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  1. Jefry Been

    Jurassic World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Please, give me Styracosaurus with the next line! My favourite dino evere)
  2. Jefry Been

    [IDEAS] Railroad Signal Box [need support]
  3. Jefry Been

    [IDEAS], [MOC] Steam Locomotive Collecrible

    Thanks! Here you are 1000% right! I don't have much hope either, but one day they will release a train through the idea platform. It will be my project or someone else's - it doesn't matter! Thanks a lot! Yes, the boiler here, ideally, is needed with a diameter of 5 or made in slopes, as almost all steam locomotives are made starting from the Emerald Night. But I wanted to maintain a perfectly round shape like the original. Scale in Lego is almost impossible to hit in all respects. 1) Yes, just lets do it! I started this mainstream with train projects.... who is next? 2) Agree, need bigger wheels for this model like those large from BigBenBricks @M_slug357Thanks for your comment)
  4. Jefry Been

    [IDEAS] Railroad Signal Box [need support]

    So in mine too)) Thanks! 1518 for now! Slowly but surely )
  5. Jefry Been

    [IDEAS] Railroad Signal Box [need support]

    Huge thanks to you, mate! I'm really hapy you like it))
  6. Hello again, passengers! ) Today let me introduce you my NEW collectible Steam Locomotive JB-35. JB-35 is a custom name (J.B. is my initials and 35 is my age) but in fact locomotive is based on real soviet mainline passenger steam locomotive IS 20-08 (2-8-4). Construction years 1932—1942. At the time of its creation, it was the most powerful passenger steam locomotive in Europe (3200 h.p.) and in the history of the Soviet steam locomotive industry. The winner of the Grand Prix at the World Exhibition in Paris (1937). A feature of the locomotive was a large unification in many details with the FD freight locomotive. The model is presented exclusively as an exhibition piece, but after a certain upgrade and the addition of a tender, it can be motorized. To support as IDEAS project and to see more photos you can see here: The real loco:
  7. Jefry Been

    [IDEAS] Railroad Signal Box [need support]

    Huge thanks to every lego train fan for your support! Go ahead!
  8. Jefry Been

    [IDEAS] Railroad Signal Box [need support]

    Thank you very much for your support!
  9. Jefry Been

    [IDEAS] Railroad Signal Box [need support]

    Thanks a lot from a bottom of my heart! ) Thanks, mate! Appreciate that) Many thanks! Glad you like it!) I'm very happy you like it! Will appreciate if you can share with someone in the train theme)
  10. ATTENTION, PASSENGERS! SUPPORT THIS PROJECT AND SHARE IT WITH OTHER TRAIN STATIONS AND PASSENGERS))) Railroad Signal Box. I want to devote this project to my grandfather (RIP), who has worked on the railway all his life. I am myself a big fan of the railway theme and have a large collection of Lego trains. The house of the track keeper is a very colorit structure and an irreplaceable attribute of any railway junction. This instance was inspired by a real Sheringham West Signal Box in UK. Hope this project will have a chance to become a real Lego set and be a good addition to any train collection. Thank you)
  11. Jefry Been

    Krampus [MOC]

    Well of course it is not a comedy as American Pie or Films with Lesli Nilsen but it is very light and not very serious as real horror movie but with perfect decorations and the whole picture looks like it is a qulity movie (IMPO). I didn't creat a stickers, both prints from the walls are available in STUDIO Do you mean windows from the first floor? They are simple have 3 angles and connected by hinge plates Thank you for your comments) Thank you for your feedback! No, the floors are firmly fixed. Therefore, I left him without back wall, so that in theory it would be possible to play and stage scenes inside the house. The house was submitted for IDEAS, but was rejected by moderation as a reference to cruelty, monsters and other heresy. Here is an original poster
  12. Jefry Been

    Krampus [MOC]

    My MOC set is based on 2015 American Christmas horror comedy film directed by Michael Dougherty. The main location is the house of Engel family. Here We can see: 1) Max Engel, a boy who loses the Christmas spirit 2) his father Tom (in sofa) 3) his Mother Sarah (near to Tom) 4) Beth - the teenage sister of Max and 5) Omi Engel ( the mother of Tom and grandmother of Max and Beth) Along with human characters we have: 1) a big Krampus figure on the roof and his helpers 2) two snowmen 3) demonic angel 4) evil cloun from the box Three days before Christmas, the prosperous but dysfunctional Engel family gather for the holidays. Max Engel remains a firm believer in Santa Claus and intends to send him a letter. Max wants to continue family traditions, but tensions among his relatives saps their Christmas spirit. In a fit of anger, Max tears up the letter and throws it to the wind outside and it's swept up into the sky. That was the call the Krampus to come! Krampus the eponymous character from Austro-Bavarian folklore. He is an ancient demonic spirit who punishes those who have lost the Christmas spirit. This film becomes one of my Christmas collection. And now i would love to create and share with you the atmosphere of it.
  13. Jefry Been

    [MOC] Chocolate Red

    Wow, very cool MOC! I like his detailed head, and physics looks perfect!
  14. Thanks for comments, guys! I was trying to enter with this work as iDeas project, but was rejected with interesting answer from LEGO: