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  1. I support a Defender successor and all I ask for is a new, more realistic, better working steering system! I really can't stand the current steering with the wheel rolling around a steering point somewhere next to the tire. The Defender wheels are a step into the right direction and the Batmobile with virtual pivot ist nice but there is still room for improvement :)
  2. I really like those figure and luckily own a few but some lost a leg or an arm as the joints broke :( Did anyone try to rebuild those figures out of Lego (technic) parts? Maybe using parts from Bionicle or the buildable figures? Would also be awesome if they could be build in different scales to match 42030, 42043 or 8043
  3. Question regarding the yellow springs. The picture on the Cada pages shows the pinholes in a 90° angle to each other... Can you confirm this?
  4. There was a issue with the actuators and some sets had v1 infrared receivers and some v2. I don't recall any other differences thus I am surprised by the rebrickable inventories. If you manage to get the faulty actuators it is a cheap fix (buy some new actuator:) compared to the price of the set in a sealed box and it should work with v1 and v2 receivers. Why are you so interested in the version?
  5. I would expect to have no colour deviations at all. Doesn't matter if visible or not. This is just poor quality
  6. The German Youtuber build, as far as I remember, a copycat version by a Chinese manufacturer. There is quite some positive feedback on this moc: Rebrickable link thus I believe it works fine.
  7. The mould king 6.0 tend to overheat at the metal contact of the battery box. Looks like the contact surface is to small or the contact is simply not good. When there his more power needed this bottleneck heats up (very simple description) if you add more volts, more power can be drawn and you get more heat. More heat and plastic does not work out. Don't add a more powerful battery without changing the other components which could cause trouble!
  8. I am also looking for simple, affordable Lego (compatible) RC components with a controller and proportional steering. The latest mould king controller/ receiver/ battery components look like a good solution (as Lego isn't supporting PF anymore I don't mind buying other brands). But there is some information on melting and burning mould King battery boxes thus I would not add a battery with high voltage... .
  9. I am sorry but Lego is not the nice company next door which wants to make the world a better place... They are big business and make as much money as possible. No printed b model instructions saves money, lot's of money. Less development costs (the designer makes something which makes even more money), no print costs, less internal logistics, cheaper shipping as weight is saved (100k * 150g per set...) etc.. If someone shows the benefit of no b model, Lego will try it. Maybe start with some sets without and some with instructions for comparison. Looks like it is not beneficial to add printed b model instructions to most models. In my mind this is the sad story of loosing b models. Prints: same story, save money. Colour vomit, save money. All black parts lead to more complaints about build failures (unhappy customer) and 'lost part' claims (as Lego ships lost parts without long discussion, colour vomit pays of for sure as it is harder to mix parts). It is all about making more money wether we like it or not...
  10. I'd like to see more b models again. If there are models targeted for kids the instructions should be available printed in the set. Kids should be able to build and learn sth. without the need of a screen or to print tons of pages with a background colour. I enjoyed b models as a kid and kept building back and forth and still would build them just for fun and to relax :) And printed instructions are way better than on screen in my opinion (yes, I could print instructions).
  11. What if those popular parts are bought by resellers (scaplers)? Happens a lot these days and is totally a business case. Buy reasonable priced from Lego and sell expensive while it is out of stock. Only put a smaller number into your shop not to be suspicious. When there are finally enough parts available you can still sell it for a reasonable price with a smaller margin. The tools to scan onlineshops and buy automatically are available
  12. Hey, I am not into cranes thus I have no clue what needs to be where or how realistic this set-up is but your crane looks awesome and the size is beyond impressive! I would love to see some video of it lifting a small Lego set :)
  13. I would really like if Lego released such a great custom chain/ sprocket design. To me it would feel more Lego than their standard track / sprocket design made from "special" pieces and just look great :)
  14. There is also a comparison on eurobricks :)
  15. Just mount them in a line and compress them. The harder shock will be slightly longer than the soft one :)