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Found 9 results

  1. "Sometimes, late at night, you can hear the whistle wail with a spooky, screechy sound like a wheel gone off the rail; and up in the smoky clouds, you can almost recognize the ghost of a crazy engineer with fiery cinder eyes; I say, Whoo-whoo! Can't you hear the haunted train? Whoo-whoo! Waiting on a haunted train I'm gonna, crash that engine, you know, only sticks and stones and old conductors' bones remain..." This steam loco was from the first animated train cartoon I ever saw when I was very small (three years old, from what I'm told), and is one of my favorites, easily beating The Brave Engineer (1950's Disney cartoon) and only being bested by The Polar Express film! I got the basic looks for the model from a single screenshot of the 1990's Nickelodeon cartoon show "Hey Arnold!". The engine seem to be based on Norfolk and Western K-1 class 4-8-2, but is apparently owned by Great Northern as evidenced by the tender writing. You can read more about the haunted engine, it's known story, and even potential theories for why it crashed here on the Arnold wiki. (yes, that's a thing, and credit to Paul Welch on Flickr for bringing this info to my attention.) The following text is from the wiki page for the episode: "As shown in the episode of the same name (Haunted Train), the legend concerns the phantom locomotive, Old Engine 25. Forty years ago (from original broadcast date, so November 1956), during a movement from the train yard to Union Station, Engine 25's engineer suddenly went insane. Defying signals and warnings to slow down, he intentionally derailed the engine and its train which slid down a high embankment. However, no wreckage was found beyond the engineer's severed hand, still clutching a part of Engine 25's throttle. According to the legend, the engineer drove the train straight to the fiery underworld, and now once a year on the anniversary of the engine's derailment, returns aboard Engine 25 with the intent of collecting new passengers to return to the underworld with him." There is even a song used over the closing credits of the episode, sung by the ghostly crazed engineer who drove his train all the way to hell (see first portion of post for that song!) And yes, I know a steam engine is not a entire train... it may partially make up a train, but it itself is not a train. The rear of the engine. The engine's boiler is a highly modified version of one seen on this Rebrickable MOC by @Plastic_Goth (only the boiler is partially reused, I designed everything else myself). Inside of the ghost engine's cab. Yeah, I know the engine from the Hey Arnold! cartoon episode 'Haunted Train ' only had a ghost engineer. But I thought a ghostly conductor would be a good addition, and I just couldn't resist. You will note the loco's fireman is not present here; he must've jumped off just before the wreck and survived, so he isn't a ghost. (some fan theory's say Arnold's grandpa was the fireman, as he did work for the railroad and saw first hand what happened during the wreck) ...Would you look at that! It's the anniversary tonight of the wreck! Won't you go on a lovely train ride with me? Notes: It's BAAACK! The Haunted Train never finished it's journey to real bricks, so I decided to give it a new lease on life rather than just haunting my computer. I was inspired to do this by a kid at a recent train show I displayed my models at, who asked me if I had heard of the TV episode and it's train. (and why I didn't have a model of it on display!) I took this as a sign from forces beyond my comprehension that I needed to build this engine, pronto. Thoughts welcome!
  2. Long time have not posted anything here. Perhaps 3 years? IMG_4398 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_4397 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_4401 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr Secret unveiled (though you may not be interested in it). This Halloween MOC is placed upside down in order to make the spiders crawl on ceiling. In the meantime, I purposefully try to cover this up with lighting design and scene setup. IMG_4387 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr 44060345_1392232234241364_1103817804936642560_n by skcheung730, 於 Flickr Besides to scare people, these two spiders take the duty to hold the ladder onto the wall... Otherwise, the ladder will fall. 44057287_1392281490903105_1494581862331318272_n by skcheung730, 於 Flickr The skeleton minifig does not wish to stand up. It is simply pulled out by gravity. ? IMG_4398 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr After all, happy halloween!!!
  3. Hello everyone! Today i present to your attention my new long-term construction - Old Victorian Vampire Mansion! It all started in 2016, when I wanted to "increase" my most favorite set 10228 Haunted House, which, not counting little size, was perfect stylistically! But to increase it, leaving in the same performance, was not interesting to me. I watched a lot of works on this topic on the Internet and finally formed an image of the acting model in my head. Next, I counted the budget and ... postponed it to "later"))) It was lucky that my LUG join Lagbalk last year. There, I ordered the most costly part - bricks modified with masonry. The exact amount used did not count, but the figure is about 1000 bricks (in the equivalent of 1x2). A year waited for those brics and now the moment of assembly has come. The second inaccessible element was the skeletal legs, which were used as decor on the roof (there are about 150 of them). After several Bricklink-orders the house was ready. It has all 4 walls (the back part is quit simple except that the chimney). In the right window of the second floor is mounted a red light-brick. It works by pressing a button on the back of the building, creating the effect of villainous processes in the room. All other standard windows are closed "jalousie", that would not pass light, deadly for vampires. Actually, the vampire pair itself is already arrived to the entrance on theirs carriage harnessed by two black horses. On each side of the house there are two enchanted trees, which frighten all uninvited guests. So, let's have a look: Victorian Haunted Mansion. Lord Vampire and his bride just arrived for theirs home. Photo by Dwalin Forkbeard by Anton Kushnir, on Flickr Victorian Haunted Mansion. Lord Vampire and his bride just arrived for theirs home. Photo by Dwalin Forkbeard by Anton Kushnir, on Flickr
  4. A couple of days late, or maybe just in time for Day of the Dead. In either case... Certain tales and superstitions are quick to catch and spread. Stories of a ship seen at distance burning with an eerie green fire, told hold all across the spreading empires. Corlander rationalism, the Faith of Oleon, nothing seemed to silence hushed tales of of the burning ship and its crew of the dead and damned. And around a certain night sacred to the priests of Hades reported sightings of the ship known as the Lost Soul's Tide were all to frequent.
  5. Kinda disappointed by the non-compatibility of the two Monsterfighters sets 'vampyre hearse' and 'haunted house', I build the house a bit larger and now the hearse a bit smaller. The hearse had allready been modded to my own taste, but now was the time to build a smaller version for my house. First time I ever tried and build a 7-stud wide car. And man, that comes with problems... It took me quite a while but I think I did okay. I used snot techniques, for instance the front-end and the windscreen. Most of the rest is a basic traditional Lego build. Oh, and it is still minifig-friendly. It contains a zombie-chaufeur and a vampyre-filled coffin! ^ Figuring out how to narrow the wheelspacing was quite a challenge. It is now hold on by a single row of 4 studs and two 2x2 jumperplates. ^ As compared to my 'original' hearse... ^ The new version has the coffin sticking out a bit in the back, for a more grotesque view Well, it does add a little bit of drama ofcourse... ^ 7-studs vs 8-studs ^ The reason for schrinking the hearse: My Modified Haunted House. Both look way better together as well as on their own.
  6. Haunted Manor by donwilson, on Flickr The history of our Haunted Manor is plagued with ghostly beings and tortured souls. Infested with spiders and rats, these creatures seem to find their way into every nook of this dark manor. The land is gray and the trees are bare, there isn't much life on this small plot of land. As their butler Wolfram sweeps the front porch and Guinevere walks her pet Legs around the block, Mr. M inspects his skull collection. Around the corner, Kimberly screams in terror when she finds herself in the same predicament as the skeleton hanging next to her. I've spent the past couple months building this haunted manor after continusously failing to buy Lego's Haunted House (#10228) at a reasonable price. This is my first major MOC and a bit late for Halloween. I'm inspired by the masters of Lego MOCs - Derfel Cadarn, Legonardo Davidy, and cesbrick. This is my first submission to Eurobricks and I hope you like it! Haunted Manor by donwilson, on Flickr
  7. Hello fellow Eurobrickers, Have you ever wondered how set 10228 Haunted House would look like if it was to be renovated into a brand new home with a garden all around? Well, I did. Which is why I started to build this renovation about a year and a half ago. However, life got in the way of the building process and the renovation got shelved until an unspecified date. However, it was only 2 weeks ago that I wanted to restart the renovation and got to building, with the following result (click to view larger image): However, that was when I realised there were a lot of bricks I didn't have in my collection that I needed for this renovation, so I got to Bricklinking. Ultimately, I ended up with 12 Bricklink orders with a total amount of 200 euros. And even then I wasn't done with ordering parts yet. There are still some parts that need to be ordered, but I'll only order them when the build calls for it. For example, I've already ordered quite a lot of blue slopes for the roof. Yesterday, I continued the build and ended up with the following WIP (click to view larger image): I won't be able to build much due to life getting in the way, but I'll try my best to keep you guys updated once or twice a week. Anyway, enough for my rambling. Please enjoy and let me know what you think of this Haunted House Makeover. See my Brickshelf for more photos.
  8. Mestari

    Haunted ruins

    This is the first time I public something in the historic sub-forum. Let me present the haunted ruins featuring one minifig ;) Yes, it's free at last! If you want to have a look at instructions, those are available via Rebrickable: I hope you like it:
  9. Hi!!!I love building Mecha but sometimes I like to change... this is my new Mini Haunted House,I hope you like! Link with other photos Preview