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  1. I'm not convinced by the Dewback being the regular moulded one. I'd say it's some kind of brick based thing rather than moulded.
  2. Unfortunately once something is posted like this then people are going to spread it. Especially as it's not image based but down to description. So much of what's being 'leaked' seems to point towards new figures and some classic yellow figures being included in those sets. I'll be interested to see if the print details is simplified at all on the 4+ sets. Normally the Juniors sets have had normal print detailing but it'll be interested to see if that DS Escape Leia is the same as the Death Star version. Same with the helmet moulding for any pilots. Whether they go with the new dual moulded piece or stick to the classic shape.
  3. Robianco

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Because they seem to have decided that one large playlet and one large display set is their preferred route at the moment. One is a large scale single build and the other is more of a location based set with lots of figures. How do you not know about the Cloud City set?
  4. Besides Sneakguest being right anyway and Balrog also clarifying things I'll add one thing: Anything released by Lucasfilm after 2014 is canon. Book, Comic, Film, TV series... anything. It's all canon. They've done a lot of reorganising things from that point in clarifying what is canon and what is legends. What is now legends could still become canon if it's included in any media released from this point, although that doesn't mean that the whole background of a particular character or story would become canon... just that particular part of it's existence. That figure in the stormtrooper uniform and the tank pilot helmet with the blue flashes? He's canon. In just the same way Dr Aphra and Loth-cats are canon.
  5. As Brobert has said, they may have a list of things that are available to help promote across various media, whether that be comics, games, movies, TV shows etc. There may have been a discussion that a set like this would help to promote the game as well as having ties with Rogue One and it's appearance in comics.
  6. Robianco

    Lego Shop not delivering to Parcel Locker (Rant)

    I'm with Lego on this one. Dropship scams and fraud in general can have a hugely damaging effect on a companies bottom line. If the best thing to do to combat this is put in place a rule that may inconvenience some but will protect others then I'm sure that's the best policy for them. I'd say getting 200 VIP points simply because you were inconvenienced by other people committing fraud and your University postal delivery service being sketchy isn't a bad result. Customer service also aren't going to discuss policy decisions such as this as the person making the complaint could get the hump because they feel like they're being accused of fraud themselves.
  7. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I thought I remembered a civil war style torso from Citizen Brick but it has yellow instead of green. Otherwise it would have been a pretty good option. Thinking about it. Do you want me to set you up a decal of this torso?
  8. I don't think they're dual moulded. The black looks printed onto the legs along with the light grey under neath it. There's a sliver of colour on the side of the originally leaked photo that shows the colour of the leg at the outer side of the top part of the leg. If they were black dual moulded with the pearl dark grey / flat silver bottom it wouldn't have this.
  9. The TIE Advanced that was on the shelves last year with the A-Wing is a perfectly good one.
  10. Apparently the castle is in support of a VR game that features these characters. We'll find out for certain when the times comes I suppose.
  11. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    The only problem with them is that they have boot and Lando just wore shoes with regular long pants. He didn't graduate to the boots gang until he became a fully-fledged rebel.
  12. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Do you mean the GCPD one? The ones with boots on?
  13. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Absolutely. Just make the figures that suit you. That’s the general gist of this thread after all. And it was totally brown. :)
  14. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Actually he’s wearing very dark blue. Lots of colouring for certain things on SW have been altered to match what they were actually wearing during the movies since the props and costume started touring and being photographed under normal light rather than the screen hues that were used during filming. The Black Series figure of Han has dark blue trousers and the Costumes book with the photographs of all the prop costumes from the time that's sitting next to me tells me they're dark blue.
  15. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Lego cape is better but I prefer the Phoenix for everything else.