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Found 17 results

  1. Hello guys. Lately I'm having fun with LEGO and stop motion. I want to share this last video with you. Hope you like it.
  2. Hi! See my new LEGO Cartoon about Batman. Comment please!)) Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone. I wanted to make a new topic so we could talk about lego games we expect. What I expect is as follows: Lego Batman 4 / The Lego Batman Movie Game Lego Guardians of The Galaxy Lego Justice League
  4. I recently purchased "The Lego Batman Movie: Making of the Movie". It has concept art, goes behind the scenes, and has alternate designs for the minifigures and vehicles seen in the movie. I definitely recommend it since I feel it is aimed at an older audience than some of the other Lego Batman Movie books. Some of the alternate minifigure and vehicle designs shown in this book were outstanding and others were monstrosities. Below are a few alternate villain designs I would have preferred. This Scarecrow design is unique and creepy and I love the scarf piece he has. His torso print is pretty basic, but the fear gas shooter makes up for it. The scarecrow minifigure we got is cool, but this one looks so much scarier. I really do appreciate the nod to the classic Lego crocodile in the Killer Croc big figure we got, however, this design is awesome. Maybe it is just because I am an Arkham Asylum game fan, but I think his face and collar make him feel more like Killer Croc than the current version. I wish they would have at least kept the bandages on the official Lego version. This Two-Face design looks like someone set fire to a classic Lego minifigure, I love it. I'm not a huge fan of the Two-Face minifigure we got, I do like how it is Billy Dee, however. This design, though would have me paying the $60 for that set. Oh and in case anybody was wondering about the Joker's alternate designs, believe me they are horrendous. So what do you guys think of these designs, do you prefer them to the current minifigures?
  5. If "Lego Batman" replaced Mr Affleck, then would the Batmobile look more like this perhaps? and yellow is supposed to be the new black after all!..(also I thought the original colour scheme was a bit dull.) Kenny. IMG_2447 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2465 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2433 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2461 (2) by kenny burns, on Flickr
  6. godicex

    Lego Batman VS Harley Quinn

    Lego Batman VS Harley Quinn LEGO Batman Dance Off Part 02 Full Video Link: Lego Batman VS Harley Quinn Enjoy :D LEGO Batman Dance Off Part 01: LEGO Batman VS Bane
  7. godicex

    Lego Batman VS Bane

    A Classic Battle in LEGO Batman Story: LEGO Batman VS Bane . . . Dance Battle XD Enjoy! :)
  8. "Lost Land" is a place where you will find the old, be forgotten Lego. Once upon a time, they were popular and be loved by people... This is a special Lego Batman Movie that different from the others you've ever seen. From the video, you can see some old Lego set (I always play when I was a child) . I found them out under my bed and happy to make a Lego stop motion with Batman. This really is a hell, but I enjoy it so much. :)
  9. Im here to share with you guys my ideas for a possible lego batman movie series 2 lego the characters would be Villains-Baby Doll/Mad Hatter/She-cat/White rabbit/rainbow raider/polka-dot man/jenna duffy/crazy quilt/mirror man/Chef joker/Toyman/Fright and clock king Batman Suits-Batriotic suit/St.Batrichs suit/gladiator suit/swat suit and merbat suit Others:Oracle and dick grayson arkham asylum suit so let me know,is this a good selection of characters and do you think there will be a series 2
  10. Brick Corner

    Lego Batman PPAP

    Hello guys! We have created new Lego stopmotion animation. Someone can think that it is really silly, but we are just having fun. Feel free to watch / comment / share and subscribe to our youtube channel!
  11. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie and I'm from Viet Nam. I'm love to using part technic to MOC by myself. I'm so glad to join the group. My idea about chassis' Tumbler using this: and here it is About steering - to difficult to moc that ( it's include steering and shock absorbers) And videos here: I'm use one motor buggy for drive I'm use one motor NXT for steering and another one for control two guns in front of. Finally thank for your watching and nice to meet you all.
  12. jacoblego

    THE BAT is here!

    Hi. This is our final version of ”The Bat” We have bean working on it off and on for 3 months. We have started over 3 times. The hardest part i think was to get the proportions right. The pictures we worked from was all in different lighting and perspective and some the toy versions of it really sucks. I think that we have gone trough the movie at least 50 times, good that it`s a super cool movie! We started out with a set of the Tumbler (76023) for Bricks. We have a lot of sorted Legos in our work shop but it didn’t take lang before we started ordering parts from Lego. This project started just for fun and the fact that i wanted ”the Bat" in my Lego Batman collection, and when we was building the Tumbler we thought that it would be possible to make ”the Bat” from the same bricks. We don’t know the exact amount of bricks, but from building a lot of sets it looks as 1500 - 2000 bricks. The size is almost as big as the Tumbler. the first versions was smaller but as we started building motors and cockpit we realized that we needed to go bigger. The stand for it is as high as we think its possible to get it, the first one we did was lower and then it was hard to se the very nice and complicated flaps and propellers under it! PROJECT LINK: Best regard / Jacob and Christian
  13. My trailer for the Batman: Death of the Family story arc by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. 8 months of work, but so totally worth it when Greg Capullo said it was "Beyond Awesome." I figured it would be easier to make because I didn't have to worry about story and I could use the comics for laying out the shots. I didn't realize what just how much set building it would be for seconds worth of footage. Enjoy and as always, thoughts and suggestions welcome.
  14. What happens when the DC Superheroes have a day out at LEGOLAND? A fun little video, nothing too serious (compared to the dark one I'm working on). I've had this video for a while, but wanted to clean it up a bit. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy.
  15. Bricktimus

    MOC Nightwing's Nightbike

    Hi Guys, Another MOC here, I was little idle and decided that the jetpack that came with the 76011 Batcopter was a little lacklustre. I thought a bike may be more appropriate for Nightwing to ride and made this! I quite like the look of motorcycles with a single swingarm and challenged myself to make it part of this MOC. I am a little disappointed that I couldn't make it all black, but lack the right parts. Oh well! DSC04125 by, on Flickr DSC04126 by, on Flickr DSC04127 by, on Flickr DSC04128 by, on Flickr Comments and constructive criticism welcome! Hope you all like it :)