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Found 12 results

  1. A_Goodman

    [MOC] Heading Upriver

    Historical Build 1519 Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes arrives on the mainland of the New World. After disembarking his ship he, along with a small group of soldiers, row upriver through the mangrove swamps of Eastern Mexico in search of the famed Aztec Empire. PART 1 of a Continuing series. Heading Up River by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  2. Sparks bricks

    [LEGO IDEAS] 24 Gun Spanish Galleon

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here, and I want to introduce myself with my Spanish Galleon build! (excuse the pirate flag its the only one I have at the moment) The ship itself is more than 2,000 pieces with more than 15 yards of rigging. It has a total of 4 decks, which carry its 24 guns. I have been planning and working on this build for the last 3 months and very happy how it turned out! This is my first large ship I have built, and it comes in around 3 feet long (just the deck) and 2 feet tall, which means its about 1/2 of minifigure scale! I used a combination of different hull techniques that I learn here to give the hull its shape. I have yet to include sails but will be working on that shortly! I have different stages of the build on my Flicker which you can check out here: Here it is side by side with a official Lego pirate ship! As you can see its more than double the size! Lastly this has recently been posted to Lego Ideas and your support would be greatly appreciated! I think it would look amazing with the upcoming Pirates Bay set coming out later, but also we need to show Lego that fans want the Pirates and other classic themes back on the shelfs! With your support we can bring awareness to this! Some more pictures!
  3. This is a model of an Italian style galley. 14th century, 1571 or mid. 18th century depending on weight on references or type. In the Mediterranean in medieval times, the galley was almost synonymous with a warship. These ships made up the principal warships of the major fleets in the area. Being high-speed vessels, they were also used to chase down pirates. The type had a late revival in the Baltic were it was used primarily in the conflicts between Russia and Sweden. It is in minifig-scale or 1:40’ish. The model will have the dimension Length: 166 cm, Height: 113 cm (with stand), Width: 82 cm (with oars) There is approx. 16200 bricks in the model. The galley, true galley or gallee sottili was developed during the 13th and 14th century and the design remained the essentially the same until it was phased out in the early 19th century. The main characteristics of the model are from La Capitana, a galley of Malta. The lines, armament, oars and overall arrangement follows the drawings of this ship. These are indexed in Architectura novalis mercatoria (published by Fredrik Henrik af Chapmann in 1768) as: no.18 on plate LVIII Details, such as color, not provided by Chapmann, are from Real, the flagship of Don John of Austria in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. In 1971, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the battle, a full size replica of La Real was built and displayed in the Barcelona Maritime Museum where it can be viewed today. This also gives an abundance of accurate picture material to work from. The details from this Spanish Real compared to the French La Réale from 1694; however, this ship is not a main reference. A sidenote on the names of the ships: “Capitana” was the term used for the largest and most prestigious ship of a squadron carrying its commander. “Real” or “Réale” just indicated these ships as being Royal, or as the main galley of the kingdom/fleet. This made me wonder: Did these ships have other more common names? -at least among the sailors. The doctrine of the galley was brutal. The ships would take position abreast and then get on the enemy as fast as possible to engage in melee combat. This largely dictates the design of the ship. Sleek with 60 oars and some 300 oarsmen, this is a thing built for speed. The main battery is at the bow, where the main battle would take place. This is also the only armament that is in the linedrawings. These guns were fixed and would only shoot once just before boarding. This may seem strange, but a galley would cover the effective distance of artillery pieces much faster than the reload time. I have placed the remaining guns, consisting of 2-pounders and pivot guns, along the side where I figured it made sense. A boat is starboard. This feature is not on the Linedrawings, but is on the other references as well as on several other galleys, so I figured it to be a galley-thing. The commander would have his place at the stern. In front of the commanders quarter is a deck space where additional soldiers, delivered by support ships, were organized.
  4. Anders T

    Medieval Ships

    Lately I have made some ships from the Middle Ages. I am sharing them here as they could fit nicely with castles, knights, catapults and armor. The Middle Ages is a broad term, but according to Wikipedia, it is the period 500-1500. So far I have made: A Dromon, The Skuldelev Ships, A Cog, A Caravel, A Carrack and A Galley. All ships are minifig scale or approx. 1:40. Some models can altered in to waterline models, ie. the bottom can be removed so that they can stand on a "water surface". They are digital for now, but that may change. Here I confine myself to a picture of each ship. Some of them have additional pictures. These are in the pirate forum, where each ship has its own topic and on Flickr Dromon From Greek δρόμων, dromōn, "runner" was a galley and the most important warship of the Byzantine navy from the 5th to the 12th century. Length: 93 cm, Height: 43 cm, Width: 37 cm (with oars) Bricks: approx. 4350 Can be altered in to a waterline model. Skuldelev Ships 1-6 The Viking ships from Roskilde. Excavated in 1962. The largest model, Skuldelev 2, will have the following dimensions Length: 80 cm, Height: 40 cm, Width: 10.5 cm The smallest model, Skuldelev 6, will have the following dimensions Length: 29 cm, Height: 21.5 cm, Width: 7 cm Approx. 4900 bricks in all models combined. 2100 in Skuldelev 2, 1100 in Skuldelev 1 and 450-700 in each of the other ships. Skuldelev 1 A”large” cargo ship, Knarr, 1030 A. D. Skuldelev 2 (and 4) A warship, Skeid, 1042 A. D. Is so large that the excavation team initially thought it was two ships, hence 2 and 4 Skuldelev 3 A cargoship, Byrding, 1040 A. D. Skuldelev 5 A small warship, Snekkja, 1030 A. D. Skuldelev 6 A fishing boat or small cargo vessel, Ferje, 1030 A. D. Cog The cog is a ship type used from the 10th century to the 14th century. This model could represent a cog from from approx. 1270-1330. If anyone knows anything else, do tell. Length: 68 cm, Height: 75 cm, Width: 19 cm Bricks: approx. 4300 Can be altered to a waterline model. Caravel The caravel was developed in the 14th and 15th centuries. Shown here in both a lateen rigged and square-rigged version. With a length of 14 m (scaled), the model is roughly the same size as Niña (Santa Clara) and Pinta from the famous journey to Asia in 1492. Length: 40 cm, Height: 45 cm, Width: 10.5 cm Bricks: approx. 1300 (in one of them) Carrack Karrack, Caravela, Nau, Nao, Neef or Kraak., About. 1500 The ship type is a precursor to the galeon and builds on the cog, the holk / hulk and various Mediterranean ship types. When I researched this type of ship there were some very far-out versions of what it might look like. Maybe I will make some of them at some point, but here I have used different plans for Santa Maria and a lot of common sense. Length: 85 cm, Height: 75 cm, Width: 23 cm Bricks: approx. 6400 Can be altered to a waterline model. Galley This is a model of an Italian style galley. 14th century, 1571 or mid. 18th century depending on weight put on references or type. The main characteristics of the model are from La Capitana, a galley of Malta. The lines, armament, oars and overall arrangement follows the drawings of this ship. These are indexed in Architectura novalis mercatoria (published by Fredrik Henrik af Chapmann in 1768) as no.18 on plate LVIII Details, such as color, not provided by Chapmann, are from Real, the flagship of Don John of Austria in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. The details from this Spanish Real compared to the French La Réale from 1694; however, this ship is not a main reference. Length: 166 cm, Height: 113 cm (with stand), Width: 82 cm (with oars) Bricks: approx. 16200 Can be altered to a waterline model.
  5. Anders T


    The Carrack, Caravela, Nau, Nao, Neef or Kraak. The ship type was all the rage in the 15th century. It was important for me that it seemed like a reasonable evolvement of the cog, and as a precursor for the galleon, being closer to the latter. Trying to avoid the most out there designs of this type; I have mainly used different plans for the Santa Maria and a great deal of sense. It is in minifig-scale or 1:40’ish. The model will have the dimensions Length: 85 cm, Height: 75 cm (with stand), Width: 23 cm (Beam) There is approx. 6400 bricks in the model.
  6. James Wellington

    Imperial Armada Trading Post

    Hello all! I haven't done any builds in a while, so one day when I was looking at some images of lego trading posts, I decided to make my own. I noticed I built stuff for my Bluecoats and Redcoats, but nothing for my Imperial Armada/Spanish. So, I decided to borrow the figures and flag from the Armada Flasghip and build a small trading post! Here we go. The frontal view of the trading post (excuse the slight slant of the pic). It features 5 minifigures, a rowboat with unloading cargo, a dock with an upper and lower part and a dock lamp. Spanish Captain talks to Merchant, other merchant starts to unload his cargo. A Armada soldier guards on top of the Trading Post. Imperial Armada Trading Post by James McGill, on Flickr Top view of the soldier, flag and cargo barrels on the top. Imperial Armada Trading Post 2 by James McGill, on Flickr Top pops off and reveals the interior which features a small table with a cup and two maps. It can fit a minifigure. Imperial Armada Trading Post interior by James McGill, on Flickr Lastly, the side view of the build. The Captain talks to the Merchant. There is a good look at the lamp and the cargo, and the side of the trading post. Imperial Armada Trading Post side by James McGill, on Flickr Thanks for reading!
  7. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Spanish (custom) ship "El Principito"

    167B Hello once more, I've been busily building stuff in October, so here is another MOC - and once again the ship is pretty small. I have called it "El Principito" (The Little Prince) :pir-sweet: I wanted to build a ship that is not based on a usual hull. Having started in white, it soon became obvious that it had to be a Spanish ship (following the example of the "Armada Flagship" in the old days). Also, the galion was hinting in this direction. Spanish!!! Captain Eduardo is quite happy with his ship and his crew of conquistadors: The ship is not too heavily armed... Here it is sailing away... .. but there is one strange guy on board - maybe he is the real captain: :monkey: I am quite happy with the result (although the model has a tendency to topple...) A storyline regarding the adventures of the Spanish crew of the "El Principito" is in preparation. I hopy you like the MOC - I am waiting for feedback.
  8. Hi guys, I'm PROlego, an Spanish FOL who would like to know the top builders (in our forum we don't have many Technic fans, appart from Sheepo and Jorgeopesi, the first is my favorite Technic supercar builder (Porsche :drool:) and the second is also one of my favourite builders, partly because of his great MINI models and partly because of his great skills with cars like the Pagani Huayra and the Ferrari F40 and building machines. I've been playing with lego system for about 8 years and with lego technic for about 3 years. I'm (of course) not at all as good as them and still learning. Now I own this Technic things (I also own like 30 more System sets) SETS- 8839, 9398, 42010, 8406 and some other "half technic" sets like 8491, 8493, 8138. SEPARATE PF- Battery box, 2x XL motors, 2x M motors, IR V1 and "small" controller. I hope to learn many things here, because on the Spanish forum HispaLUG we don't have as many "Technicians" as here. I apologize in advance for my bad English, but well, at least is better than the average English for my age here . Have fun! PROlego.
  9. Captain Braunsfeld

    WIP: El Centurion (Galleon)

    [pid][/pid] 159C Buenos dias! This time my first attempt based on Greenhair's wisdom has been manned with Spanish troops, so it probably has to be called a Galleon. I also think that an "HMS Centurion" has already been done. Therefore here we have "El Centurion"! You may ask, why I call this "work in progress" while all key ingredients are there? The key reason is that I am quite unhappy with the sails but frankly, I do not have a good idea what they should look like... (And it may be a reference to my missing skills in photo-editing ) I have chosen Spanish soldiers from different sources and times: As you may notice I have varied from the famous tutorial in places. That is, I go outward by half a stud and also by one full stud (using inverted slopes underneath). This look ok to me (could have been worse...) - let's hear your feedback. Some features, which might not be visible at first glance: There is a hold underneath the lower deck which is accessible (floor covered with tiles) and which then can hold the Spanish silver. The roof of the captain's cabin is removable so you can see his desk, etc. By the way, this is of course one key element of my ships: My children must be interested in playing with them. Therefore I have cut down on rigging, etc. which would make playing and access to the lower deck, etc. more difficult. So, there you go with "El Centurion". Once I have a good idea regarding the sails, I will post an update.
  10. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Spanish Armada revisited

    [pid][/pid] 161A Hi there! Some time back I was lucky to obtain the hull parts for almost 2 Spanish ships. So I was curious to find out how far I could get in re-inventing the good old Spanish Armada! However, I tried to include some modification - partially because I preferred my ideas, partially because of lack of bricks So, here they come (as they are in blue and white I tried to go for a new background, but I will admit easily that red is not the right colour for the sea...) This is something which I quite like: You can remove the grey part of the deck to access the hold. There they go, sailing away into the sunset: This was a bit of a retro-approach. So I will go for something more modern next time. (And more heavily armed...) Till then, happy easter!
  11. -DoNe-

    Spanish Armada 14 Gun Brig

    [pid]S-PS22-15D[/pid] Here she is! My very first ship in two years. I've had the armada flagship hull laying around since I bought it (only the hull) 2-3 years ago and I finally found the insiration to build something with it. It was a truly challenging build due to how narrow the pre-fab hull is. But I think I where able to pull it of in the end. This also happens to to be my very first Brig, Gallery Hope ya'll like it and have a great day!
  12. TheLegoNinja

    Spanish Sloop San Lucas

    Here is my newest ship. It is a Spanish Sloop, the San Lucas. It is a 2 gun ship used mostly used for cargo hauling. Here is the Flickr set: Sorry for the blurry photos, it had to shot inside due to weather. Thanks for looking! I have also finished a british frigate, and I will post that within a few days.