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  1. I am curious how Jang will review this set. It's the best YouTube reviewer for me because he buys every set himself and is very critical. Sometimes he also other product from other brick companies. His recent review on the Orient express was not that good. Mos reviewers just get a set for free from the Lego company and ofcourse they are not as critical. It's kind of advertising actually.
  2. I am not the one getting sick if other people don't agree. If people are satisfied with this set, I am happy for them
  3. Yes a battle pack! That would be great! Ofcourse minifigs with shields...
  4. But these sets are targeted towards nostalgia so I expect to get full nostalgia. And that means a Dragon Master and Wolfpack member with their iconic shields. By the way these are not my favourite factions. Black Falcons and Forrest people are. And if you get sick by reading our expectations.... Well don't read them. Starwars fans get spoiled every year. Is it too much that when we finally get a castle set some of us are dissapointed. I will defenitely adress this to the Lego company. When I was a kid in the pre internet era I wrote a letter directly to Lego Billund. Did that too with Namco Bandai Europe. Denmark is not to far away for me. Maybe I will take the car and drive to it in my holliday. Great Lego park by the way in Billund . For me the best park in the world! Really want to visit it again. Velkommen till Billund! (Danish for welcome to Billund) Skoll!
  5. Criticism about Eldorado Fortress remake : 1 The governors office is open back and way too small.The original was still open back (but it's a playset) and you can easily put 2 minifigs in it. 2 The doors of the original Eldorado Fortress look so much better. (still have that set). I really dislike the new gates. 3 The weak white printing of the minifigs. It's better to print blue on a white torso then what we got now. My reviews of Pirates of Barracuda bay, Lion knights castle, Galaxy Explorer, Viking Village and Rivendell are super positive. I nominated Viking Village for best set of 2023 because of the nice prints and nice design for just 125€(third party seller). Viking Village is so good for what you get that I was thinking : does Lego even has profit on that set? Purchasing that set felt like stealing from Lego
  6. And yet I will post a critical review on the Lego website and every time the Lego company deletes my review. Even if I have proven that I have bought the set. And yes I will probably still buy the set, just to do a critical review. Because I love Lego. And if you love something, you want to make it better by doing a critical review. But when my review is very positive, it stays. Other people out here with the same experience?
  7. Yes you're right. Lego will go bankrupt if they had included a dragon shield in the Majisto GWP and a Wolfpack shield in the medieval market town. So I will buy this set as a form of charity so the CEO's of Lego can still buy a Lamborghini for their 16 year old sons. Please donate now. That's because those leakers hyped this set up for a year. A classic castle release is something special. Something rare. And the Lion knights castle really spoiled me with so many shields and prints... So yeah... I expected something similar. And I knew for a year there was going to be a Wolfpack member. So yeah, I expected a shield.... I am happy I still have all my old classic castle sets from 1984-1993. And all the Wolfpack sets with shields. Dragon Masters with halbards, large dragon shields, cool helmets with dragon plumes and printed dragon capes and flags. Still in top condition.. Yes I was spoiled. Had a good donating godfather.. When it comes to classic Lego I am becoming a child again. I often watch old catalogs and commercials on YouTube. So many good memories playing with my friends pirates and castle
  8. So Horation. How much for this set with Wolfpack shield? Since it seems you know it all. And with Wolfpack shield I am more convinced of purchasing this. Now it has to many flaws for me.
  9. I am beginning to wonder,.. Are you a lawyer paid by multinationals to defend them at all costs? That's what you always do. Never I see criticism on the Lego company from you. There are small companies that do custom printing on official Lego bricks and their quality is even better then Lego(especially white printing) according Jangbricks (a well known independent Lego reviewer) . If they can do it, I am sure a multinational can do it to. So why are you defending those multinationals all the time?
  10. People complaining about pumpkins and female knights not being historically accurate.... Majisto, dragons, ghosts and vampire knights are? Lol It's never meant to be realistic.It's a toy The only thing I complain is : dear Lego company, if you remake an old castle faction, can we please have a shield with that faction.... Thinking about Majisto GWP and now Wolfpack.... I want Dragon Masters and Wolfpack shields
  11. Thanks John! They look fantastic, don't they? Designed by people who know what we classic castle fans want! At least, what I want! I am drooling over this sets
  12. Duckbricks (US Lego Master 2023) on YouTube said that Lego employees can buy sets with 50% discount!!! That means the production costs are pretty low. So it's very greedy to not include a wolf shield in this premium set. I am willing to pay 5€ extra for the set if it would have that shield.
  13. I am not counting on future castle or pirate sets because the budget of this medieval town square is so limited. I am done with Lego Ideas and their 'Icons' sets. The only Icons sets that really appealed to me are Lion knights castle and Rivendell. From now on I am gonna focus on Bricklink Designer Program sets. Yes it's expensive but I like it, that you can vote for it and you will actually get what you voted for. Waiting for Mountain Fortress now and looking forward to other cool sets from BDP. The Black Falcons encampment from the same designer from Mountain Fortress. It contains a trebuchet,catapult, ballista, siege tower and tents. The Forrestmen's castle looks also fantastic! BDP! This is the way. (quote from the Mandalorian)
  14. It's a shame we get a member of the Wolfpack but no Wolfpack shield. So dissapointing. The Lego CEO's don't care about their castle fans. This set is just a quick cash grab on nostalgia.
  15. DonQuixote

    21348 Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons and D&D CMF

    It looks pretty similar to the original ideas submission. Not sure about the dragon. He has nice cloth wings but doesn't have that dynamic look as in the original. I have absolutely nothing with Dungeons and dragons but it looks cool. If this was a Game of thrones set with Drogon it would be a insta buy for me!