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  1. This one is my favourite so far! :) great work
  2. Bricktimus

    Captain America - The Helicarrier suit room

    This is fantastic work. Very original!
  3. Im exactly the same! Ha ha ha! Whilst building, if I cant find the part right away, im like "nope, missing part. Im screwed " haha Then I find it like 10 seconds later.. I started sorting the parts and find that helps with the "missing piece anxiety"
  4. Bricktimus

    Captain America - The Winter Soldier

    Great work here! I love it, really hope we get a Winter Soldier at some point, especially one as nice as yours!
  5. Bricktimus

    [MOC] Opening night

    This is magnificent! And huge! Great work here mate! I love it!
  6. Bricktimus

    MOC/MOD Tony's Malibu Mansion

    I think a couple of sports cars and the obligatory hot rod and motor cycle would be good for the basement. Also the piano, big megablocks tv and possibly a giant rabbit for the upstairs too?
  7. Bricktimus

    [MOC] M-Tron Mine

    Easily the most amazing use of the monorail that I have ever seen, congratulations!
  8. Bricktimus

    MOC: Red Blizzard

    I love it, all of the little details are great, it's very intimidating!
  9. Bricktimus

    [MOC] Battle: people against monsters!

    These are awesome, I love the abbys, very original and frightening :)
  10. Bricktimus

    New Mech: A.T.A.V.

    Very, very cool. It looks quite spooky in the first image, quite predatory! :D
  11. Bricktimus

    Galactic Interceder

    This is incredible!
  12. Bricktimus

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    I'm just going to throw my hat into the ring for a Green Lantern figure. There are so many possibilities to go with it!
  13. Hi guys, I have a spare iron patriot and Martian man hunter and I am looking to trade. I am looking for the below figures and will accept the best offer :) - Black Widow - Tony Stark - Iron Man mk 7 (circular arc reactor from the quinjet set) - Mary Jane - Wonder Woman - two face (orange and purple) - Comic book superman (from the lex power armour set) Please PM me if you want to make a serious offer, I will send by special delivery and will email picture evidence, I would appreciate the same done in return. Thanks for looking, lm happy to answer any questions too.
  14. Bricktimus

    Creeting from Russia!

    Welcome aboard' :)
  15. Bricktimus

    Hey From The Land of LEGO

    Welcome aboard! Always nice to see a new face!