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  1. I like it and it reminds me of the 8275 b-model :)
  2. according to the page: C61508W = CLAAS combine harvester (4400 pcs). The vid is about C65012 CLAAS Xerion 5000 Trac TS
  3. To pressurize two separate circuits you can use one valve. First pump up circuit 1, then circuit 2 and then just close it :)
  4. As liquid I would choose silicon oil as it should not affect the plastic (couplings and hoses) or the metal and is not toxic (still please avoid to eat it :) If you want to pump air into the system you need to be able to separate all loops after. This is an insane build and I love it!
  5. Hey, check out a video from Technic Brick Power. At about 2:22 it shows how to use a motor to run diferent gears by tilting a liftarm right or left and then drive it with the same motor. Lego used something similar in the 8094 control center of the B or C model "crane", where you can find it from building step 22. Hard to put into words ;)
  6. m2fel

    Experienced moc designers here for hire?

    Why not look at rebrickable or search the web for Lego mocs. Then contact the designer if you find something that is close to your requirements or even meets them. There is a lot out there and some might be willing to adjust their moc for your needs and work with you.
  7. I like the crane. Its look and functionality. I don't mind that it does not match the lr13000 as I don't know much about those cranes but it very much reminds me on Liebherr cranes I sometimes see on pictures. As I am price sensitive I most probably will never own this crane but it is up to Lego to decided how to run their business and I really can't be mad about this...
  8. Recolour parts in a useful colour for technic is to much to ask for. Black pins are dark magic! BUT pink bushes for a 253 pieces 3 in 1 creator parrot are desperately needed
  9. Thanks for the tip, just order some micro motors
  10. The tires are mounted wrongly in the video
  11. Hey, not sure but looks like there are two problems with your set-up. When the suspension is compressed the pneumatic cylinder is kinked. The way it is build the 'black end' of the cylinder cannot move around the axle the way it needs when the suspension moves. If the movement was possible the whole cylinder would need to change its length when the suspension travels otherwise the the wheel will be turned (bumpsteer?). Maybe someone else can explain it better or even confirm my assumptions.
  12. I really like how the wheels will have the pivot point close to the centre. Tried to build something similar before but my design was just too weak to be useful :)
  13. I would have a bad feeling if the spring was always compressed. If there is no spring travel at all, you can replace a spring with two 1x6 thin technic beams...
  14. Maybe: https://rebrickable.com/parts/3700/technic-brick-1-x-2-1-hole/ or https://rebrickable.com/parts/18677/plate-special-1-x-2-with-pin-hole-underneath/ or https://rebrickable.com/parts/32529/technic-pin-connector-plate-with-one-hole-single-on-bottom/
  15. I think the Ford and Batcycle are amazingly priced for Lego. I would even say they are a good deal and there will be discounts on the market :). I will still continue to buy used Lego or order parts that I need