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  1. No. My original intention was to do a brick built Mario, but I ended up using my son's Knex Mario figure.
  2. Hi, all. I just finished another movie. It is a first in a new series. Enjoy!
  3. Here is another "Behind the Scenes" video to go along with Season 2, Part 4.
  4. I have finally gotten around to finishing part 4 of season 2. I added it to the other films in the original post.
  5. minitrue

    Brick Flick: Happy Halloween!

    Great Video! The walking pumpkin was very well done!
  6. We are currently in the middle of creating another Batman story. It is a Batman/Superman crossover story. As of this moment, only 3 parts are done. In total, it will be 10 episodes long. I will add them to this thread as I finish them. This series is being filmed on a Canon T2i interfaced with Dragon Frame 3. The editing is being done in Final Cut X and the special effects are being added with Mac Motion 5. I hope you like our films! Here is a short behind-the-scenes reel for season 2 that shows how big my sets are and how I did some of the special effects: I am a physicist, not a film maker. I'm learning as I go, and I think I'm getting better. Let me know what you think- questions and comments welcome!
  7. Hello, all. My son and I did this movie for the "Super Heroes Unite" contest that Lego held in 2011. It is 50 minutes long. We recorded this film with a sony handycam and edited it in iMovie. The whole thing was done in 4 months. We worked on it about 6-7 hours a day. All of the voices in my movies are my students and colleagues from the school where I work. Enjoy!
  8. Sorry for double post. I was trying to edit something and it made a new thread...
  9. ....actually it's Larry. I got my first Lego set when I was 15. Twenty-two years later, and I'm still going strong. I collect most of the official Lego lines and I've slowly been creeping into Kreo (but those blocks do not get mixed in.) I do a lot of MOC work. Large dioramas, mosaics and Mindstorms devices. Mostly, I do brick films. That started in 2003. I have a youtube channel and website where my work is featured. I have won a couple film contests in the past. My wife is just as much into Lego as I am. She is the creator and editor of the new family-oriented brick fan magazine, The Brick Collectors. Our son and daughter practically live in our Lego room. They are constantly building wonderful projects, and undermining our organizational efforts... Anyway, I like the variety of topics being discussed on Eurobricks and the friendly atmosphere of the site. I look forward to becoming a member of this community.