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  1. As long as they don’t become the Gungans I’m ok with it! :) I agree about the Ahch-To set though. I’m not buying anything from the sequels but that’s such a nice little build with two good figures then I can’t pass it up.
  2. So nobody else has seen them and they're not on the usual (or unusual) places... but a new member has seen pics, or been sent pics, of the new sets and can write up a pretty detailed description of them... all from memory... as they can't find them. Either I'm sitting in a bath of scampi or there's something else that smells a little fishy.
  3. Frustration of availability is one thing but I think it starts with this set and then if you like it you'll take the next large set by bootleggers because it's cheaper rather than it being available. They're hitting stores regularly in the UK now so the rest of Europe surely isn't far behind. Enjoy your bootleg.
  4. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    The Falcon seems to be arriving regularly in some of the larger UK Lego stores at the moment. I know of at least three stores that have had stock in over the last 10 days.
  5. End of Lepin and other bootleggers?

    Reuters reported this year that Lego's sales figures in China have been growing by 25%-30% year on year. That doesn't sound like a company that's priced itself out of a market.
  6. Looks like a prank video to me. No box and every part is from existing sets. Music is all over the place and production quality is terrible. Also... isn’t GNAJBricks just a play on Jang’s channel?
  7. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I can't remember whether this is from UG Minifigures or Brothers Figure? Either way it's a clone of a recent custom figure.
  8. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I'm not sure I've made any comments on this thread since the first page or so but I'm not going to speculate about what could be released or what I'd like to see... I'm just glad something is coming... whatever it is. I will comment, as others have previously, about the popularity of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World that JK Rowling has created in general. It's still huge. Massive. The exhibition at the British Library is mostly sold out right up until it closes in March 2018. Cursed Child has been hugely successful at the theatre and has opened in Broadway as well as London's West End. WB Studio Tour in Watford is always booked well in advance with large crowds for each time slot. Events parks such as Universal are still hugely popular. The books are still hugely popular. The crowds at Kings Cross earlier this year with Platform 9 3/4 just go to show just how HP and his world are still very present in people's minds. Harry Potter has never been Star Wars. It wasn't created as the toy monster that SW is but it's popularity has spawned thousands of spin off items and other forms of revenue in much the same way. It will never be the toy and merchandise juggernaut that SW is... but nothing else will either. Let's not try and judge it by that example.
  9. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Christo’s version of that Batman figure sells for just under £1000. If this was DLP I’d be very excited about this release. I just hope Pogo fluke it somehow.
  10. Leicester Square store has some in stock apparently. If you're around that way it might be worth popping in.
  11. Well at least one of those isn't right. Apparently.
  12. I think they've rereleased sets before... I can't place what it was but I seem to remember this happening. Sets will be updated such as the Falcon (and possibly the next UCS set) and we've already had the Snowspeeder and the Death Star in the Star Wars line. There's nothing to stop them doing a rerelease of most of the early moduiars. It'll certainly keep the scalpers on their toes.
  13. Not forgettting the full name of Mos Eisley’s most dubious watering hole is Chalmun’s Cantina. Hey... if we’re going to pin the chances of sets on every source or rumour we hear then we can’t rule out this CC can we? :) Obviously if there are figures circulating now that are legit then they won’t be from a Dec 2018 release. Either of these sets in a decent scale would be fantastic.
  14. The Greedo with Wuher and Han also had different leg printing that either of the previously released versions. Han was the DS version but I couldn’t place any part of Wuher from any previously released figures. It’s all conjecture at the moment and people like to play games like this placing iffy figures with leaked figures (remember Bespin Lando?) but these might still be legit.
  15. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    As long as they get the helmet and the torso right then everything else can be made perfect with the dual moulded legs from the beach set. Is that the Brothers Figure Supergirl, Paris Customs Alan Scott an UG Minifigures Captain Marvel there?