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  1. Awesome design. Every detail in its place. Great job! Black body with a red interior look cool!
  2. Akassin

    42082 my first Lego set

    I also thought to make such a car: This is one of the types of mining equipment.
  3. Akassin

    42082 my first Lego set

    Hello! For me, 42082 also became the first lego technic set. And I also doubted what to do after assembling the main model. Due to the scale of the wheels - welcome to the "world of wheel loaders" - I chose this option. I think there will be a problem with the truck - I did not find a suitable model for such a scale of wheels and that there were 4 of them.
  4. I tried to repeat the outline of the original: Only external elements are fastened at such angles. All parts of gears and shafts are connected at a 90 degree angle. I already connected the motor, everything works correctly. But if something goes wrong, of course I will fix it. But what I worry about now - is the remaining amount of red parts)
  5. So, new changes are ready: The last time the front part was empty inside, there was only a frame. Now all the mechanisms are installed and ready for connection with the rear part. Also added a few external decorative parts. I could not make the front bumper like the original, which I would have liked. So while I changed it. Probably in the future I will change it. And a few photos of the inside: Starting the second half
  6. Akassin

    42046 Gataway RC tracked racer

    Mad Max style rover). I like it
  7. I thought about this option. But firstly, the minimum thickness of this LA will be 3x3 studs and I think it will be too massive for this model. Secondly (possibly due to lack of experience) I could not fix the problem when the gears in this mechanism spin in the opposite direction under the weight of the boom (probably, this would be prevented by part 4716, but it is not in this set). As a result, I got the mechanism that is now. I was worried that it would be too unstable, but today I checked it with a motor and was pleased with the result. So I think the lift will remain unchanged - it suits me. Half way behind. Today I have completely finished the front part. tomorrow in the daylight I will make new photos.
  8. in set 42082 only 2 big actuators ... In the beginning I considered a similar scheme, but in a combination of large and small actuators. But as a result, the lift height was less than now, and the design looked more massive. Therefore, I refused this option. It will also complicate the use of the motor for other functions. probably an error somewhere. There are two of them in this set.
  9. Great alternative model! and playability will be better than most other Lego sets
  10. Akassin

    [MOC] Kenworth Tow Truck

    Great job!!! I really like how this truck looks like! Looking forward to the video
  11. Thanks for your feedback guys. It is very inspiring to work. I hope Volvo will forgive me for it I will not be able to motorize only the rotation of the claws (I do not have enough details and free space to make 2 cardan in the boom) Initially, I planned to make a motorized ride, but then I decided that it would be more convenient to play with hands (I think motorized driving only makes sense if you have a remote control)
  12. Hello! Before I tell you about this model, I would like to introduce myself. I am a new member here (I apologize for my English because I use an online translator). In childhood I was a fan of Lego system, but then this hobby was forgotten for many years. But every time I walked past the Lego store, my heart stopped :) Now I am 32 years old and again I decided to return to Lego. Of course my choice was lego technic sets. For my first set, I chose a 42082 rough terrain crane. First of all, I love cranes. Secondly, I thought that this would be an excellent resource base for future buildings. After I built it and played enough, I started looking for a referral for my own model. Because I have only one set of Lego Technic - I called this MOC a model C for 42082 set. But my pick was severely limited by the scale of the wheels. From the entire range of construction equipment, only frontal or telescopic loaders or mining machines approached. I have already opted for a wheel loader and went to the site of the volvoce to find a photo. And then I saw it ... I immediately realized that I wanted to try to build it, but I had doubts whether the details were enough and whether my experience was enough :) I found this scheme: After 3 weeks of work I have it: What is ready now: - fully built boom (lowers, rises, turns and unfolds by hand) - built the outer part of the cabin to check its compatibility with the boom - the size of the future model is determined What is planned: The engine and gearbox will be located at the rear. The following functions are planned: - tilt / raise / lower the boom (using the engine) - opening / closing claws (using the engine) - turn claws (by hand) - turn (by hand) - raising / lowering the front log pusher (by hand) Movement is planned to be done by hand too. The most difficult for me was the design of the main pistons. Lego actuators were not enough for the desired height of the boom. Then I decided to improve them using a system of blocks. The resulting design increased the height of the rise in two times and thus turned out not too massive. Even with these changes, I could not achieve the height of the rise of the original, but I think the result will be enough for good playability. Now I am working on the front part to determine the location of the cardan exit and after that it will be possible to start planning the rear part. Because I am a newbie in Lego technic - I will be happy with your comments and suggestions on this project