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  1. A Quick question: the quick and easy fix that Brunojj1 has posted as PDF on YT, those required parts are available within the set, right? Also, how are the fixes, when they are applied?
  2. thekoRngear

    Torn Between Supercars

    Gotta say it looks even more cooler with the stand that you made
  3. Pimp up My Pista B-Models anything is for sure appreciated. For such Supercar Pimping Up actually seems Inevitable.
  4. thekoRngear

    Torn Between Supercars

    How close are you to finishing the red beauty?
  5. thekoRngear

    Torn Between Supercars

    @vectormatic, thnks again for sharing the honest thoughts about the "beauty" of the Chiron and Sian. Exactly my thoughts. I just could not come up with any better words. I personally liked the back of the Chiron more than the Sian's. The latter's back design looks confusing to me. Good to see someone came up with more attractive tail light mod ideas in the Sian mods thread. @amorti, that was insanely helpful for making up my mind. I was thinking even if I manage to make the Lego UCS cars a bit more playable by using the pimp up mods like "correcting" the gearbox, adding centre diff, steering, tbh, it will actually feel weird when I hand move such big car lol. For a scale of Defender it is still lotta fun to play around. My point is, if such big cars are to be moved/played around, RCing them is the best approach (Of course, this point can be easily dismissed by anyone). From another point of view, for all the current UCS series, it is best to Just enjoy the build and keep it on the shelves, and, from thereon, if someone wants, they can step up the game further if he has abundance of parts or has the ease of buying them. As for me, who lives in the South-East part of Asia, has just one Technic set (a first in his adulthood), it is better for him to buy and build and eventually create MOC of more technically functional sets over time. And then buy a UCS car once its mods are well documented and priced down. I would rather buy a UCS later, grab the Bruno Supercar now. For those who think a Lego supercar should be prioritized over/prefered to they also are right lol. I will have at least one Lego UCS when it's time. In fact, anyone should at least build one Lego Supercar (particularly the last two ones) just for the sake of enjoying the build when the price (not necessarily) is just right for them (s/he has to be a supercar fan/enthusiast first though).
  6. thekoRngear

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Want an obvious solution? I dont see any other than rebuilding it once in every "few months". To free myself from this predicament, I removed the back gearbox completely and replaced the front one with a simple 4 speed one. "Few months" gone, so far it still works well for me.
  7. thekoRngear

    Torn Between Supercars

    Hey, the Chiron is just fine as you mentioned. However, the Sian, despite being not as good looking as the iconic Chiron (again that is subjective, but rationality says so) actually has better suspension, Refined gearbox, and more build time with more challenges. And since I never owned a Supercar before why not grab the Sian? Thats what I thought if I were to choose between the two. @vectormatic thnks for your precious insights and thoughts. Currently (at least) two EB forums members are building the Cada supercar. Lets see how it turns out finally for em. I personally am leaning towards Cada but I understand and respect your not being comfy with China.
  8. No need for ALF 35 mins building vid. This guy just literally built it in real time
  9. thekoRngear

    Torn Between Supercars

    I think Cada's releasing a well known MOCer's design is a missed opportunity for Lego. Let me explain it a bit, Lego could have taken a very different approach with their UCS lineup. They could have introduced unique and very powerful motors and a batterybox Exclusive to the Supercar series. I think it could well differentiate the product line to the targeted adult audiences. For past 4/5 years the supercars makers are approaching motors and batteries whereas, Lego is going full force in developing insane drivetrain with highly complex gearbox which in practicality has little to no value. Please dont get enraged who are MOCers and look for new parts questioning the introduction of unique motor parts limiting their uses in diverse set of MOC ideas. The price they could charge would also be justified to some extent. But, my point have the following shortcomings/challenges: 1. The cost of producing/developing such unique motorization. I know Buwizz is a bit expensive. 2. Offsetting other expenditures like marketing etc. I personally think Bugatti is highly resold because once it is built, the appeal is mostly gone for the average Adults. Sure, there are people who would not mind keeping it as a dust gatherer, or would rebuild it once in i.e., 3/6 months (could be more frequent than that). I am not talking about the MOCers here. Now, I think there are average adults who just dont want it sitting idle collecting dust. They want play-ability, and also, they dont want to pay extra penny to buy additional parts, nor do they want to modify it extensively. With no offence, I think these people are at least, not the smallest portion of the targeted adult audiences.
  10. thekoRngear

    Torn Between Supercars

    That's very good. However, according to Hwbricks (also known as ALF, both are same I think) it has stability issues. The part quality consistencies also seem better in Bruno Supercar.
  11. thekoRngear

    Torn Between Supercars

    Its both quite amazing and amusing to see we are asking for recommendations between Lego and another brick manufacturer. I always think about choosing between Lego ones. And now I am thinking about the Sian and Cada. Another concern that I forgot to add is that, how interesting it is to build one over the other? I built Defender and enjoyed every moment of it. I saw Bruno supercar build video from youtube like Brickbuilder and ALF. With no offence, I guess the Cada supercar's building process has a bit less enjoyable moments compared to Sian. But then again the end product is one red hot beauty. Someone who built it either from Lego or the Cada can tell it better actually I guess. I personally wont sell either piece of the beauties. Buying Lego here is a lengthy and expensive process. I keep my Defender on the shelf, take it out occasionally to play with it. Want to do the same with a supercar, albeit with limited functionalities. And yes, doing something different is also in my mind. Thanks to all for the insights so far.... @amorti great to see you got your package. We will see how the story unfolds...
  12. Hopefully I will be able to get one of these supercars: 1. Cada Master C61042, designed by Bruno Jenson. Manufactured by Cada 2. Lego Technic 42115 Sian FKP 37 I have been wanting to have a Lego Technic supercar for so long, but their limited play-ability always puts me off. Sure, jb70 pimp ups can help improve this segment but buying parts from here is tough. Also I dont have that many spare parts. The Cada one has RC with 3k plus parts, its speed seemed okay to me, but I am afraid some specific parts are not up to the mark i.e., the axle-pin connectors. On the other hand, the Sian is a more challenging build with higher parts which are obviously of higher quality. Bruno has done a brilliant job but above mentioned issue is quite concerning. Cada one is selling for 187£ pound on amazon UK and the Sian is currently at 239£. I am also thinking about getting an RC non Lego Toy like the Huina ones and the Technic Sian together alternatively.
  13. thekoRngear

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Most probably, since 2016 every new big set came dwarfed the older sets like 42009, 42043. A new Arocs with current scale is a welcome from me