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  1. I would guess 1:8 going by past F1 sets.
  2. This looks awesome. I hope you built in a big and beefy compressor. What cylinders are you using for the digging arm? Edit you just beat me to it. So those cylinders are totally custom made?
  3. I really enjoy seeing these machinery type builds, especially when they are so functional that they could actually be useful. Just one small suggestion, could you add another roller to prevent rubbing/friction of the string where it exits the orifice in the middle? I'm thinking it might reduce wear and make winding easier, especially if you did want to add a motor.
  4. This bike certainly has intriguing potential but as always guys and gals, we must temper out expectations whilst continuing to send our wishes to our overlords!
  5. Aside from functional brakes and clutch there isn't really much functionality to add to a car. But there's still a lot of room to expand and improve on the functionality already present, like more realistic gearboxes and steering/suspension geometry. Also there's other variations like a transverse engine and transmission with a linkage to a proper gated stick shift (such as the Ariel atom and pretty much every hot hatch and modern everyday car that doesn't have sequential shift) as well as McPherson strut suspension and front wheel drive.
  6. I do hope they do something above the ducati to justify its increase in size. Maybe a new type of 6 speed gearbox? Working pneumatic brakes would also be easy to access and play with on a motorbike.
  7. TBH I am also beginning to wonder if the UCS motorbike is in place of the UCS supercar this year. There are already two 18+ sets in the first wave, prices and sizes of flagships can vary alot and don't we usually hear about the supercar among the first wave sets? Not that I mind that much. Would be good for the UCS line to be able to include things other than supercars. And of course I could be wrong.
  8. That's true for the current system of gearbox pieces. You never know, we might finally be getting an updated one?
  9. Well spotted, I think you're right.
  10. I really didn't like the clear engine blocks of the past and am still not a fan of the yellow pistons (I prefer the dark grey ones) but in the context of a fictional story I think the clear engine pieces lit with a red light work quite well, looking like the engine is glowing red hot while chasing the baddies! I wouldn't want to see it in a more realistic context though.
  11. Pretty much as expected, but it's nice to see some lights added. Also nice to see a proper engine instead of the cam style engine. The trans red engine block pieces with the blue flames make it look like the engine is maxed out, glowing red hot. Normally I'd despise such garishness but I think it actually works quite well in this context.
  12. @HectorMB Yeah I wonder what the reason is for the Y piece inside the diff. Without it you could mount the bevel gears onto axles with stop. Maybe they did it to stop you inserting the axles too far? But if you was to use axles with stop you could put a 1M beam between the bevel gears to stop them going in any further.
  13. Although not perfect due mostly to the design of the 12t single bevel gears, I have found the new diff to be much stronger than the older 28t gear when driven perpendicularly.
  14. I haven't noticed this issue. Are you using them inside the 5x7 or 5x11 frames?
  15. When I look at new elementary and all the new moulds other themes get )like all the new minifig parts just for vidyo for example) it appears to me like making new moulds isn't a big deal for TLG, and that Technic really does get the short end of the stick considering how popular it is.
  16. Thanks for sharing, that sounds promising
  17. It does often look more like a different level of transparency rather than a different shade of pigment used. Or maybe the different plastics have a different base colour? Either way it didn't used to be a problem. I think they could fix it if they wanted to.
  18. allanp

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    Looks awesome, so glad they went with the full hull on a stand instead of just cutting it off at the waterline. Do we know for sure it there are any interiors? Either way, I'm usually a Technic guy but this year's CAT isn't enticing me, so this might be my big Christmas holiday build, can't wait!!!
  19. I don't think it's nostalgia. I think with Ackerman for example it comes down to feel. Technic, like all Lego, is expensive. £300 for a toy car that you push along is expensive. But we think it's worth it because Technic is (mostly) a quality product. The issue I have with the steering on the modern cars is that they all feel cheap, indirect and mushy to play with. It doesn't feel anything like a £300 product should feel. However 8880 and the test car had steering that felt much more solid and direct, and they just seemed to roll nicer. I attribute this much more higher quality feel to the longer steering arms with Ackerman geometry as they make the wheels track better and provide a more direct feel of control. It's also more realistic which is a plus in my book. I think these small details are important to get right. It's small details like this that make the difference between cheap and expensive, and now with all these competitor brands they really need to do more to earn their reputation for quality and being the best. So no more mushy cheap feeling steering and no more being stingy with only two sizes of clutch gear! @Pattspatt somehow I completely forgot about 8466!
  20. @howitzer 8865 is indeed the king when it comes to handling. If it had HOG it would be unbeatable. 8880 would be also unbeatable if it had softer suspension.
  21. It should probably be noted that the OP isn't arguing that 42110 is BETTER than 8880, but that 42110 is the best car SINCE 8880. Do I agree? Honestly this is a tough one. For me the main real competitors are the 3 UCS supercars and 8448. 8448 does have some innovation in that it was the first to have a reverse gear and a properly modular build. But 42110 has 4 wheel drive and is nicer to drive around with its HOG steering and nicely tuned suspension. However 42110 lacks a realistic drive layout by having its main gearbox in the boot/trunk and reverse in a completely separate gearbox, linked via universal joints. So while 42110 is nicer to play with (arguably when in neutral) and looks better, I kinda feel like 8448 was a more authentic working scale model of a car. So it depends on which you prefer in terms of which is the better model for you. So maybe it's a draw? Then there's the orange Porsche. The Porsche should look better than any land rover but that bright orange colour didn't help it for me. The Porsche did bring some innovation with its first of a kind paddle shifters. But that function didn't work that well and wasn't much fun to play with due to the gears being in the wrong order and there was no indicator to tell you which gear you are in, and you couldn't see anything (engine or gearbox) so there was no telling what was going on. I think 42110 with it's better driving experience and 4 wheel drive wins over the Porsche. Then we have the Chiron. Steering, as with all the UCS cars is very poor. With no HOG and poor steering wheel access, combined with the small steering arms and no Ackerman geometry, the steering with all these cars feels pretty poor. 42110 has HOG with some gear reduction to make it better but still I miss the longer steering arms of 8880 with Ackerman geometry. The suspension of the Bugatti is also about the worst ever! However, the Chiron did slightly refine the clunky paddle shifters and more importantly gave us the wave selector and a second size of clutch gear. It also gave us the first gearbox with 8 forward gears (well actually it's 16, or is it two 4 speed gearboxes in series, making 16 speeds but it's only 8 because one of the two 4 speed gearboxes has only 2 different speeds twice, and reverse is somewhere else entirely!). I'm not sure what to call it but it has more speeds and a partially visible engine. 42110s engine is more visible however it's the not as realistic cam shaft style of engine so that's not as good. I think the Chiron has a narrow victory over 42110 overall due to its innovation over its orange predecessor. Then we have the Sian. The Sian (if we ignore the colour inconsistencies) is the best looking Technic model ever released, by a long margin IMHO. It also further refines the paddle shifters and fixes the suspension issue of the Bugatti, and there's a clearly intentional window which allows you to see the gearbox working. However it still has the same very poor steering of the Porsche and the Chiron and the gearbox is still such an overly complicated and colour coded mess that I'm not sure I want to see it! In terms of the playability of these gearboxes, the Sian, the Porsche, 42110 and the Bugatti all have those same issues with too much complexity leading to having to roll it way too far before seeing very little difference, so it's hard to say which is better or worse. If the Bugatti didn't exist already then the Sian would probably take the win over 42110, however the Bugatti does exist, meaning the Sian lacks any kind of innovation not already given to us by it's Bugatti predecessor. This being Technic, it's gorgeous good looks aren't enough to carry the win over the much more playable and functional 42110, so I think 42110 gets the win over the Sian. For me this was a close race. All these sets have their pros and cons, and if someone was to have different winners and losers I'd totally understand. And I haven't mentioned price yet. The fact that 42110 can be a serious contender among the twice as expensive UCS sets is possibly is greatest achievement, and might make it the overall winner. But if TLG were to bring out a new car which had the longer steering arms of 8880 with Ackerman geometry and HOG steering, and a completely new and much more realistic system of pieces for the gearboxes, then we'd have a new clear winner possibly beating even 8880. C'mon TLG let's see it, I know you can do it!
  22. @Dazzzy I know about the 2030 date, but that's only us daft UK lot afaik, and I just don't think it's feasible, I'm not convinced. But back to Lego. Maybe they will do hybrid models and hydrogen burning cars. Besides, just because a car is no longer in production doesn't mean they can't make a set from it. Look at the old Mustang and the DB5. There's still gonna be a desire for Lego to have better and more realistic multispeed transmissions beyond 2030.
  23. True. And I don't think ICE cars are going away anytime soon either. With current battery technology being where it is for electric cars, it's too expensive and not good enough just yet. It's getting better but in the UK they want to ban new ICE cars by 2030 and I just don't see it happening that fast.
  24. For the 1:8 UCS car I'd also be fine with it not being a Supercar/hypercar. It could be a Ram t-rex or Merc 6x6 or whatever but in the same 1:8 scale as the other cars. As long as the transmission gets more realistic with new pieces and the steering feels much better (better geometry and a discrete HOG please!) I don't really care what it is.