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  1. Here is a comparison shot next to Eldorado. This was built from parts on hand, so there are some very minor changes. I did notice that the 1x4 panel (part 30413) in the hidden stash caused the trapdoor to bind, so I replaced it with a tile. Also, the clutch strength on the Technic steering wheel is very poor, the palm leaves can easily fall off. I created some PDF instructions, as well as an updated IO file with these instructions and a Bricklink wanted list with minifigures removed to make building this easier. With permission from @Aanchir, I will post this to Rebrickable as well. The BL total cost without minifigures is under $100, so given the quality of the model I highly recommend adding it to your collection. I enjoyed the build much more than Eldorado, there were no boring parts, and it's packed full of amazing details.
  2. iragm

    [MOC] Medieval High Street

    At 3600 parts with no interiors yet, this doesn't stand a chance on BDP: you'd be competing with stuff like the mountain fortress or the ship Minerva for the $400 price point. I would cut out the tower and the house on the left, the red and black trader's house with a thatched roof is amazing. The tower is a good build, but there's a lot of towers out there already, and most fans have no shortage of castles. The other house is nice, but the blue shutters and red roof don't really work IMHO. Green shutters would at least be complimentary with the red roof, but that may just be my personal preference. Overall, I prefer the half timber style like the red house uses. The tree and vineyard mini builds are excellent, I would play with those and scale them up a tiny bit. But don't be surprised if this doesn't make it in the BDP given that the new village is out and this would directly compete with that, and without the draw of new/exclusive minifigures. Good luck and I hope you're able to make this a real set.
  3. The dwarfs are nightmare fuel, the torso look like cartoon characters [admittedly..not surprising given the source material] and it's almost 1000 parts fewer than the village is. Still the building itself looks great (despite being only a front half), I will try to recreate it out of my spare parts bin once instructions are available. I do agree that the new Jolly Roger is awful compared to the old one. I'm actually quite happy about the colors used here, I have so many bricks in the classic colors that getting more modern realistic ones is nice. Is this bait? It's a box, just recycle it once you get it.
  4. Yeah, everyone here would, but there isn't a market for that. I just think it's awesome that we're getting something, since there really weren't many castle sets that appealed to me between 1993 and 2022. This set, while deeply flawed, offers us some great designs, some of the best minifigures ever, and is pretty cheap.
  5. PAB didn't exist in the same way back then. I'm fine getting fewer minifigures here given how many excellent torsos there are, and that I can load up for like $2-3 per minifigure from PAB. Plus, for an extra $10 you can get another minifigure, an extra goat, and pay $5 to a reseller!
  6. It's white around the edges because TLG can't print all the way to the edges of bricks, and the oval shield was already in production in white.
  7. Everything -- shutters, flags, the classic castle painting -- looks like stickers to me. High res photos are out. I give this a 6 out of 10, the buildings are very underwhelming to me. The colors are great, the minifigures excellent, but the techniques are just not better than what's in MOCs, and the set very much plays it safe with stuff that's worked before. In fact, I don't see anything that's not just a repeat of Lion Knight's castle (except maybe the gate on the goat pen). It is, however, the best set we've gotten since Lion Knight's Castle, and I will likely pick up two copies on day 1, as well as load up on the minifigures from PAB. Yes it is? People said this for Lion Knight's Castle, they said this for Eldorado. Why would Lego not take our money for these minifigures? This is the best summary of the set that I have seen. I would love to get all the original colors of forestmen again, as well as new ones like purple and light blue. I have an army of the originals, at least 50 or 60, but I would love to have more. If space fans can get all the colors of space men, when can't I get all the colors of forestmen? This build is meh. MMV wasn't a great build, but it was OK for it's time. MVR is a terrible build, made up for by the presence of some of the best minifigures of all time. I want next level stuff from Lego. Why are current fan designs so much better than this?
  8. If this is what you're referring to, it was on PAB a few months ago in white. It's there in red now., Headgear Hood Basic Smooth&category=[Minifigure, Headgear]#T=P
  9. Love the yellow castle and joust painting. Disappointed about the lack of double axe torso. The building techniques are lame, I wanted new half timber styles. Fan designs are miles ahead of this. Still, this should lead to some absolutely excellent MOCs on Rebrickable. I'll likely get a couple copies on day 1, sell the minifigures to recoup most of the cost and rebuy them once they hit PAB.
  10. iragm

    LEGO 10320 Eldorado Fortress - MOC / MOD Thread

    There's definitely a ladder in the tower. I haven't had a chance to build it IRL yet, I only got around to building Eldorado a few weeks ago. I believe I have all the parts for it, just sadly, not the time.
  11. iragm

    [MOC] Avendor. Marketplace

    Hilarious visual storytelling!
  12. iragm

    [POLL] Eldorado Fortress Assessment

    Hard to say - I suspect that this is intended to work on a more subconscious level to make women see a bit of themselves in the set. She did not complain about the historical inaccuracy of women soldiers. I did poke her about a the complaints expressed on here (and none of them bothered her), she couldn't see the issue with the printing even after I pointed it out and showed her a 90s bluecoat to compare the white. Probably not, she enjoyed it as a fun thing to do after work, but hasn't expressed interest in doing more. She's already pretty tolerant of the thousands of pounds of bricks in the basement, so I'm not going to push my luck.
  13. Great use of technic axles in the half timber mill. I am usually not a fan of mixing light and dark gray, but it works to great effect here. The water is stunning, do you have a picture from before you put down the tiles? The use of black to create deep water is just amazing.
  14. I am hoping for this as well, especially with the "Broken Axes Inn", but since the double axe crest did not get updated in 10305 (unlikely most of the other crests that got a facelift), I am not sure how likely this is. I'd also be interested to see the black knights make a return, but since their plume didn't come back for Majisto's workshop and we've recently had the much-loved Kingdoms green dragon knights, I'm not sure how likely that is either.
  15. Honestly if this is even close to the leak, I don't think there's any way I could be disappointed with it.