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  1. SkaMasta097

    LIBRARY: Sails

    You're welcome! :) Here are the scans of my 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge sails. I'm not sure if they print out to actual size or not, but if not, maybe someone can tell me how to best resize them. 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge - sailbb48 4195 mainsail by skamasta03, on Flickr 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge - sailbb49 4195 jib-lateen2 by skamasta03, on Flickr 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge - sailbb51 4195 stern cover1 by skamasta03, on Flickr
  2. SkaMasta097

    LIBRARY: Sails

    Hello everyone, I have been lurking Eurobricks for a while now and decided to join. I apologize in advance if necro-bumping threads is discouraged. Thank you all for contributing these wonderful sail patterns! Pirates has always been my favorite LEGO theme and it's good to have these scans in case someone buys a used ship with missing sails or if the sails are tattered and need to be replaced. I noticed that the library is still missing the square sails for 6274 Caribbean Clipper and the jib sail for 6271 Imperial Flagship. I'm actually surprised no one has uploaded them yet. I have both of these and can scan + upload them here. Are any of you are interested? or are the digital sail patterns are preferred in the case of 6724? Hey, Ash. I have only have one of the square sails and one of the fabric pieces that go on the stern, due to finding them in a random bulk bin. Would that help?