weak spot for Unimogs. It was the first Technic set I bought as an adult, but I had to overcome a feeling of shame. Next, when visiting my parents I rebuild my old 853 and finally admitted to myself that I actually just enjoyed building Lego technic. Then thanks to @Sariel I discovered that I am not the only adult who likes to play with Lego Technic, but that there is a whole community out there! I discovered in awe the amazing MOCs so many of you create. Ever since I have bought and build most of the flagship sets that I had missed all these years. Apart from the fact that I just like building with Lego and marvel at the functions, I have realised that together with cycling it is my way to destress from work. It is my mindfullness ...
  4. WvG_853

    [MOC] Backhoe Loader V3

    @emielroumen Thanks for sharing the pictures of the progress of your build ...
  5. Thanks for the explanation. Really cool!
  6. This contest turns out to be great. Really impressive mechanism, also interesting to see that you have used the elements from the Chiron. How does the slow return to the base function? Good luck!
  7. I was planning to rebuild the 42078, but I will this time build it with your trailer. Thanks for the instructions!
  8. Bricksafe offers some default dimensions, but they are all in landscape mode. Your pictures are in portrait mode. If you change the end of the URL from 800x600.jpg to 600x800.jpg the image is displayed entirely.
  9. My daughters confronted me shocked when they returned from the supermarket where they had seen the Chiron for the local retail price of 399 EUR. I had to explain I did not pay that much. Still a lot of money ...
  10. That, its unfinished looks and the price are the main issues with this set. Since you have found it at a decent price and you seem to want it, what’s holding you if you have the money?
  11. WvG_853

    [MOC] Citroën DS

    Bravo! The end result is really cool! Indeed instantly recognisable, but with a certain abstractness that I like particularly. It is both a great model to play with (these turning lights! The air suspension!), but also a display model you can be proud of. I would not mind having it on my desk, but I would probably build it in black. For memories sake ...
  12. Mine wasn’t either, but my teenage daughters loved it. They actually build it entirely themselves! :-) I will now order the pieces for the Pimp up my Chiron version so that I will have an excuse to build it myself. Enjoy! Although the build is fascinating, extremely dense and challenging at times (yeah!), I still like the looks of the Porsche better, especially in the Pimp up my Porsche version.
  13. Thanks for the picture. I saw on @grohl Facebook page, that this is still work in progress. Really cool that Milan creates these C-Models. I bought his heavy duty helicopter only when I saw his C Model Dragon. Let’s hope he will make instructions, it will make this set even more attractive.
  14. WvG_853

    Effe's MOC Corner

    My initial reaction was the flat one, but in the end I prefer the fat one. It is also more in line with the Kalmar ...
  15. The Lancia Stratos is one of my all-time favourite cars and I am really happy you created this great B-Model! One reason more for those who do not yet have bought the Porsche to get one. Your creation makes it more than a display model. I have bought the instructions already. Once I finish building the Chiron, I think this will be next ... I share what others have expressed already, if this is your first MOC, I am really curious what your next MOCs will be!