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  1. TalonCard

    Printing and laser cutting replacement cloth sails

    I sort of agree and disagree on that point. Some of the other posts in the thread make it sound as though reproduction sails are starting to be something that you just "get" when you buy an older set online, and that could be a bothersome trend if it's not made clear that the sails are reproductions. They aren't real LEGO pieces, after all, and I would be extremely annoyed if I bought what I thought was an original sail and it turned out to be a reproduction. It should always be made clear what you're buying, and there should probably be some tiny printing that says "reproduction" on the sail somewhere. (Actual collectors will know the difference in the older sails, but I don't think the average buyer would recognize them) That said, though, I think sail reproductions are an absolute necessity for collectors and MOCers and I'm glad that someone is trying to make some high quality sails to sell. Sails are unique pieces that are incredibly expensive to obtain by themselves, so it's nice to have an inexpensive option for MOCers who want to make huge ships or fleets in the classic Pirates style, as DIY sails can be pretty hit or miss. I would be interested in buying them to display with my original models too, as the sails themselves are rare and can easily fray, burn, mold, or any number of other things. I'd much rather have my classic sets displayed with reproduction sails while keeping the originals safely preserved for special occasions. This isn't something that's unique to LEGO collectors; there's an entire industry of people who recreate old car parts for classic car restorers. This is important work and I think it should be encouraged.
  2. TalonCard

    Not exactly a Pirates set, but...

    I like it! I could use more of those new sharks. Does it come with the new parrot, or is that part of the logo?
  3. Pulling from what little official LEGO lore there is for the space/future themes, there are dates to certain eras and themes--it's pretty close. 2050 - Space Police I 2079 - Classic Space (date appears on computer monitors in sets 926, 493, and 6970) 2210 - LEGO Racers (date from LEGO website) 2560s - Exo Suit set (Teaser image for LEGO Ideas #007 Exo Suit) 3147 - Exploriens (Catalog image, earliest of multiple dates given for Exploriens) 3777 - Time Cruisers (Audio dramas) One could assume that Life on Mars is set before 2079, with the Futuron-Unitron run occurring between the 2560s and 3800s. Mars Mission probably takes place after Life on Mars. The LEGO Factory "Star Justice" and "Space Skulls" sets were based on the pre-Classic Space design concept, and so may take place before the 2070s. (The "Space Skulls" were known to be active for over 50 years according to My LEGO Network; I like to think they're rogue Ogel drones. ) Classic Space is the only "theme" that seems to be separated from the other Space themes by a long period of time; some comic ads show time travel between the two eras. Most other space themes are shown to coexist to some degree. The Exploriens have a relatively long faction lifespan, 3147 is the earliest date given for the theme, but they're also shown to be active in the post-3777 setting of the Time Cruisers audio dramas, as are the Spyrius and Unitron factions. Aquazone is also said to be somewhere in the post-3777 timeline. Both the UFO and Alien Conquest invaders are ancient factions with activities spanning millennia, according to various commercial and comics tie-ins. The Insectoids are refugees from a shared homeworld with the UFO aliens, and are seen using tech from Explorien and Spyrius factions in the Insectoid Invasion book. Rock Raiders is tied to space through its backstory in the games and books, but its placement is undefined. Galaxy Quest's place in the timeline is unknown, but Ultra Agents features a decades-older version of one of the characters from that theme. Space Police III and its webseries tie-in features multiple references to earlier Space factions, placing it at the farthest known point forward in the timeline. There have been a couple of organizations mentioned: World Space, later replaced by Fleet Command (tied to the Star Justice faction), from My LEGO Network, the Federation, from the Exo Suit booklet, and the United Galaxies, from the 1990s catalogs. One could name the eras after them: World Space (2010s-2050s) Fleet Command (2050s-2070s) Classic Space (2070s-2560s) United Galaxies (2570s+), but that's just pure speculation. TC
  4. TalonCard

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I did too--the distinction between the various characters and factions from 1992-94 wasn't something that was promoted heavily, especially in the US. Ironhook didn't even have a name here, so it was more than plausible that he was just one of Redbeard's minions. TC
  5. TalonCard

    6276 Eldorado Fortress Micro

    Love it! This would complement the mini BSB from the 60th Anniversary set nicely... TC
  6. TalonCard

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Technically, yes, and there was also a comic called Castle Kids that was released based on the Castle theme. Interestingly, all three comics were actually developed by the same publishing initiative within LEGO in the 1980s for developing LEGO stories and characters for themes, books, comic books, TV shows, movies, and video games--essentially what we have today, though I believe the original publishing program was shut down. Fellow Eurobrickster @Sadie Meowsalot did a lot of work to research the development of early LEGO comics, to give full credit. @Faefrost is correct, I think, in that the Pirate comic is better remembered today than the Castle and Space comics (although I expect there are plenty of Jim Spaceborn fans that will argue that point), and there are a couple of reasons why that might be. Most of this is speculation on my part, but I do know that one problem at the time was confusion over where LEGO comic books would be sold: toy stores, book stores, comic book stores, who knew? The Castle and Space comics were oversized books sold by themselves, and don't seem to have been published in many countries. By contrast, the Pirate comic was published in a bunch of languages and sold as a set with minifigures alongside the initial Pirate releases. It's certainly true that the storyline as seen in the comic was more influential to the Pirate theme than either of its two counterparts were to Castle and Space. Castle and Space were older themes, and their comics reflected a look and style that was soon to be be phased out. There weren't yet many original characters created for either theme for the books to use. By contrast, the Pirate storyline was developed right alongside the comic, and the two fed into each other, with the characters eventually appearing in sets, books, audio dramas, touring exhibitions, and theme park attractions. TC
  7. Hi all, I just finished watching the LEGO Scooby-Doo Blowout Beach Bash movie that came out on video a couple of months back. It's worth checking out for LEGO Pirate fans, as the plot involves "ghost" pirates terrorizing a beach town that used to be a buccaneer hideaway. The jokes are pretty amusing, and the voice cast is great, but the best part (of course) are all the fun LEGO Pirate references scattered throughout the movie, including: A fleet of 10210 Imperial Flagships capturing the pirate ship in flashback scenes Paintings of versions of the 1970 Imperial Gun Cart and 1731 Shipwrecked Pirate in the hotel Old-fashioned non-firing canons on board the pirate ship (these may be a re-use from the Pirate scenes in the Justice League: Cosmic Clash movie; I don't remember.) Various other elements, figures and logos from the 1989, 2009, 2015, Collectable Minifigures, and Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate sets. Unfortunately, unlike many LEGO home video releases, it doesn't seem to come with a unique minifgure. But it's still worth a watch. Here's the trailer: I wouldn't mind seeing sets based on this movie... TC
  8. TalonCard

    Lego 60th Anniversary Rumoured Pirate set predictions

    I would just love a Pirate set of any shape or size. Original, re-released, or re-imagined, I'll buy it, whatever it might be. I do think we might be jumping the gun here, though. I've seen the 60th anniversary sets hinted at and mentioned in various places, and it's great that we have confirmation on them now. But everything I've seen indicates that the idea that they're based on classic LEGO themes at all is pure speculation, and any potential Pirate sets are speculation on that speculation. They could also be brick boxes or sets featuring LEGO stores and factories, or brick versions of old wooden LEGO toys, or new versions of the LEGO sets from 60 years ago. We just don't know. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong--I'd love to be, but I don't think I am.) (And yes, this is coming from someone who wildly speculates about Pirates in 2019 based on the 30th anniversary--but partially in the hope that keeping the idea alive could help result in plans being made if they aren't already. Whatever these 60th anniversary sets are, they've probably been decided on and designed already.) TC
  9. So I don't know about all of you, but I really enjoyed Spider-Man: Homecoming this past weekend, and I love that
  10. TalonCard

    LEGO Creator Racer

    Wow, thanks for investigating this! The Zowie game Redbeard's Pirate Adventure had been on my radar since it was first announced, because LEGO also had a pirate character named Redbeard. Do you know if there's any connection there at all, or is it just a massive coincidence? TC
  11. TalonCard

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Did we ever get confirmation on that? I know there was an unreleased pirate ship design spotted in a picture of the LEGO offices that we'd all assumed was the Dutchman, but I thought it turned out to be a regular pirate ship, not from the POTC line. TC
  12. TalonCard

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Thank you so much for posting that! I got mine in the mail last weekend and have almost finished putting her together.
  13. TalonCard

    The Adventures of Brick Buildmore

    It looks like the Canadian magazine Innoventions also carried this strip, in English and French. (The text appears to be simplified from the Brick Kicks version.) I happened to come across this just today, Brickset has several issues, including one Castle strip I don't believe I have. TC
  14. Hey, thanks so much for doing these! I can't wait to read them. TC