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  1. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    the "next" figure in a magazine issue will be the Iron Baron. So once again, we'll get lots of rare figures cheap just by buying magazines Now I'm just missing Arcade...
  2. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    So here my second try to get an answer; if anyone has the information: Will sets actually be available in normal stores in Europe? Or just special Lego stores? Or even just online?
  3. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    But so far there hasn't been a really bad season. Of course there is that risk, especially with the original writers gone. "Hands of time", was the weakest season so far, and they didn't direct it; while the last two seasons were just beyond anything one could ever expect, from such a show. Ninjago worked against all odds, because people made it with effort and knowledge: From the sensitive touch of how they integrate and use eastern asian culture to their effort to how well they integrated Feminism (some Nya arcs). Everything shows me: these people know, what they are doing. Exploration of other realms, Ninja getting children or students - If you do it well, and there is a market - it could go on for another 10 seasons probably
  4. I was saying some 3 pages ago that this would be a-typical of Lego and that they'll use this to save on figure-prints. We got tons of QR suits leaked. So we could have all assumed that we mostly will get just those. And people really expected more individual suits. So other than the Cap helmet mold and whatever faceless guard thingis from A1 movie in the Quinjet set, we'll get just the Iron Man suits in one set. No special figures otherwise probably... I still hope for a Ronin figure, but I fear such figures will be limited to some Bricktober packs or something like that.
  5. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    in any case it would be amazing to get more eastern asian inspired creatures/designs; those wolves would be useful for so many animes. And it would be the first real wolf mold in general
  6. nothing more than assumptions, yes. Based on how figure leaks have worked so far and how Lego has treated minifigures of Marvel. Of course the policy might have changed and Im just wrong. I'm not attacking anyone or saying rumors are not true. Im just baffled about the news, in fact I wasn't/am still not sure if I understood them correct: 9 different polybags with figures in each? It would be amazing and logical, a change of policy, since last we got a single MCEU minifigure in a polybag in '16.
  7. Let me get this straight.. People actually assume there are up to nine polybags - with figures in all of them?! To me it would make more sense that they will just give us lots of figs with the same QR suits scattered around most sets. Since we did see tons of these figures but allmost no alternative suits. I mean we saw like 4 Iron man figures so far but not a single other minifigue with a new suit (Cap, Nebula, Shuri, Ronin..) And Lego was cheap on individual suits in all of the last waves (no leg prints, reused suits that still used wrong concept art or bad designs) And for Captain Marvel they'll just reuse the old suit. If this theory is correct, we might have seen almost all figures already.
  8. I didn't see that coming. Avengers vs. Lego Mixals. Maybe Mixals are part of the Quantum Realm.
  9. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    the 1st movie was very political already. You could basically say it even had anti-capitalistic tendencies, or at least very critical views of current expression of capitalism. Just rewatch how Emmet explains his world in the beginning. Ignore it, like or dislike it, but it is there: - company men are the villains, "punks", the diverse, rainbow people or whoever are the good ones and resistance against the system. - The characters are more diverse than in majority of the actual blockbusters/super hero movies - Feminism; Ninjago tv show's Nya has a quite complex feminist story (unlike many pseudo feministic characters in blockbuster movies) - And in the end in the climaxes everyone has to work together, protagonists and antragonists alike, overcome their traumas or fears and save the world together (climax/twist in in all 3 movies and many of the Ninjago seasons). TLM1 even got so much attention in the first place in many intellectual media, since critics expected a superficial overlong toy advertisement for young audiences and got something very deep instead.
  10. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    I don't care about the guy, but as very precise person myself (probably like you ; ) I have to tolerate that not everyone is as precise and analytical. I only watch content of people that do their research and do know what they are talking about - in this case I'm just happy the review got out so early (we didn't even see official pictures yet!) AND that - whatever he was talking or missing: the guy knew something about lightning and camera angles. Not the best, but something. Better then lots of very intelligent and creative Youtubers, that don't even manage to zoom in, focus or whatever. And you shouldn't miss that a large part of the already small AFOL community doesn't care about these "small" things either. Welcome to humanity ______________________ Anyway: Apocalypseburg sure is as far as perfect sets can go. It basically consists of easter eggs. One of the few sets I would proudly display on a desk. best parts: - inclusion of so many Batman merch boxes - like a self ironic joke that they unsold sets will still be around after the apocalypse - front of the Batmobil - lopsided pillow in the statue's head's room
  11. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Because Ninjago's target group is very young. Kids don't care much for any of the side characters, or the alternative clothes. A designer of many Ninjago sets once said over at brickset, that they are always trying to get some different characters or outfits in the sets. The bricktober packs therefore are really a big fanservice for us AFOL's: getting Kabuki Nya from Season 4 or Master Jay, who was visible for like 3 seconds.
  12. Objectively this is a horrible figure. - the printing is very superficial. It's just gold with black outlines. There are big figs with much more detailed printing: - some other bigfigs have molded pants, jackets, boots, helmets or whatever. They could have also done that for Thanos boots or body armor. - the 1st Thanos had none of this and the most simple printing so far. But the combination of gold printing for his feet, golden gloves and blue printing on his helmet prevented the figure from having wide areas with just one colour. People talk about the improvement on his face. Well it's still just wrong. IW Thanos doesn't doesn't have blue eyes with white pupils. And I reckon most of the screen time, you will see more than just a tiny part of his head looking out of some shell-armor. I get that Captain Marvel isn't important for kids. But how exactly will it help to sell Lego sets if they keep making these designs? I imagine kids will look at this Pyjamaguy with little of his awkward face looking out of his strange armor - and then they will look at tons of other toys, where Thanos looks just like he did in the movies - with more detail Lego could ever do on their figs. So at the very least they should try, if they want to sell sets.
  13. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    CMF just leaked. Kind of similar to the last one, not toooo interesting - some figs are just themed in their alternate outfits, like Abraham Lincoln (Vampire hunter?!) or Cowboy Rex.
  14. of course the obvious setback of quality or detail on figures makes it worse. But people have wished for more detailed figures before. People wished for certain smooth or very useful parts before, which existed in other Lego-compartible companies. People always wanted coat cloth pieces, even though we never got one. Even as akid, I wanted capes which didn't feel like paper, I wished for arm printing for several figures - that would have really needed it - before it was even normal to get leg printing. I always disliked how the patterns just ended at the gut for Dumbledore's robes. Because of the beard, you didn't see much of the torsoprint, and then the legs were just plain. And I think it's ridicolous that we adult consumers have to chase costumes, cut our own cloth pieces, or chase CMF's; because of the more detailed and better parts and better parts. There's obviously a business for more detailed figures - why doesn't Lego use this potential with their official stuff? Instead we turn to other companies for better detail.
  15. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    There would have been so many opportunities of course. Imagine all the hairpieces, masks, shoulder/armor pieces in different colours. I just hope for some more variety in the CMF line. In any case, post cyperpunk/apocalyptic/steampunk fans have the best Lego time now: -TLM2 even gives us a Mad Max torso and planet of the apes statue of liberty - Punk themed S8 of Ninjago provided useful shoulder piece, great printings and vehicles - Ninjago S9 was directly inspired by Mad Max style - SW Solo also had some useful minifig editions: