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  1. BrickQueen

    BrickQueen vs BrickSpy

    It wasn't a fiasco. It was a misunderstanding that was resolved some time ago. Everyone on this thread blew the whole thing way out of proportion.
  2. BrickQueen

    Ninjago 2015

    I'd like to see a Ninjago video game on a system like PS4 or Xbox One.
  3. BrickQueen

    Controversial LEGO YouTubers

    I'm honestly not sure how you expect me to respond when you don't say any specific times, so I'll respond in a general answer. I am not perfect. I know that I have made some mistakes in life and on YouTube. All I can say is that I have tried to improve not only my videos but my attitude over the years I have been on YouTube. So if you have any recent experiences to mention, I'd love to hear them so I can address them if need be. If you're only referencing things that happened years ago, I would ask that you please stop bringing up the past and let's all agree to live in the present.
  4. BrickQueen

    Controversial LEGO YouTubers

    I'm here if anyone would like to ask me questions, but in the meantime.... Let me say this to those of you who think I am on YouTube for money... You couldn't be more wrong. Do I live in some elaborate mansion? No, I live in a two bedroom apartment. What I call my "LEGO room" is the second bedroom. That's the room I have my little review station set up in, a small table set up for stop motions, and I store all of my toys in that room. I call it my "LEGO room" because that's where I do everything for YouTube. You may also be interested to know that I still work a full time 8-5 office job Mon-Fri to pay for my hobby. To the questions of what I wear on YouTube, I ask you, when was the last time I wore the Slave Leia outfit? I looked it up. It was over 2 years ago. I stopped wearing it because not everyone approved of it. I never meant it to be an overly sexual thing. It was meant as a fun way to liven up dull reviews by wearing a costume. I do read my comments and when I see that numerous people are not happy with something I am doing or wearing, I do try to change. I know some of you think my reviews are boring. Well, to be prefectly honest with you, I know some of my old reviews really were boring. That's because I was a little camera shy in my beginning days of YouTube. I feel like over time, I have improved, and I am constantly looking for ways to make my reviews more entertaining and engaging.
  5. BrickQueen

    Hello Everyone! :)

    Hi Joe!! Nice to meet you!!
  6. BrickQueen

    Riaso Say Hi

    Hi Riaso!!
  7. BrickQueen

    Hello y'all

    Hi Caelumamittendum and welcome!!
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    Hi everyone!

    Hi Bevel!
  9. BrickQueen

    Hello from sweden

    Hi GoldVillage!
  10. BrickQueen

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Me too!
  11. BrickQueen

    2014 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Love the cute little penguin!!
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    Ladies, stand up !

    Hi beatpoet! Nice to meet you! :)
  13. BrickQueen

    Hi all. My name is Sagalius.

    Hi sagalius1!!
  14. BrickQueen

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Oh wow! lol how ironic! I like yours btw!
  15. BrickQueen

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    lol I want that one too