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  1. That Lando was horribly fake. Don’t bother going there. Fett is a maybe but we’re not sure how it fits in as the Slave 1 version is perfect for CC. Maybe it’s just a test for the dual moulding arms but that’s about it. But seriously... that Lando looked crap. Worse than the original release... we’ve had far superior customs since then... if we get a CC it’ll have a Lando... it doesn’t mean that figure in the photo means anything.
  2. Robianco

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I did the other Aphra build that I think was originally done by Rich Pepperall:
  3. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Looks like I’ll be venturing further into digital custom territory. Kat’s work on those figures at Firestar and the quality of the print is persuading me to pick up Thrawn, Kyle and Jaina. Damn it.
  4. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    How about a chrome silver head for Tubes?
  5. Robianco

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Which ones in particular? ;) Dreis, Antilles, Darklighter, Brannon, Skywalker, Porkins, Binli, DInnes, Naytaan, Nett, Chan, Naeco
  6. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    That looks great. I think I’ll keep the arms tan and maybe go for dark grey legs with straps for a holster to contrast to the tan colours.
  7. There is no rumour about CC being micro scale. None. Not a single rumour or piece of evidence that it's micro scale. This is why mods used to be so strict on the slightest bit of wish listing or guessing on these threads as once it's appeared it can very quickly descend into a full blown rumour. If someone mentions it here then it gets shared on an FB group or even makes its way onto another forum and it comes back here with the other forum as a source. There is nothing to say that CC is micro scale. The only reason people brought it up was probably due to Hogwarts Castle being that way. That's it. Nothing more. Let's not get into a conversation about whether someone would like something that doesn't exist or whether someone doesn't like something that doesn't exist.
  8. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Rich... It's the sloppiest of slopes. I'm at around 50 Stormies, 25 X-Wing Pilots, 8 Blue Squadron, Greedo, Imperials... etc... They do make the figures look better though. I had to message Firestar as I'd made loads of orders but apparently had only 30 points in my account. Now I've got enough for a discount at least.
  9. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    In the continuing update of arms here's the Greedo/Blue Squadron/Stormtrooper arms on various figures.
  10. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I’ve updated them both. Relatively subtle updates.
  11. Robianco

    Turning 75211 into interceptor

    I think you should keep it as a TIE... then get a second one... then have them flanking Vader’s advanced. :)
  12. If you wanted to go down the route of applying waterslide decals they can be added and simply sprayed over with a light coat of clear acrylic to seal it. They should stay on no problem. With regards to printing heads the issue you're going to have is quantities. It's going to be an expensive process to just print on head... even double sided. There was a seller on eBay that did a package whereby they printed 5 of something for around $15, whether that be a torso or a head. With anything like this you're going to be printing digitally onto the Lego piece... which is a different process to regular Lego print. That may not be an issue but you'll need to be aware that if you're going in close on the head the digital print is actually raised slightly so can catch highlights depending on how your diorama is lit.. this will be highlighted by how close your zoom is on the head in question. For something to be pad printed it's going to be prohibitively expensive to get it done as a one off. You'd need to be getting 50 or so of them and selling the rest off to be close to worth it (most places will have a minimum run anyway)
  13. Robianco

    [MOD] UCS Imperial Shuttle 10212 (WIP)

    Unfortunately the OP hasn't logged onto the site for three months, and his only three posts have come in this thread so it doesn't look like he's active in any other capacity other than this thread. Fingers crossed he comes back once the build has moved on.
  14. Robianco

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I’ve always thought the light tan worked better for ANH but his hair certainly seems darker for ESB.
  15. Robianco

    Do These Count As Purist?

    Anything that's made by Lego that hasn't been modified is purist. I've only ever really seen 'purist' used in terms of creating custom figures. As long as the parts are regular lego pieces without any recolouring or messing with print then it's a purist. Once you modify a part in some way (rubbing some of the print off or recolouring) then it's no longer considered purist. I'm not sure why Lego packaging or instructions would need to be considered purist?