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  1. Wow. In the middle of the competition, when I saw so many wonderful entries, I didn't even hope to get into the medallist. I'm very happy. Thank you for your votes. As others have said, there were so many good entries that it was very difficult to choose just 6. Congratulations @MP LEGO Technic creations and @Thirdwigg, you are very cool! Thanks to @Jim and @Milan for organizing the contest.
  2. Could you share a file with adjustable LA and pneumatic elements? I will be very grateful
  3. Now that I have seen the new photos, this model seems even more incredible to me. Because it looks HUGE when unfolded and I couldn't believe it could fit in a 10,000 box. Amazing!
  4. Welcome to Eurobricks! It's rare to see ships on the Lego Technic forum. And your building looks great and I think it would be very interesting for a child to play with it . Very original use of caterpillars! Did you make this building specifically for the competition? If so, what is the overall size of the box? I could be wrong, but I think it's more than 10,000 studs. If not for the competition, then it is not necessary to add [TC22] in the title of the topic. In any case, I would like to see more photos. Great job!
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. Yes, "logs" are not quite ordinary . Because if you fully load the claws with heavy wood of great length - it will weigh more than the loader itself. Even with such light logs at full load and with the boom fully extended forward, the machine is on the verge of tipping over. But the cover opens at the back and you can add additional weight for the counterweight (in fact, I held the model not so that it would not turn over from the weight of the load, but in order not to turn it over when the pump was pressed, because the effort required is quite large) You are absolutely right about the restrictions. These are the limitations of the functions of pneumatics, and the tensile strength of Lego parts. Therefore, if I have enough inspiration after the competition, I will make this loader on a larger scale without pneumatics, completely on control +. This is a minimum of 6 functions (7 with pusher slope), so 2 hubs are needed. According to my calculations, this will require a wheel scale no less than the wheel of Zetros. But that will be later...maybe...
  6. Both models look amazing . But at the same time, the excavator has a lot of functions. But it's so hard to make a choice...
  7. Nice, clean design . It was especially interesting for me to watch the construction of the front loader, because this is an alternative appearance of the equipment that I selected for the competition and we have the same scale. Looking forward to the final photos!
  8. I agree that if you go down this path, you will end up with the style of a model team. Of course, this will give the best appearance (I join in the compliments on your trucks - they are beautiful!), but may not comply with the rules of the competition. And at the last moment you may be faced with the need to redo the model. It is better to wait for Jim's answer. But it's a good idea and good use of the technic parts.
  9. Akassin

    [TC22] Power Crane

    It was interesting to watch the progress of this model. Great design, it would fit perfectly in the animated film "Cars"
  10. @jorgeopesi @KevinMD @Thirdwigg @MangaNOID Thanks for your comments. I have medium sized fingers and it is comfortable for me to turn. You can always raise the HOG one stud higher for convenience. But I had to refuse to place additional lights behind the cab, because they interfered with the control. I changed some of the final photos to match the subject of the application. Video is ready. I hope you like it
  11. 9. Log loader VOLVO L180HL Functions: Pneumatic control: - boom lift - boom tilt Manual control: - grip rotation - open/close grip - turn (HOG) - slope of the front bumper Model size: 33x12x19 = 7524 studs
  12. Final photos are ready. Video coming soon too
  13. Many thanks to everyone for the feedback. I'm very glad you liked it. Yes, I planned to do so and it was on my to-do list in the first post. But in the middle of construction, I had to change the concept due to several reasons: 1) all pneumatic control is in the back, and it was not easy to run even 4 hoses in such a small model, and to run 6 would be a big problem (the width of the inside is only 3 studs) 2) as you said - this would lead to a problem with the rotation of the grip. And now it rotates 360 degrees 3) I remember being disappointed with the way the bucket worked in the 42043 set. The pneumatics can lift quite a lot of weight, but cannot close the bucket if even a small object gets between its parts. And I wanted this model to be playable and to be able to capture logs that lie in several levels on the trailer. The actuator does it perfectly, the pneumatic does not, unfortunately. 4) I only had 2 small pneumatic cylinders and would have to choose between the tilt function of the boom and the opening of the grapple - the choice was made
  14. Thanks for the comment. After changing the boom, it became a little smaller than I originally planned. The minimum box in which it can fit if the boom is lowered to the ground is 7524 studs (33x12x19) In the "normal" position, when the boom is slightly raised and he can ride - 8712 (33x12x22). About the color - I could add yellow rims to the wheels, but I didn't like this solution, in this case you need to do the whole body in yellow. I have a lot of red parts, but then I need to replace all the 15100 pins, because I don't have them in red and I'm not very sure about the red-yellow-black combination here is a photo during the assembly process when I tried the yellow wheels: