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    <p> Favourite theme is Star Wars and recent purchases were the X-Wing and Hoth Medical Centre sets </p>

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  1. Robianco

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Squidhead Hammerhead (If we're not including the Ithorian Jedi) Snaggletooth Blue Snaggletooth Ponda Baba Klaatu (both versions) Prune Face 8D8 Nien Nunb Imperial Dignitary Amanaman Nikto Luke Endor (Need a light flesh version) Zuckuss Force Ghost Anakin I'm working on the fact we can make the second version of the Bespin Guard with parts already available. Lego have done 8 Ewoks and there are 8 Kenner Ewoks and I've swapped Barada for Kithaba as they look very similar.
  2. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    They will be printing more. They actually had some issues with their printer and they now have a new machine, which they’re in the process of getting full up to speed with etc. I’m sure once that’s done and they’ve reset the jigs and calibrated colours they’ll be back on the site.
  3. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Red printed arm detail and boots complete the figure. 100%. That's how they should look. I also have that blaster for mine too. :)
  4. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Those things are still quite expensive to pick up. I've not quite gone that deep on the printed boot front yet.
  5. It's not all about figures. It all depends on what the build is. Obviously there may not be anything unique figure wise as the Rebel and Snowtroopers have become common. A decent build even without figures would be better than something poor populated by 4 common figures. Let's just see what the set looks like before passing judgement on it. I'll admit I thought the Hoth waves had passed at least for a year or two after AOH, The small add-on and the Medical facility.
  6. Robianco

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Is this a list you think is imminent?
  7. It's basically a regular X-Wing body with a head very similar to the existing Snowspeeder version. The Snowspeder head has a stern face on one side whereas this is smirking slightly.
  8. That Inferno figure looks fantastic. I'm never that bothered by the heads underneath. They're the most easily switchable item on a Lego figure and if you find a better likeness elsewhere then go for it. I've already got my CMF Surfer arms ordered to give them red stripe detailing.
  9. Robianco

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    To be honest... If my set up was one that was played with with my daughter then I might just be the same. That's as it should be. As it is that's not how it's set up so I can be as fussy as I want. :)
  10. Robianco

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Personally I don’t like to dilute any group of a particular troop I have. Anything that should be uniform is, so all Stormtroopers are the same etc without any older designs or Rebels version being added. Definitely no clones. I’d say if you want a Clone Army get a Clone Army, but as you said, it’s entirely your decision.
  11. How often does Duplo get a figure that doesn’t then get a regular release? That classic Electro would be popular if it got a minifigure release.
  12. I wouldn't put much stock on those bricks shown in the photo being the actual bricks you get to work with. It's obviously Photoshopped and probably just a stock image of some bricks they use for promo shots like this. It could be almost anything even with the CC image in the background. It does give a 'Cloud Car' kind of silhouette but I won't start guessing what it is based on that.
  13. Exactly. Now get me some updated torsos!
  14. I wouldn't get too excited about a Tantive IV set. Apparently the Rebel Fleet Trooper is from one of the 4+ sets. Probably the TIE.
  15. Keep that part of it exclusive to that set. They did it with Saruman in the Orthanc set when they included him and Gandalf in the Wizard Battle set. Orthanc had printed skirt piece and WB had plain white legs.