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  1. Akassin

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    found another photo
  2. Akassin

    [TC18] Ferrari F355

    fantastic result! such an exact copy of the form and such a recognizable design, especially considering the small scale. Cool!
  3. Akassin

    [TC17] WIP Scavenger

    getting closer to the finish It remains to finish the cab and some design elements The crane was completely changed because it looked too high-tech for the theme of the competition. Along with this, the type of work of the claw was changed. Now it sinks on the cable
  4. Akassin

    [TC17] WIP Scavenger

    This is probably the last progress before the final version. From the main left to finish the gearbox and add exterior decor. A large chopper is made in the back. Ballist shapes slightly changed and shooter seats added
  5. Let's talk about this on February 24
  6. Akassin

    [TC17] WIP Scavenger

    Thanks. The most difficult technical stage remained ahead, because I want eight functions to work from one motor. After that I will proceed to the MadMax design. But this will be done at the expense of form, not color. Because I don’t have brown and sand details. Red-black color scheme will remain
  7. Akassin

    [TC17] WIP Scavenger

    Built weapons for my transport. These are ballista. They reload and shoot manually The right black handle serves as a reload of weapons (it compresses the spring). At the end of reloading, the spring is automatically locked. For the shot, use the left gray handle. The spear flies about one meter On the left - in a charged state and ready to shoot
  8. Akassin

    [TC17] WIP Scavenger

    Some progress Built a crane boom with a grip. The location and mounting of the crane is temporary. In the future it will be on the turntable. The boom will rise by the LA actuator. Bending and opening of the gripper using pneumatics. Temporarily removed the decor of the Mad Max style, because it interferes with further construction. The whole style will be added at the end.
  9. Akassin

    [TC17] WIP Scavenger

    Added some progress. Made tracks for the rear platform.
  10. Hello I joined the contest late. But I hope that I have time to finish this MOC. It will be a large mobile platform, which is adapted for long survival in the wasteland. This transport will be able to hunt other survivors, as well as collect the debris found and process them for further sale of raw materials. Of course, this requires a fast and powerful engine. And I started with the design of the front of the platform in which it is located. The front of the chassis will be wheeled, the rear on the tracks. To be continued ... Sorry for the low-light photo
  11. I have a question. I want to try to take part in the competition, but I will have free time only in the last week. Is there any limit when it’s not too late to create a forum topic with construction progress? For example, if I create a topic after February 15, will it be by the rules?
  12. It is fantastic!!! I can `t believe my eyes
  13. Awesome design. Every detail in its place. Great job! Black body with a red interior look cool!
  14. Akassin

    42082 my first Lego set

    I also thought to make such a car: This is one of the types of mining equipment.
  15. Akassin

    42082 my first Lego set

    Hello! For me, 42082 also became the first lego technic set. And I also doubted what to do after assembling the main model. Due to the scale of the wheels - welcome to the "world of wheel loaders" - I chose this option. I think there will be a problem with the truck - I did not find a suitable model for such a scale of wheels and that there were 4 of them.