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Found 3 results

  1. Jack and Kate, having escaped from imprisonment by the Lotii on El Oleonda, were finally out of the war zone. They had captured a small assortment of junks after their escape and had sold them off to Carno, and they had also captured and let go a small native trading vessel. Jack was anxious to lead a squadron of “proper” ships, but the assortment of captured brigs and barks they had liberated from the Lotii docks were not of the best quality. Only his flagship, the man-o-war Blackjack, was truly battle worthy. And so, anchored in Freeport harbor, Jack sat at his desk in his flagship’s cabin when Kate walked in. “What you writin’ there, Jack?” “Did you read about Admiral DeKruger’s exploits in the latest Kings Port Advertiser, my dear Kate?” “Yeah, what abou’ it?” “Why, she led the Sea Rats’ Hand of Fate fleet on quite a series of engagements, securing — among others — the Eslandian man-of-war El Genio.” “And why does that matter to us?” “Well, we need to add another ship to our squadron after losing the Lucky Strike in that storm.” “We wuz lucky to save most of ’er crew.” “Indeed we were. And El Genio would be a marvelous replacement ship!” “Sure. Bigger than that ol’ brig, an’ I’d bet more seaworthy. We’d need to recruit more crew for ’er, though. But I still don’t see why yer focusin’ on one partic’lar ship.” “It’s been in the service of the Eslandian armada from day one, well maintained, not like most of our ships,” explained Jack. Kate grunted in agreement. “What’s more," Jack continued, "she was laid down in the same shipyard as this ship. They’re of the same design. They’re essentially sister ships. (Not in the BoBS sense of the phrase. Just two ships of similar design.) It would be tremendous to have another ship the equal of Blackjack!” “Okay. But that don’t answer my question, Jack: what ar' you doin’ with parchment and quill?” “I am writing a letter to Admiral DeKruger, to congratulate her on her recent success! And ... to find out if she would be willing to sell us El Genio.” “Good luck with that, Jack. She could put that ship to good use ’erself.” “Yes, she could, but I hope to appeal to her anti-establishment instincts, that she would be helping a fellow pirate disrupt the best-laid plans of the continental powers.” Jack spent some time composing his letter... Finally, Jack signed it with a flourish. “There! I think that will do it.” “What you doin’ with that coin?” “I am including a 5db gold piece as an offering of good faith, and as a show of respect.” “And now yer just gonna mail a letter to 'er at 'er secret hideout?” “No, at least not by normal means. But I know some men over in Barracuda Bay who should be able to get this to her.” Jack paused. “And while we’re there, we can see about recruiting some new crew, as well.” Kate smiled at that. “Now yer thinking straight!” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A little story and vignette to illustrate my purchase of El Genio. @Kwatchi, I hope this meets with your approval. All C&C welcome.
  2. Previously: Jack hatches a plan With Jack's plan finalized, he and Kate passed the word to other prisoners. The Lotii guards had become complacent watching over their Halosian prisoners for so long, and the number used to guard them and their diligence in their duty had waned. When an opportunity finally presented itself, the prisoners overwhelmed their guards, secured the keys to release their incarcerated brethren, and acquired whatever makeshift weapons they could. Some were able to get their hands on swords and knives, but others had to settle for pick axes and hand axes from their work site, and even a meat cleaver from a Lotii cook. Once free of their shackles and armed, the prisoners made their way through the jungle toward the harbor. Jack and Kate had assembled a group of enough able-bodied seamen to commandeer at least five ships, and there were no guards to speak of around them. Jack had his eye on a man-o-war, and there were several brigantines or similar ships docked adjacent to it. And the ships didn’t appear to have been stripped of essential materiel. Could he be so lucky? --- I would have liked to have time to MOC the overpowering of the guards, but real life interceded. This build at least gave me a chance to experiment with some different foliage than my usual builds. And this serves as a sistership build, replacing the Wolf (and subsequent sisterships Wolf II and Fenris Ranger) with its newest sistership El Lobo. All C&C welcome.
  3. Since July of 620, Jack and Kate have been the prisoners of the Lotii on the island of El Oleonda, initially forced to work in a textile mill in Oryant. They briefly escaped in April of 621 and stole a small junk, but were quickly recaptured. Since then they have been put to hard labor in Luyang. But nearly 20 months of captivity have not dimmed Jack’s hopes. “I swear they gave us this view of the harbour to torture us,” lamented Jack. “I don’t think they’ve giv’n us that much thought, Luv,” replied Kate. Jack was strangely silent in response. Something had caught his eye. “What is it, luv?” queried Kate. “I can see the Nightwing!” “Our ship? Maybe they are trying to torture us!” exclaimed Kate. “Yes, our Nightwing. They’ve captured a fair number of Halosian ships. We know that from all our fellow prisoners.” The wheels were turning in Jack’s head. “And they don’t appear to have merged many of the Halosian ships with their own patrols. They must not like working with what they consider to be strange rigging. But I can see several brigs, and even a man-o-war down there, that they never sail out.” “What of it?” sighed Kate. “We have the men to sail them!” declared Jack. “If we can pass the word among the prisoners and effect an escape, instead of trying to sail away on a small junk, we could sail out of here with a war fleet under our command. We’d have more than a fighting chance to get out of here for good!” Kate perked up. “Just get me a blade and I’ll cut us a path through the guards to those ships.” The wheels in Jack's head continued to turn. “Hmmm, yes dear, I’m working on that…” To be continued. --- Making another attempt this MRCA to get Jack and Kate out of captivity, and using this as the required build to sistership the Nightwing. All C&C welcome.