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Found 15 results

  1. Henjin_Quilones

    [K - C09] Hangar 6

    Hangar 6 Location: C09 - Orinshi Tags: Spaceship Note to judges: the hangar itself is largely re-used, with the only changes being the reversal of the 9 for a 6 and some crates being rearranged, and thus should probably not be judged... The previous story: "Alright, Explorer Quilones, here we are," Commander Gorn was saying as the two men approached what was hopefully the correct hangar this time. "I have read the list properly and switched no numbers around this go around, see," he said showing the list to Henjin. "Very good, Sir," was all the annoyed explorer could say through his gritted teeth. The walk from 9 to 6 had been an unpleasant one, filled with inane chitchat about the commander's niece-in-law's newest child over on Lorstan II. Who cared that he could walk by the time he was two months old and could form complete sentences by four months? But the first sight of the ship through the hangar bay doors took Henjin's breath away and banished all negative thoughts he had been having about Gorn. Maybe the commander was not all bad... When they were inside they could see the lead engineer overseeing a technician putting the final touches on the exhaust piping. "No, no, two turns clockwise, you moron!" the engineer shouted. Engineers were always like that, Henjin realized, bossing everyone else around as though they did not know how to do their jobs. "Of course, Sir," said the technician. "But isn't this the reverse polarity exhaust filtrator, Sir? Thus having the coupling joined with counterclockwise turns?" "What?" asked the engineer in some surprise. "No, it isn't...wait, let me check...darn, you were right, Jim, it is counterclockwise." "Wow, is that one of the new models of walkie-talkie you have there," said Henjin to break the tension in the room. "One of the ones without the bulky handle and antenna?" "Why, yes, it is," said the engineer proudly. "They're calling them 'smarttalkies' with a really neat touchscreen and all of that, of course. Fit into a back pocket and everything." "Of course," agreed Henjin, looking down at his clunker of a field device. "So, is the ship ready for me?" "Sure is," said the technician, drawing a glare from the engineer. "You wanna start loading her up?" Henjin went over to the hatch and climbed up the ladder, putting his stuff inside. The backpack and walkie-talkie took up hardly any room in the spacious hold, so he was quickly out again and going over the checklist with the commander, ready to head out on his first off-world mission with the Kawashita Group in his brand new spaceship. What would he name her? He did not know yet, but it would have to be properly epic, like Tantive V, The Century Eagle, Servant I, or The Executive. Something cool like that... More pictures:
  2. Col. Brik

    [K-C09] Weapon Buying

    After a hiatus due to illness Brik has worked with some undesirables to purchase black market weapons systems. Using the purchase he plans to reverse engineer the build and create his own platforms to sell.
  3. Orange Leader

    [K-C09] Jakob's ladder

    Location: C09 - Orinshi Tags: Science, Building r Log #006 – 31 Oktobrinali 3816 Because of my lack of activity within Kawashita, I'm doing simple chores for other people on our home planet Orinshi. At least I can keep wearing my pilot costume which I take pride in. The other day, on halloween, I had to get a ladder for the hallway janitor, from a doctor who experiments with alien lifeforms. I thought It was illegal to do that to other sentient beings. I don't want to think If alien lifeforms will experiment on us. And I don't like seeing open flesh wounds and organs... So, with much hestitation, I went in and see the doctor for borrowing his ladder. The man greeted me with a warm sounding welcome with a thick German accent. His name is Jakob and when I asked him If I can borrow his ladder for the janitor in this hallway, he started to laugh out loud. "Jakob's ladder!" he reexclaimed twice. I had no idea what's so funny, but maybe It's a German thing. But I may borrow 'his' ladder ofcourse. When facing the ladder, I saw all the things I ignored or blocked out of my field besides Jakob: A huge monitor screen with nothing but bloody organs, wings getting dissected, alien bugs in jars, a huge eyeball staring at me. I grabbed the ladder anyhow without thanking and greeting Jakob and fell unconsious with the ladder on the hallway. More information and pictures under the spoiler tag: EDIT: English can be hard.
  4. Henjin_Quilones

    [K-C09] The New Recruit

    The New Recruit Location: C09 - Orinshi Tags: Exploration, land vehicle "Join Kawashita Group, they said," muttered Henjin Quilones as he trudged through the swamps of Orinshi. "See the galaxy, they said. Earn pride and glory, they said. Ha. Pride and glory my #@%. All I get is a miserable little scooter and this walkie-talkie thingy with a minor upgrade, stuck on the homeworld. I hate this swamp. I've got a bad feeling about this mission." The green ooze of the swamp clung to his boots. He had to duck under the low-hanging branches of the pinkberry tree while avoiding another puddle of ooze. Henjin continued to complain. "And it's not like I'm the first one to explore this part of the planet, anyway, seeing how there's a beacon placed over there. Some job this turned out to be. I was better off fighting space pirates in the Sagittarius Sector, or before that when I got to excavate those Black Sun ruins on Ord Mantell. Sigh. The good old days of space grave robbery and space piracy. Now it's just swamp trudging for the latest son of the illustrious line of the Quilones. What would my great-great-great-great-great grandfather have said if he could see me now?" Suddenly the screen of his walkie-talkie started making squiggly lines and a series of beep-boop noises. "What the...?" the explorer said in surprise. "Awesomnium lode detected," a female/robotic voice said, like the one on the Galaxy Positioning System in his ship that was always telling him to 'turn right'. "Awesomnium lode?" Henjin repeated. "Here? I thought this area had been gone over before, probably a hundred times. Is this a new lode? One not on the charts?" "Cross-referencing the database now," the walkie-talkie voice said. After a brief pause, she continued, "This lode has not been placed on any Kawashita Group database. It is a new lode." "Praise the maker!" Henjin cried. "Maybe I'll get a cooler spaceship now, and more exotic missions, too! Walkie-talkie voice, do you have a name?" "Yes, Henjin, I am Kiri, your personal assistant." "Alright, Kiri, radio this one back in to HQ and let's get out of here. I need a hot bath and a massage." "Of course, Henjin. Messaging headquarters now."
  5. Tags: Science, SpaceshipMission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my twentieth weekly mission in Andromeda. I have been asked to perform a scientific study on one of the outer system (which one is top secret at the moment). I have been given control of the science labs aboard the new scientific cruiser, Kagaku (Science in Japanese)" Bridge: Main Deck: Secondary Science Lab:
  6. MKJoshA

    [K - C09] Kanto Park

    Location: C09 Orinshi Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: Bike Beats Robots Sunday Afternoon Drive Suess Island Tribble Island Kawacycle As the great, great, great grandson of Satoshi Tajiri was one of the founding members of Kawashita, they now owned the rights to the Pokemon mega-franchise. With one of it's off-shoots, Monsters of Andromeda, being played by people from all 3 corporations right now, the franchise was booming more than ever. In honor of it's origins, Kawashita had built a Kanto Park on Orinshi. In this park players could come and live out the original Pokemon adventure. They could explore, in person, everywhere from the Viridian Forest to the Safari Zone. All of the monsters were mechanical creatures created using nano-technology which allowed them to actaully be shrunk down into a Pokeball when caught. One of the extra additions the park designers added was jet-powered bicycles. Because, who really wants to physically bike all the way to Indigo Plateau? Ender had some vacation time after spending weeks exploring the Sorn islands, so he decided to take a trip to the Kanto Park. He had just received the Super-Rod and was passing a pool so he decided to try it out. . . . . . A Pokemon's on the hook! A Blastoise! What luck! If he caught this Pokemon, maybe Professor Oak would finally stop telling him to try to round out his Pokedex by catching water-type Pokemon. Meanwhile, in Valetine's lab... "Help me!" cried the scientist. "This Tribble isn't a plant, it's a quick breeding, furry animal!"
  7. VK-318

    [K-F09] Streitkeule

    Location: F09 Arium Minor Tags: Military, Spaceship ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Agent Maeda To: Internal Affairs c/o Task Force Greengrocer Subject: Streitkeule - suspicious activities lead? ------------------------- Honorable Overseers: I have followed up the first shipyard contract, located within the Andromeda Galaxy. Results are likely positive. The shipyard in question has recently begun deliveries of a new model of starfighter. Full schematics are attached; a summary is here provided. The fighter design, named "Streitkeule," is a one-man heavy fighter. Its design is not Kawashita standard: aside from a few superficial similarities to existing designs, namely the two sets of four pylons, which seem to exist purely due to engineering necessities, it carries little of the Kawashita design philosophy. According to my research, the design name means "mace" in an archaik language called "German," and refers to the heavy, blunt, unbalanced weapon designed to penetrate armor. Whether the name is based upon some aesthetic similarity or a harmony of purpose is unclear. The cockpit is located at the extreme nose of the fighter. The ship is intended to dock in a position vertically aligned with the local gravitational field, meaning that any force not absorbed by the ship's acceleration dampeners will be in a direction that will least disorient the pilot. Control is via helmet-linked HUD - controls are projected onto the helmet's eyepiece lenses, and the movement of the pilot's hands to interact with their perceived location is tracked by the helmet and relayed to the ship's computer. In this way, all controls can be encrypted so that, should a vessel fall into the hands of hostile forces, interface with the computer will be difficult at best. Each Streitkeule is heavily armed. The four center pylons each bear a standardized weapon hardpoint, allowing a customizable loadout for different missions or task forces. The standard design shown here is equipped with two plasma cannons on the lower hardpoints, a missile launcher on the viewer's upper right, and a smaller-caliber rotary plasma cannon on the viewer's upper left. The nose of the fighter mounts an additional weapon: a small point-defense plasma turret with limited utility against enemy craft. The Streitkeule uses a tachyon thruster as its propulsion system - the four fin-like pylons surrounding the thruster mouth contain the electromagnets necessary to control the tachyon stream. This propulsion system was developed by multiple entities some time ago because of its usefulness as a FTL warp-style drive system, but was abandoned upon discovery of the GATE network as obsolete, being considerably slower at FTL than a GATE jump, and prone to catastrophic explosion should its drive system experience certain categories of malfunction. Note that standard combat damage almost never triggers this category of malfunction. Technical details can be provided if necessary. Twenty fighters have been delivered at the time of writing, and production is expected to accelerate. The full order is for two hundred. The source of funding for a project of this magnitude has been difficult to find. In addition to standard confidentiality regulations which had to be bypassed, the payments were made by a dummy holding which I have so far been unable to trace. The fighters are being delivered by employees of the purchaser. Upon the completion of a batch of ships, a group of trained pilots arrive and take custody of the ships for deliver. Each pilot appears to be of early middle age, and though they are equipped with what appears to be Kawashita-type flight suits, I suspect that they are not Kawashita-trained. They were not forthcoming with the location to which the fighters were to be delivered; however, a check of local flight plan registration showed their listed destination as "Rosenhaus." Pending further orders, I will continue my investigation with the next shipyard lead. With respect, Agent Maeda
  8. VK-318

    [K - C09] Stardate 3816.5.6

    Location: C09 Orinshi Tags: Civilian, Spaceship Note to judges: the micro Variga is reused and should not be judged. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Captain's Log Made landfall at Fleet HQ on Orinshi to pick up our zampolit. Corporal Nodachi's dossier lists him as a proficient sniper and distinguished officer after four years of service. During his service aboard the Variga, he is to have veto authority over the captain's actions under certain circumstances. Captain's Log, Supplemental The man is the most uptight, pretentious person I've ever seen carrying a sniper rifle. We shall have to hope that he will forbear from interfering too regularly with the command of my ship. Diary of Silvia Kramer Viktor and the new crewman hate each other. Since Nodachi's supposed to be on the bridge during combat, this could make things interesting. Will have to find something for him to do to make himself useful. If we're lucky, we might get until our next shore leave without anybody getting shot. Captain's Log Encountered suspect vessel in Orinshi system far orbit. Contact report filed with fleet command. Various requisitions made. Prisoners currently being held in the brig, pending delivery to the fleet. Mission Report - 3816 5 Junali Location: C09 Orinshi Mission: Interception; Search and Seizure. Target: Hull 38ACY-B9B - Bay Lines Fackrell-class Light Container Freighter Action Report: Encountered target in far orbit of Orinshi. Upon sighting, hailed, as orbital location atypical for craft awaiting commercial docking. Target reacted by initiating hard burn on thrusters toward sensor shelter of a nearby ring system. In accordance with standing vessel operating orders, engaged target as presumed smuggler or slave-trader. Intercepted successfully, and boarded with minimal hull damage. Boarding Report: Boarding party consisted of enlisted crewmen and Captain Kramer. Enemy crew: captain, supercargo, three enlisted. Due to armed resistance, lethal force was authorized by order of Captain Kramer. Two enlisted died from injuries sustained in boarding. Third enlisted attempted to escape through airlock - died due to vacuum suit malfunction. Body recovered for deliver to family. Captain and supercargo surrendered - latter suffered minor wounds during boarding. Post medical treatment, delivery to fleet is pending. Actual status of hull and crew as Bay Lines employees is unconfirmed but presumed valid - smuggling activity assessed as non-localized. After Action Report: Docked containers searched; contraband discovered. Quantities of chemicals not matching permitted standards contained in starboard container - analysis suggests unlawful recreational narcotic. Military-grade explosive ordinance found in ventral container. Food, medical materials, and various sundries requisitioned as per fleet policy. Hull flagged as military property and flagged with proper transponder - coordinates attached. Mission Status: SUCCESS Diary of Silvia Kramer "Various sundries" include: one-tenth of a dimensional ton of explosives, an as-yet uncounted cache of precious-metal coinage found in the supercargo's footlocker under a false bottom, and a collection of Bay Lines uniforms, passcards, and other items "just in case." It was my job to keep Nodachi busy on the bridge while the others brought the gear aboard. He is impossible to make small talk with. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C&C welcome. Thanks for reading - I'm trying a new format.
  9. Col. Brik

    [K-C-09] Vintage Purchase

    Mission: Vintage Purchase Tags, Kawashita, Spaceship, Orinshi Brik, fresh off a bump to first executive, decides to spend some of the extra income on a vintage spaceship to restore to glory. "Sir, you are going to love this custom ship. It is a one off based on the #6980 Galaxy Commander." "It is nice, say, you look familiar? Like someone famous, is your name Benny? "No, but I get that a lot. I am much older than Benny" "As you can see, she is quite large. But I know you can afford it since you're Raven's XO now." "Very Impressive setup, walk me through the other items." "Sure, Front half, seating for four" "The back half is self sufficient and can sub orbit or be a ground base for operations, or just plain vacations." "It looks great, I'll take it" "You aren't going to paint it dark red and black, are you?" "No, just this once I'll keep the Kawashita colors off a ship I own." END Thanks for looking everyone, this is a older MOC I was saving for a "rainy day" and this being a holiday weekend in the states I thought it would be a good time to break it out and finally show it off. My time to build was rather short with all the adult beverages consumed. Thanks for looking. C&C welcome!
  10. AG_Rosenhaus_01 Located in a clearing in the Orinshi jungles, few people know of the existence of this building. AG_Rosenhaus_02 Built in the shape of a cross or a T, the owner of the property is listed in documents only as, "K." AG_Rosenhaus_03 It is large enough to house an entire military base, but appears from the outside to be a civilian residence - a mansion of tremendous size. AG_Rosenhaus_04 The architects were sourced from the Milky Way, as Kawashita architects have little experience with rotundas and other such distinctly Western architectural styles. AG_Rosenhaus_05 There is, in fact, a front door, a very large one indeed on the ground level of the rotunda. However, at present it merely leads out onto grass - there is not another building or a road for hundreds of miles in any direction. AG_Rosenhaus_06 The building, listed in legal documents as "Rosenhaus," appears to be undefended - there are even trees and a fountain under the crystal dome that tops off the rotunda. The two layers of the rotunda below are composed mostly of balconies, including an open-air dining room and a running track that circles the rotunda on the third level. AG_Rosenhaus_07 Orbital imagery suggests that there may be military hardware concealed under the irregular surface of the larger dome. AG_Rosenhaus_08 The east wing of the mansion has a roof garden, which is in fact more like a grove of trees, around a square with a fountain. AG_Rosenhaus_09 On the other side, the west wing of the Rosenhaus boasts an outdoor pool. AG_Rosenhaus_10 The north wing is more mysterious. It is by far the largest portion of Rosenhaus, but is fitted with only one row of large windows. Orbital analysis indicates that the northern wall conceals a massive door, but it has never been seen to open. Whether some weapon or vehicle is contained within, or whether this is merely some sort of gigantic warehouse, is unknown. AG_Rosenhaus_11 The roof is used as a landing pad for ship identified as the Variga, suggesting that "K" stands for Kramer. A large elevator provides passage from the roof directly into the north wing, or there is a main entrance on the north side of the rotunda. AG_Rosenhaus_12 Efforts have been made by multiple parties to infiltrate or break into the Rosenhaus, so far without success. The difficulties involved are compounded by the use of a highly automated staff, making the use of a mole essentially impossible.
  11. Col. Brik

    [Challenge 4] [CATA] Brik's House

    Brik's House on the home world of Orinshi A delivery truck arrives and drops off a package, then speeds away. Col. Brik's doorman and personal attendant opens the package. "Ahhhh Brik-san, always in trouble." "Can you help Brik-san Mr. Pool?" "Sure, I feel for a guy who is a one legged man in a butt kicking contest."
  12. Being the home planet claimed by Kawashita, Orinshi is rich in what is known on Earth as Asian culture. Things like the characters used on signs or the building architecture can be seen to reflect the Oriental tradition. And being Kawashita's home planet, a day on the streets wouldn't be complete without seeing robots all over. Or items from the bankrupt company Aperture. And a fairly standard object on buildings equipped with retro TVs is the self correcting robot antenna.
  13. ---------- Prologue: Eden Trees Before the Kawashita Group arrived in the remote system of Andromeda, the planet Orinshi had already been inhabited by civilizations older than time. As much as humans would do, these civilizations worshiped Orinshi’s miracle: the Eden tree… ---------- “Trees are the veins of our soul, guardians of life.” - San Tze Tzui the 9th (AD 3554 – 3710) Orinshi, which will later be renowned as the “pearl of jade”, holds the most extraordinary wildlife one could imagine. In the endless verdant plains and luxuriant rainforests, one could dedicate his life to study a fauna and flora of such unimaginable complexity, he could never reach the bottom… Amongst the miracles Orinshi shelters, one literary and figuratively stands above all: the EDEN TREE. Taller than any tree recorded in Earth’s history, this herculean tree can reach an astounding height of 200 meters and spreads its roots on a 10 km radius. In the first years of its life, the Eden tree’s growth spurt alone is strong enough to pull apart and lift the surrounding ground: it’s not uncommon to find rocks and minerals mixed with the dark-tinted bark. Nest to a vast number of flying and climbing species, the unique Eden tree is for many reasons a cornerstone of its ecosystem and a majestic monument of the Orinshi jungles. ---------- A hoard of Datrinubes getting closer to the mighty river. These gigantic beasts can measure up to 10 meters long! They usually travel in pack of 2 or 3, a male, a female and their offspring. They are a common species of Orinshi and are often found around Eden trees, as they mostly feed of their roots: Sleeping underground, an ancient and mysterious vessel carved by the ages...: ---------- Not a main picture worthy of these herculean trees... Though they were still nice to make! I tried a strange new technique (to me, anyway) to make these trees and think it ended up pretty well. It does show gaps, but in my opinion, it mimics nicely the "curvature" that can be found in some trees. The foliage is pretty basic and blocky, but it's a style I guess! And hey! It's my first rock work ever! Hurray! May Kawashita bring fortune.
  14. EpsilonEta

    [K - C09] Arrival

    One of the massive colony ships arrives at C09 - Orinshi. Arrival by EpsilonEta, on Flickr On board is a military operative only known as "Raven". She have been hired by Kawashita to handle security and escort explorers on new planets. Many speculate that an agent with here reputation is more likely to perform espionage and sabotage on rivaling companies. The Kawashita group deny any such accusations. Raven by EpsilonEta, on Flickr
  15. mccoyed

    [K - C09] Swift Reprisal

    Garden Path Orinshi - 3185 Dr. Markham knew what he was doing was dangerous. Especially now. But the money was too good... and the retirement package? Wow! Still, he would be lying if he didn't admit to a tiny twinge of regret when he realized what was following him. But maybe it's his imagination. Maybe he's just so afraid KG knows his plans that he is seeing things that aren't there. Yeah, that must be it... Koro kept pace easily, hopping from Torii to Torii. He even let Markham see him, just once, his neon blue cyborg's grin flashing like a jack-o-lantern. Scary stuff. But for disloyalty, Dr. Markham deserved to be frightened at the very least. A tingle in his ear warned him that Narbilu-sama was checking on his status. He reported, sending his thoughts through the interface to be translated as a voice in Narbilu-sama's ear, wherever he was in Andromeda. He requests direction... does Kawashita find the rumors of Markham's treachery to be compelling enough to demand he pay the ultimate price? Narbilu-sama confirms the Kill Order, and Koro stops playing with his prey. He drops down from the Torii to strike while Dr. Markham is trying to decide what kind of orbital yacht to buy with his ill-gotten gains. Kawashita accepts no traitors, and today, Koro is Kawashita's closed fist of swift reprisal. Alternate Shot: