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  1. Every year we get high quality pictures of the finalized sets to look at and if we like them we then get to look forward to them. The excitement and anticipation is all part of the fun. But this year we don't get that, it kinda feels like being robbed in one way. I don't know if I have a right to feel that way HOWEVER, this is all the fault of the copycats, not Lego. It's those brands that I don't want to name that blatantly steel the hard work of Lego designers (and moccers) and sell it as their own. They have at times released their copy before Lego released the official version. And the way I see it, under the law, the buying and selling of copycat products should be seen as handling stolen goods, because the intellectual property has been stolen. This goes for the websites and shops that sells them, and the individuals that buy them, and any copycat products that enter the country should be seized as stolen goods.
  2. You're right. That 1x5 link is not compatible with towballs. I think it's only called a link because it's only connection points are at either end, whereas a beam would also have connection points in the middle. Like a link of chain or a link of tank/bulldozer/excavator track, a link doesn't need to have ball joint connections in order to be a link.
  3. Yup, what Jim said about it being what Doug said! The dark grey part needs to click firmly into the light grey portal axle frame. It does not require the 4 long axle with stop to hold it in place, that axle is there only to transmit torque from the 24t gear to the wheel so that it turns. Listen for the loud click when they are pressed together!
  4. You could add more motors and change the gear ratio inside the portal hubs. Or a more impressive way could be to add a 5 speed gearbox, where 5th is faster (but less capable off road) than the standard truck and 1st gear is much slower to improve its performance off road. Seeing as you have to manually switch functions anyway, manually switching gears prior to driving it remotely wouldn't be so bad.
  5. A picture would be very helpful. Each wheel is supposed to be held on with the three connector pegs that form part of the wheel bearing assembly while the axle with stop is there only to drive the wheel, not actually to hold it on.
  6. YAAAAAAAY he's back!!! Very much looking forward to your continued general awesomeness!
  7. I'de probably go for the volvo as you will get the manual pump as well as a motor pump. And also because when you get some pneumatics you'll likely want to get more! by getting the volvo now you can also get the harvester a year or so from now.
  8. And it's that type of thinking that lacks vision . What if Lego was to release their first Technic car and say "it has a gearbox, an engine, steering, what more do you want? If you want suspension on the front wheels or a full body well this is not the toy for you!". If Lego had that attitude they would have gone bust by now. Tomorrow is built and owned by the dreamers of today! They have to keep improving and innovating just to survive. And Technic is about mechanical wonders. So the Bugatti SHOULD improve on the Porsche mechanically. Weather or not I have expectations that it WILL is a different matter. I hope it will, but honestly I have no expectations this time round, high or low. It'll be what it will be.
  9. lepin vs lego

    Please don't take anything I say personally. Im not attacking you. Yes we are Technic fans and as such are fairly united against anything that harms the brand such as clone crap. Competition is fine, but outright stealing is a no no. I am not a mod and don't want to overstep my bounds, but the site guidelines which you agreed to when joining are very clear that you can't talk about bootleg products, so making your first post a topic which discusses bootleg products is not a good idea. It's also a good idea for English speakers, like people from the US such as yourself, to use good grammar precisely to help those people who are not native English speakers get the most out of this site. And yes, I did know you were from the US because you said "Legos"
  10. lepin vs lego

    Welcome to Eurobricks. Just a couple of things...... 1, It's Lego, not Legos. 2. Lego can't be expected to stock everything eBay does. 3. Lepin are thieving scum who steal designs from Lego and its fans to make money without fully earning it because they themselves don't have the creativity or imagination to create something new. 4. "More faster" is poor grammar. 5. Lepin products are not superior in any way. 6. 8068 has been out of production for a while, you can't expect Lego to keep every set they released for the last 10 years in production. 7. Discussing clone brands is not allowed on this site.
  11. All sounds good so far, any info on the gearbox? And thanks for sharing
  12. Where did you see this? Edit: oh wait, do you mean you've seen the real one or the Lego technic one?
  13. Whilst I don't fully agree with the "AFOLs wants are irrelevant due to their small numbers" argument, I do think the number of AFOLs within our group of the most passionate of fans who are looking for, and in many cases finding prerelease information is not big enough to warrant risking their whole anti piracy strategy just to get a few more orders out of us. I know the likes of Adam Savage of mythbusters and Richard Hammond of the grand tour are AFOLs to some extent, but are they aware of the Chiron, or are they like the majority of AFOLs who are happy to just see what's on the shelves right now?
  14. It's not really suspicious, we know exactly what their intentions are which is to limit and control how much information is released about a set prior to the sets release. We can't be angry. Im sure TLG has their reasons and seeing as we the wider public are not paying them money for information, how can we be angry just because they won't give us something for free?! Don't get me wrong, Im just as disappointed as anyone that we won't get to see more for some time, I was really hoping to see something from the fair but im not angry. If there's anyone to be mad at, be mad at the moronic, thieving, no design talent, leeching, blood sucking, parasitic clone brands that have no respect for things like intellectual property, morality or decency.
  15. Because they wasn't allowed to take, or at least publish any pictures of the summer Technic sets.
  16. YAAAAY hopefully this will help prevent people complaining that their cranes drop too fast! I think I read one report from the toy fair that said rotation (slewing) was motorised, can't remember where now though.
  17. That was for the London toy fair. They did display them at the German toy fair however.
  18. After receiving both 42069 and 42070 over Christmas (without asking!) I agree with many on the sentiments here. Whilst I am of course increadably greatful for these gifts as even the worst technic set is better than anything non technic, I did find the build of 42069 comparatively dull and boring. Soooooo many parts for not much mechanical goodness. And I couldn't find the hook either, had to use one from my collection, then at the end when all other parts was gone I found the hook. I found finding the parts in general to be a bit of a pain, even though I did keep the parts from different bags separate, you don't always know which pile of parts to look through so you end up having to look through all of them anyway. The colour vomit felt like it was of no help whatsoever. Numbered bags are definitely the way to go imo. Take the part count, devide by 200 and that's about how many numbered bags should be in a set, and only one bag per number. No having 5 number 1 bags for example. This way parts will always be easy to find without the need for ANY colour vomit.
  19. When building the Porsche I didn't bother building the bag as it does literally nothing and I have a phobia of girly handbags anyway so I hope they don't waste parts on such things with the Bugatti.
  20. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    I guess they were allowed to take photos of other sets, such as we've seen from other themes.
  21. That's what I see in the preliminary pic
  22. With the added axle hole the valve looks even better than my original sketch idea I posted in 2011! Weather they saw this or not I'm feeling very well listened to by TLG right now, thank you TLG but of course I have many other ideas Cough cough! BTW they say that the blade is pneumatic as well! I suspect that means it turns through 180 degrees or something, but if it turns continuously?!!!!
  23. I just assumed it was the same poster, but there is no description of the car or its colour or anything, so I guess they've only seen what we've see. And ....HEY no asking for pics in the public forum Jim!
  24. According to zusammengebaut theres no Bugatti at the show, only a poster. But the other technic sets are there.
  25. Apparently the 42080 has a new two way valve! I was already sure it had a new valve, but a two way valve? Hmmmm. In real world pneumatics the current valve would probably be classed as a 3 port 3 way valve as it had 3 pneumatic ports and three positions (up, down and blocked, although in reality it's actually an infinite number of possible positions between up and down). Three ways would be the minimum this new valve has, so by 2 way, do they mean something other than the number of positions it has? Or is it just what they are calling it? Also, reports from toy fair says the head is "automated" so to me that means it does more that just open and close, or does it? I dunno. Hmmmmm.