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  1. There’s always been fake leaks along with iffy moc images as sets. Unfortunately.
  2. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    A member. A trusted member. A member who sometimes knows things.
  3. Off brand review?

    I think the issue with off brands are those that clone Lego sets. I've seen people review things such as Megabloks Star Trek sets so there's no reason you can't post something that contains non-Lego parts as long as it's not seen to be promoting something that is infringing Lego's IP (such as copies of existing Lego sets).
  4. Worry not. I’m really looking forward to that figure too. There’s only a couple of sets I picking up this year but I’m genuinely excited to get that figure.
  5. It gets very silly. There's so many repeats of hero helmets... and with lots of RO pilots having moustaches a Surrel and Biggs figure would look identical as they both had orange jumpsuits. I've seen images of Surrel holding Janson's helmet. The image on Wookiepedia shows Biggs helmet but it's actually cropped where the pilot in front of him (Wion Dillems) is holding it. Even so Dillems also has a 'tache! Seeing as this was based out of Yavin around two or three days before the Battle of Yavin I'd assume Biggs was there and he's have that helmet too. That's when it all starts getting very silly with them being 'hero' helmets as one offs... yet they now have multiples in the same base at the same time wearing them. I actually already have an X-Wing pilot with Janson's helmet so maybe if I change the head to a moustache head that'll do for that as a variation. This is all getting far from set discussion though. With regards to what's actually coming There's a Dutch Vander and an Antoc Merrick that are definitely on the way. The initial box art for the X-Wing indicated that it's a Biggs minifigure and I think there's been some astromech link to it probably being him. I've not heard about any second figure with the Y-Wing and I don't know who is in the X-Wing but one would normally assume it would be Luke from a toy selling perspective.
  6. It certainly looks like it. Both my Snowspeeder and X-Wing Wedge figures now have the dark green version from the UCS Hoth set so my old grey one is on Santage. I need a moustache pilot head though for him. Maybe pick up a spare Merrick for him. Actually DIdn't someone on the updated figure thread edit an Aragorn head for Santage?
  7. John Brannon's helmet is in the Sandspeeder set, Dex Tiree's helmet is pretty much the grey rebel helmet with the red emblems from the Snowspeeder Microfighter, even down to the shadows under the emblems, it just doesn't have the three German colour stripes at the very top of the helmet (and the fact the helmet is grey rather than white but you could just argue that they're all dirty anyway so it doesn't matter). Dutch's helmet does look pretty identical to Hobbie's, Grizz's etc. Red Leader is the glaring omission along with Krail. Red Leader's helmet was actually used on a Snowspeeder pilot in ESB too but we only got to see him in the briefing. We're basically missing these two helmets: Although some level of detail on the more recent helmets especially on the side areas are missing form the older helmets. Blue Squadron is a real mix of older helmets and we've already got quite a few. Nice to get Merrick's later in the year too.
  8. I think people are getting hung up on why minifigs are included in UCS display sets and what they mean. For sets that aren’t minifig scale (i.e. accurately scaled up in relation to the size of the minifigure) they’re just there as little extras for display purposes... Batman and Joker with the Tumbler, Senesca and Scotian with the Snowspeeder, The five figure display stand with the Hellicarrier... Lego know we love figures so add something to the package. Star Wars UCS sets haven’t always been plentiful with these things... Red Five had a standard R2, B-Wing didn’t have anything, TIE just had printed arms etc. I personally think it would be a shame if we just got Dutch when it would have been a great opportunity to give us Gold Five but I can see the display stand just having Dutch in one end and his astromech on the other. It’s the same as the X-Wing later in the year... Dreis would have been great but it seems like we’re getting Biggs to go with the inevitable Luke.
  9. 10240 Red Five comes with an astromech. It’s not minifig scale. Not even close. Having that droid come with the set is no indication of anything other than the fact they haven’t got a correctly scaled astromech for UCS sets. Snowspeeders have a Pilot and a Gunner so they gave both figures. That’s not to say they won’t put two figures with the Y-Wing. But I don’t think it’ll be Biggs. Dutch Vander is coming in the Y-Wing. Helmet is very similar to the old one but with grey side panels printed too (at least some stripes to flesh out the grey areas). We already know we’re getting two figures with the X-Wing along with two astromechs. Why would anyone think Biggs would be the figure with the Y-Wing? And we’ll actually get a third X-Wing Pilot with Antoc Merrick in the advent calendar. There’s no reason to put X-Wing Pilots with Y-Wings.
  10. The leaked Biggs is from the system scale X-Wing coming out later this year. I don’t see them putting an X-Wing Pilot with a UCS Y-Wing. Dutch Vander is the figure with the Y-Wing. If we get a second figure with it it’ll be a Y-Wing Pilot. I’d love a second X-Wing Pilot with the system scale set to be Garvey Dreis but it’ll probably be Luke again. At least we’ll have Antoc Merrick from the calendar to fly an X-Wing too.
  11. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I think I much prefer the jumpers without the badges and just having the colour detailing for houses. I must admit... I think I mentioned my scepticism of there being 20 figures in this set... especially as there's rumours of a much larger set later in the year. People do seem to run with these ideas... remember, if it seems too good to be true... I much prefer this Hagrid. It has his wild hair and beard much better. I quite like McGonagall having legs rather than dress. As long as the print on the legs is nice when in hand. All the hair pieces look nice to be honest. Having the Willow as an add-on should hopefully open up the landscape of the Castle and give is a little more wall at least. I'd like to think that these new sets (or possibly waves in future) give us a really good scaled Hogwarts as a complete campus. Maybe with Goblet of Fire Dragon Challenge as things that can be used with it along with the rumoured Quidditch set.
  12. They always dangle something minifigure-wise on UCS sets these days. The Snowspeeder gave us two new helmet prints and printed arms, TIE gave us printed arms, Falcon gave us a new Han and Leia. I can imagine two new helmets and arm printing with the cylinder code detailing. That and new Astromechs make it a must for OT buyers.
  13. Well we're definitely still missing one main Y-Wing pilot rom Gold Squadron. Gold Five - Davish Krail. Stay on target!
  14. So whoever has seen the image of Dutch. Is there any change on the rebel pilot design? Arm printing?
  15. Less of a hint. More of a brick through a window.