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  1. That would create some Inception or Tenet style time loop though. I’ve already had my own Insta post posted back to me as proof that we’re getting the figure and that I was wrong in suggesting we’re not. If Lego then decides to actually create the figure as a promo I’m afraid for the future of the universe as the fabric of space folds in on itself.
  2. Which is exactly why I did it. And also because people moaned so much about the Bespin Duel set that I wanted to poke them with a stick. :)
  3. How dare you all suggest that image is Photoshopped! :)
  4. That's a great looking set to me. Better scaled and sturdier than most mocs I've seen. Not forgetting about the build limitations of retail Lego sets that mocs don't need to concern themselves with.
  5. Mandalorian no. Prequel yes.
  6. Just burn something non essential. It’ll warm up in no time
  7. Hold it until they give in and actually let you have that big ice cream with the sprinkles and the flake
  8. Don’t hold your breath for Mando sets
  9. I wouldn’t have thought they’d have it so close to release. Even if they had the artwork ready for the box etc I’d say they’d wait for release. Logistically they’d have the boxes and instructions out for print already and be well into their distribution process for the next UCS Id say. Especially if it is an early May release.
  10. Mods. Sort this rubbish out.
  11. I see the kids have had too much sugar again
  12. Jedi was the first one I saw at the cinema back in 1983. I just missed going to see Empire. There is no right and wrong answers to what is someone's favourite part of the SW Universe but it is interesting to see how people see things differently. Empire is my favourite film and has been for a long, long time. But I actually put RO second only to that. Followed by ANH and then Jedi.
  13. Out of interest. What would you put 1-3?
  14. I think the phrase brothers in arms is relevant here. They're about to go into battle. To probably die. Referring to someone as a sister or brother as that happens isn't such as s stretch. it doesn't need scenes of emotional bonding between them. It may also show her that even though her family has been killed she's not alone. She has family in the people around her. These are movies with space wizards and laser swords and gravity altering missiles. Are we really dissecting the language between characters like this? Movies where a woman can have her entire homeward blown up and yet give sympathy to a man who has just seen a relative stranger die? If you've seen the notes of just how much Lucas's script changed throughout the development of ANH he was pretty much making it up as he went along. Nobody has to like any movie but I think if you're dissecting RO like this then I'm not sure what your criteria for enjoying a movie are.
  15. Robianco

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Gold Leader has been released Several times too so I can’t see that one being a poly either. He’s in the UCS Y-Wing as an updated figure anyway.