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Found 19 results

  1. Just like every important city, LEGO CITY has its own Pokécenter as well. A building dedicated to Pokemon and their trainers. On the ground floor, there is the Pokecenter itself, with Sister Joy taking care of the Pokemon, a Pokemon transfer system, a tv-screen, a big map and a WC. On the first floor, trainers can buy everything they need for their adventures. Pokéballs, berries, potions, maps, bags, caps, .. . When asked friendly, the Pokemart employees can even teach your Pokémon new moves with the very advanced move tutor PC; Under the counter, Pokecards can be found. On the second floor, Trainers and their Pokémon can take a quick rest and enjoy a freshly cooked meal. Sitting on comfortable pillows around a shared table, all sorts of adventures and tips and tricks are shared. Once the Pokémon is healed, the trainer has resupplied and the stomach is filled, the trainer can challenge the local Gym Master on the Upper floor. The Gym Master of LEGO City is a true Pokémaster. Here we see Roger challenging the Gym Master. After losing already a few Pokémon, his Ivysaur is on a winning streak. Alas, the Gym Master just choosed his Doduo. Flying against grass and a massive Doduo, no wonder Roger is shocked! The crowd is cheering, what a Pokébattle! ---- Well, this was fun Started it last year and kept it sitting on my desk for a while, making modifications every now and then. very happy with the result. Hope you like it as well! As an extra 2 Instagram (feel free to follow me there ) pictures I posted earlier as teaser: Close-up of Ivysaur: The POKéCENTER by night: ------ *Ivysaur, Doduo, Pokemon® and all related names, images, etc. are property of Nintendo Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.*
  2. I switched this to a general LEGO Pokemon topic since I got carried away haha ============== Here we go, I edited the post with final pics. Suggestions, comments, hatemail, it's all welcome. =============== Features: •Amazing movement! •Mouth opening on command! •Excellent shaping, much fun, beautiful color! •The only pieces not available in LBG are the 4 wedges along the jaw and the 2 wedges on the tail. •The head is hollow, maybe 2 minifigs and a small cat can fit in there... LEGO Steelix by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr LEGO Steelix by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr LEGO Steelix Guts by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr LEGO Pokemon by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  3. Sun & Moon release tomorrow rip euro again and I have been posting this around lately.
  4. Updated: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ I originally built the legendary pokemon Yveltal for the Canadian LEGO convention Brickfete, but I figured you can't just take a picture of him without building some sort of super cool battle scene. So, umm, yeah, here you go! *Yveltal, Delphox, Pokemon® and all related names, images, etc. are property of Nintendo Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.* Image courtesy of <a href="http://www.pokedit.c...mon-y-logo.png" rel="nofollow">this site</a>.
  5. Hi All~! It is the life size "Pikachu" sculpture. It is made with yellow,brown,black lego system bricks. For hugable, I built it in life size and make the tails, backside look better. Do you like this cute? please hug! "Pika~Pika~Chu~~~!!!" And it is my another small one : LEGO Pikachu Pokemon Builder : Alanboar Cheung Size : 35cm (L) x 25cm(W) x 40cm(H) Pieces : 3000 pcs Flickr : Creator : Alanboar
  6. Another production from me Take care out there! (For you who cant se the preview)
  7. MKJoshA

    [K - C09] Kanto Park

    Location: C09 Orinshi Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: Bike Beats Robots Sunday Afternoon Drive Suess Island Tribble Island Kawacycle As the great, great, great grandson of Satoshi Tajiri was one of the founding members of Kawashita, they now owned the rights to the Pokemon mega-franchise. With one of it's off-shoots, Monsters of Andromeda, being played by people from all 3 corporations right now, the franchise was booming more than ever. In honor of it's origins, Kawashita had built a Kanto Park on Orinshi. In this park players could come and live out the original Pokemon adventure. They could explore, in person, everywhere from the Viridian Forest to the Safari Zone. All of the monsters were mechanical creatures created using nano-technology which allowed them to actaully be shrunk down into a Pokeball when caught. One of the extra additions the park designers added was jet-powered bicycles. Because, who really wants to physically bike all the way to Indigo Plateau? Ender had some vacation time after spending weeks exploring the Sorn islands, so he decided to take a trip to the Kanto Park. He had just received the Super-Rod and was passing a pool so he decided to try it out. . . . . . A Pokemon's on the hook! A Blastoise! What luck! If he caught this Pokemon, maybe Professor Oak would finally stop telling him to try to round out his Pokedex by catching water-type Pokemon. Meanwhile, in Valetine's lab... "Help me!" cried the scientist. "This Tribble isn't a plant, it's a quick breeding, furry animal!"
  8. MKJoshA

    [Challenge 5][Cat A] Blastoise

    Updated! Last time, in Ender's story: Bike Beats Robots Sunday Afternoon Drive Suess Island Tribble Island Kawacycle Kanto Park After defeating the final four, Ender was back from vacation. He decided to modify one of the mechanical monsters he had caught in Kanto Park to be able to enter the Space Olympics. He had to remove the Hydro-Cannons from his Blastoise, but it was no less formidable an opponent in the mech contest. As you can see, it fits well within the size limit:
  9. Poké Ball , Great Ball & Ultra Ball Poké Balls by Eduardo Gavilán Poké Balls by Eduardo Gavilán Poké Balls by Eduardo Gavilán Poké Balls by Eduardo Gavilán Poké Balls by Eduardo Gavilán More: flickr
  10. _shaddow_

    N°260 - Swampert

    Swampert used Ice Punch! (click the picture to access the gallery) So, yeah, here is my favourite Pokémon, Swampert, finally done after years of telling myself I needed to do it. It's far from perfect, and I'm sure I'll improve it again since I'm never entirely satisfied, and this is even more true since this is, as I said, my favourite Pokémon. I do want to include a working mouth again, as I was forced to remove it to improve the neck articulation. I don't have many things to say about it, but I really like to work with this kind of things, using weird SNOT and other things to obtain the shapes I want. Comments & Criticism are very welcome ! Oh, and, one last thing : A wild Pokémon appears!
  11. _shaddow_

    N°105 - Marowak

    Marowak used bonemerang! (cick the picture to access the gallery) This guy right here have been pretty hard on me. The head have been a nightmare and I've built seven or eight different models using LDD and real bricks (and the Ruru was pretty expensive, but that's to be expected of misprint masks). The body was pretty simple even if I had to slim it down and make it shorter, and the hands were modified to fit the shape and size of the figure. My only real complain apart from limited articulation (but you can't do much more while keeping a decent balance between design and articulations at this scale, I feel) is the fact that you can't see the eyes while looking at the head from the front. Oh and before I forget, the bone end design was inspired by Retinence's Cubone, and I've found a way to fix them myself. As always, comments and critism are welcome !
  12. Big Sal

    Some Pokémon

    I made some Pokémon to practise 'studs-out' building. Hope you like them! Left to right: Oddish, Pikachu, Caterpie, Diglett, Blastoise and Charmander. I think Caterpie is my favourite, but unfortunately he won't stand up without a base: Thanks for looking! Individual pics of each one, plus a Pokeball, on flickr.
  13. pluto7443


    I was kind of shocked when I realized there was no Pokemon-related topic on this forum, so here it is! Anyway, I have Yellow, Emerald, Platinum, Black, and Black 2. For a start, whats everyone's favourite Pokemon?
  14. Hello fellow Eurobrick-ers, Ash & Pikachu from Combee!, on Flickr. I started working on this last fall but took a long break and just recently finished it up. Originally I was pretty happy about using the new Mixel ball joints on him but, after having built him, they make him pretty unstable. Thank you for looking!
  15. I've done some updates to my Fakemon design of Reapurder. I mostly rebuilt around the Phantoka Makuta torso so the connections are more legal. I've also changed the back spikes around a bit and reduced the piece count overall. It mostly looks the same just with better building techniques. The head was the only thing I didn't change. Link to Pokémon Bio Gallery when public. Pictures
  16. Ruby (or Brendan if he is your rival) as he appears in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. *Torso and headgear modified by me. -Omi
  17. It's been a while since I built my last pokemon. I'm going to start again. Here's my first one, Donphan. All of my pokemon mocs are here:
  18. DarthNick

    [MOC] Gotta Catch 'Em All

    Haven't done much building lately, but I just had to put some together in lieu of the release of X and Y. Enjoy!
  19. Gold from the Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal games. *Torso modified by me Enjoy -Omi