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  1. Heronicle (deleted)

    HELP! ! !

    Thank you all for clarification. I didn't think about that in this way. I have seen that my nickname was changed, for which I am thankful. If I could have a final teeny weeny request, is it possible to delete "heronicle" and leave only "deleted" part in my nickname or if it is not possible due to the existence of similar nickname, change it into e.g. "deleted123"?
  2. Heronicle (deleted)

    HELP! ! !

    Yeah, a drowning man catches at a straw, but the effect wasn't satisfactory hah. If it's convienient to you, please remove my personal data from my account. Is it doable to delete or at least to change a nickname into "deleted" or something like that? This is quite interesting that you don't delete accounts. I thought that it is always possible due to GDPR, especially in Eurobricks forum. 🤔
  3. Heronicle (deleted)

    HELP! ! !

    Dear Eurobricks Community, I'd like to politely ask if there is a possibility to delete my posts, account and all data connected with it? I was trying to find such option in settings dashboard, but I haven't found anything. Thank you for response in advance.
  4. Heronicle (deleted)

    Hello! Newbie here

  5. Heronicle (deleted)

    Hello! Newbie here