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  1. Bensch55

    [MOC] ÖBB 399.04 in 1:22,5

    So, I received (most) of my parts and started building right away, this is my progress so far: The wheels have been designed by me to look like the original ones, the altered flange design also improves its cornering abilities. The motors got installed and I could already do some test runs. I'm still waiting for the final parts, when they are here I will start with painting the printed parts and the bucket piece. Have a nice weekend, Ben
  2. Bensch55

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Now you're just missing the Mh.6 ;)
  3. Bensch55

    [MOC] ÖBB 399.04 in 1:22,5

    That might work for the bucket but not on the 'red' steering wheel, so I will most likely go with paint as I need to do it on the valve gear pieces anyway. Speaking of which, here are the printed pieces for the Heusinger Valve Gear: I mounted them on a test chassis and it worked fine. I will make some minor changes to it comes final assembly, but the kinematics will stay the same. I definately recommend everyone to try building in this scale once. It's just really cool to get so many details in and also be able to implement parts of the real chassis/drivetrain characteristics (e.g. lateral play on axle #2 and no drive flange on axle #3, just like the real one).
  4. Bensch55

    [MOC] ÖBB 399.04 in 1:22,5

    Thanks everyone for the kind responses! Yes, I am aware of this, sadly there are no real alternatives for these parts so I will have to paint them. The build process is slowly starting, right now I'm sorting the parts I already have before placing an order for the needed items. I also just got a new set of 3D printed rods that I have to clean up a bit before they can be used. I will post an update as soon as the chassis is done.
  5. Bensch55

    [MOC] ÖBB 399.04 in 1:22,5

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum, I hope I don't get something wrong, but if so please let me know :) So, this is my first model in this scale, made to run on G-Scale tracks. It is motorized with two L-Motors hidden inside the boiler. The parts for the valve gear are mostly 3D printed. The small 1x2 opening in the front and the half stud liftarm at the back allow traditional LGB couplings to be mounted. Total part count is ~1700 parts with a weight of 1,5 kg. The digital model is done, I just had to re-work some of the valve gear parts, when they are finished I will start ordering the pieces for the real build. I hope you like the progress shown, I will keep you updated :)