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  1. That is also noted. Yes, he did something like that iirc back in 2021. I'll check that. Thanks!
  2. Hey! I am pretty much sure I went through your post back in late February 2022 and the problem still persists- the pics don't load or are shown broken like this Edri7CH.jpg. Could be a problem viewing from this region of world. Sharing them or at least the batbox & changing hood support mods from Google drive with link or any other link is highly appreciated.
  3. Guys, is there any ways to make the battery box mounting a bit secured without making any changes in the default front design? It sits normally fine howevr, a bit collision and the batterybox gets displaced. Again happens rarely, just the 1/2 pins seem a bit weak for holding it. I tried but the hood's position poses challenge.
  4. The top steering also seems fine when the car is stand still. The sideview mirrors do move smoothly when the doors are opened/closed (13:21-13:24) The rest- it seems the 20t knobs require too much turning.
  5. Maybe, specially since the 488 GTE was released in the beginning of 2021, something like that might come. But why it always has to be a car? IMHO the 9397 Tow Pickup or 42029 Customized Pickup Truck are something that deserve a much needed comeback. I think since the rumor list mentions vehicle this type could be one of those. This
  6. Ah! More 50/60$ pullback cars­čĄŽ Good to see the Monster series is alive (hopefully). You mean the bike's successor? I don't think so. I think the bike is a once-in-every-2-years thing.
  7. Hey! went to the Flat Bed Thread though with the first post last modified on July 17. Is that it?
  8. I am speechless! Had it been the official set [with differentials] it would gain more attention.
  9. Much appreciated. Will watch it soon!
  10. Good for you. Btw those who bought and are now using the set for couple a weeks (or more) how's the single motor coping with all the blade functions? Any particular phenomena others should note about?
  11. Okay! Meanwhile I'll go find the pics.
  12. Yupe! Would really appreciate that.
  13. At first, I did not bother about the wheels being smaller for such scale. But after seeing the video at around 24/25 seconds mark, it is horrible. Really liked how just like Apollo Supercar they used metal element in the rear. The best part is it is truly amazing to see both the doors and the sideview mirrors move at the same time.