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  1. This is probably heresy here, but I find American trucks rather boring ... Also because we have already had some great sets: 8285 and 5571. The trailer looks interesting ...
  2. Amazon.de has the same set for 104,99 EUR. I'm waiting for @nguyengiangoc to inform us of the best available offer (he has proven to have a nose for it) or the Christmas offers of the local super markets ...
  3. Thanks for sharing! They are all great, but I prefer the dumptruck from the three trucks. Have you build Lucio's airport fire truck as well? I hope to finally build it this year ...
  4. Very clean implementation! I'm impressed as well by the performance.
  5. The 8854 is one of my favourite small sets with good playability: https://brickset.com/sets/8854-1/Power-Crane
  6. My VW T1 XXXL Long MOC

    Thanks for the picture with the caravan + toepasselijk, you are Dutch after all! ;-) I get a clear picture of the size now. I guess it should be similar to @Sheepo VW bus: http://www.sheepo.es/2015/06/volkswagen-type-2-t1-bus-instructions.html?m=1 with the difference that you have created the long version.
  7. My VW T1 XXXL Long MOC

    Wow! Amazing. Would be interesting tobhave a side by side picture with the equivalent Lego Creator set to get an idea of the scale.
  8. Yes, I see your point ...
  9. I trust your judgement, but I still have my doubts about the colour choice. On the other hand, it is true if I look at Ken Blocks cars for instance, they are black with elements in these kind of colours: green, azure blue, and I also found a car with purple ...
  10. I don't understand the choice for the purple panels. All black would have been way cooler! Your pictures make all technic sets look great ...
  11. I have realised that that is indeed what makes me build LEGO. For me it is an ideal way of destressing ...
  12. Cool MOC and even cooler that it is a C-Model! Airport vehicles have always fascinated me. You have captured well this utilitarian form. My compliments!
  13. I forgot to share with you a picture of the final model ... As you can see the model is ideal to transport the Saturn V top part ... ;-) I enjoyed building this C-model very much. I can recommend it wholeheartedly + it gives you the pleasure the take it apart and build the Claas again. Here are the bricks that are not used for the C-model:
  14. @Sariel Thanks for the great review. The extensive outdore testing was a nice surprise. I suggest putting your video review as well in your thread with 2017 set reviews or in a separate post, like this people can find them more easily. Otherwise it will soon be buried on page 127 of ... Where your reviews have convinced me in the past to give a set the benefit of the doubt, this time it confirms my initial impressions: underwhelming, unfinished, overpriced. This is a flagship set I will not be getting.