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  1. Thank you! Yes the doors are blocky, we were going for sturdiness with this model, and the doors were very flimsy before we did so. Somehow the hinges can still hold up the weight!
  2. Yeah now that people have pointed it out, its annoying me a lot more. Might just try and removed the slopes all together. Hm yes I see what you mean now. Guess I really didn't take a look at that as the other builder had done that before I took over. Will definitely look into that. The sturdiness of that 1 x 8 tile was a challenge for me as I added that later on. I have since changed the plates underneath to a 1 x 1 square plate and a 1 x 2 plate instead of round ones which has made it a lot sturdier. The brick behind it is also a 1 x 2, not a 1 x 1, otherwise that would be very unstable. Thanks for your kind words!
  3. Thank you, we agree! If you mean the lower doors and slopes under there, I agree. It was hard to get the smooth underbody right and that was what we settled on. The mixture of headlight bricks makes the problem worse as well. Thanks for your input.
  4. Hello everyone! This is the Legendary McLaren F1 which was designed by myself as well as a friend interstate that had created the original model which was the McLaren F1 GTR Chassis #10r and tasked me with converting it into the road going version. The model is super accurate, and we went through a lot of design changes to make to as accurate as possible. He wanted to add as many functions as possible and also make the car super rigid, so we kept those. The model features a fully detailed interior and engine bay as well as opening doors, engine cover and exhaust cover, complete with gold 1 x 2 grills for the gold plating. Before we had begun the project, he had already done most of the car, but called on me to help him with the door hinges, as the way the F1 doors open is quite a difficult thing to replicate in Lego. These are some pictures of the development of the car. After the initial version, we reworked the front end to make it a lot rounder and smoother, as well as making the line across the door into a bar and used pneumatic hoses to connect them to the headlight brick. He also wanted the half windows to be done better, so he combined 4735 with the ratchet utensil to give it the angle. The last modification was extending the car by 1 stud as the scale didn't look right. A controversial design choice was to add the 1 x 1 with clips just in front of the headlights to cover up the ugly gap that was left there, if you have any suggestions on how to cover, please let me know. First version of the car (Pay close attention to the front of the car as well as the doors): GTR first version: My version: This Finally, I made instructions for the model, and it is available here: https://reb.li/m/91119 in RED, WHITE or BLACK (LBG wasn't available as the front wheel arches don't come in that colour, I had to paint mine.) The instructions for the GTR version will also be available soon This was a huge undertaking, thank you to everyone for looking, we are very proud of this model.
  5. OnyyX

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    I also agree, I think they will keep the same trend and go with another JDM brand like they have the last two waves. I also REALLY AGREE with this line-up. I'm a massive GTR fanboy so having any of these will bring a smile to my face. I also think they may do a "then and now" scenario with maybe an r31 and an r35 or a KPGC110 and an r32/r34 maybe, who knows.
  6. When designing my 1/16 cars, I used to always design them 100% with bricks in hand, which was a bad habit, as I would make sloppy design choices based on what I had on hand. Nowadays, with a bit more experience, I design my cars from the beginning in Stud.io, not limited by bricks at all. I then create a parts list, instructions and then sort my parts I have on hand, crossing off parts I have and parts I don't. Then I gather parts I don't have in the needed colour in random colours, and then build the car. I then assess any design issues, making anything more rigid etc. I then create a wanted list on Bricklink of parts that I need, and once they arrive, the car is done! I then add any changes I made to the model on the Stud.io one, and make the instructions for it and put them for sale on Rebrickable.
  7. After finishing my 1:16 Huayra, I'm sure hoping we see a Pagani of some sort. I would be happy with a Koenigsegg as well. An R8 would be nice, but I feel its not 'exotic' enough for a 1:8 supercar, although I think the GT3 rs falls in the same category so who knows.
  8. Nothing on the new 1:8 Supercar that SHOULD be releasing next year going by TLG's previous record. Im Hoping for a Pagani or a Koenigesgg (since they have the licence now). My bets are on an Audi R8 or a Ferrari LaFerrari or SF90 Stradale.
  9. Hmm, thanks, I didn't really notice that. I've seen a bunch of people build Zondas and no one build a Huayra so I thought I'd take it upon myself to do it. I copied the headlight design from basically all of them and a little bit more research shows that the Zonda and Huayra have similar headlights. The "Eye lash" shape of the headlights is a crucial design part IMO so I prioritised. It didn't really bother me until you pointed it out, but thanks. I will definitely mess around with it. Thanks.
  10. Annndddd its done.... I received my last BrickLink order last night and finished the model and it looks great. Overall I had fantastic time building and designing it and I am super happy with the result. Everything opens well, the details look great and the shape is super accurate. I will be releasing instructions for it soon so keep an eye out.
  11. Thank you very much! The roof was a tad difficult, it was more so keep it rigid so It can support the doors and not the angle. The rear window is a hard bit to do, as you are tackling 2 different angles, upwards and side ways. I've added some images of the real car for some reference as well.
  12. Thankyou for your kind words! Unfortunately, no, the front wheels do not steer, that was done just to make the car look a bit cooler in Stud.io. I DID however do a mockup with the car that had steering which worked, but unfortunately it didnt fit with the bulk of the front panel, so I scrapped it. I still have the model, so I may try and figure it out again in the future.
  13. Hey everyone, I have made heaps of progress! I have spent the last week or so the parts for the Huayra while watching some Top Gear to entertain me. I spent around 3 days gathering parts from my parts list, and then spent 2 more building it. As you may be able to tell, I substituted the parts that I didnt have for different coloured ones while 3 Bricklink orders are on their way for delivery. I made a few minor changes, mostly structural, as the car is very fragile. But everything works!! All the compartments open, the doors as well! I'm super happy with it and i'm glad it worked out. Please have a look through my Bricksafe gallery with the photos of the development of the car, and thanks for looking! I will be posting more on it soon once those orders get here. Bricksafe link: https://bricksafe.com/pages/OnyyX/116-pagani-huayra/pagani-huayra-development
  14. Hello everyone, this is my first post here! I have been working on this car for at least a week in Stud.io which I plan to make in real life soon and I wanted to get some people's thoughts on it before I ordered the parts, this is my 1:16 scale Pagani Huayra I decided to build the Huayra after discussing what to build next with a friend over Instagram, and he pointed out that there wasn't really any Huayra models out there that weren't technic, so here it is. It features a fully detailed interior and engine bay with the 6.0L AMG Twin-Turbocharged V12 covered in gold. It also has opening doors, back and front compartments (I don't know what to call them since you cant store anything in the front part) as well as opening storage boxes behind the doors and flaps on the front and back that open at high speed. I built this car from scratch only using some images and the blueprints to work out how big it needed to be. I spent around 20 hours over 3 days building and designing it and I don't want to release any instructions until I have it built in real life so I can make sure everything opens and closes properly. Things I know need to be improved and what will be changed: - Wheel covers don't come in that colour, will probably paint them - Doors on the real car include the door + some of the roof, which is really difficult to design, so I will wait till I have it IRL so its easier - Wheels with T-Bars colliding in the engine bay will eventually be connected with a pneumatic hose to make the turbos I had a real challenge designing this and I really want your feedback so I know what I'm doing. I have also made the Huayra BC version just for fun. *The render with the flaps open was with an older version of the front end, just ignore it*
  15. Yeah that's my Uncle's car that he brought to our house for a Birthday. It was the first time I showed him the model and he loved it. He also asked me if I could make it red like his car which is why I was asking a while ago. Might go ahead and try making it dark red if I get the chance. I feel bad for you having only seen an R32 once, I guess there really isn't that many in Germany as I guess the interest just isn't there or it could be something else. If you ever get the chance to go overseas again after Covid is all done, definitely come down to the land down under, you will find R32's nearly everywhere. not just GTRs, but GTSTs as well. Love the model and I cant wait to see your next one!