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  1. iragm

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    Thanks, I spent more hours that I would like to admit making the instructions for it. It really means a lot to me when people actually build it! I have been struggling to figure out why the prices are the way they are. I can't figure out if it's color related, batch size related, or inventory related. Some of their pricing is so strange - like the saddle is nearly as expensive as the bardings...???
  2. iragm

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    The forestmen shields have been in stock pretty often over the last few months (except for December when nothing was getting restocked). There isn't any reason to rush on buying these parts, the castle is supposedly around until 2025, and PAB will keep getting restocked until then. I would recommend waiting for a really good GWP and buying then.
  3. Vikings Animals Classic castle including 10305 minifigures Accessories Weapons Helmets
  4. iragm

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    Here, a quick and easy way to see the good stuff: Vikings Animals Classic castle including 10305 minifigures Accessories Weapons Helmets
  5. iragm

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    Same! Although I use classics smiles instead of flesh heads. I'm probably going to keep my vintage Lion Knights though, even if the new torsos become available on PAB. I have a lot of nostalgia for them. It's great to see that Lego support was lying when they said that parts exclusive to this set will not be available on PAB. The presence of the shield makes me sure that we'll see bardings, lion knights, flags, capes, etc., at some point. (Also plain ol' greed -- Lego sees the minifigs selling for $10 each on BL and wants a slice of that.)
  6. Indeed, don't lie. Contact their support via chat and ask -- very nicely -- if there's any way you can purchase an extra sticker sheet for that set. You may have to mention that you haven't been able to find one at a reasonable price on bricklink. They will often, depending on the person you get, send you one or two for free. Don't abuse the service. I haven't done this in a long time, but it worked in the 90s when I was a child and wanted some out of production pieces, and I've heard of others doing it more recently (specifically I saw someone get the castle in the forest sticker sheet for free). Again, don't abuse the service or it will go away.
  7. iragm

    [LEGO IDEAS] Imperial Island Outpost

    This is an extremely impressive build. Your use of color is excellent, whether it's the yellow surrounded by white near the window, or the yellow curves highlighting the tower and drawing my eye around the scene. I like the use of lighter colors higher up and darker colors lower (you made me look up whether the bush base 6065 exists in dark green, and sadly it does not). The dark gray>light gray>dark tan>green in the jungle section looks pretty good, although honestly the jungle is the weakest part of the build -- not that it's bad, it's just been done quite often. Dark brown at the base of the palm trees doesn't really work for me, I would use reddish brown at the base and top. Although, it might look better in a physical build than in a render. The use of curves is better than anything I think I've seen, I especially like the curved half-height wall that slopes down away from the tower and and curves around, (around the black-gloved figure) -- it's so clean and smooth, and contrasts perfectly against the "wild" jungle next to it. It kind of echos the smooth curved railings on the barracuda bay ship (in a good way). The proportions of the build are excellent, they seem to follow the rule of thirds very well. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but it's great. Very nice work with the dock, I really like that it extends into nothing without a plate under it, it breaks up the scene very nicely. The awning looks great, too. This is one of my favorite pirate builds, I would put it on par with SleeplessNight's builds "Lagoon Lockup Revisited" and "Sabre Island AD 2021" on rebrickable. Definitely supported, and I hope you'll make the io file available so I can take a crack at building this. Edit: if you haven't already, post this to reddit so more people see and support it.
  8. It's insane to me that you guys are buying these brickheadz to try to get more LOTR. You want more LOTR? Write a snail mail letter to Lego that says you want a minifig scale Rivendell (or whatever you want) and that you're disappointed with the brickheadz. Companies listen to that far more than tweeting (which is mostly noise) or posting on a forum like this (which they won't see at all). A letter will also cost you a lot less then a brickhead. As @MAB said above, buying the brickheads sends a message that you want more brickheadz. Which is fine, but I don't think it's sending the message you're trying to send.
  9. iragm

    Sticker question for 6338 - Hurricane Harbour

    Transparent. I happen to have this from a box of bulk and I don't particularly care about the stickers. Here's proof:
  10. I'm going to pull the trigger on this. Amazing model and the instructions are wonderful. I'm not scared of pybricks. Do we have some confirmation that the 88008 PU medium motor will work? From @Toastie's comment above, it looks like this is the best option? It does not look like the large motor will fit without modifying the boiler quite a lot.
  11. I found a way to get 30% off anything at Lego - had to jump through quite a few hoops but to me it was worth it. I saw this on r/legodeal but the post was removed because it wasn't reliable. I installed the Capital One Shopping app into Chrome. I visited the Lego page for 10305 and hard refreshed the page (control + F5) 4 or 5 times. I closed Chrome, reopened it, and did step 2 again. I didn't open Chrome again, nor did I visit The next day I got an introductory email that said Welcome To Welcome to Capital One Shopping, I clicked on one of the links in it to engage with the email, but didn't do anything else. The next day (around 48 hours after I visited the castle page), I got an email with the subject "Offer confirmed: Thanks to your recent purchases, you can get exclusive Rewards on Lego - Lion Knights' Castle" (note: I did not buy anything, lego related or not). The email offered $120 back on the castle. I clicked the link in the email, making sure to open it with Chrome. This took me to the castle page. I then clicked the capital one shopping extension (not sure if I had to do this) and a few seconds later a popup appeared in the top right corner that said "30% off all purchases on" with an activate button. I clicked activate, added the castle to my cart, and bought it. The usual Lego order process happened with no indication from Capital One that I was getting money back. I figured if it didn't work, I'd just return the castle. 5 days later, (a day after the castle arrived), I got a confirmation email with the subject "Success! We've received your order and are processing your $119.99 in rewards now." It'll be a month before this clears, and it's as a gift card, but that is nearly as good a cash. A few things to note: Looks like this is capped at $500 off, and it's a single order. I should have bought 4 copies of the castle to maximize it. I did sell a few minifigures from the set, and after eBay fees, I have a "free" castle for about 2 hours of flipping. I use Firefox and only use Chrome when I'm buying things on bricklink because of the brickhunter extension. I didn't open Chrome between the initial visit and when the email arrived. Not sure if that matters or not. Capital One Shopping has already sent me another offer with 18% off anything on, but that is nowhere near enough to get me to buy anything else.
  12. iragm

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    It's happening because they are busy and service is temporarily paused. They'll be back in stock at some point, probably in a month or so.
  13. Very impressive project. Programming all this and getting it to work is an accomplishment, especially in just 1 year, especially without prior programming ability.
  14. This weekend is double VIP points + a duck, winter elves, and a baking set: None of those really do it for me, so I'm holding out for the Blacktron GWP next year to buy a second castle.