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  1. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I have 50 Stormtroopers with the printed arms.
  2. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    You mean the view Beckett had when he pushed her? :)
  3. Isn't this the benefit of Lego? To just update any parts that you think would benefit from it? I mean if we look at old Obi Wan he's still got the generic Lego sidepart mens hair in grey even for the upcoming home set. Completely inaccurate but a very easy fix.
  4. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

  5. Robianco

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    I think if Lego thought they were missing out on serious sales from introducing a pirate ship or classic Space then they'd look at introducing them into their range. Eventually we'll get more pirate sets or have a new Space theme. But I don't think it will be at the expense of one of their evergreen themes. These are the themes that generate the sales that keeps Lego in the number one position in toys. It wouldn't surprise me if Lego's new campaign to 'Rebuild the World' was their way of saying 'Why not just build what you want?'.
  6. Robianco

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    No. It shouldn't. Each year new fans/buyers/consumers, whatever you want to call them, come along and there are key sets that sell for Lego. If you're bored of there being a Millennium Falcon on a shelf then prepare for a life of boredom. There will always be one. Just because we AFOLs may be up to date with our collections and any new X-Wing may seem repetitive to us it means absolutely nothing to the main audience of Lego Star Wars. There's also lots of new media and titles coming our way that could open up the doors to lots of new and very different sets. Alternatively updated parts and techniques can bring more accurate version of existing sets. I'm at the stage of being relatively up-to-date with things I want from Lego. Do I want the theme to take a break because of this? No. Lego is also in quite a big NASA release phase with two pretty big Ideas sets recently. I'd say they were a bigger obstacle to an in-house space theme. Don't we also have a relatively new wave of Lego Space based sets as a sub-theme of City? Or do people just want Classic Space to be back?
  7. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    If you're going to decal then get a good clear acrylic spray to seal the figure once the decal is applied. I used to do that and it works well.
  8. Robianco

    Fraud MOC sellers.

    This is a difficult subject. I've had designs I've done used by a client that didn't pay for them so I know how annoying or difficult it can be. There are so many variables in this that it's almost hard to keep track. Nobody but Disney own the rights to use those likenesses or even the names of the vessels etc that are MOC'd... so technically you can't use them to sell something. Lego also don't have patents on most of their bricks or parts anymore so they can be copied and not considered a knock-off as it's about as much fair use as people saying they can copy and sell an AT-AT MOC is fair use. I've always felt that MOCing was it's own reward. You've created something and you're proud of it. Now how do you show it? Just pictures? Show it at an exhibition? Do you even make instructions? I know some people don't. If people then go to the trouble of making instructions and having them ready to sell then it's moving on from just being a MOC created for the builder's own pleasure to something else entirely... it's a commercial venture. And if you don't own the rights to any of the names or likenesses then why would you feel it's OK for you to sell it? Because of scale? Selling a few of them would be OK but if someone sold more then that would become an issue? It's all down to how tightly the rights holder wants to keep control. Selling one may be too much to them. With regards to fair use I can see why having images on something like Deviantart is one thing but if you then started selling those then the rights holder may have an issue. It also doesn't matter what platform things are sold on. Even on eBay it can take time for something to be removed even if it's reported multiple times.. and it's not always a guarantee. Amazon is also just used as a vehicle for people to have their own marketplace. Same as Etsy. So this isn't a Chinese issue. China's issues with IP and copyright law are well known even going as far as having Chinese brands essentially copying well known Western vehicles like the BMW X5 but with a different badge on it, so a company selling instructions and bricks to a small Lego type set isn't going to register. I'd take it as a compliment.
  9. To be honest I never quite realise how many had been remade. X-Wing, Y-Wing, Snowspeeder, Death Star, Milf, Yoda Bust, Sandcrawler, ISD, Cloud City and the Tantive. (I've included Tantive as even though it's smaller it's still an exclusive set and almost £200, it's also packaged similar to a UCS set). The Shuttle wouldn't be a bad shout but there's been absolutely no indication or rumour as to what it might be. I wouldn't want to start even mentioning it as other sites then post these comments as rumours and they end up back here as some kind of very early leak.
  10. That Dec 31 2020 date would mean the Death Star and Falcon would be gone, following on from CC in Dec 2019. The Slave 1 and Snowspeeder have already recently gone. Tantive is also due to go (I'm listing this as it's also listed in the exclusives part of the Lego site). That's a pretty big clearout of your flagship sets. The ISD is a monster but I'm interested in what they will add to that shelf offering (including the Y-Wing which should still be around) over the next 14 or so months in anticipation of the DS and Milf retiring.
  11. Just imagine the fume if they'd made it 80cm instead of 110cm.
  12. I think in general the rumours threads both here and in licensed suffer from the hype issue that tends to hit, especially with marquee sets. A lot of this can be down to figure count (not something that any other part of the forum worries too much about) and then the matter of display v playability. People in the HP thread are generally still happy the theme has returned. Just wait until it's been round for 20 continual years. There'll be plenty of people arguing why the Durmstrang Ship isn't the right scale or the fact they still haven't given us an accurate Aberforth figure. :)
  13. It would be naive to just judge a moc with absolutely no piece count limitation, complexity of build, production, price structuring, quality control, deadlines and many other restrictions imposed on the designer to a set that is to become a retail Lego set. There's no comparison. At least three times the parts. Double to three times the cost and no packaging (with all the design and attention to detail that comes with it).
  14. The case for the defence rests.
  15. Weight will be very similar to that of the Falcon. So that means it will feel about the same when you pick it up. Which means that disparity in amount of parts means very little when it comes to the amount of plastic used. Less parts may mean shorter build but then the length of a build has been an indicator of whether something is any good or not before now. I’m not saying anyone has to like the ISD but I genuinely think they can’t please everybody. The Tantive wasn’t big enough and needed to be more of a display model and less about play space... now this needs an interior and is too expensive (I’d personally hate the bridge being modified to accommodate giant looking figures). I just think people need to stop quoting decade old ppp ratios or comparing amount of parts rather than weight to give a better idea of ‘value’ for want of a better word.