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  1. The Gunship was never going to have lots of figures because it's not a Playset or a mini figure scale vessel so you don't get lots of figures to 'play' with it. Same as every other oversized set whether that's the Tumbler or the A-Wing. This is a display piece that's larger than minifig scale so two figures on the display stand is how it's displayed.
  2. The logo on the UCS box is definitely Republic and not Imperial. Y'know. Just in case anyone thought otherwise and made a big deal about it on Twitter. You'd think people would be able to notice the difference between Imperial and Republic. Doubly so as it says Republic Gunship directly under it.
  3. Well from what I've heard this morning the account holder on Insta got some contact from Disney regarding the image hence the account was taken down. There was a threat of legal paperwork being sent out to them regarding the leak of the image... name of account holder mentioned in the message apparently. I'm not even sure who originally posted it as it moved around quite quickly but I hope it was worth it for whoever did it. Pinch of salt with these things as always. And pepper. Maybe some truffle oil and some parmesan shavings.
  4. The image is available under the #legoleaks hash on Insta apparently
  5. I'll have a crack at that one. The shine is wearing off and in a couple of years Lego won't be on his radar. He's already said before now that his interest has been financial rather than with any real interest in the subject matter or the product. He just managed to find an audience that got him paid enough. He's already started to try and review Black Series stuff and move into reviewing other collectibles. Horribly. There are people who have good knowledge of Star Wars as well as particular products and if you don't know a great deal about either you're not going to last.
  6. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    If you want the best Beskar Mando available then the Phoenix Customs figure has just been completed. Unfortunately it sold out its remaining spares immediately. You can try on the secondary market for it though. For a cheaper option there is a couple of bootleg figures that actually have a decent helmet although it's essentially just a regular Lego mould with elements printed. There are some terrible ones but there are some decent ones too. There's a grey and white Mandalorian that I picked up that has excellent print and design but the best part is the grey head with a balaclava effect that would be ideal for use on a Boba figure. I might try and track down a couple more of those for doing just that.
  7. Blister packaging for displaying your Lego figures. Vintage style Star Wars designs and bespoke service for any figure you need. Blisters also available for other themes such as Marvel and DC. £4.80 per card and blister. Card is digitally printed double sided on 250gsm silk stock at a professional digital print studio. Postage is extra at Buyers preferred rate. Figures are not included and those shown here with figures are just for display purposes only.
  8. As much as I don't like to Wishlist on things because it's pointless I've been thinking of figures that could be included so that we could get the key heroes but they remain somehow unique for the CMF wave. I'm thinking things like Hoth Han but with a blue jacket rather than brown. I'd say Celebration Luke with the medal is the more likely option as the only one we're really missing now is Endor Luke as mentioned above, and I think that the kind of figure that could sell a set on its own. There's only one variation of Leia we don't have... Bespin Escape. And that would just be a new torso print. I still think most of this is a moot point though as I don't think they will be doing it. Although I'd really like them to. I'm struggling now with where I'm likely to get a Snaggletooth.
  9. Yes. And the arms are custom printed. But by point is that even with existing figures that have been out for a while like the Celebration Medal figures they're actually in need of updating. A CMF would be an ideal way of circulating them but I'm still not sure of whether a Sw CMF is something that's even close to being on the table at Lego. The DC wave was all very specific costume designs from 75 years of a very diverse history, that may not have seen the light of day normally such as first appearance etc. We don't have that with Star Wars. Their costumes and appearances are very defined.
  10. Oh believe me. Those figures can be updated.
  11. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    If you're going to display your figures you may as well give them some vintage Kenner love
  12. That would create some Inception or Tenet style time loop though. I’ve already had my own Insta post posted back to me as proof that we’re getting the figure and that I was wrong in suggesting we’re not. If Lego then decides to actually create the figure as a promo I’m afraid for the future of the universe as the fabric of space folds in on itself.
  13. Which is exactly why I did it. And also because people moaned so much about the Bespin Duel set that I wanted to poke them with a stick. :)
  14. How dare you all suggest that image is Photoshopped! :)