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Found 35 results

  1. Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 On July 31st, 1715 one of the wealthiest Treasure Fleets in history wrecked off the coast of Florida. Millions of Spanish coins, jewels, and other valuables littered the shallows. After months of Spanish recovery efforts a small fortune remained lightly guarded on the beach, open to anyone daring enough to steal it. In early 1716, a small group of pirates lead by Henry Jennings, Sam Bellamy, and Benjamin Hornigold raided the small Spanish garrison and made off with a haul equivalent to 10 years of wages for only a single nights 'work'. The wealth of this raid and the inspiration it provided for would-be pirates across the New World, kicked off the final stages of the Golden Age of Piracy. Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  2. We all know it happens, nothing new there, but this one has a train theme and this time it is not a Chinese company doing it. From this ... to this ... I would guess from the rebranding/reworking that they fear the IP lawyers of London Transport more than the IP lawyers of TLG. That is probably a fair assessment. ******* OK, I found it new, boxed, UK supplier on eBay for £37 including delivery. I know that it uses smaller blocks but I had to buy it at that price. I supported the original on Ideas and will still buy the real set if released. Let me know if you want a review.
  3. Professor Thaum

    [O - G02] More cold feet - a new radar

    PREVIOUSLY : intro radar : 1st test The base 1 The Lab 1 Radar : 2nd test Radar : the CBI Location : Freegate G02 Tags : Octan, science, land vehicle, spaceship (micro), piracy, native. Prof : Here we are Hadvice, the Dragonfly is really a great ship for landing some stuff for exploration Hadvice: indeed, we must start as soon as the refueling is complete : Have a nice trip Professor, I'm in orbital stand by. Pilot : Refueling complete Professor, everybody's boarding please. Set your alien outfit. : Here we go !! : again... : Cold Feet Mission Control Center, ready again ? CFMC² : Yes Professor, all radar on passive mode as requested, good luck. Prof : let's go for the new radar trial. Hadvice: seems to be not far from the spot I detected with the ice-jet professor Professor : OK, pilot stop, we start from here with the radar, I'm going out to set it up. Prof : I think it's OK, I start the detection right now. Hadvice: we're now deploying to secure the ground, professor. : the signal is strong and come from just right in front of the Kharkovshanka. : So we're going to find mithril right in this big snowdrift. Hadvice: Professor, this cristal seems to be Mithril, is it right ? Professor : Yes Hadvice, The radar is OK, this is pure Mithril cristal !!! : YEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!! Hadvice : It's a great day Professor !! The radar is OK, all this days of strong work, and the success is finally here !!! Prof: This is Mithril !!! CFMC², here's Professor Thaum, the trip is succesful !!! I'm the best !!! The radar works !!! Now I have to adapt it to other raw materials !!! CFMC² : Cold Feet Mission control Center To Kharkovshanka, one spot en route on intercept course toward your position. Transmitting to the Dragonfly... : Not a problem CFMC², we are over... : A Small MANTIS hovergunship !! Quick ! Everybody ! Alien fishing operation !!! Hadvice, you load the cristal container box in the vehicle, bring the "translator" and don't forget your text ! : Krakoucaaaas , professor !! DZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM !! WZZZZ WZZZZ WZZZZ !!!! : Greetings sentients, I'm 1st Ensigne Dan HAZER from MANTIS corporation, You're on MANTIS controlled territory, can we have a look to your vehicle ? Sam, be carefull, this sounds very unusual... : OK. Translator : Krokedi krokeda karakatakataka kriiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkzzzzz : Krakoucaaaaaas !! kreketeketek, krok, krich krash krosh !! : Kkkkreetings, I'm Kriiik, we are on supply duty for ourrr village, miam sluuurp, it is not farrrrrrr away to the norrrrrth. You kan have a lookkk to the Khaarrrrrkkkkooov ! : Kharrrrrkoov ? : klooook ? : Krakoucccaaaas ! krokedi to krakeda ! : Vehikkkkle ! Yes, I'll show you, follow me. Alien 1 : Krakek kakekakekot, krooooooook ! Translator : This is our kommunikation devizzzzzzzz to the leffffft... Translator : ... and the ize kube zyztem to the right ! : Ice cube ? : Yeees, ice for fish, we love fishes very mush, come with me ! Translator : Here's the fishes Krook is fishing for... Dan : I see, all seems to be OK Sam, I'll just have a look in the command room of this "Kharkov" and we leave. Kriiik, could I have a look to the cockpit ? How is the Kharkov powered ? : Krakoucaaaaas !!! krokikekruketakekri !! krichi krichi krooooooom ! Kro kro kriiiik ! : It is fuel powered, yes you can lookkkkkkk at the deckkkkkkkkk, follow me ! SCRAAAAAAATCHHHHHHHHHHH ! : : : Krakoukoooooooooops ! : drat ! : You're a bonehead Hadvice !!! ******* Terribble cliffhanger... small interlude for the situation intensity : PWAAAAAAAAP !! PWAAAAAAAAP !!! PWAAAWAAAAAP !!! : PWAP PWAP PWAP PWAAAAAAAP !! PWAWAWAWAAAAP !!! : BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKTRE !!!! Here we go again ****** Hadvice : Kayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!! Sam : Damned !! : Booooooooooooooooooob !!! Boooooooooooooooooooob !!!!! Kharkov to dragonfly !!! We're repeared !!!! HEEEEEEEEEELP !!! It's horrible, Bob do not answer, they've got him !!!! Dan : Die, bloody spy... PIUUUUUUUUWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWww gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... TCHAAAAAAAAAK back piuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwwwwwww Prof : After you, dear friend... madness !! a single blaster vs a black spiral knight... Dan : Aaaargh !! gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ****** Some explosive device seems to have been fired up from the roof of the Kharkov ****** FSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Hadvice : yaaaaatsh ! Boooooooooooooooob !!! Booooooooooooooob !!! It's awful !!!! Prof : You're a Bonehead Hadvice !!!! Pilot : Professor, the Dragonfly's already diving toward us in Freegate atmosphere impacting 120 seconds, communication jammed probably due to the dive speed. Prof : Thanks, Liam ! A living experiment subject !! I have a living experiment subject !!! Prof: We take the survivor back with us... Great day, a succesful radar and a living experiment subject !!! I'm very pleased !!!! : Don't worry Hadvice, I'm here!! I'm on you Kharkov, prepare to onboard, I'll catch you in about 35 seconds... C&C Welcome... a throng of bonus pics later
  4. soccerkid6

    [M-C04] Obliterating Octan

    Location: C04, Aeristus Tags: Vehicle, Piracy, Land Vehicle, Military, Spying Job: Driver Start Log: Back to work again, this time as part of time on Aeristus, sent to weaken Octan operations there. Naturally this was a stealth mission, so our vehicles were equipped with a darker colorscheme than usual, allowing us to blend into the night. Most recently we came across an Octan robot, it fled, but stood no chance against the cannons on my tank. Good to build for MANTIS again! The printed brick was a gift from Lady K at BFVA
  5. Mesabi

    [K-F09] Infiltration on Onix

    Location: Arium Minor F09 Tags: Piracy, Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Exploration "Agent Hailey, you still haven't told us why we need to get to Onix so fast." said Captain Mesabi. Traveling 6 GATE jumps had taken a toll on him. "Right, well, you know what biological warfare is?" Agent Hailey replied Onix by North White, on Flickr "You mean like germs and stuff?" Answered Captain Mesabi. "Yes, well it seems Octan has been weaponizing a version of the 'Black Eye' disease in the Oni Ren. http://www.eurobrick...74#entry2595813 "And? I'm a Pilot, I fly things." Captain Mesabi replied incredulously. "No, You're a Pawn. Just like the rest of us. And your Orders are to recover samples of the virus so we can develop an antidote." Agent Hailey said darkly. "We're going to capture a small Octan water tanker leaving Arium minor. You'll use this to infiltrate Cerberus station on Onix." "Right...." "Agents, We've sighted the tanker, right on schedule." Yelled Bo'sun Jacobs from the cockpit. Onix by North White, on Flickr "You know how this is done. Suit up." Said Agent Hailey. Onix by North White, on Flickr "Closing in, Hang on!" Yelled the Bo'sun. The Silence of Space filled Captain Mesabi as he stepped out in his suit. Onix by North White, on Flickr Before him was the Tanker, he ran forwards. Onix by North White, on Flickr A short leap through space, terrifying. Icarus Returning was far faster than the tanker, and so such a maneuver could be done. Onix by North White, on Flickr He latched onto the side. The Pilot inside looked scared. He pulled open the door, and grabbed him. Onix by North White, on Flickr The two ships docked, the prisoner was tied up, and Captain Mesabi took control of the tanker. Onix by North White, on Flickr ****************************************************************************************************** The Tanker was feet from the landing pad, Captain Mesabi turned the ship to face the correct direction. Onix by North White, on Flickr Onix by North White, on Flickr "Why do I always forget, the gauge is on the side with the nozzle..." He muttered to himself. An Octan guard walked out, holding a ladder. Onix by North White, on Flickr "Thank goodness, we're almost dry." The Octan Guard siad Onix by North White, on Flickr "Yes, I am an Octan Water Tanker Pilot. Filling Water is My job that I enjoy much." Captain Mesabi said, "Look, just fill up the tank." Onix by North White, on Flickr "Well, First I need to TANK! you!" He jumped into battle. Onix by North White, on Flickr He Grabbed the rifle, The Guard shot into the air, "Security Breach", he yelled into his helmet Onix by North White, on Flickr The Guard tossed him off, and fired. Onix by North White, on Flickr Onix by North White, on Flickr Mesabi rolled just in time, dodging the bullets Onix by North White, on Flickr He ran up and kicked the rifle out of the guards hand Onix by North White, on Flickr It flew over, and landed in the lava river, Onix by North White, on Flickr Crackling, it melted to a crisp, firing as the heat disolved it. Onix by North White, on Flickr A swift uppercut to the guard sent him sprawling Onix by North White, on Flickr Picking up the ladder, Mesabi slamed it down, knocking him out. Onix by North White, on Flickr Onix by North White, on Flickr At once, he became aware of the alarms blaring. "Security Breach, Security Breach." Cried the monotone alarm system. He ran towards the door. Onix by North White, on Flickr "What do I do? This isn't going as planned!" Mesabi yelled into his helmet. "Find the Computer system and unlock the following doors:" Onix by North White, on Flickr *Meanwhile, on the upper level Gardens." Onix by North White, on Flickr "That's weird...." Onix by North White, on Flickr "Woah!" Onix by North White, on Flickr *Splash* Onix by North White, on Flickr "Where am I going! this place is huge!" Captain Mesabi yelled. "Go left, right, left, left, right, and get into the elevator." Hailey radioed him. Onix by North White, on Flickr "Aw man, they have a bowling alley! we don't even have one on Orinshi!" "Stay on target, now run forwards, and jump out the window." Onix by North White, on Flickr "What?!?" "Just do it." *meanwhile* "The Infection is getting worse. I'll expect some results by the time I get back." Said Doctor Long. http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=137990 Onix by North White, on Flickr "YAAA!" Onix by North White, on Flickr *SMASH* Onix by North White, on Flickr "I'll do the best I can but," *THUNK* Onix by North White, on Flickr "What was that?" Dr. Long asked. "Beats me" answered the scientist." Onix by North White, on Flickr "I really hate Mondays." Said Captain Mesabi. FIN Hope you liked this weeks build(s) I hope I didn't break any rules, I just wanted to get a lot of the story knocked out. Thanks to Dannylonglegs for letting me use her charecter. I hope you liked this weeks build, if only one of the vehicles can be judged, please do the Octan tanker, and thanks for viewing!
  6. VK-318

    [K-G10] Package Retrieved

    Location: G10 Onix Tags: Building (Spaceship interior), Piracy Note that both micro spaceships have appeared in previous builds and are therefore not to be judged. They are presented here for narrative purposes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When our probe reported the detection of the Octan courier, we moved in. We accelerated to a high speed, then cut engines as we approached thermal imaging range of the target. We would have to be very close before they could pick us up if our thrusters were not burning, and by that time it was too late. I fired the harpoons and made our ship fast to theirs, and, after a few moments of chaos as the two ships, moving in very different directions, adjusted to a single trajectory, we began the docking procedure. Naturally, the Octan ship did not open its airlock for us, but any good pirate ship is equipped with special mating collars on its airlocks that can make an airtight seal against the hull of another ship while the airlock itself is forced. While our two new crewmates and RT3-KU boarded and subdued the small enemy crew, Silvia and I waited at the controls, in case we had to make a hasty exit. No one has ever credibly accused Octan employees of cowardice, but the skeleton crew aboard this courier were far outmatched. It was only a few minutes before the crew was rounded up and disarmed. Silvia and I boarded at once. "Captain, we've captured the captain, the pilot, and a security guard," Zakec, the Red Zoid told me. " 'Er Ladyship is looking for the scientist." "Check the main hold for a cargo crate marked CTK401," I told him. "Get it aboard the Variga." "Aye, aye, Captain." "How did you know we had a scientist aboard? And why do you want him," the pilot demanded. "Are you slavers?" The ship's captain stared straight ahead, the very picture of discipline. I hoped that this incident wouldn't hurt his career too badly -- he seemed a decent man. So too for the young, red-haired pilot, who was trembling with what was probably equal parts fear and rage. I hoped Zakec had not been too rough with her. He did have a reputation. "No." I shook my head sternly. "I've killed more of those scum than you'll ever meet, unless you're very unlucky. Dr. Gregorovich will be returned to his family alive and unharmed as soon as possible." The soldier on her left wasn't buying it. His scowl was probably intended to be unsettling, but it just came off as annoying. "I've found our scientist," Silenia, the alien mystic, said. "NO!" It was the soldier. "You're not getting away with this!" *ZOW!* *thud* "Is he all right?" Silvia asked. "He's still alive, but bleeding badly," the pilot gasped. She was in shock. The captain remained where he stood, his expression unchanged, but his face had paled a little. I nodded. "He'll make it. As soon as we're off your ship, activate your emergency distress beacon. I expect rescue vessels are on high alert, with the Kawashita fleet so close by. The stimpacks in his armor should keep him all right until them. Keep him warm and comfortable until a doctor arrives." "What is the meaning of this?" Dr. Gregorovich had found his voice at last. "Is this some sort of abduction?" I looked him dead in the eye. "Depends on how hard you make it, Doctor. If you come quietly, you can remain conscious. Otherwise, we can knock you out and drag you with us. You will not be asked to take up arms against Octan, or against anyone for that matter. We want some information, and you can provide us with it. In return, you will be well compensated, as will your wife and children in your absence. I didn't want the first casualty, and I don't want any more." "This will be much easier and more painless if you cooperate with us rather than fight us." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  7. Location: Arium Minor (F09) Tags: Building, Piracy, Civil -------------- Have you ever tried to walk silently with a peg leg? It's not easy, especially on metal flooring. But, in my business, you take whatever chance offers itself, whether easy or not. The Kawashita fleet had rendezvoused with an alien fleet, ostensibly for diplomatic purposes. Honestly, I didn't know much about why they were really meeting, nor did I care. All that mattered to me was the opportunity it presented. If we were planning on engaging in serious piracy, we needed a bigger crew - and I had a couple of people in mind. All I had to do was break them out of prison. "What've you got there?" "Prisoner transfer from the fleet," the arriving guard said. "Orders said the place is gettin' crowded, so these two'll be sharing a cell." "Hear that, lady?" the insectoid guard said. "An old friend's here to visit." "Well, well. Finally caught you, did they?" This was taking a long time. I needed one of the guards to come a little closer to me. "Step away from the door, witch!" the insectoid said. I heard his footsteps on the floot. Now. I choked up my grip on my staff and, as I stepped out, I swung it as hard as I could. My aim was good. The insectoid fell without a sound - dead or unconscious, I didn't know, nor did it matter. The prisoner dropped forward, out of the line of fire. The green-skinned female was rattled. Her one shot went wild - then I drilled her. She fell with a hiss. Definitely dead. I helped the bug out of his handcuffs, and we quickly moved the bodies out of the way. "Viktor Kramer! Can't say I expected to see you here," he growled. "Why did you come all the way out here? I doubt it was just for fun," the woman in the cell purred. "I've got a little proposition for you," I said. "Open this door, and let's discuss it." "I want you two to join my crew." "Piracy?" the bug said, twitching his mouthparts into what I guessed was a grin. "Privateering. We're working for the Kawashita Group, and I could use a few hands for the Variga." The woman shrugged. "What are we waiting for?" -------------- P.S. Not completely sure about the Piracy tag. Do rescued prisoners count as being "stolen"?
  8. Planet: Donwarr (E01) Date: 31 Janurali 3816 Mission: To Analyze Design Of / Destroy Octan HydroComm Unit Team: Lady Kianna / ORB (in combat mode) Tags: Engineer, Land Vehicle, Spying (Sabotage), Piracy Engineer's Log: Remote location on Donwarr, Octan HydroComm Unit ORB and I have arrived at the remote location of Octan's Flagship HydroCommunictions Unit. The design is very simple yet very effective. A central communications tower is powered by the four power units at each corner. These four units convert enery from the vast water source directly below the structure. This gives the entire unit zero emissions which in turn hide it from all sensors.......until today, that is. OK ORB this is it. Strange no one is here.....the communications we intercepted indicated a repair worker would be here. Well, um....yes it is strange...... These outer poles are the ones the message indicated were weak and needed repair....grab that one over there ORB and I'll grab this one. On the count of three we pull hard and run once they start to fall. If they fall on us we could be killed from the power surge..... Good job....wait....what is that..!!? My Lady Kianna...may I introduce RPC (RoboticPowerCart). Squeak, #### Hello####. Nice to meet you know him ORB? Yes.......and I have to admit...I knew the signal was from him. He wants to join us and leave Octan for M.A.N.T.I.S. Octan has all but abandoned him with jokes about ancient PC technology. In his prime he was a highly respected member of any repair team. After my leaving, others now want to follow in my path. Squeak,####Yes,Please####IGoWithYou#### So, I am know starting a home for unwanted, outdated robotic tech......Sure why not! Squeak,####Yeah,ThankYouLadyKiannaAndORB####MyNewFriendsForever#### The two of you follow me..........WAIT.........IS THAT A RHHC(1)? With Awesonium injected fuel rocket engines, rotating map system, superior sound system........! And a M.A.N.T.I.S Plasma Cannon mounted on top?....Ok, this baby is going with us! Are you feeling that sub woofer Kawalski..... Would you like me to give you some options Skipper..... Finally, all the builds together... Thanks for viewing and reading. C&C always welcome. The longest story with photos for me yet....
  9. LegoPercyJ

    [K-F10]- Octan Hover Cycle Theft

    Grand thief spaceship. So, I stole an Octan hover cycle from an Octan spaceport on Arium Major. It handles nicely. I may re- paint it in the near future... (I got the Idea after seeing the 10-year old putting together the motorcycle part with the X-wing thingys on the side and said, That's genius! (And I turned out as a nice little vehicle. I only had the pieces in white( So far... ), so I made it Octan) Hope you like it. C&C welcome.
  10. David FNJ

    [M - D04] Frigate Raid

    Location: D04 Terrial Minor - inside a Kawashitan Frigate Tags: MANTIS, piracy, military, spaceship interior AG: Frigate Raid by David FNJ, on Flickr Double D's log 13: We've managed to break into a Kawashitan Frigate in one of its open hallways, and we have located our target. We are after the Kawashitan strategic plans which are encoded inside a funny looking device. We have been tracking the device's movement on the frigate for some time, and now that it is in the open it is our time to strike. They should know that we don't like other corporations moseying around in our territory, and this device will make our attacks more effective later. The Kawashitan commander will not escape the hand of M.A.N.T.I.S. Okay, so he got away, but we got the device! Now to head out of here before the rest of the Kawashitan security force arrives! ~ DD out Here are some extra shots of the build. Sci-Fi crates! Bonus pictures of behind the scenes
  11. Location: Lesser Drigo F02 Tags: Vehicle, Landscape, Piracy Job: Driver Start Log: After MANTIS' domination of A06, I was given a new highly classified mission along with Scorpio Starstriker, and Double D. Our job was to infiltrate F02, and deal as much damage as possible to Octan operations, whether that be through sabotage, piracy, or spying. We were dropped off on the planet with the new MT-X all terrain truck. After dropping the other two operatives off, I headed towards a canyon that Octan had built a base in. A few Octan robots seemed busy taking inventory of some supplies, I was a little surprised to see that the rumors of Octan robots doing all the work, were actually correct: Seeing as they were unarmed, I decided I could use a diplomatic approach: : You are not authorized to be in this space Hard at work, I see. Don't you guys ever get to do anything fun? I do not understand. Well all you guys get to do is move supplies, mine, and do physical labor. Haven't you ever wanted to drive a vehicle? Or actually get to carry a weapon? With MANTIS, I get to drive things like that sweet truck... We are not authorized to drive vehicles. Join MANTIS and you could be, we get to do all the fun stuff. You could even go into special ops if you wanted. That does sound more important than moving crates. We're in! Alright! We might as well take some of these supplies with us though, I'll back the truck up: Now hop in, and I'll show you what this truck can do! After convincing the bots to join MANTIS, I headed for the rendezvous point to pick up Double D and Scorpio. ... More pictures of the build: And the blast doors actually work! See them in action on (embedding it wasn't working properly for some reason )And just for fun, a group picture of my MANTIS vehicles thus far:
  12. Location: D04 Terrial Minor Tags: Engineering, Structures, Military, Piracy Job: Engineer Engineer's Log: 26 Julali 3815 ORB and I have just finished with the new landing pad for an advanced light spacecraft currently under construction. Along with the landing pad, we were assigned the task of developing and building a deep space sensors piracy tower. Any data collected from any deep space sensors placed on this planet will now be automatically re-routed to a receiver inside the tower itself. Using the new advanced light spacecraft we can now fly in, download the data to on board computers and fly out in a matter of minutes. It gives us more information on the strange signals coming from the center of the galaxy. "Ok, ORB, hold that panel still while I finish securing it". "ORB"? "What is it, you seem ill at ease"? "My Lady, I don't know, something feels off". "Are your operating systems functioning properly"? "Yes, my Lady, I just ran a diagnostic and all is within normal range" "ORB, what you are feeling is us being watched, from a short distance by two of the local population". "We are being watched"! "Yes, ORB, by peaceful Terrrians". "I don't see them my Lady, all I see are strange plants". "Why do you think I had you wear plants you would appear peaceful as well". "Good thinking my Lady". Sorry about the poor lighting for the final photos, a storm was moving in. I hope you enjoyed your tour of Terrrial Minor. C&C Welcome and appreciated.
  13. soccerkid6

    [M-D04] MANTIS Blockade

    Location: D04 - Terrial Minor Tags: MANTIS, piracy, vehicle Job: Driver Start Log: After a rather uneventful mission on C04, I got another more exciting assignment: capturing some Kawashita vehicles and equipment. I even had the help of the drones I'd previously confiscated from Octan hands, though now they have a much more suitable paint job. They were pretty thrilled to receive an actual combat mission, and get to drive some sweet new MANTIS rigs: The MANTIS bulldozer/tank features a spinning cockpit, and opening cargo bay; the MANTIS hovercraft features hinging sections, the MANTIS motorcycle features an opening rollcage; and the Kawashita cargo truck features a working tailgate. See more pictures here:
  14. mediumsnowman

    [O-D03] An Offer You Can't Refuse

    NOTE: This build occurs chronologically after Commander Beltar's build but before mccoyed's build. OCS Equalizer Onboard the OCS Equalizer, Octan Corporations Spec Ops flagship 0800 Hours Incoming Transmission Are you sure you want to do this? I do. Beltar is a loose cannon. We could always send someone more... disposable. No, I will go. I've seen him in action. If you want him wearing our colors we must strike while the iron is hot. Very well. Your ship awaits you in Docking Bay #4. Log of Jebediah O'Reilly: Entry #010 I have taken my ship to the frozen planet of Terrial Major. Octan satellites have tracked Beltar to a small mining settlement near the northern pole. End Log Entry #010 [O-D03] An Offer You Can't Refuse [O-D03] An Offer You Can't Refuse Wake up Mr. Beltar. [O-D03] An Offer You Can't Refuse What? Huh? Who are you? What do you want? Calm down. My identity is not important right now. What is important is that I represent the Octan Corporation. Is this about those pilots? I'M GOING ON TRIAL FOR THAT! This is not about the pilots. Their deaths were... unfortunate, though inconsequential. I am in fact here to make you an offer. An offer? Yes. Turn your back on the Kawashita Group and join Octan's Spec Ops team. All charges against you will be dismissed and you will instantly be promoted. We know you currently trust Kawashita leadership just about as far as you can throw them. I PILOTED THAT THING, DIDN'T I? Q PROMISED ME THE FILES! Do you really believe that when he is done he will give you what you want? You are a pawn in a greater game. Octan holds the answers you seek. About Q. About Lauren. About everything. How do you know about her?! Octan knows everything that goes on in this galaxy. I'm going to have to say thank you but no thank you. I'll give Q one more chance to make things right. Have it your way. If Kawashita disappoints you again... We'll be waiting. Just give us a call. [O-D03] An Offer You Can't Refuse [O-D03] An Offer You Can't Refuse [O-D03] An Offer You Can't Refuse HEY, WHERE DID HE GO?! Thanks for reading through all that! Comments and criticism welcome.
  15. 12 Julali 3815 Planet (F02) Lesser Dringo Tags: Engineering, Building, Piracy, Military Engineer’s Log: Lady Kianna I have been sent to Lesser Dringo by The Council Of Five on a secret mission to evaluate a new water extraction research / research lab established by Octan. According to Intelligence reports, Dr. Long will be visiting to personally verify reports of an alien object discovered when the water extraction began. My assignment is to observe the water extraction process and bring back valid evidence of this alien discovery. I will record my observations as I go for a more detailed report. Meanwhile, in W.E.R. Lab Beta: Dr Long: “A cubicle, really? For someone as important as me!? Well at least I have a complete view of the whole lab and can watch all the workers from here…..and they need watching, bunch of lower pay grade technicians. And that ORB, really? I have been given an outdated and useless, repair bot! At least the strange alien artifact is something….I could write at least three scientific papers on it! Maybe more if I stretch out the research time……yes, I could do that! Oh great, now the large exhaust fans turn on….I can’t even hear myself think….breath, happy place, paperwork…….” Laughter could be heard from inside the building, as the three lab technicians Frank, Robert, and George were having a little fun with ORB, while Dr. Long was trying to find a happy place doing relaxing paperwork for Octan. Frank: “Hey any bot-y got a screwdriver to fix this”? George: “Nope, but I could sure use a hammer over here…..” Robert: “Yeah and I could use a crowbar…….but all we have out here is an outdated overworked and useless Obsolete Repair Bot”! Over in the corner poor ORB hid his single eye and drooped his antenna in extreme sadness. He was not useless, overworked yes, outdated….maybe but the newer models simply didn’t have what he did. He had what the humans called personality, he could think for himself and fix whatever was needed before being told to (well he really could if he still had all his tool attachments…all he had left were two wrenches attached on opposite sides of him). Outside the lab: (recording on)….“This is Lady Kianna reporting from the Octan Water Extraction/Research (W.E.R.) Lab Beta on Lesser Dringo. I have the building in sight, the lab really stands out with the bright white, red and green colors of the large building against the colors of the surrounding arid desert. I had no trouble finding it. No guards visible, the doors appear to be activated via a pressure plate. I am going in”. (pause) (resume).....“I have entered the building, note to self..these are really cool doors…I see three lab technicians and Dr. Long is in her….cubicle..?…(at least we give our scientists real offices)… she appears to be enjoying doing paperwork…the large wall fans seem to be providing excellent noise coverage…..My plan is to approach the lab techs (I will use the new tranquilizers Big Sal developed)…wait is that a Obstruction Removal Bot? I thought all corporations had phased them out by now. Wow, what a find, those Bots were the best! Very reliable, durable, and could handle any job. It looks like it is missing all but two of its tools, and appears to be leaning against a wall? Odd, never seen that before”. (pause) (resume)…..“All three went down without a struggle, one was mumbling something about woman in the desert, I’m sure that will go over real well with Dr. Long when they awake…the lab is clean and orderly, the work station can be overseen from the cubicle….the water extraction system is a good design, albeit a little unstable if there should be any shallow quakes due to magma moving close to the surface……” “May I help you’? “What? Who spoke? “I did my lady, I am ORB”. “Well I am pleased to meet you, why are you pointing a wrench at me”? “It is for you to shake, that is what friends do in greeting”. “I am shaking the hand/wrench of ORB, who is my new friend”. (pause) (resume)…”I have found the alien artifact just laying here all by itself….looking dangerous and lonely….I think I will just have to take it with me….Big Sal will love this… wait, ORB why are you following me”? “I want to go with you when you leave. You talked nice about me when you were hiding outside talking to yourself….I could hear you”. “You could hear,….. I wasn’t talking,….. oh never mind, yes you can go with me…..time to go ORB , the lab techs are waking up, good thing we placed them by the coffee machine….and Dr. Long is standing up……”(pause) (resume)….yeah, gotta love those pressure plate doors……now back to HQ to give a full report….I have the alien artifact and ORB with me. Lady Kianna signing out! (recording off) Back in the lab: Dr Long: “Why are those three sitting on the ground drinking coffee (storms down the stairs)….what are you three doing? Your last break was 4 hours ago and you don’t get another one for another 4 hours”! Fred, George, Robert (speak all at once): ….”Dr. Long there was this mysterious woman in the desert and…..” Dr. Long: “Wait stop right there….you expect me to believe a mysterious woman appeared out of nowhere? Really? Now get back to work on analyzing the alien artifact and fix the water extractor……And where is that obsolete bot”? Additional photos: Showing the water extractor The Lab The entire build Thanks and I hope you enjoyed your visit to (F02) Lesser Dringo. C&C Welcome. Sorry for the longer story full of pictures. It was my first time at a more in-depth build and character development.
  16. soccerkid6

    [M-F02] A Versatile Vehicle

    Location: Lesser Drigo, F02 Tags: Vehicle, Piracy Job: Driver Start Log: The vehicle MANTIS let me drive this week was even cooler than usual: the LW-2 Rover, an amphibious vehicle than can handle land or water with ease. My job remained the same, confiscate whatever Octan equipment I could. This week we ran across an Octan employee in a speed boat, it seemed he was analyzing the water. Unfortunately for him, he had no idea what our vehicle was capable of. He simply laughed when he first spotted us on shore, figuring he was completely safe in his boat: His expression changed quickly after we simply drove in after him: We even gained another Octan robot out of the deal, as the boat was being piloted by a driver bot: Bonus pictures: It was interesting making the build in such a way that I could put the truck in the water, or on shore
  17. soccerkid6

    [M-F02] Underwater Plunder

    Location: Lesser Drigo, F02 Tags: Vehicle, Piracy Job: Driver Start Log: For once I had two missions in a row on the same planet, though this time I got to use the MW-4 Mech to do some underwater pilfering. The MTD's that Double D had snuck into Octan's water purification plant had given us the location of several other Octan water filtering devices. It was an easy matter to access some of the shallower locations, and then use my mech's powerful arm to grab some Octan machinery. I'm sure our scientists will enjoy tinkering with it, and when they're done, MANTIS will have a pre built water purifying system. The MW-4 mech features moving legs, a working claw and missile launcher. It was fun using a bunch of assorted parts in 4 different blues for the landscape. C&C welcome
  18. Andrew JN

    [M - E02] Battle of Jurin II

    Location: Jurin II, Sector E02 Tags: E02, MANTIS, Piracy Log_M_3: After M.A.N.T.I.S. received reports of Octan intel gathering Biomass from the stomachs of the great Vlorms in the forests of Jurin II, I have been sent out to pick up the packages they have very kindly (and unknowingly) prepared for us. The exact location of where I have been sent happens to be the great mushroom forests of Sector E02.... End_Log AG: Battle of Jurin II by Andrew JN, on Flickr
  19. Gnewal Gwevus

    [M-A06] Gold Fever

    Private Gnarl Graves had been wandering the desert for hours when he came upon the small crew of Karashita pirates. He saw them a day back near one of M.A.N.T.I.S.'s camps, "parlaying" with the guys in charge. When they left, though, Gnarl saw they had taken a crate with them... a crate filled with M.A.N.T.I.S.'s gold! The first was foolish enough to bring a gun to a sword fight! But the second stood his ground and drew his blade. An epic sword fight ensued. Later: "Huh. I wonder why this crate of MANTIS gold has 'property of Kawashita' written on the back. Must be a typo." I may upload the photos to an actual photo hosting website tomorrow. But I don't have time to do so today. My brother showed me tou can host pictures on FB, and that's worked for me so far, haha.
  20. Location: A06 (Guinevere) Tags: Piracy Science Land Vehicle It had been a pretty busy week on Guinevere for Scorpio and Elbow and Pitt, his two assigned SPIT (Special Police in Training). After dispatching the Octan spy, they discovered a few more Octan agents nearby—which with some efficient work from the SPIT quickly became a few less. They may be a bit dim-witted, but the SPIT sure knew their way around an assault blaster. Scorpio was still a bit bummed about that having given his grubs to them. Even more so because today—larvae Friday, course—he had missed lunch, due to an over-long briefing with his superiors. When he got back, the SPIT had seen to it there were no leftovers, except salad. Meh. The brief had been long because Kawashita troops had touched down on the other side of Guinevere a few days previous. The council was deliberating the best course of action, and had orders for Scorpio to not engage in a violent encounter. In the SPITs’ mind, that took all the fun out of it, and Scorpio had to agree. He had decided that even though being a scientist wasn’t bad, he enjoyed these more exciting kinds of missions. Scorpio and the SPIT went to the Kawas’ landing site. Although there weren’t many of them, clearly they had gotten right to work right after landing, as there were several crates already filled with gold. As the M.A.N.T.I.S craft was approaching, Scorpio saw them all stop to watch. He could see that although a few of them were carrying arms, they didn’t seem to be in any hurry to shoot. He imagined they had similar orders from their higher-ups to avoid armed conflict, which was somewhat reassuring. One of the Kawas, clearly their leader, emerged from the back and advanced toward Scorpio. “This is our claim,” he insisted. “You Mantite scum better get on outta here.” “Sorry, M.A.N.T.I.S. already claimed all of Guinevere. So, you’re the ones on our turf.” As he spoke, Scorpio suddenly realized that he had underestimated their numbers, and hoped his hunch about their orders was correct. “Ha!” the Kawa leader laughed. “It doesn’t matter. We have already extracted almost everything here, as you can see—” he motioned towards the crates. “But I’d like to see you try and make us leave, anyway.” “I’ll tell you what,” Scorpio replied. “Let’s make a deal, you and I, to see who leaves this spot, and who can stay.” The Kawa leader laughed again, followed by the rest of his team. “What kind of a deal? You can see, I have more men, more arms, and more gold! And I have my orders. What could you offer me?” “Oh, this is not an offer. This is a challenge. We challenge you to a contest—you win, we will leave you in peace to do whatever you please in this place. We win—” Scorpio paused to look around at all the Kawashita troops, “and you leave forever. Not just this spot—but the planet. You leave Guinevere for good.” “Ha ha! This insect is a joker! I will indulge you, what kind of contest did you have in mind?” “How about a race? Ah never mind, you wouldn’t stand a chance against us. Let’s pick something more fair…” In his mind, Scorpio counted to three. He only got as far as two. “You boast, Mantite! Kawashita engines are the fastest, and our drivers the most skilled! I accept your challenge, if only to teach you humility!” “Very well, then. Your fastest land craft against ours. You pick your racer, and Pitt here,” Scorpio motioned toward the more dim-witted of the SPIT, “will drive for M.A.N.T.I.S.” As Scorpio and the Kawa leader shook hands, Pitt leaned over toward Scorpio and whispered, “I don’t think I can. I’m not that good a driver—not as good as these Kawas, for sure—and I’m starting to feel a little sick. Like I’m going to…” but he never finished his sentence; the words were drowned out by awful wretching noises, and drowned in a pool of sick. “I feel sick, too, sir.” the SPIT leader, Elbow, intuned. Then, looking over at Pitt, said, “but I think I’ll be fine.” “Well good, because I need you to come with me.” “What about me, sir?” Pitt inquired. “You still have to drive,” Scorpio answered. “But don’t worry; it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, just as long as you drive for at least five minutes or so.” “Why doesn’t it matter?” Elbow asked. “Because,” Scorpio began, “while all these fools are cheering on the race, you and I are going to steal them blind and make a quick escape. Don’t worry, Pitt, we’ll pick you up in the ship. Elbow, come and help me set up some telesponders over here.” While the Kawa leader was explaining the course and rules to Pitt and the Kawa driver, Scorpio and Elbow set up the antenna-like devices around the crates of gold. As the start pistol fired, Scorpio summoned the teleporter crate and quickly rerouted it to the telesponders; before the dust had even settled, Scorpio, Elbow, and the gold were all gone. ********* Other weeks I have incorporated the story with the build, but this week the story is really just to build-up the, uh, build. With both teams landing on the same planet, it was fun to think up some way to bring conflict into the mix without any actual conflict. C&C welcome, as always! More pictures under the spoiler: See more on my Flickr page
  21. Myrddyn

    [M-A06] Tea Party on Guinevere

    Location: A06 - Guinevere Tags: Military, Piracy, Land Vehicle. M.A.N.T.I.S Special Forces log: Myra Dynarski 21 Junali 3815, M.A.N.T.I.S. supply camp on Guinivere. Previous entry I'd been feeling nauseous, so I stopped by one of the supply depots for some meds, only to find a bunch of Octan and Kawashita agents sitting around chatting like they were at a tea party, rather than in the camp of their sworn enemies (or at least business competitors)! I don't think they were even armed - at least they didn't put up a fight. They all escaped in vehicles, and I was unable to keep up. I did manage to steal [Redacted - All M.A.N.T.I.S. operations are 100% legal] liberate their leftover drinks.
  22. Andrew JN

    [M - A06] Cleaning Up

    Location: Planet Guinevere, Sector A06 Tags: A06, MANTIS, Spying Time: --- Log_M_1: After having received coordinates from D.D specifying the multiple locations of Kawashita drones, I followed up on his work of "deactivating" them.... End Log_M_1 BOOYAAH!!!!! "Another down, and a bunch more to go! This is fun!" New_Transmission: "Agent Jagjit, this is Lady K. We are in the process of negotiating with Kawashita regarding Sector A06, don't do anything rash, and hold off on destroying any drones." End_Transmission Oops... New_Transmission: Ace! This is D.D, don't destroy the drones just yet! Apparently, we are negotiating with...." "Yeah, I know, I just got a transmission from Lady K." "Oh... Just wanted to let you know before you destroy any drones.... Let me guess though, you've already destroyed like fifteen.." "I've only destroyed a couple..." "Only a couple huh?" "Well......" "Well, don't destroy any more... Anyways, got to go, D.D out!" End_Transmission Hehe, He always leaves with the "D.D out" thing. I don't have a "thing" like that because I never get to hang up first with these M.A.N.T.I.S. people.... Anyway, I guess I'll just chill till I get new orders, until then, I'll try out this new food stuff from Big Sal... I heard it's a new concoction..... -------------------------------- ---------------------- Yay! First build for M.A.N.T.I.S. from me! This was quite fun to make. As you can see, I incorporated David FNJ's drones, plants, and birds to somewhat tie this build to his.
  23. CMP

    [M-A05] Joyride

    After my venture on Barnius and an appropriately romantic interrogation with Special Agent Dynarski I was transferred to Yallorn II, to test out a new rocket propulsion system built into my fuel pack and funneled into my boots, courtesy of the science nerds. Probably Big Sal. The rocks jutting out of this sea are nice to fly around, but in the dead of night a nearby speeder got my attention - nobody else was authorized to use this flyspace, it was designated for testing only. I had Sixer track its movements - for some reason it didn't give off electromagnetic readings, but luckily its engines were in overdrive so thermal imaging did the trick - and soon enough we were quick in pursuit. This propulsion system has some sick acceleration. Turns out the reason we can't see it so easily is because it's experimental stealth speeder, meant for quick recon incursions into enemy territory no more than ten meters above surface level. Sixer's picking up a communication from the science post I was assigned to test at, looks like they found a few bodies and the craft they were testing is confirmed to be missing. They're feeding me intel on how to exploit its flaws, but damn is this pilot smart. I have the advantage weaving between these rocks, but they prevent any easy reinforcement deployment. The only thing quick enough to reach us is a fighter, and they can't get down in here. For now, I'm on my own. I'm catching up, whoever the hell this guy is, he's in Kawashita colors, haven't dealt with them in a while. Suit's nearly overheating, I've pushing the propulsion far longer than advised. Adjusting weapon for a controlled burst, moving into range. Direct hit on- he's returning fire, performing evasive maneuvers. He's going down, Sixer's getting an ID on- he has a gun, taking- propulsion system damaged, losing altitude, Sixer, upload coordinates of lastlastlastlastlastlast [DATA CORRUPTED] Not the best editing, but this scene is bigger than my photo setup and I had to remove a lot of supports. Pretty happy for my first real sci-fi vehicle.
  24. mccoyed

    [K - A07] Drone Duel

    Dust Demon Base (Alleged) Lesser Direstan - 3185 Koro's infiltration of the base on Greater Direstan yielded plenty of actionable intel, and he was told that it was instrumental in foiling the interference of this mysterious "Dust Demon" force. However, there's no rest for the wicked and honor doesn't grow on trees. Not in Andromeda, anyway. So Koro barely had time to sneak back out of the base before he was tasked to pursue the Dust Demons to a secondary base on Lesser Direstan. Hopefully this would bring him closer to their leader, of whom all is known is his "Commodore" callsign. Still, it seemed easy enough to sneak into a second base. Why not? Well, it was a trap. That's why not. Just as Koro cleared a tunnel and emerged out onto a grassy plateau, he realized that he'd been lured here to this very spot... "Uh oh..." ...and awaiting him was a camouflaged gundrone. An extremely dangerous adversary. His pistol wouldn't do him any good against its armor, so Koro decided that the only school was the old school. BUILDER'S NOTES: You'll probably spot the BURPs used here. I've never experimented with BURPs in a MOC before and I actually think this turned out good. The mech is based off the Desert Runner drones from Appleseed Alpha, a really pretty but kind of shallow CG anime adaptation that came out last year. There's a bunch more pics of different angles for the build on Flickr. Thanks for looking!
  25. Tags: Spaceship Spying Piracy Field Log: Reporting Agent: Arariel W- Mission: Operation T3DDY World: Barnius Mission Objective: Re-infiltration of Kawashita museum corvette Masamune and Retrieval of Object K-34534 Status: Complete...I guess? Stealth Rating: Non-Existent Personal Thoughts: Can the third time still be the charm, if there isn't a ship to be the charm? Also, what exactly is a golden statue of a teddy bear going to contribute to the Glorious Mother M.A.N.T.I.S.?