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  1. Hi all, I just finished watching the LEGO Scooby-Doo Blowout Beach Bash movie that came out on video a couple of months back. It's worth checking out for LEGO Pirate fans, as the plot involves "ghost" pirates terrorizing a beach town that used to be a buccaneer hideaway. The jokes are pretty amusing, and the voice cast is great, but the best part (of course) are all the fun LEGO Pirate references scattered throughout the movie, including: A fleet of 10210 Imperial Flagships capturing the pirate ship in flashback scenes Paintings of versions of the 1970 Imperial Gun Cart and 1731 Shipwrecked Pirate in the hotel Old-fashioned non-firing canons on board the pirate ship (these may be a re-use from the Pirate scenes in the Justice League: Cosmic Clash movie; I don't remember.) Various other elements, figures and logos from the 1989, 2009, 2015, Collectable Minifigures, and Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate sets. Unfortunately, unlike many LEGO home video releases, it doesn't seem to come with a unique minifgure. But it's still worth a watch. Here's the trailer: I wouldn't mind seeing sets based on this movie... TC
  2. Lego 60th Anniversary Rumoured Pirate set predictions

    I would just love a Pirate set of any shape or size. Original, re-released, or re-imagined, I'll buy it, whatever it might be. I do think we might be jumping the gun here, though. I've seen the 60th anniversary sets hinted at and mentioned in various places, and it's great that we have confirmation on them now. But everything I've seen indicates that the idea that they're based on classic LEGO themes at all is pure speculation, and any potential Pirate sets are speculation on that speculation. They could also be brick boxes or sets featuring LEGO stores and factories, or brick versions of old wooden LEGO toys, or new versions of the LEGO sets from 60 years ago. We just don't know. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong--I'd love to be, but I don't think I am.) (And yes, this is coming from someone who wildly speculates about Pirates in 2019 based on the 30th anniversary--but partially in the hope that keeping the idea alive could help result in plans being made if they aren't already. Whatever these 60th anniversary sets are, they've probably been decided on and designed already.) TC
  3. So I don't know about all of you, but I really enjoyed Spider-Man: Homecoming this past weekend, and I love that
  4. LEGO Creator Racer

    Wow, thanks for investigating this! The Zowie game Redbeard's Pirate Adventure had been on my radar since it was first announced, because LEGO also had a pirate character named Redbeard. Do you know if there's any connection there at all, or is it just a massive coincidence? TC
  5. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Did we ever get confirmation on that? I know there was an unreleased pirate ship design spotted in a picture of the LEGO offices that we'd all assumed was the Dutchman, but I thought it turned out to be a regular pirate ship, not from the POTC line. TC
  6. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Thank you so much for posting that! I got mine in the mail last weekend and have almost finished putting her together.
  7. The Adventures of Brick Buildmore

    It looks like the Canadian magazine Innoventions also carried this strip, in English and French. (The text appears to be simplified from the Brick Kicks version.) I happened to come across this just today, Brickset has several issues, including one Castle strip I don't believe I have. TC
  8. Hey, thanks so much for doing these! I can't wait to read them. TC
  9. Just to let you know, one of the adventures audio dramas has been translated



    1. TalonCard


      OMG, that's fantastic! Thank you for letting me know!

    2. Arctic_Ace


      Did you ever acquire the Ladybird Lego Pirate books or find a place you can see their scans, just like the ones of that first Lego pirate comic book?

      1. Will and the Gold Chase

      2. Captain Roger's Birthday

      3. Adventure on Shark Island

      4. The Royal Visit

  10. Future Pirates Speculation

    I'm excited about the new coat-and-ruff torso--finally I can build that Captain Hook from Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates that I've always wanted! TC
  11. Future Pirates Speculation

    I'd like to see some smaller ships...one of the things the clone brands have done pretty well (in concept if not in execution) is to either adapt LEGO's old small boat designs or come up with new ones for really nice looking little pirate ships. It would also be nice to see some more variety among the pirate crew with hats--tricorns and bicorns in more colors, bandannas in more than two colors per wave, using Barbossa's hat, Blackbeard's hat, the recent CMF pirate bald head, etc. It would also be nice to have more pirates in green coats and some pirates wearing red. I'd love to see the return of gold coins, obviously, and it would be amazing if the Ninjago palm tree from the Tiger Widow Island set were used; it's way better than any of the palms we've seen recently and the most realistic. TC
  12. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Could be a last minute safety or quality thing, where they realized it wasn't up to spec after the first batch had been made. TC
  13. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I've been putting off getting not just the starter set, but an actual game console... With the likelihood of LEGO Dimensions ending (even if the rumors aren't true, it's gotta end eventually), do I need to hurry up and get it if I ever want to play? Am I good with picking it up after the cancellation? Do I need to get it in time to download the last update? Or will the whole thing be gone once they pull the plug? I don't have a good idea of the extent of the online component. TC
  14. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    The LEGO shop page has some nice closeup views of the minifigures--I'm loving the details on Salazar. And the masthead is actually pretty nifty too; she's half decayed like the rest of the ship--I didn't notice the first time around. And the one transparent leg on the other sailor is so cool. One of the minor collecting achievements I'm looking forward to is finally having all of the bicorn variations--but they keep sticking new ones in expensive sets, lol. I'll have them all eventually... I didn't see anyone comment on this, is this set the first time we've had black cutlasses? That's awesome. I'm hoping for a few extras... As for the disappearing zombie shark, I'm sad to see that one go. I suspect that it may have more to do with time and money than anything else--that's a pretty big specialized piece to run off for just one set. I wonder if the price tag with shark was closer to $250, as we heard originally, and LEGO decided against the shark when they realized they could knock $50 off the set price by doing so. TC