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Found 7 results

  1. Captain Braunsfeld

    Captain Cookie's Christmas

    It was a family feast. Captain Cookie, Commodore T. Spoon were at their mother's for some tea and biscuits. Somehow they all felt that something was missing. But they could not exactly tell what that was. Suddenly there was a noise at the door... ... and a strange creature with a red and white hat came in, dragging something behind him. "Did you plan this", the mother asked? Captain Cookie shook his head, his brother did the same. Meanwhile the strange creature had rolled a cart into the living room, filled with nicely wrapped presents. "Did you plan this?" Cookie and Spoon asked simultaneously. Their mother shook her head. "I guess this is the famous Christmas Monkey that was often talked about in Pontelli." In the meantime, the Christmas Monkey had begun to distribute the presents. ... and he even had a nut for the squirrel! A splendid time was guaranteed for all. Happy holidays to all of you and all the best for 2023!
  2. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] I built a sandcastle....

    Hi there! Look, I built a sandcastle! ... me too! What do we learn from this? Competition is just everywhere!
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    Captain Cookie hides a treasure

    Captain Cookie: This character has been a part of the "Brethren of the Brick Seas" but it seems that this is a little adventure aside from BoBS: With the help of two faithful companions Captain Cookie went ahead to hide some of his booty. Cookies and banana milk were at hand to ease the work. A mild breeze from the sea sent over a few white clouds. I wonder what is inside that treasure chest? Bananas? C&C Welcome!
  4. The Secret of the 8 Provinces - Prelude The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 1st Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 2nd Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 3rd Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 4th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 5th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 6th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 7th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 8th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 9th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 10th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 11th Chapter (Ye be here) (Build by Captain Braunsfeld) Captain Cookie continued: "After resurfacing, our highwayman, the Red Fandango, headed back to his crew in a gloomy mood." "It seemed to him that all the monkeys on the whole island were laughing at him. And, as a matter of fact, they were." "So the Red Fandango was near an island?" Lady de Summers put in. "Oh, yes," Captain Cookie returned. "He had just landed from the Sparkle in a little dinghy to search for the treasure. You will remember that according to the maps, the wreck of the 8 Provinces was to be found in an island's cove." "The look on his face immediately told his companions of his lack of success - though of course, he hadn't been foolish enough to let them know all the particulars. He was no Trelawney - not he! "This, naturally, cast his mates down into the dregs too. Well, at least it cast his first mate Wilkes into the sulks - Jim was always happy in any situation as long as he didn't have to row, and he had done the job on the voyage out..." "They set out to return to the ship, but already the Red Fandango was thinking of what his next move would have to be." To be continued... Another build for Captain Braunsfeld's storyline, and another rowboat from me! Those are really remarkably fun to build! One more overview shot (without the boat): And now the story is back over to Captain B! Enjoy, C&C are welcome!
  5. Captain Braunsfeld

    Stand and Deliver

    [The Secret of the 8 Provinces - Prelude] [The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 1st Chapter "My dear Lady De Summer, there was a highwayman who was operating in Corrington." "Where exactly?" "On Cocovia - between King's Harbour and Quinnsville. He was robbing coaches." "Many coaches?" "Many coaches." "Usually Corrington travellers, but he was also robbing the occasional Oleon vacationist." "And what did he take from his victims?" "That was the interesting part. He never took money or lupines. It seemed that he was looking for something more interesing. Then one day..." "Stand and deliver! You move at your peril, for I have two pistols here." "Please, dear Sir, don't take our gold" "I do not want your gold" "Please, good man, do not take our lupines." "I am not interested in lupines". "Then... what do you want from us." "The ship." "What ship?" Lady De Summer asked. "A yellow model of the 8 Provinces." "Yellow? But your model is reddish." "Quite so, Mylady. You will understand soon. Let me go on with the story." [End of Chapter 1] C&C Welcome. (Original pictures can be found on flickr.)
  6. Captain Braunsfeld

    Captain Cookie's Delight

    [The Secret of the 8 Provinces - Prelude] "Well, thanks for bringing me that exquisite Norwegian Blue. I cannot say how happy I am to be in the possession of such a fine parrot. My previous one has gone to meet its maker. How can I return your favour, Lady De Summer?" "My dear Captain, a good story would do. How, for instance, did you acquire your new ship?" "The Delight?" "Yes, Captain." "Well, Mylady, you might remember that infamous poker night in the Red Herring." "You mean the night, when that strange Marquis from Olean won such a lot of gold? I have heard rumours about that. Some people said something about the true identity of the Marquis. Like that he was actually from Mardier." "Well, it was a fantastic night because after he had won so much I challenged the Marquis for a final round..." "... it was tough. The Marquis had three of a kind - but I beat him with a full house. And as I had already won all of his gold, he offered me his ship. He said, she would be a fine, seaworthy lady, she would just need some minor repairs of the sails." "And I thought 'never look a gift horse in the mouth'." "This ship is making me immensly proud. Every detail is golden." "And the cabin is impressive too", Lady De Summer replied. "And so I named her 'Cookie's Delight'" "Fabulous, fabulous. I have another question, my dear Captain." "Out with it!" "This model of a reddish ship..." "The 8 Provinces?" "Yes, Captain, where and how did you get it?" "Oh, Mylady, that is a longer story. And more exciting." "I am all ears." [End of prelude] I am starting a new storyline here. And I managed to turn the "Silent Mary" into something more operable... C&C welcome!
  7. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Captain Cookie's Only Pirate Gang

    Well, it must have been some twenty years since Captain Cookie has taught his men to plunder. So, he and his gang are assembling on the peach to have a party. Being for the benefit of Captain Cookie. In the background you will find the famous Mozart himself: .. and I wonder where this is coming from... Strangely enough I hear some music in my head when I look at these pictures As usual the larger pics look much better. Have a nice weekend CB