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  1. Im sorry to go into detail more here but there's a missconception especially present within the US politics: George Lucas was a wealthy white film maker; a new hope was a white sausage fest; like most movies of that time. Sure Leia was kind of revolutionary but except for that: After critizism they introduced Lando and with the prequels we got even more diversity - for the same reasons we get it now: to attact new audiences. It's all about marketing and profit. The overall plot of the OT was also just efficient story background for the time. People still knew the nazis so they used this concept without going into too much detail. With the prequels Lucas wanted to proof himself as a Rebel and filmmaker which is how they got more political. But still non of that is "left", from the prequels upwards it is just liberal - mostly for marketing reasons. The aggressive pseudofeminism within Holdo's character also fits perfectly in an ideology that belives in competition, survival of the fittest as well as authoritarianism. You can call it feminism but it's like calling Margret Thatcher a feminist. ----------------------------------- anyway: I don't know what deals TLG has with Disney but I can imagine them having more bargening power in case the future movies underperform. There's just way too much overinvestement in toys for the new movies - you can say a lot about the prequels but the toy market was attractive for this particula target audience and it continued to be for a smaller but loyal part of them with the Clone Wars.
  2. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I really don't get certain things. Sure kids won't care all thaaat much. But does it hurt to reuse a NEW hairpiece and maybe make it in a new colour? These factors can fix the decision for many ALOF's as well as some kids, to buy a set or not. Can someone somewhere ask a Lego employee WHY they are always doing this? Seriously; I'm just curious to understand! Since like 3-4 years Lego has started to creat new hairpieces like crazy. Ninjago movie Zane, Cole, Jay, Nya's hairpieces - Batman movie hairpieces - scobie doo hairpieces - non of them get reused or recoloured and we get the same old lame hairpieces in the same colours over and over again. Why?! Especially when there are movie characters for which we have so much more accurate pieces available now?
  3. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    good review of the new Y-Wing up ship is pretty good I think, colours are usually never this consistant with a SW set. figs though disappointing; as for Obi Wan the old paper cape reused + black face for the dark red character almost though I'd buy this on retail, but it barely misses the mark
  4. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    "issh" the best example would be A/X-Wings and the king of them all: Snowspeeder. The question is, why all these re-releases, and why no propper updates? The current snowspeeder design was always oversized and never accurate. Similar with the X-Wing; they still used this "stiff & blocky " nose - even for the sequel ones; though all X-Wings have much more curved designs. We are not the market. Lego conducts surveys; and depending on media content as well as other factors, children apparently want another X-Wing, Snowspeeder, A-Wing Fighter, Falcon and so on. And since the current designs are meeting Lego's standards already; why update them? Im sure some designers have amazing designs hidden somewhere. But they are not for a broader audience. It is not profitable to focus on AFOLs; at least not until a certain price (UCS). So please answer me: why should Lego listen to tiny part of their audience? What is interesting though is; that SW sales (at least what I've heared from several sources) have declined a lot, since recent movies failed to connect with children. Ep7 made a huge impact but the investments and expectations seem to have been much higher; especially for raising children as fans who will stay loyal for years. You can condemn our time as well as the lack of quality of the products (mostly the movies) for this. We live in an interesting time: the OT era was much more adult; they didn't get childish until Ewoks and Han's ressurection as well as the product placement of the Millenium Falcon. But still these movies had imense impact on children. Today you have a considerable audience in adults for all them movies who share the same concepts; Marvel or SW. So we have more adults buying merch; but they are still not enough to replace children who consume the products; but not to the crazy extent as before. Interestingly SW has made very bad financial choices; like the over-investments in toy market. I think SW Rebels could have gained a much larger audience if advertised and invested in properly. I personally can ignore many bad things but I understand how people got turned off by the much reduced quality (animation), compared to Clone Wars. And Clone was did manage to create a loyal fanbase of children and ALOFs for many years. It declined in the end and it was never as high as Ep9; but it was asteady market for Lego and the licence. So I hope they learned from their mistakes and bring something new with the Mandalorian. As for us AFOL's we'll maybe get more interesting designs from these shows also. If Rebels would have been more successful; they had great ship designs. A last point: I still don't understand why Lego doesnt bring out something specific for us AFOL's. The UCS sets count maybe; but why leave a market for costume figures and MOC's; and not diving into this market a bit themselves? Imagine you could get Brickvault style moc's as well as CMF style figures officially from Lego. Im sure this would be profitable; if done by Lego themselves.
  5. very interesting topic. SW brought me back into Lego but inderpendent of all of these factors I became more fond of Lego's original themes, like Ninjago - simply because they are more creative, cheaper and more detailed (new molds, dual molded prints etc). With SW you pay 20% extra just for the licence. But yes, the movies do have an effect. Despite many of them being bad executions of good designs and even more overpriced - I needed almost all Rebels sets. Was even more fun this way; modding the characters and ships into what they should have been. As for the controversial products: I think some designs are just very good; like Kylo Rens suit. I hate the character, and I walked out on TLJ (Casino scene gave me the rest). But I still can buy few of the sets on large discount whenever a design is very good. SW as a media product is kind of dead for me, but when an interesting design comes up I at least consider a purchase on sale - like the new Y-Wing.
  6. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I think it's insane how they hold back on updating on our main SW characters. We don't expect any special prints but they could at least use the new hairmolds available; TLBM Gordon hair for Obi Wan - it was recoloured already in the JW line in his dark orange. And maybe Lloyd's new hairpiece for Anakin. With the prints there isn't much you can do - if they dont use dual molding and skirt pieces (which they wont) you can either make the pants the colours of the boots; the colour of the only like 15% visible pants (which for some reason they always decide to do..) or extend the coat/Kimono; with some superficial print for pants. The latter one was done for the latest Mace Windu figure. And it looks amazing. Probably best Kimono print of any Jedi figure. Compared to the horrible AT-whatever-T version, where he used white for the legs, even though this white was barely visible due to knee boots and almost knee lengh kimono. At least they will not be able to rehash any random face for Anakin. Like they did for last Padme
  7. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Am I counting correct that the Junker set has 6 new molds? Blonde guy hairpiece, blonde guys back piece, bigfig, big figs arm, big figs hair piece (if I am seeing correct he has a minifig head), big figs hook weapon thing and the big fig in any case is just excellent in details. I really wonder why they have the budget here and not for other big figs..
  8. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    I didn't think they could do a decent calendar, since there weren't enough sets to use figures from. But Mcgonnagel and Dumbledore are the only reused figures. Every other figure has something exclusive to them - the founder even gets a golden beard piece I also like that most builds seem more complex than the other advent calendars.
  9. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I get the arguments brought before - that knee joints for example can confuse the target audience. But the more weight the mech/creature has, the more unstably it is anyway. So no knee articulation, even though we have perfect and actually stable pieces for it, but the other points of articulation are completely unstable? Firstbourne defacto cannt carry her own weight anymore. So why doesn't Lego go the middle route and bring out specialized pieces, that can maybe also look better but especially can carry 800+ pieces builds? Cheap toy brands can do it with big action figures as well. So I built the summer sets already: - Lloyd's mech looks amazing; closing up the cockpit was actually very easy (I just took a 2x2 cylinder brick as neck and built it up with curved roof pieces into the body. Mechs 3 times smaller took me longer to modify the open cockpits into closed ones) - the colour swapping was a pain. Took me like 8 hours (and disassembling many sets) I swear every time that this is the last white set I buy. Lego pumps just more dark/light tan/brown pieces into sets. I don't mind these colours, but when there's so much grey and black anyway it tends to look super messy. It's interesting how little Ninjago's target audience seems to care about colour consistancy compared to the former audience of Elves (RIP) - there's almost no articulation. Probably because of it's weight, it's built in a way - other than the forearms - you can bend it good because of the building techniques, but you can't actually move it, not even good flying poses. The wings themselves have perfect articulation, but I know already that in 1-2 years max. they will bend down automaticly but it's not that I didn't expect this, it's a general problem with Lego's parts system - overall it's by far the best mech.
  10. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    so the German prices for HP summer wave were said to be 20€ for the Dementor set and 35 for the horntail set. I was happy to see the summer sets being available today - Horntail is 40 € and Dementor set 30€ (!) I get it has lots of figures and a new mold but 30 is ridicolous
  11. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Sad for us, but better believe it. They are kids toys after all and Ninjago targets even younger audiences, then probably many other themes. What I don't understand though is why TLG doesnt bring out new, specialized pieces for bigger mechs. People described the problems above - I have them as well; with all my bigger dragons and mechs, the joints cannt carry the weight after some time. My firstbourne dragon now cannt even stand on its own. So if stability is so important - why doesn't TLG bring out new, stronger pieces for these big mechs? Maybe pieces that are not colour fixed as well and have more aesthetic potential. Other knockoff-brands do it as well.
  12. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    The usage of eyepatches in popular culture is nothing but a huge misconception. There were and there still are many reasons to use one, most of which do not include to cover up an eye lost in battle. I use eyepatches regularly to rest my eye - there are better ways but for my condition it is still quite comfortable solution. Most people with similar condition I've met prefer to be asked a few times why they look so strange; while I get asked hundreds of times if I lost my eye. Most people that did loose their eye though wear artificial ones. Even though they are purely aesthetic, other than some squinting u won't notice all that much. To talk a bit more about Ninjago: Im a bit dissapointed by Lloyds mech. it looks really amazing but again they missed a good chance to include knee joints. Would have been easy on this one; like Kay's mech. And I think it will be hard to cover up the open "cockpit".
  13. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    So a press release from TLG advertises the new seasons to be like the old ones but also different to attract new fans. And episodes will just be 11 minutes. Sad to see Ninjago also being sacrificed on the altar of profits. I hope it will still be somewhat good and keep the good whitty dialogues as well as asian-mystic adventurous nature
  14. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    I very much assume the HP sets this year should partly be an alternative for the discontinued Elves theme. Since HP is very popular with women and the market for men can only expand so much as the costumers have money and space available.
  15. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    there's endless potential for this.. As for the City sets, unfortunately the "Docks" set didn't seem to sell as well.