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  1. Any progress on this? Looks like an ambitious project!
  2. I 100% agree. The errors and overall "rushed" feel of the newer sets is a big hit to the value for money side of it. I also agree, I'm going to stick to my custom cars for a while and just wait for Lego to finally release some more hard to get parts in good and useable colours.
  3. Yeah dude, I'm waiting for the Daytona to hit Big W, still hasn't, and the price increase is nuts. I keep saying that people need to stop buying Lego, I feel these prices (Especially in Aus) are just way too ridiculous these days. I haven't bought a proper Lego set in a long time because I just cannot justify spending $600AUD for the new Lion Knight's Castle. I'm having to save up YEARS in advance for the 1:8 supercars, like for the Daytona for example.
  4. I think its safe to say that the instructions for this model are pretty screwed up. It might have been posted here, but does anyone have a full list of errors I can have for when I build it in August? I want to have the correct gear shifting and gear order for my model.
  5. I think Im gonna wait till it gets to retailers before I seal the deal on this one. As much as I want it, its not my favourite car and the $660 price tag down under is ridiculous for what you get. We also dont get the book here either. Big discounts at Big W for me so we'll see....
  6. The book is not visible on the AU Lego page, wonder it we will even get it, I sure hope so.
  7. This set is pretty nuts. That box design is super cool, definitely into that. The slipcase book is also really interesting, I will have to buy that as well. In terms of the car, I haven't totally seen the functions yet but to me it looks awesome, definitely a first day buy
  8. Im so hyped for this! It looks amazing!
  9. On PromoBricks new video about the leak, there is a very high res image of the back of the car.
  10. Looks like an interesting box type, very short and wide. The slit across the 1:1 wheel image indicates that the lid might fold upwards instead of the usual slide of the top box
  11. Ah yep, you're right. I see it. Those are definitely corner tiles
  12. You know what, you might be right. Thats funny asf
  13. The corners look like new pieces to me
  14. I'm betting the same as previous years..... Big box that lifts up, 5-6 smaller boxes with another for wheels + tires, and 2 instruction books. Id say they might do what they did with the Sian and have the bonnet with badge on the front of the box and the image of the car on the back. The Limited edition thing will probably be, like I said, what they did with the Porsche 18+ set from last year, a Porsche wallet, some certificates and photos and nothing more. I wonder if there might be a new promo included with this, would be interesting..... Maybe a smaller Ferrari or something along those lines.
  15. Not sure if anyone has seen this, but does indeed seem that there is a "Limited Slipcase edition" of only 5000 units. I reckon its similair to the Porsche 18+ car with the wallet and paper stuff but who knows. https://sasatimes.com/lego-42143-ferrari-daytona-sp3-preview-the-new-technic-supercar/