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  1. tafkatb

    Minions 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    It's a good start but
  2. tafkatb

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Sailing Ship Adventure by yc_solo has won the "Holiday" contest and will be made into a GWP: https://ideas.lego.com/blogs/a4ae09b6-0d4c-4307-9da8-3ee9f3d368d6/post/505cb9b5-c93c-4961-831f-33c650769854
  3. tafkatb

    LEGO Art sets announced and real pictures

    Admittedly, if LEGO really wanted to go back to the Doctor Who well, they probably would have made BrickHeadz, since that seems to have been the go-to avenue for continuing otherwise dormant licenses, but I don't see any reason it's inherently infeasible. (Not gonna go all LEGODalekbuster523 here, I just see it as a possibility, along with plenty of other past, current, and heretofore unseen licenses.)
  4. tafkatb

    So, what are Leaf, IP-2 and Zebra?

    From an interview with designer Samuel Johnson:
  5. tafkatb

    LEGO Art sets announced and real pictures

    I was thinking more along the lines of self portrait, since all the other ones so far are faces. As with diamond painting, close-up subjects like portraits and still lifes tend to come across better than landscapes.
  6. tafkatb

    LEGO Art sets announced and real pictures

    I'm really excited for these! I'm also very curious about where they'll go with this theme in the future, especially any further music- and art-themed ones. Given the partnership with Universal Music Group they announced a few months ago, there could be a lot of potential for more musicians and/or album covers. As for other (visual) artists, I think Van Gogh would translate to this medium nicely.
  7. tafkatb

    So, what are Leaf, IP-2 and Zebra?

    Ooh, I really want that Warhol one! My wife has recently gotten really into diamond painting, so these remind me a lot of that. I'm curious about why the Marvel and Star Wars ones are made with plates but the Beatles and Warhol are tiles - is it just a matter of part availability for the necessary colors, or are they assuming the ones with more "adult" subject matter will do better if they're not as obviously LEGO?
  8. tafkatb

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    @adwind Look what you did, you little jerk! I mean... congratulations! Very excited for the Home Alone set! Typewriter could be a maybe for me depending on how it's executed. I like Seinfeld well enough, but that one will probably be a pass unless it ends up being a really good parts pack.
  9. tafkatb

    Pizza to Go

    This is fantastic! The original version was one of my all-time favorites as a kid. The donkey (mule?) is a very clever build.
  10. tafkatb

    Lego Dots 2020

    I think just a single rubber band could work, looping it through the last hole and around the peg, though that wouldn't solve the problem of the peg pressing against your skin. Can I ask where one might find these pictures?
  11. So, I bought five CMFs through S@H, and they arrived yesterday - I actually got my top two most wanted from the series, the 80s Musician and Breakdancer! Also got two "meh" figures, the Viking and the similar-to-but-legally-distinct-from-a Power Ranger, and the Pajama Girl, which I wouldn't have sought out myself but my wife really likes, so she's going into her collection.
  12. tafkatb

    Themed CMF Series

    I actually considered an Elvis impersonator for my food series, with his prop being a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich... but for the music series maybe a new Gretsch-style guitar, or a 55SH-style microphone. Barbershop singer... the only "instrument" I could think of would be a 1x1 round tile printed as a pitch pipe, but they could also have something more directly barbershop related like a new comb element. (As for what the sheet music would eventually spell out - "Everything is Awesome," naturally.)
  13. tafkatb

    Themed CMF Series

    Surprise surprise, I'm gonna go with a food-based series. Every figure comes with a food accessory: Chilihead: a lover of all things spicy! Comes with a bright red bottle with a pepper print. Flame-patterned shirt, sunglasses, and spiky bleached hair. Guy Fieri. I'm describing Guy Fieri. Chocolatier: I'm picturing a steampunk aesthetic for this, inspired by Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, with a fancy dress and the Calamity Drone hat/hair in varying shades of brown and gold. Accessories are a 1x1 round tile and 1x1 heart tile with truffle prints. Pumpkin Spice Fan: loosely based on myself. Wearing a sweater with autumn leaves motif, the scarf accessory in a new color (maybe dark red or green), and a coffee cup with pumpkin print. She would probably, let's face it, have the Karen hairpiece. (That part is not based on myself.) Croissant Suit Guy: we already have pizza, hot dog, banana, and watermelon suits to go with their corresponding parts, high time one of the best LEGO food pieces gets the costume treatment! Despite being around for over 20 years the croissant hasn't had many recolors, so this could include a medium nougat variant. Vegetable Gardener: if the sausage piece were recolored in dark green, it could look like a zucchini, don't you think? This figure would also come with a new hoe accessory, and she'd be dressed in muddy overalls and a sun hat. Lunch Lady: white uniform covered in stains of indeterminate provenance, a new hairpiece with printed hairnet, and a very disgruntled expression. Her accessory would be the triumphant return of the Fabuland ladle, and a 2x3 tile with lunch tray print. Lemonade Stand Kid: a little girl in summery attire, with the baseball cap/ponytail hairpiece in some new color combo. Accessories include a new pitcher element and a hand-painted lemonade sign printed on a 2x4 tile. Carnival King: a Mardi Gras-themed figure with facepaint, jester hat, collar ruff, and outlandish green, purple, and gold attire, with a 2x2 round tile with hole printed as a king cake. The Muffin Man: The Muffin Man? The Muffin Man! With a chef's hat printed to resemble a muffin, a muffin accessory made from the new cupcake mold introduced in the Trolls sets topped with a 1x1 printed tile, and a torso print with an apron just barely concealing his own muffin top. Stadium Snack Vendor: would have a new neck accessory piece, similar to the baby carrier, but with a wider, flatter extension to hold two 1x2 tiles, one printed as a packet of peanuts and one with a design similar to but legally distinct from Cracker Jack. Gummi Bear: a monochrome (aside from minimal torso printing to suggest a rounded physique) minifig in either red or green, with the bear headpiece from the Panda Suit Guy, carrying a 2x2 tile printed as a bag of gummi bears, raising all kinds of ethical questions about potential cannibalism. Craft Brewer: similar to the S5 Lumberjack, but with brighter clothing, a bushier beard, and neatly combed hair, with a new larger, textured version of the mug element, and a printed bottle of root beer, yep it's definitely root beer, this is a toy for kids. Miss American Pie: picture something like a red-white-and-blue version of the S11 Pretzel Girl, with the flared plastic skirt piece rather than fabric and a new color of the high pigtails hairpiece. Her accessory would be a pie printed with a lattice pattern on top. Girl Scout: with a green and brown uniform featuring a sash covered in colorful badges, and a new dual-molded beret with hair piece. A 1x2x2 cookie box and two different tiles with new cookie prints round out the accessories. Schoolteacher: a very prim, strict-looking figure - is she actually a historical character, or does she just dress that way? She would have a slate tile with a diagram of bricks representing a simple equation, and of course an apple - and this could be an opportunity for a really fancy, multicolor printed apple, red but with a brown stem and green leaf, maybe even a printed worm! Backyard Barbecue Guy: with a new color for the balding hairpiece (perhaps with some sunburn-red printing on top), a spatula, and a brown tile printed with grill marks. His apron would have some terrible LEGO-themed pun like "Master Grill-der" on it.
  14. tafkatb

    [MOC] Modular Eames Case Study House #8

    Nicely done! I'm supporting it - would love the chance at a LEGO Eames House after the one planned for the Architecture line never saw the light of day. As for what I'd improve - the use of ladders to delineate the window frames is quite clever, but makes the front façade feel very heavy and dark. Do you think the build could be rearranged so that they're directly behind the window panels to give the impression of a flush surface?