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  1. TalonCard

    Missing LEGO Magazine Scans -- New Scans

    Added LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue #1 from April 1999. The old school mobile phone MOC suggestion makes me laugh, but not nearly as much as the text "Build two and call your friend!" Of course! What better way to keep in touch?
  2. That's funny, I was just going to post to see if there were any updates! Looking fantastic, can't wait to see the new comics, new scans, and new website! :) Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!
  3. TalonCard

    1993 LEGO World Expo "Pirates Ahoy" Souvenir Booklet

    That's fantastic! He looks so good out there in the world. :) Thank you so much for sharing these pictures and keeping a piece of LEGO Pirate history alive!
  4. I noticed (via RR Slugger on YouTuber) that Christian Faber (of Bionicle fame) has not only taken credit for the original Time Cruisers model that was ultimately used in the comic, he's posted it on Instagram, which is pretty cool! I note that the OG Max Timebuster is in the driver's seat, which seems to link every incarnation of Max/Tim Timebuster together. (My headcanon now is that adult Max was one of Dr. Cyber's original hypno disc test subjects from the Time Cruisers boardgame, and turned into a time traveling criminal. Dr. Cyber altered the timestream to recruit a younger Max to ensure he didn't turn into a bad guy, but the original Max is still out there stealing stuff. When the original Time Cruiser machine was turned into the Flying Time Vessel, the change was retroactive, creating a third timeline where Tim was never Max, and the FTV was always the original time machine.)
  5. TalonCard

    Missing LEGO Magazine Scans -- New Scans

    Added scans of the LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue #13 from April 2000. The seller was kind enough to send me both copies of the magazine in their store when they realized that neither one was in great condition--one copy was water damaged, the other one was fine but had random minifigure heads cut out of some pages. I've selected the best pages from each copy for these scans.
  6. TalonCard

    1993 LEGO World Expo "Pirates Ahoy" Souvenir Booklet

    Thank you for sharing here! I was going to ask on Facebook; it looks like the figure originally moved his head from side to side; does yours still have that mechanism and does it still work? It's fantastic to hear that the kids still love Culverin.
  7. TalonCard

    Missing LEGO Magazine Scans -- New Scans

    Added scans of the LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue #4, from July 1999. Of particular interest here is the Insectoids comic that explains the Insectoids began investigating Earth after the voltstones on Armeron/Holox ran out, tying together the two stages of the Insectoid storyline as refugees on Armeron and invaders of Earth.
  8. TalonCard

    Missing LEGO Magazine Scans -- New Scans

    Added Bricks n Pieces January 2000 issue. This is an interesting one because it's the last issue, and because a lot of the content is clearly shared from the Jan-Feb US Mania Magazine, which leads to some fun localizations like the one on the cover. ("Ice lolly" vs. "popsicle".) Also a lot of nostalgic turn-of-the-millennium millennium references, lol.
  9. Hi all, I'm hoping to fill in some of the gaps in the scans of old LEGO club magazines online. Here are two issues of the UK Bricks n Pieces Magazine that I don't think have been posted online before: Spring 1990 Autumn 1990 Watch this thread for more updates, I still have more magazines to scan.
  10. Ahoy me hearties! As is me quarterly pastime, I've been scouring the YouTube sea of content for LEGO Pirate goodness and here's what I've found: Advance posted the full uncropped version of the 2020 Pirates of Barracuda Bay Promo, which I'd never seen before. Australian Ad for LEGO Pirates from John Martin mall--very cheesy but interesting animated Caribbean Clipper seen through the window here! Best of all, what appears to be a mini-movie version of the LEGO Pirate's Ahoy touring show in the form of another commercial for John Martin mall! (King West Films posted a video of the actual exhibit awhile back, and here's a thread on the Pirate's Ahoy program from which the text is taken.)
  11. Fantastic! I can't wait to experience the full saga at last! Thank you for all of your scanlation work!
  12. Official LEGO Lore is often contradictory, but for those interested I believe the named Kingdoms were: 1. Avalon (1980s Lion Knights, Bricks 'n Pieces magazine) 2. Saxondale (1990s Royal Knights, Bricks 'n Pieces magazine) 3. Taranta (1992-1995 sets, German audio dramas) 4. The Western Kingdom (2007 Castle sets) 5. Dwarven Kingdom (2007 Castle sets) 6. Elflands (2007 Castle sets) 7. Morcia (Knight's Kingdom II) 8. Ankoria (Knight's Kingdom II) 9. Bricksylvania (Heroes Unboxed, Fright Knights) The Collectable Minifigures bios for the Classic King and Queen shed some light on the early years of Castle; the Classic King recruited a band of knights and built the original Yellow Castle. This would have been around the time of King Arthur and Prince Valiant according to a 1980s advertisement. He later married the Classic Queen, who was from a more modern kingdom, and together they brought their new larger kingdom into the modern era of LEGO Castle. They thought about dividing up their kingdom in two for each of their children. It's just speculation, but this may have been where the split between the Lion Knights and Black Falcons came into play. The later Castle eras are generations later, according to the Lion Knights Castle instruction manual (between the Early Middle ages to the 1480s depending on the source). By this time the Lion Knights and Black Falcons are enemies, with the Black Knight leading the latter. The Black Knight then created the Black Knights faction, and all three groups seemed to be in conflict at one point or another. The Forestmen targeted all factions as well, and the Wolfpack are an offshoot of them (according to the Standing Small book.) The Dragon Masters are an additional faction loyal to the wizard Majisto that split from the Black Knights, leading to an intra-kingdom conflict. The Dragon Masters also fought against the Royal Knights. Majisto is shown to be a trusted advisor to the Royal Knights faction in some sources; his exposure to mind-bending cosmic powers (mentioned in Heroes Unboxed) may be an explanation for his shifting between good and evil. At some point, the Black Knights pledged their loyalty to the Royal Knights faction (Castle audio dramas) and even the Black Falcons agreed to peace with the Lion Knights (Lion Knights castle instructions.) The Fright Knights were led by Majisto's cousin Willa the Witch, who cursed a good knight Basil to become her second-in-command. (One source, a sticker book, claims that he was cursed by the Dragon Wizard instead. Other sources (like the Klick Magazine comics) show Basil and Willa to be enemies, which isn't necessarily contradictory, though it's unclear whether this was before or after their time as allies.) It could be assumed (but I don't think it's ever been explicitly stated) that the Lion Knights, Royal Knights, and King Leo's lion knights of the first Knight's Kingdom sets are of the same kingdom. Ditto for the lion knights of the 2013 Castle and 2016 Kingdoms lines. King Mathias of Morcia also has a lion herald, but since that throne is won by individual knights in tournaments he is probably only a former knight and not in the line of succession. Similarly one might assume the dragon knights of the 2013 and 2016 sets are affiliated/descendants of the Black Knights or Dragon Masters. (Indeed this was the intention for the Dragon heralded Rogue Knight Drascus of Knight's Kingdom, according to designer Mike Rayhawk.) I'm still a little unsure about how well the chronology works, but I have a substantial Castle section in this timeline video if anyone is interested.
  13. TalonCard

    The Space Timeline

    I've taken the timeline I posted years ago and turned it into a video, now updated and expanded to cover all existing LEGO original minifigure themes and subthemes (or at least that was the goal, lol, I'm sure I've missed a few here and there. If you'd like to check it out, here's the link!
  14. One of the things that intrigues me about the official Castle lore so far is the Classic King and Queen bios (back when they did official bios for each of the collectable minifigures): There are a couple of different ways to interpret this, but it sure seems like the implication is that the Classic King established a small kingdom with the 375 Yellow Castle. Marrying the Classic Queen meant unification with a larger, more modern kingdom, resulting in the style of the classic castle world of the 80s. Presumably the split between their two children resulted in the two rival/warring houses of the Black Falcons and the Lion Knights.