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  1. thekoRngear

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    Judging by the rumored piece count, I think it will again have a 2-speed gearbox. Also, I expect to have news of the 1:8 supercar by the end of 2022 January, because that is when the first image of Sian got out/leaked iirc.
  2. Hey, as you know Grohl is building the unofficial B model of the set you can see from the video (at around 2:22 mins mark) the turning radius is quite good. I mean even if it happens to be limited it did not look that bad or as bad as the Zetros.
  3. Just to know out of curiosity and to add to this slightly off-topic (yet worthy enough), why Markus Kossmann has to do the duties for two important sets for the same quarter for Lego Technic? Has there been a recent releases from Lego Technic Design team? Don't get me wrong, MK's designs are awesome, it is just that why the same man for more than one set within the same H2 period just wonders me...
  4. Best prediction/portrayal ever
  5. thekoRngear

    To Paint Technic Or Not?

    Thanks a lot to everyone for their responses, advises, insights and helps. I think this thread can be used as a reference thread to anyone who is willing to (spray)paint their Lego Technic parts but are legitimately hesitated. From all the responses what I acquire is this: It would be best not to (spray)paint Lego. If it has to be, then it better be an extreme case or it should be the parts which are a portion of the set that are not frequently accessed (i.e., clutching the pins), the wheels, and, are not intended for resale. And, if the latter ones are the cases, then it is better to practice it on old parts, have to make sure what I'm doing. Here, patience and practice are actually quite mandatory to get a good/satisfactory results. Again thanks to all specially @syclone and @LvdH
  6. The question is just what it is. Before posting the new thread I searched a bit and found this thread where several EB vets advised not to pain the Lego. I understand. However, it was a 2012 thread. These days, more specifically with 42115 I have seen some amazing spray paint-job on the 1:8 supercar. And more recently, the spraying on the wheels of Defender. So, this brings back the question again, is it worth/safe painting the Technic? Are the opinions still the same or changed the views?
  7. Will def check them out
  8. Indeed. I'm looking forward to both Sariel's and Racingbrick's video reviews.
  9. Exactly. The seats' design also seems pretty dull and lazy for an 18+ sets. I thought cough...18+ casual builders...cough like gorgeously detailed seats/interiors than any complexity.[sarcasm]. I also agree about the black background. That is why I at least do not dislike it on Cat D11T's box. I have this feeling the set will soon have lots of MOCs and some even with RCing it. But yes, it is another matter. The more a sets looks and feels (performance) well and nice out of the box the better it receives praises. The 42128 is an example I think.
  10. thekoRngear

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    You're one step closer
  11. thekoRngear

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    Surprisingly Sariel actually praised the set. That review is there for a quite a while though.
  12. Who is the designer (42131)?